Samsung Galaxy S4 Touch Screen Digitizer And LCD Display
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Samsung Galaxy S4 Touch Screen Digitizer And LCD Display – Black



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I broke my Samsung Galaxy S4 Touch Screen Digitizer And LCD Display now what?

This controls both your touch function and your main image display. If your top glass is broken, your touch function is unresponsive, or you have no image display, then this is the part you need. This screen comes with both your top digitizer and your lower LCD fused together for easy assembly. This version of the Galaxy S4 screen does not come with any type of frame. This one screen will work on every model of the Galaxy S4.

I replaced my Samsung Galaxy S4 Touch Screen Digitizer And LCD Display, now it will not work!

  1. If you have an all white or all black display, start by performing a soft reset on your device. If your screen still will not work after a reset…
  2. Reattempt the repair from the beginning. At the step where you plug your screen into your main board, check your original screen to see if it still works. If neither screen works, this is a sign of something worse then a bad screen. We suggest mailing in your device for testing. If you see…
  3. Blotches on your display, this is a sign of too much pressure on the screen caused in shipping or during installation. Open your device again, and make certain none of your internal components are causing the pressure. If you see…
  4. Lines down your display, or only a partially working touch function, then you may have a defective or broken screen. Contact your source for the parts to see what their warranty will cover. If your parts came from Phone Doctors…
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    • Mail in Your Device: our certified technicians will be happy to diagnose or repair your device.

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