ScrewMat for Apple iPad Are Here

ScrewMat for Apple iPad Are Here

You’ve asked for them. We listened.

ScrewMat™ for Apple iPad Are Here. Over the years, ScrewMat™ has exploded with peoples’ positive responses to how much it helps their repair processes.  Whether you are a (hopefully) one-time “Do-It-Yourselfer” because you broke your device, or maybe you are a full-blown technician repairing devices daily, the ScrewMat™ will make an impact on how you get the job done.  Over the years, we’ve made ScrewMats™ for all the popular devices; iPhones, iPods, and Samsung Galaxy Series Devices.   However, the interest for more devices is at an all time high!  iPads are now replacing our computers, paperwork, and text books at an astounding rate and since we are pushing the envelope with what these great devices can do and where they can go, they are also breaking at amazing rates as well.

If you’ve broken your iPad, take into consideration that on most, these devices can house 40 to 50 screws with the majority being different sizes.  Sure, you could draw out a little iPad on a piece of paper and hope that no one bumps the table, but for the low cost of an iPad ScrewMat, you can ensure that ALL of your screws go back into the right place the first time and don’t strip any housing threads.  Not to mention, you’re going to speed up your repair times.

So, if you’re interested, check out the new iPad ScrewMats™ from Phone Doctors.  You’ll be glad you did!

Check out all our ScrewMats Here!

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