HTC 10 is a Ready Review

HTC 10 is a Ready Review


The HTC 10 is a ready review…

According to DxOMark, which touts itself as, “the trusted industry standard for camera and lens image quality measurements and ratings,” the new HTC 10 marks up a score of 88 points for outstanding mobile photography for both stills and video. The HTC 10 is chalking up points with other online reviews as well. BGR calls the smartphone “the most surprising new smartphone of the year.” BGR calls attention to the phone’s two day battery life, a camera that tied Samsung’s Galaxy S7 (same study noted above) in DxOMark’s testing, great speed, and several other standalone features.


The HTC 10 has 24-bit DAC Hi-Res sound, which promises to sooth the most critical ear. This performance is enhanced with a new headset amplifier that powers the quality audio. Another selling point is that the phone has a stabilization device for both front and back cameras. HTC 10 claims that the stabilization feature is a world’s first. On the downside, some recent reviews have noted that it doesn’t sit well in hand and lacks standout innovation. But, never has a product pleased everyone. All in all, the HTC 10 is pretty impressive and promises to do well against the competition.