Thank You For 10 Years, Testimonies

Thank You For 10 Years, Testimonies

Earlier this year, we reached our 10th anniversary date.  A lot has happened for us since the beginning, and what began as a small side store in Tulsa has grown to six locations, an online store for parts and DIY operations, and even the aid of tech support calls (Even when it’s not our part!).

It’s no doubt that it gets pretty hairy here sometimes.  But what keeps us going is our spirit and drive to really succeed, and we believe in excellence.  A shorter version of the motto is to say that we want the customer to feel like they’re important, no matter what the cost.

And sometimes, it can be hard.  When a repair seems simple but instantly becomes complex, the mail eats a package, or the chips fall in any other way, we really have to work at it – but we love the challenge.

And that leads us to input from all of you.  Just recently shared with us:

M. K. Miller-Burton
Thank you Tim at 21st and Yale location! Very professional, courteous, informative, listened well and repaired the issue quickly! You ROCK!

Thank you, M.K. Miller-Burton.  Your gratitude shows that our hard work has had its rewards, and we really appreciate that.  As we roll into our second decade, we hope to have many more great moments with all of you.

Thank you for sharing!

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  1. Want to say thank-you so much for the first time visit to your store, It was a great experience. I came in to have a battery replaced on my wife's I POD nano 5th generation. John Killiam assisted me. He looked at the unit, pressed a couple of keys , and bingo the unit came on. No Battery needed. I asked him how much I owed, he said nothing , just a handshake, which I gladly shared. I will recommend you to everyone! Again..... Thanks, Rick Johnson

    1. Hi Rick
      We thank you so much for your feed back. I have already forwarded your message to the right people so that we can recognize him.

  2. came to get my phone fixed at the 71st street store and thye guy told me it wasn't my screen that was the problem. told me i needed to do a factory reset. i spent 3 hours trying to figure out how to save the data on my phone to no avail. I ended up doing the factory reset and updated my phone and wouldn't ya know, it still wasn't fixed. took it to the apple store and they told me it was a screen problem, so now I've erased all my data for no freaking reason!! thanks guys