ScrewMat for Apple iPhone 5C and 5S Are Here

ScrewMat for Apple iPhone 5C and 5S Are Here

You’ve asked for them. We listened.

Phone Doctors® proudly announces the addition of the ScrewMat™ for iPhone 5S and 5C to its collection of high-quality, professional repair tool kits. Just like the other ScrewMat™ models, the ScrewMat™ offers a fully magnetized, high-definition image of the internals of your device, allowing you to effectively keep track of your screws and metal pieces during the repair process. The ScrewMat™ comes with a detailed diagram and can be used in conjunction with our Phone Doctors® Do-It-Yourself repair videos.

As time goes on, we will begin also offering a variety of parts for both iPhone 5S and 5C models, which will of course be available right here on!

Check out all our ScrewMats Here!

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