The Next Step for Apple

The Next Step for Apple

As Apple moves forward many people are wondering what is in store for the next incarnation of the iPhone, one that will have no oversight from the co-founder of the company. The newest incarnation of the iPhone is planned to be announced soon, but thoughts and theories on what we’ll be seeing next have been abuzz for months.

A few things are known for sure, we’ll be seeing the 5S first, with an iPhone 6 soon to follow. There are also some rumor mills spinning that suggest a watered down iPhone option will also be hitting the market. We’ve collected the newest rumors, and culled out the completely unlikely, so you, the reader, can garner an idea of what the newest iPhone will look like.

iPhone 5S

The iPhone 5s is expected to look similar to the iPhone 5 with some enhancements to the screen and resolution, as well as the processing power. Rumors are suggesting the screen size will be upped from 4-inches to 4.2-inches, but the size of the phone will remain the same. It is expected that the extra .2 inches will be squeezed out by slimming down the casing around the phone.

iPhone 6

Tech experts are more excited about the iPhone 6, which is rumored to release in 2014. The newest phone will be offering a much larger screen size and better pay options through Passbook. It is also rumored that the iPhone 6 will be offered in a myriad of colors; similar to the options available on the iPods by the company. That seems like a welcomed option, however, most people keep their iPhones ensconced in cases, anyway.


Cheaper iPhone?

There is also a cheaper iPhone option being put on deck. This option will feature a watered down case and a slower processor. The goal here is likely to steal back some market share that has been lost to Samsung.

Regardless of what we actually see come release date, we are sure that Apple will be releasing some new products that people will be itching to get their hands on.

Will you run out and upgrade as soon as it is available? We will…

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