Your Smart Phone May Have the Flu

Your Smart Phone May Have the Flu

The flu season is in full swing this year. In fact, researchers are stymied by the early and hard-hitting flu season. While scientists are hard at work figuring out how to combat this winter’s flu season, there are a few things you can do to keep yourself germ-free. The old standbys work, like washing your hands and getting a flu shot, but your Smartphone could easily make you sick, surprisingly. Your SmartPhone May Have the Flu! 3n6wgt7s


Think about this; you pop your phone off the charger in the morning and take it with you as you face the day. You lay it on the counter at a coffee house, send a text message after exchanging funds, and put the phone to your ear as you exit a grimy subway. It should come as no surprise that this flu season phones are a big culprit in how people are getting sick.

Recent reports by Wall Street Journal, ABC News, the UK Telegraph and a video produced by Phone Doctors, all show that a typical Smart Phone can have more germs than the average toilet.  You wouldn’t put your head next to a toilet seat, now would you?

Wherever you have more germs, you have a rapid growth area that’s perfect for an influenza virus.  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that influenza can not only spread through contact with sick people, but it can also spread through tiny droplets in the air or on flat objects (such as a Smartphone.)  ABC News also shows that influenza can be spread through a “germy surface” that gets into contact with your nose or mouth. (Smartphones!)

So, what is the problem exactly?

Our cell phones go everywhere with us, but the ability to clean your average cell phone is limited. Smartphone manufacturers warn against using anything stronger than a damp terry cloth, but a damp terry cloth will do nothing for germs. Add in the fact that our phones are with us throughout the day and you have an important device that catches flu germs as you go.


So my smartphone may have the flu, what should I do?

Not using your phone isn’t an option, so cleaning your phone appropriately is the next best thing. Whoosh! Screen Shine is one product produced specifically with cell phones in mind. The cleaner is formulated to gently clean screens, while fighting bacteria. There is no alcohol or ammonia in the cleaner, so it won’t damage any part of the phone. A quick spritz and wipe down can render your phone germ free, and maybe save you from the flu that is taking over the country.

Fortunately, Whoosh! Screen Shine is available at all corporate Phone Doctors locations.

During Flu season, come by any Phone Doctors corporate location and ask for a free cleaning of your mobile devices.

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