Looking Towards the Future of Phones

Looking Towards the Future of Phones

Graduation time is here, many high school students will look towards the future and begin their journey into the “real” world. But what does the future actually hold for us, cell phone wise?

Long, Long Ago…

Just a few weeks ago, the 40th anniversary of the first cell phone call was celebrated. Through those 40 years, many changes have shaped the cellular world as we know it. Think about it…the original phones were enormous and could provide about 10 minutes of talk time.

Phones have evolved and the shape, size, and aesthetics have changed significantly too. They were large, then the phones got extremely small (remember the peanut-sized phones?), then they got larger but thinner, and even larger still.


…we enjoy phones that can text, surf the internet, and manage our e-mail accounts all on the go; we even enjoy video chats while out and about in the world. With all that has gone on, it is hard to imagine what is coming next, but we have a crystal ball!

What About Tomorrow?

As we saw at CES, Samsung is already developing a bendable cell phone screen. Sure, it’s not ready to go to market just yet, but seeing it at recent shows gives us a glimpse into the future of our cellular “college life”. Maybe by the time these kids graduate college, we will have touchscreen phones that you can just fold up small for a pocket (déjà vu?).

Siri and other personal assistants hint to a world that will provide instant help in all areas of a person’s life, directly in their pocket. Phones will become smarter and smarter, providing and completing many of our most mundane tasks, like algebra.

Congrats Grads!

What the future will hold, for those graduating and everyone else, is something that we can’t know right now, but many of the big companies like Motorola, Samsung and Apple are banking on cell phone technology to continue evolving. Time will only tell.

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