Samsung Galaxy S4 Reviews Are In

Samsung Galaxy S4 Reviews Are In

With the Samsung Galaxy S4 set to release in the Spring of this year, many people are already wondering what this new phone will offer that could potentially oust Apple from the cell phone throne. Well, it is possible that the S4 will be the biggest and brightest star in the arena for a short time, but new phones will constantly come out. The reviews are in, Samsung Galaxy S4; will it beat the rest?

“Things like face/eye tracking and gesture-based controls are features iPhone 5 users can only dream of – for now.” –

Mashable has a solid point; while people have clamored about new features killing the iPhone, it hasn’t happened yet. Apple, while innovative, has not always made their name by being the first to the party. Rather, Apple has made their name in several avenues by simply doing things better than the previous manufacturer. Apple wasn’t the first to create an MP3 player, they just did it better than previous makers. The same can be said for phones, and it is likely that the newest iPhone and coming phones from other manufacturers (such as HTC) will feature more of the same.

“Compared with the extremely successful Galaxy S3 that came before, it’s a firm stride forward rather than a giant a leap, but it raises the bar again for Samsung’s competitors. And by super-sizing the screen and packing in so much specialized software, the GS4 sets itself even farther apart from the iPhone.” –

A lot will be happening on the S4, but people who are looking for a massive stride in technology will likely be disappointed. We agree with CNET, this is sure to be a great phone, but it is unlikely to be a huge leap in the world of cell phones. Lower expectations will leave most consumers properly impressed by the phone.

“There has been a ton of hype and build-up to this device, and ultimately, it left us feeling cold. The S IV feels uninspired. There are small spec bumps from the previous generation and there’s a ton of software which will largely sit unused. There’s just no wow-factor here.” –

The guys and girls at Gizmodo are tough critics. While they find the phone uninspired, they left out some big jumps in the phone’s specs. Sure, it looks a lot like the S3, but there is a serious hardware jump that should be noted. While we thnk Gizmodo is a bit harsh in their thoughts, they aren’t totally off base. The almost-identical look of this new phone, could possibly leave some consumers feeling lukewarm, at best, about the new incarnation of the Galaxy.

We think the S4 is an interesting phone that is likely to offer consumers a nice bump for their previous phone, but a huge leap in technology it is not.

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