iOS7 Will Not Waterproof your Apple iPhone

iOS7 Will Not Waterproof your Apple iPhone

n60ff4ol  With technology moving so quickly, it’s easy to be tricked into believing something that you want to be true. On April Fools Day, Phone Doctors came out with the “Spray On Screen Repair” and while it was extremely cheesy and obviously a prank by the end of the commercial, we still get people asking for it at least once a week.

Recently a post on 4CHAN featured a fake ad that makes it look like the latest iOS7 operating system by Apple will actually work to protect your phone from liquid damage. According to The Daily Mail, the ad shows an iPhone 5S with a smart-switch “emergency shut off” that will turn off the power to help prevent damage to the iPhone’s circuitry.

Of course that’s ridiculous.
Why? It’s not necessarily the water causing a short in the power system. The biggest damage comes from the oxidation that takes place once the device is no longer in the water. Yes, your device gets more damage once it’s out of the water, than while it’s submerged. The oxygen on the wet internal parts begins a process that breaks down and corrodes the internal circuitry.

As soon as your device is exposed to water, you need to have the internal parts cleaned professionally. Phone Doctors not only cleans the internal parts, but each liquid damage repair also includes a new replacement battery.

Technically, it’s possible for your device to get liquid damage without ever being submerged in the water. Simply having it in the room while you take a hot shower is enough to get the oxidation process started.

So should you upgrade to iOS7? Maybe. Will it protect you from liquid damage? Absolutely not.

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