Wrapping Up the Best of CES 2013

Wrapping Up the Best of CES 2013

At CES 2013, wrapping up the best of the best can be a challenge. With the Consumer Electronics Show coming to a swift end on Friday, we’ve seen all that there is to see from the great makers of electronics. Some products that were featured are ready to hit the mainstream shelves, while other products were certainly concepts, at best. Either way, the offerings at CES 2013 were certainly impressive. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite products featured at the show, for your enjoyment.

Sony Xperia Z

The was debuted at CES to rave reviews. In the past, Sony has had some trouble with carry through on the cellular platform, but a lot of man hours went into creating this blazingly fast phone. Sleek, thin and minimalistic, in looks, the Xperia Z is backed by Sony’s video and photo technology, which will make this an all-around electronic for consumers. Overall it’s a great looking phone, with a lot of power.

Samsung Reigns

Samsung stole the show this year with 22 individual awards, but we liked the curved-screen prototype displayed by the company the best. Samsung’s flexible screen technology has been in the works for years, but the curved prototype phone is the first useable application to date. We have to say, it looks pretty cool. The screen wraps around to cover the edges of the phone making it viewable from all angles. It’s going to be interesting to see how phone accessories companies work around the curves, though.

The Sensus

Boost Case took the cake for useful phone cases. The case, when in use, more than doubles the life of an iPhone by charging the phone as the case is attached to it. Yes, there are extended battery cases, already, but the Boost Case is as thin and light as a traditional case, which makes it really great. The Sensus case, which adds touch sensitivity to the back, sides and top of the iPhone, comes in a close second for us.

hAPPy Innovation

As for innovative apps, SecuraFone Health, (for iPhone and Android) took the show for us. The app utilizes a small patch placed on the body to continously monitor vital statistics. The owner, and his or her doctors, can than access the information to check on overall health. For those in poor health, or with medical conditions that are dangerous, this could be a real lifesaver, and the transmission mechanism is truly innovative and unique.

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