DIY KIT Apple iPhone 5S/SE Screen Replacement (White)






Do you like DIY projects? If so, you will love our easy to use Apple iPhone 5s DIY KIT to replace your broken screen.

Here’s what you get:

  • iPhone 5S/SE LCD/Digitizer (White)
  • DIY iPhone 5S or SE ScrewMat®
  • Premium Pentalobe driver
  • Premium Phillips driver
  • Premium metal opening tool
  • Premium plastic pick
  • Premium metal tweezers
  • Step-by-step HD video instructions

Click here to view/download our step-by-step DIY visual repair guide in PDF Format.

Let’s face it.  These beautiful iPhones can break pretty easy.  Fortunately, the white iPhone 5s/SE screen repair is not too difficult to fix on your own.  We work to make it easy on you, from using the highest quality screens, tools, and instructions on the market.

PHONEDOCTORS will guide you every step of the way through your screen repair for your white iPhone 5S/SE.  Even if you want to talk to a tech, that’s included too! You’ll receive the highest quality LCD screen (because there are many different kinds and qualities out there), and you’ll also get awesome tools that our tech’s use in our retail stores.  We grew up hearing that you gotta have the right tool for the job, so we give those to you.  You’ll also receive our exclusive ScrewMat, and simple step-by-step HD Video instructions that have been formed from the experience over the past 11 years.

Take a look at what DIY customers of all ages and skills have to say about their DIY KITS from PHONEDOCTORS.

It’s time for you to make your iPhone 5s screen come back to life and we want to help you!  Just click the add to cart button and let’s get started.

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PHONEDOCTORS wants to be your number one source for all of your iPhone 5s needs. We pride ourselves on having quality parts to repair your device. If you need a new screen for your Apple iPhone 5s/SE we have it or possibly something as simple as your up and down volume buttons, we have those too. We purchase our parts from only select suppliers and warranty each one so you can be sure you are only getting top quality parts. Your device is a lifeline for you to your family and friends and we want to make sure we are doing everything we can to keep that connection strong. The iPhone 5s/SE is only one of many devices we carry parts for, we have anything you need starting with the iPhone 4 working all the way up to the iPhone 8. Ordering parts for your iPhone 5s should be a simple process so we work to make the total experience from selecting your part to checking out as efficient and simple as it can be. We are so grateful here at PHONEDOCTORS to be able to serve you. Our most important core value is LOVE PEOPLE, we have even branded it on the back of our 4 story Headquaters in Tulsa, OK. We feel that if you love people, you are more likely to be impactful in their lives and truly make a difference in their day. The iPhone 5s part you order today will get shipped out to you and be in your hands as quickly as possible. We have a wonderful warehouse crew dedicated to quality control and getting your iPhone parts out as soon as the order is completed. If you have another device that is not an iPhone perhaps a Samsung or LG we too have parts for you. We have many parts that are not even listed on the PHONEDOCTORS website so please call 918.955.1100 if you have a special part request. Chances are we will have what you are looking for in house. We strive to carry as many parts as we can because we understand people need their devices repaired as quickly. Again, we warranty all of our parts because it is important to us to make sure we are serving our customers the way we would want to be taken care of, quickly and carefully. Do not hesitate to contact us with any of your questions or needs and we are also working to update our awesome YOUTUBE channel for more current videos on how to repair your devices. We already have many uploaded to walk you through the screen/battery/LCD issues you may be facing. Thank you so much for allowing PHONEDOCTORS to take care of you and your devices.