ScrewMat The Ultimate Cell Phone Repair Tool

ScrewMat The Ultimate Cell Phone Repair Tool

Cell Phone Repair Just Got Easier thanks to ScrewMat The Ultimate Cell Phone Repair Tool has just released a new patent pending tool and guide for the cell phone repair industry. The ScrewMat™ is designed to magnetically hold screws and small parts in an organized fashion to help professionals and amateurs accurately and efficiently repair all iPhone models, iPod touch, and other complicated smart phone and hand held devices.



Tulsa, OK. USA – Most repairs for technical devices such as cellular phones and hand held devices require detailed attention to both the parts and the order in which those tiny pieces are disassembled and put back together. The ScrewMat™ makes the process of cellular phone repair and replacement much more efficient by saving time, parts, labor hours and headaches.

Alex Iser, President and CEO of The Phone Doctors, started a company to fix phones in early 2002, at a time when most people were simply throwing them away. Iser knew that replacement phone costs were expensive and that most people had damaged their cell phone one way or another prior to the end of a cell phone contract.

Today, with four locations in the Midwest, Iser spends his time training cellular phone professionals in his stores and independent stores nationwide on the art of how to efficiently and effectively repair and recycle cellular phones and hand held devices such as the iPod touch and iPad 2. The ScrewMat has become an essential tool for cellular phone repair.

“If you can know exactly which piece to remove, where it is located, and when to replace it, cell phone repair becomes much easier and efficient. Especially for new employees and those interested in fixing their own phones.” said Iser. “The ScrewMat™ provides an easy reference guide and magnetically holds your important pieces all at the same time.” – Alex Iser

The ScrewMat™ is currently available for the iPhone 3G/3Gs, the AT&T iPhone 4, the Verizon iPhone 4 and the iPod Touch 4. Other ScrewMat™ tools will be available in the near future.

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