The Fire Phone is on Fire!

The Fire Phone is on Fire!

New Fire Phone Joke In Town.

Nokia, LG, and Motorola walk into a bar…and meet Amazon already sitting at the bar-stools.  Yes, that’s right folks, Amazon is entering the competition with the first major phone out of its lineup, and it has chosen to come out swinging.  By seeking to redefine the user’s connection to the world, melding media in creative new ways, and helping to identify those pesky things that you just can’t figure out (but you know it’s on the tip of your tongue), they are putting up a serious challenge to the existing market.  The new device is called the Fire Phone and has some new tricks up its sleeve.

Amazon’s innovation is to redefine the role of the user.  In almost every present smartphone, we have accelerometers.  Roughly, these measure how gravity is pulling on the phone – you can see this by how the screen changes which way is up as you rotate the device.  Amazon has chosen to make the user an accelerometer, by installing 4 infrared cameras which pay attention to the user’s head and reposition the image appropriately. This leads to 3-d backgrounds, which for some may be a bit surprising – it is a bit like looking through a window into another room.

Shoppers, Shoppers, We Hear You Out There!

Also, focus is given on the user’s connection with Amazon’s marketplace.  With Amazon Prime already having rolled out, the phone is designed to pick up information from anything in print that you can let the phone get digital imaging of.  As of this writing, it is said to have a potential 100 million matches and growing.  The phone’s accuracy is quite sly, even picking up obscure things.  To wit, it takes between 10 and 15 seconds to make a positive match.

This identification goes into multiple places – you can hold up your phone to let it hear a song, and it will identify the track, and the same goes with a television show that you may have going on in the background, or even a movie.  It functions well with print media, such as books or magazines (and in the introduction video, not only identifying the magazine, but the month the issue was released).  These features are designed to integrate well with the Amazon marketplace, and in a sense, become a mobile “What’s this?” Wikipedia entry.

Ready to Feel Fire’s Burn?

Amazon’s new features on the Fire are clearly aimed towards the shopping experience, but also to connect the owner with the world in new ways that were yet to be explored.  It also embraces the reader as well, and it will be interesting to see the roll out of the device and what life it takes on.

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