Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery

Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery


This Samsung S4 battery replacement does not require any tools to repair this device on your own.

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My Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery will not charge now what?

This is your main, mobile power source for your device. The battery is located on the back of your phone, under the main back cover. Samsung devices will not power on unless there is a working battery inside your device. If your device will not hold a charge, or does not turn on at all, then this Samsung S4 battery replacement is most likely what you need.

I replaced my Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery, now it will not work!

  1. Try a different power cable on your device. You may have a USB cable that has gone bad. If this does not work…
  2. Check your screen for any signs of damage. If your screen is broken at the same time you change your battery, you will need a new battery before you can confirm your battery is functioning. If your screen is not damaged…
  3. Check your charge port. If your port is damaged, or loose, your battery will not be able to charge, and your device will not power on. If your charge port is intact…
  4. You may have a defective battery. Contact your source for the parts to see what their warranty will cover. If your parts came from Phone Doctors…
    • Contact Us: our support team has additional information regarding a replacement.
    • OR
    • Mail in Your Device: our certified technicians will be happy to diagnose or repair your device.

If you have questions regarding our products or services, please use the PRODUCT INQUIRY tab located above. Our support team responds to most questions about our Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery within 24 business hours.

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Our Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery is OEM graded. All our products are backed by our Phone Doctors 180 Day Warranty.

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