Selecting an OS for Your Needs

Selecting an OS for Your Needs

Selecting an OS for your needs is a tough call. When looking into a new phone or device, the operating system can play a major part into your decision and with competition comes different ways for things to operate and new innovations.  This is seen in personal computers through Windows, Linux, Unix, the Mac OS series, and even the older codes such as DOS or QBASIC.  (Anyone ever play that bananas game?)  Not far behind, phones have gone through several different OSes as well, and just a few are detailed below with some of their relative strengths and target markets.

iOS…What Are We Up To Now?

Apple’s OS has undergone a myriad amount of changes, and has both its detractors and its advantages.  It functions the most like a small computer, coming straight from the company to have the first major computer.  However, most of its apps and connections are within the Apple ring itself.  As a result, the devices are connection-friendly when on a group plan, as everyone is on the same page as their group members are.  The social functions receive updates frequently, and social media outlets love to interface with it.  To put another feather in their cap, the data storage and backup is the most advanced of the three major OSes.

Looking Through A Window

Windows phones are a recent addition to the market.  By combining the hand-held design of a phone with the information-friendly look of Windows, these have come the closest to resembling the PADD from Star Trek.  This is done through the live tiles, which act as quick peeks into your apps – where as with other OSes you may need to go into the app to see updates, or use the status bar.  The system is slowly becoming solid on PCs, however it is taking some warming up to by new users.  The Windows Phone OS is most suited to business travelers, or anyone who likes having their information ready and at-hand.

Android’s Google Disguies

Finally, Google’s Android OS has been seen on a variety of platforms and through many different makers.  Its popularity is due in part to the large amount of apps available as well as the ease of use to create new ones.  The devices remain the most family-friendly, as the OS plays fairly well with those of other devices.  It is the only OS without a live assistant such as Siri or Microsoft’s Cortana, at the present time.  The end result is a very customizable phone that works well for someone who may not be big into the social scene, or constantly on the job – it also works well for youth, who love the games available on these devices.

Every OS has its own advantage, and much like picking a pet, be sure you have the right carrier and OS you want for what you need.  Have any questions for us here at Phone Doctors?  Drop us a line in the comments, or feel free to call us on our support line.

Have a question or comment for us here at Phone Doctors?  Drop us a line through our support services.  We’d love to hear from you!

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