Graphene, Holograms, and Skinny Phones

Graphene, Holograms, and Skinny Phones

It could be a reality really soon. 3D Holograms on iPhones is coming, suspicioned to be operational even now, but—secretly. The online publication of tech, reports, “A secret Apple lab in Taiwan made the news a few days ago, with subsequent reports offering potential explanations for Apple’s new research facility. After Bloomberg explained that as many as 50 employees are working on new display tech that would enable even thinner iPhone designs with brighter and more energy-efficient screens, a few reports suggested that Apple might be developing technology for flexible iPhone screens and micro-LED screens.”

Apple’s micro-LED screens, it is speculated, can be used to display 3D holographic images with the help of other specialized software and hardware. No glasses required.This is radical technology, something right out of science fiction.

The science to make 3D hologram technology possible has been in the make for several years. For example, researchers from the Swinburne University of Technology in Australia created a new way of making 3D holographic displays by tapping graphene to build a 3D pop-up. Graphene is the new ‘wonder’ material that is changing the world of technology. The two-dimensional, atom-thin layer of carbon has a host of exceptional mechanical and electrical properties that have never been seen beforeGraphene is proving to be a game-changer in more than a few industries, including printing, batteries, and electronic circuitry. With the graphene one can get excited about the future of Apple Watches and iPhones that come equipped for 3D display.

company called Ostendo has already demoed a holographic display concept made possible using micro-LED projector technology. One of the most memorable scenes that any Star Wars fan will be happy to recall, for instance, is when Princess Leia taps a hologram to send a message to Obi Wan Kenobi in the 1977 flick. And, so the day has come. What was science fiction in 1977 has become reality in 2015. #NEWLIFE #tDash

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