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Educational Organizations

Are you part of an educational organization that needs help with repairs, parts, or accessories?  Visit our education site for more specific information dedicated to helping educational organizations take care of their mobile technology needs. So if you’re an education institution, check us out.  You’ll be glad you did.

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Our 6-Month Warranty

Our parts and services are covered under our 6 month industry-leading warranty.  We strive to make sure every repair and part are quality checked, but sometimes it’s nice to know you’re covered.  We won’t even make you jump through hoops to use it either.  If its our fault, we’ll fix it or make it right.  It’s that simple.  

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 Mail-In Repair Service

Have a device that is in desperate need of doctoring but live nowhere near one of our locations?  Well, you’re in luck! Phone Doctors offers an amazing mail-in service that is built on ensuring you get your device back in working order within the shortest possible turn-around time.  And yeah, you’ll receive our first-class customer service too!

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News, Tips, and Video Guides

Phone Doctors is known for having expert knowledge on everything relating to mobile devices.  That’s why we’ve created our YouTube™ channel to ensure you’re equipped with all the news to keep you in the know, tips to make sure you don’t get burned, and guides to make sure your repairs are top-tier like the Phone Doctors.





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FUEL Up Your Phone

Fuel up your phone with Exclusive Charging Products from Phone Doctors! Charge up your mobile device while you’re on the go, at home, or anywhere...
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Are We Ready for Curved Phones? Phone Doctors looks at the LG G Flex

Curved…it’s the new flat. What you are looking at is LG’s new flagship device, the G Flex.  This is without a doubt one of the...
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what makes a great case

What Makes a Good Phone Case ?

So, what makes a good phone case? You’ve pretty much got your pick of the litter when it comes to finding a case for your...
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Blog - iPad ScrewMats are Here

iPad ScrewMats are Here!

You’ve asked for them.  We listened.  Over the years, ScrewMat™ has exploded with peoples’ positive responses to how much it helps their repair processes.  Whether...
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does your phone have the flu

Your SmartPhone May Have the Flu – Learn More

Your smartphone may have the flu The flu season is in full swing this year. In fact, researchers are stymied by the early and hard-hitting...
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Welcome to the NEW!

  JUST IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYS! — After much anticipation, and feedback from YOU, our valuable customers, we are pleased to present to you...
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AppleCare®, Insurance, or Repair?

AppleCare, Insurance, or Repair Protecting Your Investment: AppleCare, Insurance or RepairsOnce you buy a high end phone you are faced with how to protect your investment....
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iPhone 4/4S – Tell the Difference!

Shopping Guide: iPhone 4/4S Replacement Screens Welcome to!Shopping for replacement parts for any device can sometimes be tedious, especially if you have multiple revisions...
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