How to Fix Common Problems with Samsung Galaxy Mega Repair

How to Fix Common Problems with Samsung Galaxy Mega Repair

We are here to help! Our technicians have answered the most common questions about how to fix common problems with Samsung Galaxy Mega repair process.  Depending on the device, mobile phone and tablet repairs can be a tedious process.  Troubleshooting is a vital part of both diagnosing a broken part, and discovering what step was missed after repair.  Relax, we are here to make your life easier.

We offer a full lineup of repair parts for the Samsung Galaxy Mega including:

Samsung i527 Galaxy Mega Battery: This is your main, mobile power source for your device. The Mega battery is located on the back of your phone, under the main back cover. Samsung devices will not power on unless there is a working battery inside your device. If your Mega will not hold a charge, or does not turn on at all, then this is most likely the part you need.

Samsung i527 Galaxy Mega Charge Port: This is your main port you plug in to charge your device. Unlike other devices, this port is not a simple flex cable that can be removed and swapped. This charge port requires special soldering equipment to repair. Heat must be applied to your motherboard during this repair, and there is a risk that your motherboard may be damaged. If you are uncertain if the charge port is the problem, we suggest trying other troubleshooting steps prior to this repair.

Samsung i527 Galaxy Mega Ear Speaker: This is your main hearing piece when using your device in normal phone mode. The ear speaker is not the same as your external speakers for playing music. The ear speaker also does not control the sound when using your phone in speaker phone mode. If you place your phone to your ear to answer a call, and you have no sound, then this is the part you need to repair your device.

Samsung i527 Galaxy Mega Touch Screen Digitizer Plus LCD Display: This controls both your touch function and your main image display. If your top glass is broken, your touch function is unresponsive, or you have no image display, then this is the part you need. This screen comes with both your top digitizer and your lower LCD fused together for easy assembly. This version of the Galaxy Mega screen does not come with any type of frame. This one screen will work on every model of the Galaxy Mega.



My phone is freezing, running slow, repair did not work, spazzing out! What can I do?

Performing a soft reset can resolve issues like continuous resetting/rebooting, crashing, freezing, can’t make or receive calls, and other general software related problems. This process is similar to rebooting a computer after it freezes up. Phones are small computers after all.

Soft Reset This should not erase your data, but it is always a good idea to do a backup. With your device turned on…

  1. Press and hold Power Button.
  2. Select Restart.
  3. Select OK.
    • If your device will not reboot, remove and reinsert the battery.
  4. Your device will now shut down and reboot.

I did a soft reset, but my phone is still not working correctly. What can I do?

A hard reset can resolve issue like: blank or frozen screen, crashing apps, touch screen problems, no audio, random noises, no call functionality or sync errors.

Hard Reset – **This process will erase all your data** and erase any accounts linked to your device as well.

  1. From the home screen, select the Applications Tab (located at the bottom).
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Back up and reset.
  4. Select Factory Data Reset.
  5. Select Reset Phone.
  6. Select Erase Everything.

I replaced my Samsung i527 Galaxy Mega Battery, now it will not work!

  1. Try a different power cable on your device. You may have a USB cable that has gone bad. If this does not work…
  2. Check your screen for any signs of damage. If your screen is broken at the same time you change your battery, you will need a new battery before you can confirm your battery is functioning. If your screen is not damaged…
  3. Check your charge port. If your port is damaged, or loose, your battery will not be able to charge, and your device will not power on. If your charge port is intact…
  4. You may have a defective battery.

I replaced my Samsung i527 Galaxy Mega Charge Port, and it still will not work!

  1. Charging problems involve several different parts. Try switching to a different charging cable, or try a new battery to see if this fixes the problem. If this does not…
  2. Has your device been affected by liquid? If so, then you may be looking at corroded circuits as opposed to a bad port that is affecting your device. If your device is liquid free…
  3. There is a chance the damage was not to your port, but was on the motherboard component. If this is the case, soldering on a new port will not work. Apart from buying a new battery every time you run out of power, there will not be a way to make your device charge.

I replaced my Samsung i527 Galaxy Mega Ear Speaker, now it will not work!

  1. Re-attempt the repair from the beginning. Speakers require both magnetism and vibration to operate. If the speaker is either to tight, you will not ear any sound. If the speaker is too loose, then you will hear a buzzing noise. If your speaker is still not working…
  2. Make certain your speaker is right way up. As this piece is a rectangle, it is easy to place the speaker in the wrong way. If everything looks correct…
  3. You may have a defective or broken ear speaker.

I replaced my Samsung i527 Galaxy Mega Touch Screen Digitizer Plus LCD Display, now it will not work!

  1. If you have an all white or all black display, start by performing a soft reset on your device. If your screen still will not work after a reset…
  2. Redo the repair from the beginning. At the step where you plug your screen into your main board, check your original screen to see if it still works. If neither screen works, this is a sign of something worse then a bad screen. We suggest mailing in your device for testing. If you see…
  3. Blotches on your display, this is a sign of too much pressure on the screen caused in shipping or during installation. Open your device again, and make certain none of your internal components are causing the pressure. If you see…
  4. Lines down your display, or only a partially working touch function, then you may have a defective or broken .

Your repair guide said my part is possibly defective or broken, what’s next?

  1. Contact your source for the parts to see what their warranty will cover.If your device is not covered, or is outside it’s warranty, we would be happy to help.
  2. If your parts came from Phone Doctors…
    • Contact Us: our support team has additional information regarding a replacement.
    • OR
    • Mail in Your Device: our certified technicians will be happy to diagnose or repair your device.

My Question is not on this page! Can you help?


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Leaving a comment is the best way to get additional help as comments expand our knowledge database. Who knows? The next person needing help with their repair or device may have the same problem you do!


  1. Phone said it was charging, and after a while I checked it; the percent of the battery went down. Now it won't turn on or charge.

    1. Thanks Justin,

      Sounds like your battery has gone bad. If your device was acknowledging a charge for a while (or at least that the device was connected to a USB cable), then it is probably not the charge port.

      Start with trying a new battery, and a new USB just to rule that out as a possibility. If the battery does not fix the problem, then it might be that the charge port has gone bad. Charge ports require soldering on the Galaxy Mega, so we suggest mailing in your device for repair (if the charge port is the problem) at:

      1. Sometimes I have sound then sometimes I don't. I have insurance on it will the insurance pay to have it repaired

        1. Hi Don
          Yes your insurance should cover that.

      2. I got my Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 repaired after I had cracked it before, and the company gave me a "original" Digitizer for the phone, and all was well until I updated the Mega and the screen was unresponsive. I did factory reset, thinking it was the update, but it was the same unresponsive screen. I called the company and they said that there was a 70% chance that the phone would not work at all, and that I should just trade it in. Is there anything I can do?

        1. Hi Jake
          I have not heard of this before unless your device as been liquid damaged. I would be willing to look at your device and see what we can do for you. We offer mail in repair at

          1. I have a Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 and a message saying "Please check your internet connection and try again." keeps flashing at the bottom of the screen. It won't go away, and it continuously drains my battery, even after doing a soft reset. My software is up to date, and my wi-fi will connect, but then not work when I try to use any apps like Facebook or YouTube. It started yesterday morning, and it still hasn't gotten better. Do you have any idea of what the problem may be?

        2. You are experiencing exactly the same thing I am with my mega 6.3, my screen got broken was carefully fixed with manufacture recommended worked fine but when i decided to upgrade to android version 4.4 kitkat that samsung had said it were to release for screen started responding sometimes it does work just takes now 4hrs to charge when it is at 30% of charge lots of frustrations i thought it was battery life coming to an end nothing has changed with a set of new batts..

          1. Hi Jakigoto
            I have read the release notes for the update and my opinion of the update is that although many have done the update successfully there are some issues that can happen when performing the update. If it were me I would try to go back to the original OS and wait for the bugs to be worked out. The only other option is to try the install again but you will want to reset the device back to factory before updating.

      3. Everything in this phone is new hard reset soft reset still scteen freezes works first 10 second then freezes help please

        1. Hi Mohammed
          It sounds like the software is corrupted I would have to see the device to help you any further. We offer a mail in repair service at

          1. Replaced battery and charging port it charged to 100 percent but won’t turn on. What else can be done

    2. I have the problem to where it says it's charging but it's keeps going down and every time I plug my phone in to charge it wigs out by turning on the hands free mode and saying that the dock is connected.

  2. Samsung Mega was turning off and on randomly. Did a factory reset. Now I am not recieving data. Full phone signal and wifi working fine.

    1. Thanks Elaine,

      The Galaxy Mega is known to have software issues like this. The random off and on is normally related to a power issue like a bad battery, but because the restore fixed this problem, you are looking at a software issue instead.

      You can try the factory restore again, but in truth, your going to be better off getting a different device all together. Once a device gets software problems, they keep coming back.

  3. My photo icon has disappeared on my Samsung Mega. It was there yesterday afternoon, and then after taking pictures last night, I noticed it was gone. My gallery icon is still there, but the photos icon is gone. Any suggestions?

    1. Thanks Paul,

      Try going through the apps settings, and see if it simply got deleted from your front page. Most Android phones have the ability to let you customize your apps. All you have to do to remove an app from your main page is click a couple buttons. We have seen folks wipe their entire phone because a "friend" decided to have a little fun.

      If the app is not in your main app menu, you may need to do a factory restore. This app is integrated with the main operating system, so it should be in your device somewhere.

      A factory restore will fix this problem as well.

  4. When I am making a call on my Mega, my sensor is not working. When I bring the phone close to my ears, the light is turning off, but after removing, the light is not coming back, so I am having to press the home key to cut the phone.

    1. Thanks Suhas,

      This sensor is called the proximity sensor. For some reason, the sensor is acknowledging your use of the phone, and will turn the screen off (as it is designed to), but the sensor is not registering when your head has moved away.

      This is a typical sign of a proximity sensor that is failing. The Mega has been released for less than a year, so you should be able to get this repaired by Samsung (or a new device all together) for free. If Samsung will not help you in this matter (due to the device being outside the warranty), you can mail in your device for repair at:

  5. My touch screen doesn't work at all. I can see the screen, but can't do anything. What should I do?

    1. Thanks Tamika,

      If your touch screen (digitizer) is no longer working, you will need to replace it. Your digitizer is broken if it is not responding. This is due to a hardware component failing, and not a software glitch.

      We have DIY kits available right here online, or you can mail in your device for a technician to repair at:

  6. Hi,
    My Samsung Galaxy Mega GT I9200's home button and charging port is not working since yesterday night. This is what happened, I kept my phone on the floor on which liquid fell by mistake. I didn't notice for an hour or so. The moment I saw that I cleaned my device thoroughly. First, the speaker didn't work fully. Then the home button didn't work, finally charging port. This isn't amusing anymore. Then all of a sudden, the speakers are working just fine, but I'm unable to charge my phone. If I switch off, and plug in the phone, the battery icon is showing up, but it isn't charging. I tried different cables and pins, but still the result remains same. Pl help me out on this. I love my phone pl help.

    1. Thanks Rakesh,

      Since your device has touched liquid, the internal circuitry is breaking down. You need to mail in your device for a liquid damage cleaning by one of our technicians before your phone dies completely.

      Liquid mixes with a phone about as well as a hair dryer mixes with a bath tub. All the same sparks fly, just inside your device where the power source is. Based on your description, your charging port is fine, but your battery is done. You may need to replace it after cleaning. Normally, liquid damage cleaning will fully restore a device as it is the internal circuitry that has gone bad, not the hardware components.

      You can find all the information to mail in your device at:

  7. My Samsung Galaxy Mega has a problem. My phone is unable to make calls and SMS, but I can received calls and SMS.
    How do I solve this issue? Thanks.

    1. Thanks Thaya,

      There are a couple of possibilities here:
      1.) MOST LIKELY: You have an internal software error. This is common among the Mega series. Back up your data, and perform a restore to factory default settings. Instructions on this can be found in this blog post.
      2.) ALSO POSSIBLE: Your service provider has some type of transmission error to your device. Take your device back to your carrier, and see what they can do to fix the problem. It may be something simple like your SIM card is wearing out, or they can do a reset of the connection to your phone, and see if this will fix the problem.

      If your service provider says there is nothing wrong with your device, then it is an internal software problem. Software problems, again, are a common issue with the Galaxy Mega. We suggest getting rid of the phone all together, and find something new such as a Note 3, Galaxy S4 or S5.

  8. Hey guys,
    I have a Galaxy Mega 5.8. It works normally, but it won't go to sleep mode when you are not using it. The screen lights stay on for hours. First, I thought it was the notifications causing this, then without any notification, it is still lightning up itself. The battery is about to die, Please help.

    1. Thanks Chris TS,

      Check through your settings. This is normally a setting that can be turned on and off through your general settings or display settings menu. If this setting is off, and you are still having this problem, then this is a software glitch. The Galaxy Mega is know to have many different software problems arise. We strongly suggest you get a different phone all together.

      You can also do a backup and restore to factory default settings. This may fix the problem (instructions can be found earlier in this blog; right under the "RELAX" man), but this type of problem will normally come back over and over; forcing you to constantly restore your phone.

  9. My phone freezes up when I try to change pictures or go in the web what's going on with it please help thanks!!!

    1. Thanks Angela,

      This is a common software error on the Galaxy Mega. Start with restoring your device back to factory default settings, and see if this fixes the problem. The instructions on this process can be found earlier in this blog, below the "RELAX" man.

      The Mega is known to have horrible software malfunctions that will not go away, so we suggest getting a new device all together as soon as you can.

    2. I Replaced my touchscreen digitizer with a new china one, and it works for a cpl of swipes and then it is unresponsive and seems to freeze up, my menu button and home button dont work and I cannot hard reset, to resolve any software issues, are there any fixes for the home button , I ordered a new one but will be sometime before it comes id like to do a hard reset but cannot use the home button or dial hard reset code due to no service on phone any advice would be appreciated

  10. I have galaxy s3, I did a screen & Lcd replacement but now my phone vibrates alot when i'm playing on it or when I'm listening to radio. What's wrong with it please help, thank you...

    1. Thanks Abii,

      Normally, vibration problems are due to liquid damage on your device. If your S3 was touched by liquid, you will need to get your phone cleaned before I will work normally again.

      If there is no liquid involved, then you just have a defective or loose vibrator; probably defective. You will need to replace this part before your S3 will work normally again. It could also just be loose in it's setting. You may want to open your device, and just try tacking down your vibrator using some type adhesive. Vibrators that are loose will come into contact with areas of your device's frame; this then enables you to feel every micro pulse that the vibrator makes.

      You can always mail in your device for a technician to repair at:

      1. I've just upgraded to the newest software on my Samsung Mega 2.
        Now my screen sensitivity is astoundingly over sensitive. How do I lower my screen sensitivity?
        It seems as if Samsung forgot to implement the sensitivity bar in this version.
        Please help!

        1. Hello Dom,

          Sorry to hear about that touch screen issue that you are having, doing a quick search for the issue your having reveals turning down the touch delay under: Settings -> accessibility -> tap and hold delay. If this does not resolve your issue the next step I would take is contacting Samsung to see if they can help with this issue.

          Thank you
          Robin B.

  11. Hello,

    On the bottom of my Galaxy Mega, to the left of the home screen, the button will not allow me to pull up different options. I use could access my settings quickly from here but now I cannot. My screen is intact without any cracks.


    1. Thanks Megan,

      The part that controls your back and menu buttons is called the keypad flex cable. The keypad flex actually is a very flexible cable, and it is attached to the back of your screen with a small piece of double sided tape. It is possible for this part to simply come detached from your front screen. The part may have gone bad as well, but this is not usually the case.

      You can fix this by opening your device, and check to see if this part has come off. If it is still attached to your top screen, then it may be defective. As an alternative, you can always mail in your device for repair with one of our technicians at:

  12. My Galaxy Mega touch screen won't work while I'm charging it. Is this a normal thing?

    1. Thanks Ahmed,

      Some Samsung device allow you to use them while plugged in, but many of them go into a "stand bye" mode. This mode is actually a feature. There are several cases of folks using devices while on chargers, and the devices explode. Every manufacture actually has warning labels either on or inside the box your device came in that state: do not use this device while it is charging.

      Your Mega is fine. Just let it fully charge when you don't need it, and you should be good to go.

  13. I can't find any of my pics. When I went to bed last night, they were there. Woke up, and I only have 6 pics in my phone. I have no clue what happened. Can you please help me? I need those pics!!!

    1. Thanks Lashanda,

      Sadly, the Galaxy Mega is known to have severe software issues like this. If you had your photos on an external memory source (Google Drive or and SD Card), start by looking in either of these places to see if the photos were stored there. If they are not there, and they are not on the phone, the odds are your Mega had a software crash during the night, and wiped most of your data. If this is the case, you will not be able to recover those photos.

      The worst part is, this is a known error with the Galaxy Mega. If you want to avoid this situation in the future, you will want to get a new device other then the Mega.

  14. Hi there,

    I dropped my Samsung Galaxy Mega. Everything works apart from the home button. When I press it, it does nothing at all. Can it be easily fixed, or does it need to get repaired at the shop?

    Thank you!

    1. Thanks Tass,

      Fortunately, this repair is a little easier than most.

      The keypad flex is responsible for registering the activation of the home button, and this should be all that you would need to replace.

  15. Hello

    I just bought a Samsung Mega off a friend, it was working fine when they had it. I have inserted my sim and the internet seems to be working fine but the phone does not receive any calls. When I try to make a call it does not connect and just cuts off. The screen does need replacing on this phone, could that affect the calls?

    1. Thanks sai,

      The need for an lcd/digitizer replacement should not have an effect on the calls, and in theory changing the sim should not cause it to drop connections. It is a very slight possibility that the antenna is misaligned, but this would be more evident if the drops were random during the call as opposed to not making a connection to start with.

      However, you may wish to ensure that the device has been fully disconnected from the service it was on before it was reactivated. Some of the devices that gather their information via a sim card for connections may still have some residual information in the memory itself.

      We would also advise contacting your provider to make sure everything is proper with the account and the transfer of the device.

  16. My Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 died yesterday. I didn't have my charger with me, and it had been dead for a couple of hours. When I finally had a chance to charge it up, it wouldn't turn on or do anything. I kept it on the charger for a couple of hours, still nothing. I just got this phone a couple of months ago. Please help!!!

    1. Thanks Joseph,

      You could have a bad cable, a bad charge port, or a bad battery. Start with trying a different USB cable (or port on your computer) and see if the cable is bad. If the cable works, try a different battery as you may have a battery that just decided to die on you. If the battery and cable don't work, then you have a bad charge port, and you should look at getting it replaced.

  17. Hi,

    I'm having connectivity issues with my Samsung Mega. I bought it 2 weeks ago and it seemed to work fine, but at this moment, I can't seem to use my data at all. The 4G icon does not appear even when I have enabled the data tab. I've tried restarting the phone, but there is no change, I can only use WiFi.

    1. Thanks Munirah,

      Try a new SIM card first. It could be that your old card has simply worn out, and anew one may fix this problem. Should this not work, contact your service provider as something may not be setup correctly on their end. If neither of these steps work, you have a software problem, and you should contact Samsung to find out what they can do regarding replacing your device.

  18. Hi, my phone randomly stopped charging. I took it to get a new USB port, but they told me it was my motherboard. I'm not really sure what to do.

    1. Thanks Lorraine Macias,

      The charge port on a Mega is a part that needs to be soldered back on (or replaced). Most repair shops either don't have the equipment, or don't want to take the risk as soldering can fry the motherboard. If the repair shop actually attempted the repair, and said it was the motherboard, then they are correct; your device will not be able to be repaired.

      If they did not attempt the repair, you can mail in your device to us, and let a technician complete the repair. There is an up front service fee, and should the repair be successful, the remainder is due after completion. If you are interested in sending in your device, simply fill out the short form at:

  19. I have a Samsung Mega 6.3 that I have replaced the LCD/Digitizer on in the past. Everything has been working wonderfully until today when I received the new 4.4.2 software update, and now my screen will not respond to touch. It comes on and displays fine, but will not allow you to swipe or enter any text. Please help.

    1. Thanks Aaron Pyle,

      The Galaxy Mega is known to have software bugs like this. Start with a restore back the factory default settings (instructions can be found under the "RELAX" picture). After the restore, fully update the software to the new version, and see if the problem is still there. If its gone, then you should be set. If the problem persists, you may have a case where the new software is causing the new part to be rejected. If this is the case, you will need to replace the screen all over again.

      As software bugs are common with the Galaxy Mega, we suggest getting a different phone all together should the hard reset not work.

  20. My home button on my galaxy Mega is sticky an sometimes sticiks down and won't pop back up after pushing it. I was wondering how I could go about cleaning it out without messing up the phone?

    1. Thanks Danielle Shepherd,

      The best way to clean this will be to open your device, and scrub the home button down with 99.99 percent grade alcohol.

      Another way you can do it is to take some type of high grade alcohol (most drug stores have something around 80-90 percent), and dip a Q-tip inside. With your device turned off and the battery removed (no sense getting electrocuted), press down the home button, and rub the soaked Q-tip around the side areas. This should help out with the button sticking.

      If this does not help, you may need to have your device repaired as the internal home button flex cable may be wearing out.

  21. So, today I dropped my phone in the mall without the case. It actually cracked this time, but not too bad. The issue is not the cracked screen. Now, my touch screen is not working. It only works at the top right corner. I cannot even turn my phone off. Although I have insurance, I would rather not pay that fee. Is there anything else I can do to get my touchscreen back working properly?

    1. Thanks Anayah,

      Samsung makes their devices with the touch sensor (digitizer) built into the LCD component. Sadly, this means you will need to replace your entire front screen in order for your device to work again. We have the Mega parts available was DIY repair kits right here online, or you can mail in your device, and let a technician complete the repairs instead.

      If you would like the mail in your device, simply fill out the short form at:

      Our advise, go with which ever method is cheaper. Is it is your insurance, go with that, if not, go with the replacement screen.

  22. Hi,

    My photos from my gallery just disappeared. I was wondering, whether I have accidentally erased them, or they were moved to some where else in my Samsung Galaxy Mega which I could not track.

    1. Thanks Josephine,

      Sadly, the Galaxy Mega has horrible software issues, and this problem has normally resulted in the device randomly choosing to delete the pictures. Go online to, and download their support app (similar to iTunes). If your photos have been moved, you should be able to find them easier by browsing through your phone on a computer (Samsung might even be able to back them up). If you cannot find them using a computer, then the photos have been sadly deleted.

      The Galaxy Mega is known to have terrible software errors like this, so our suggestion is to look into getting a different phone all together. If it did this once, it will happen again.

  23. My Galaxy works fine on the web however, I can't call anyone or send any messages. All it says is "the mobile network is not responding", but my LTE connection works fine. Someone please help me, please, I just bought it too.

    1. Thanks Joel Aguilar,

      Sounds like you have an internal software glitch. Your internal cellular antenna is only responding to an in-bound connection, which is normally an error in either the software code or in an app that has changed internal settings.

      There are 2 options here:
      1.) You can uninstall your apps one by one, and see if the problem resolves itself.
      If you choose this method, the removed apps may revert your settings back to normal. If they don't, you will need to do a factory restore.
      2.) Backup your data, and then do a restore to factory default settings (bypass the whole "remove the app" thing).
      If a restore does not fix the problem, contact your service provider. Something may have changed their cellular settings, and they may need to simply reset the connection to your phone.

      If none of these options yields any results, you are looking at an overall failure of the device. At this stage, it's best to look into getting a new phone.

  24. My phone is draining faster than my charge. It just started happening. I reduced brightness, syncs, and took off heavy games and 4G LTE.

    1. Thanks rotbake,

      Sounds like your battery is on the way out. Replacing your battery should fix this problem.

  25. Hi,
    I got a Galaxy Mega. When I was setting the wallpaper on my new phone, two options popped up that said just once or always. I hit always on accident, and now when I change the wallpaper it looks too small and crappy.

    1. Thanks Cheyenna,

      There should be an option in your general settings. Most Samsung phones will have an option that says something about "Display settings" you should find the option to rescale your wallpaper back to normal size. If not, just choose a new image for your wallpaper, and you should get the same option you saw before.

      If you don't get a new option when changing the wallpaper, there should be one of 2 menus under your options:
      1.) There should be one (depending on your version of Android) that says "screen settings".
      2.) The second option your be under your "All Settings" section.

      1. My samsung mega cant show 3G only on 2G

        1. Hello , Chungu

          Sorry to hear about that Galaxy Mega issue you are having. From the problem you are describing it sounds be that Your APN in the mobile network settings is off. To remedy this issue I recommend that you contact your original carrier and ask them to help set up these settings, you can do so by dialing 611 from your phone.

          Hope it helps
          Robin B.

  26. Hi,
    I have a Samsung i9200 Galaxy Mega 6.3 bought in India. I had rooted the phone back in February. Yesterday, I connected my phone via Kies on a Dell PC since it was showing a software upgrade. However, ever since that, the WIFI doesn't work. I did a factory data reset on the phone which didn't work as well. Now, I have nothing on my phone and no WiFi, so I cannot do anything on my phone. Note that the phone still operates perfectly, except that it’s missing the WiFi feature.

    1. Thanks Ajay Khedekar,

      Because your device was rooted, it changed the original software setup on the device. Normally, a restore to factory default settings would fix the problem. However, as you have all ready attempted this, the root on your phone has changed someone the core software. Your device will probably not work fully ever again.

      You can take a shot at replacing the WiFi antenna; it could be possible that this is a hardware malfunction, but because your device has not been dropped or liquid damaged, this is unlikely to solve the problem. Your overall best solution will be to look into getting a new device all together.

  27. Hi,
    My problem is, lately the music player is pausing at half way through a song, and isn't working again. I checked the settings just in case there is something wrong; everything was OK, so I restarted it; it was the same. What can I do about it?

    1. Thanks Mary,

      The Galaxy Mega is known to have unreliable software glitches like this. Your best solution, will be to backup all your data on a computer, and the perform a "restore to factory defaults" (instructions can be found in the blog above). This should clear up the problem as this is a software glitch, and not a hardware malfunction.

      If the restore does not fix the problem, then you are looking at a permanent software malfunction. If this is the case, the only way to fix it will be to get a new device all together.

  28. I am so frustrated with my phone. I had an iPhone, and then I replaced it with a Galaxy Mega 6.3. My family all have iPhones, and when they text me and include a picture, I can't get any pictures from them. It comes as either something that says download, it forever downloads but never finishes, or it just says it's an error of some kind. Once in a blue moon, I can get a picture, but usually I only get a box that won't display the picture or a download that won't download.

    1. Thanks Cindy Jackson,

      This is not your phone's fault. Sadly, Android and Apple have opposing software, and issues like this will continue to happen. Your family is using iMessenger (or iChat) to talk to you, but as these are "Apple only" apps, your Android device cannot get the items they are sending.

      You can either swap back to an Apple device to solve this problem, or you can get some type of 3rd party messaging app that works with both Apple and Android. You could easily download and start using any of the following: Photobucket, Snapchat, Skype, Kick, or What's App. Kick and What's App also allow messaging between the various operating systems, so one of these may be your best solution.

  29. My problem is a little weird, and hard to explain. I went to a concert yesterday, and took pictures of the performance. The pictures all came out to be the same even though the bottom part of the picture (this is not directly connected to image shown) shows it's different (shows how the pictures should be). The bottom row of images are correct when you click on the image.

    1. Thanks Jaehyo,

      This could be a simple display glitch on your device. Try downloading your photos to a computer, and see if the come out as they should. If all the photos are still duplicates, it is possible that your device faced a software glitch after the photos were taken. If this is the case, there may not be a way to recover them.

      If the PC download doesn't work, try another method such as email, or photo app (photo bucket). They may come out fine through one of those.

      Either way, after you get the photos off your device, you will want to perform a restore to factory default settings. If you don't, the problem will just continue.

  30. My question is kinda weird; So, I have this app, and it's suppose to clean your phone. I told LTD to clean my music, and now, I can't listen to my music or delete it at all. Is there a way you could help me with that, or give me some tips on what to do?

    1. Thanks Michaela,

      It sounds like this app, is actually a virus. Remove the app, and see if your phone goes back to normal. If it does not, plug your phone into a computer, back up all your information, and then restore your device to factory default settings. After your device is restored, put your information back on it (keep your backup), and install only this one app. If you still have the same problem come back, then the program is certainly a virus. If the problem does not come back, then the app may simply not have installed correctly the first time.

  31. My Galaxy Mega will not connect to WiFi. When the option is given to turn on the WiFi, it automatically cuts off soon after I press it.

    1. Thanks Brandon,

      This is a software error on the device. Backup your data, and restore the device to factory default settings. After the device is restored, check and see if your WiFi is working. If it is not, it could be that your antenna has come loose, but most likely, you have an overall software failure on the device. Most folks are reporting terrible software failures on their Mega. Your best solution will be to get a new device all together.

  32. I placed my Mega on the charger for approximately 3 hours. The battery was at 13% when I plugged it in. It has never had charging issues. I went to check it and it was very hot and would not turn on. I took the back off and let it cool for a half hour and put it back together. Still nothing. I tried a different charger and it got hot again. Still will not turn on at all.

    1. Thanks Audrey,

      You just need a new battery. Once this is replaced, your device will charge and operate just fine.

      The heat is coming from an unregulated flow of electrons from the positive to the negative post inside your device. This is a clear sign that the battery is no longer working normally. Batteries are cheap to replace, and we have them available both in our stores, and right here online.

  33. I have Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8. When I connect to GPS and cellular data for adding photo map on Instagram, it's always buggy, and the app is automatically closed. How do I fix that?

    1. Thanks Adi,

      If it is only this app that is acting buggy, uninstall the app. After the app is removed, do a temporary memory cache clear on your device (instructions can be found in the blog above). Once the cache clear is done, reinstall the app, and you should be good to go.

      1. My problem out going hd voiceUnable to ret Hd voice when available because of your payment plan, the recipient's request, or network conditions. To use this feature, contact the curtomer service centre (1599_0011).

  34. My samsung galaxy mega is charging really slow. What's the problem?

    1. Thanks Hannah,

      It's either a bad data cable, or a bad battery. Get friend or family members cable, and see if a different one works. If it does, you just need a new USB cable. If your phone still acts the same with a new cable, then try a new battery.

  35. My samsung galaxy mega is brand new, never dropped, never got wet..PERFECT condition! I just clicked on google to look something up and my screen went black, it shut off and won't turn on AT ALL. The battery is fully charged, I took the battery out to see if that would work and it didn't. It's been an hour and still nothing????

    1. Thanks Amanda,

      The Galaxy Mega is known to have terrible software issues on it. Take it back to where you got it, and get a different phone all together. This type of problem will not go away on the device you have as it is an internal motherboard problem.

  36. I love my Mega very much and I only have one problem. I cannot reply to my emails; none of them. When I try it's a nightmare. Whatever I type, it starts to repeat all by its self, and if I try to delete the words, it gets worse; while I am deleting, it's adding more words. I cannot figure it out. I cannot always run over to the computer to respond to emails, and it's very frustrating.

    1. Thanks Dee,

      This is a software bug in your device. It should be fixable, but that may depend on what caused this to happen in the first place.

      If you are using a third party app to respond to your emails, remove the app, power down your device, boot it back up, and then reinstall the app. If any settings were changed by the app, this should be cleared out allowing your device to work normally again.

      If you are using the default application to answer emails, you will need to backup all your data on to a computer, and then perform a restore to factory default settings (instructions can be found earlier in this blog). Once the restore is complete, try using your device without adding on all your information. It should be back to normal. If after adding your info back on the device, the problem comes back, then there is some type of corrupted data inside your backup. You will need to manually re-add all your data back on the phone to ensure the problem is gone.

  37. After installing any non-OEM screen on a Galaxy Mega, then updating [the software] to 4.4, the screen will not work. This has happened to 3 devices I fixed. No solutions exist other than a real screen.

    1. Thanks Michael,

      Sad part on this, it's not just the aftermarket screens that are having these problems. Most hardware components are being forced out by the new software update.

      It gets worse too. Mega phones that have had no repair work done on them at all are getting their root software altered as a result of this latest update. We have had multiple customers report this problem. Due to these issues, our locations will not resell the Galaxy Mega at all. The best solution is to not buy a Galaxy Mega. Look at a different phone all together such as a Note 3 (or Note 4 now) or Galaxy S4 or S5.

      The second best option is to not do this software update as it is killing most Mega phones regardless of repair status. Hold off, and wait to see if a different update will correct this problem.

  38. I just replaced my Mega LCD, and it will not boot past the Samsung logo unless, I unplug the screen first, let it boot, then plug it back in. It works fine when I do that. If I restart it, it hangs at Samsung logo again!

    1. Thanks Aaron,

      The latest series of updates to the Galaxy Mega are making the devices intentionally reject aftermarket screens (any screen that was not installed on the device by Samsung at creation). Sadly, it sounds like your device may have this. One option is to backup your data to a computer, and restore your device to factory default settings. If you do this, you should be able to get your new screen to work. The bad news, you will not be able to download any updates for your device from Samsung.

      Now, if you have done no updates at all, then odds are you just have a bad screen. It's got a short in it, and that's why it is not working from the boot stage. Contact the place you got your parts from, and you should be able to get another one.

  39. I have a Galaxy Mega 6.3 that was in my pocket during a hard rain storm that completely soaked the device. I left it in rice for a couple of days, but after drying it out, I tried to power up. The device comes on, but I have no display on the screen. I can hear it power up, and if I press the volume key down it will vibrate as it turns the ringer to vibrate, but nothing will display on the screen. What do you think the chances are that the LCD screen and digitizer would be the only thing that needs to be replaced? Has it more than likely fried something on the motherboard as well?

    1. Thanks brad,

      Your device may need a new screen, but first you need to have your device run through a liquid damage cleaning. When a phone gets wet, the internal circuits start to break down. A liquid damage cleaning will stop the break down process, and 8 times out of 10, your device will resume full operation without any parts needing replacement.

      In this case, you may need a new screen regardless of the cleaning. However, if your device is not cleaned, your circuits will still continue to break down until your whole device is rendered useless. You can send your device to one of our technicians for both cleaning and repair at:

  40. My Mega 6.3 goes into drive mode on its own. I turn it off, but it does it again. I even went in, and force stopped it; it keeps going to drive mode.

    1. Thanks Doug,

      You have a software bug, and the Mega is riddled with them.

      Backup your data, and the restore your device to factory default settings (instructions can be found in the blog above). Then see if it comes back. If the problem persists, then the error is permanent. Contact Samsung, and they will see about getting you a different phone.

  41. My Galaxy Mega 5.8 will not receive SMS, and will not ring correctly most of the time when the second SIM card (3G) is turned on. Any thoughts?

    1. Thanks Amirhosein,

      Try restoring your device back to factory default settings (information can be found in the blog above). Usually, this is a software problem.

      If the reset does not work, contact your service provider, and get a new SIM card. This should fix the problem as it could be that your current card is just wearing out. If neither of these solutions work, then your device has an internal motherboard failure, and you should take it back to LG for a replacement.

  42. I recently replaced a cracked Digitizer screen, but the home button now, on my Mega 6.3, is not working. When the phone is on, put into speaker phone mode, all outgoing messages cannot be heard until the speaker is turned to the off position.

    All other functions on the phone do continue to work fine, including all incoming messages are heard clearly when the phone is on. Now what could be causing these latest issues to arise?

    1. Thanks Lance,

      The Galaxy Mega cannot have it's digitizer only replaced on it. The digitizer (the part that controls the touch function) is held inside the LCD display. In order to fix the touch function, you would have to replace your full front screen.

      If you replaced just the outer glass (which is just a hunk of glass, and not a controlling component), the likely your home button flex cable was torn when you replaced the outer glass. This would explain why the home button is not working. You can always open your device again, and double check the flex cable that controls your home button for any signs of damage. You could get lucky, and if it is only unplugged, plugging it back in should fix this part.

      Your sound issue is not actually an issue, but a feature on both this phone and many others. Notifications get disabled while you are using the phone is speaker phone mode so the caller on the other end does not hear any random sounds. There should a setting in the notifications section of your phone to turn all notifications back on.

  43. Most days at some point, the screen stops working properly. The 'button' that I press will instead activate the button above! This is on the back button particularly. If I take the battery out for 5 minutes, that will ultimately sort it out for a bit (although I sometimes need to do it several times for it to work). It's really irritating. What can I do please?

    1. Thanks Amanda,

      You have a software glitch in your device. Normally, this would seem like a potential hardware problem (as your touch function is not working), but as your touch will work normally for a while, this is clearly a software failure. Try restoring your device back to factory default settings (instructions can be found in the blog above). Then, make sure you update your device to the latest software. Once this is done, see if the problem comes back.

      If your device resumes the problems, then you have an error on your motherboard that cannot be repaired. Contact Samsung, and see if they can get you a new device as this is a manufacturing defect.

  44. My galaxy back key keeps working on it's own. What should I do?

    1. Thanks Asma,

      First, restore your phone to factory default settings. If this solves the problem, then it is a software glitch.

      If this does not work, then your main navigation flex cable has died, and it will need to be replaced. Our technicians can always complete this repair for you if desired. Just fill out the short form at:

  45. My Samsung Mega 5.8 screen is going black and unresponsive until I force restart. I tried a hard reset, it worked fine for a day, and then again the same problem persisted. I do not have any software that could cause a bug either. Battery and everything is fine. It crashes and goes blank unless restarted, and a hard reset doesn't seem to fully rectify the problem.

    1. Thanks Nilesh,

      Based on your description, you have a phone that was manufactured faulty. Hard resets normally fix the issue you have, but since that does not solve the problem, you have a general motherboard failure of the device. Contact Samsung, and see what they can do about getting you a replacement phone.

  46. I just got a Samsung Galaxy Mega. Before the SIM card went in, I was using the device. I could see things on it, but as I put in the SIM card, all I'm seeing is Samsung Galaxy Mega on a black screen, and it won't move. I can't see or do anything.

    1. Thanks Racquel,

      Sounds like your device is stuck in a boot loop. Why the addition of a SIM card forced this I am not certain. If you can, remove the SIM card, and use your device without it. If everything works, restore your device back to factory default settings. Then, add the SIM Card in the phone before you turn it back on. If your device works, then you are set, and your phone had some type of odd bug.

      If the problem persists, or the removal of your SIM card does not allow your phone to revert back, then you have a device that was flawed from creation. Contact either Samsung or your service provider, and see if they can get you a different phone.

  47. I have a Galaxy Mega 5.8 my friend was playing with my phone last night, and now when my phone is switched to vibrate, it won't vibrate. My touch on the keyboard won't vibrate. I went through all the settings and can not figure out how to fix this problem.

    1. Thanks Sabrina,

      Normally, there is a setting under the general menu that will allow you to add both sounds, and vibration when you use your main buttons. It sounds like this was simply disabled.

      Now, if your phone will not vibrate at all (no incoming calls or texts), then your vibrator may be broken. At this stage, your best option will be to contact your service provider (or Samsung) about a replacement phone.

  48. I rebooted my phone because my 3g wasn't working, and I read online that if you rebooted your phone that it might work. When I rebooted my phone, it set up an activation thing for my phone, and now my phone won't text or call or use data.

    1. Thanks Josh,

      A reset can fix the problem, but not if the internal SIM card reader, internal cellular antenna, or your SIM card are damaged. Go to your service provider, and see if there is anything on their end that is blocking your device from operating on the network. While your at it, ask them for a new SIM card as well just to rule that out.

      If you have a way to add contact information to your SIM card, do so. Then, try to pull the information onto your Mega. If this works, then your reader is good, and your internal antenna has gone bad. If the information download does not work (from your SIM card), then your device is not reading your SIM card.

      Either way, you can always mail in your device for repair at:

  49. my touch screen works fine except for all of the buttons on the very bottom. also my phone is slow and sometimes does random things. no water damage. but battery seems to get very hot easily. any idea what it could be?

    1. Thanks Kelly,

      Your digitizer is defective, your battery is dead, and it sounds like you have corrupted software as well.

      Take your Mega back to wherever you got it, and get a different phone. All these parts can be repaired on their own, but it will cost more then the phone is worth. The digitizer will require the replacement of your entire front screen. Batteries are easy enough to replace, but the software bugs keep coming back on the Galaxy Mega. If you want to try and fix the software bug, you can wipe the phone and restore it back to factory default settings. However, this sort of issue normally comes back over time on the Mega.

  50. Hey,I moved all of my photos and videos to my SD, and there is nothing on my galaxy mega,but when I check my used space in application manager,it shows that it occupied 1.34 GB photo and video,while there is nothing!even one photo:/
    What should I do?
    Thanks alot

    1. Thanks Mahdi,

      Restore your device back to factory default settings, and check again without the SD card in your phone. The Mega has tons of software glitches, and it also has an "auto duplicate" feature. If you add an SD card that has stuff on it, your phone wants to make a copy on your phone. It will even move everything from your SD card to the phone at times.

      If this is not the case, then a simple software reset should wipe your phone's memory of anything that was previously on it. If the wipe does not fix the problem, then this may be a permanent bug in your phone.

  51. hi, my phones screen wont work unless I plug in the charger(plugged to an outlet or not). Idk if its the charger port or the screen. when i take out the charger, the screen freezes and scrambles. like a scrambled tv screen. what should I do?

    1. Thanks Luther,

      Your battery is bad based on your description. The battery is no longer sending out a strong enough energy signal to be able to fully run your screen. This is clear based on the fact that your screen works when you plug your phone straight into a charger.

      A new battery should fix your device again.

  52. My lock button hasn't worked for a couple of days now. This morning it said it needed a software update so I did it, now my phone won't turn on. Is there anything I can do to fix it? Or do I need to take it in to fix it?

    1. Thanks Baylee,

      The latest software update for the Mega is causing screens to cut out all over the Android world. Your only option here will be to contact Samsung (or your service provider) and get a new phone.

  53. Hello, I replaced my LCD screen on my Galaxy Mega but now when I turn it on, it reboots. It shows the Galaxy Mega screen (so I know the display is working) then reboots again. Keeps doing it over and over. If you have any suggestions, it would be much appreciated. Thank you!

    Also when I plug the charge in, it shows the battery at zero and I know the battery is not bad. It starts to circle like its about to start charging and then it freezes and wont charge anymore. Thanks

    1. Thanks Jeff,

      Your device is stuck in a boot loop. A couple things you can try:
      1.) Put your old screen back on the phone, and see if the problem goes away. If it does, then your new screen has a short circuit in it somewhere that is not allowing it to work fully.
      2.) Try a new battery. Since your battery is acting odd as well, your device may be in a boot loop due to a battery not sending a strong enough signal to power your device fully.

      If neither of these things work, then your motherboard was damage during the same event that caused your screen to need replacement. This would explain why your device is now stuck in a boot loop. If this is the case, the only option will be to get a new phone.

  54. Just wondering why every time someone call me, the contact appear unknown? My contact list is fine no problem. Also when I missed some calls, I cant trace back who call me. Already try soft reset still not working. Or is it my network problem. Network working just fine.

    1. Thanks Aishah,

      This is a network problem. Either your service provider is not fully transmitting the contact information to your phone, or your phone is not able to pickup the information. Restore your device back to factory default settings. If this still does not fix the problem, contact your service provider about resetting the connection to your phone. If that still does not work, get a new phone.

  55. My Menu and Back keys works fine but only if I keep touching it or the screen but if I didn't touch the screen for like 10 seconds it stops being sensitive and I have to like touch the screen or keep tapping the soft keys a few times till it responds. I did a factory reset and even updated to 4.4.2 from 4.2.2 still the problem persists.

    1. Thanks Ian,

      Sounds like a bad touch screen. Normally, we suggest a screen replacement, however, the Galaxy Mega has WAY too many problems as a whole. Take your device back to where you got it, and see if they can get you a new phone under a warranty replacement. Contact Samsung directly if you have to.

      If you can't for some reason, then a new screen should fix this problem.

  56. My galaxy mega 6.3 doesn't have network mode settings how can I switch to 3g setting please help cos my phone is only on 2g and I brought it from a samsung shop so am sure is not a clone please help

    1. Thanks Shantel,

      Your network speed is not something you can control on your phone. If your phone says 2G, it is because that is the signal speed your phone is picking up from your service provider. Either your network is only letting you get a 2G signal, or you are in a service area that only has 2G speeds.

      Talk to your service provider. If they say they are sending the correct speed to your phone, then your Mega is defective. Ask them about getting a replacement phone.

  57. OK so I have a galaxy mega 6.3 (China version) and it says that I have 8gb of storage but when I open es file manger it says that I have 1.22gb of storage and it has not rooted and even my dad said it had 8 GB of storage when he got it what's wrong

    1. Thanks Alan,

      This is a common software glitch on the Mega. Most of the devices have this problem. You can try restoring your device back to factory default settings. Usually, this will fix the problem.

      If it does not, then make certain to download the most recent software update. Folks have been reporting that the update has solved some of the bugs in the software.

  58. First off I have experience repairing phones, I run my own cellular repair shop in Nebraska. I have a galaxy mega R960, the screen was cracked so I replaced the lcd /digitizer unit. Now when I turn the phone on it just bootloops on the Samsung boot screen. When I connect the old broke screen to the board the phone boots just fine. My question is does this phone have a chip that can detect aftermarket screens? If I use the old screen till the phone boots then hook up the new screen the new screen functions perfect till the phone has to be rebooted then the boot loop starts again till I connect the old screen.


    1. Thanks Denny,

      The latest update from Samsung (for the Mega) is made to intentionally reject aftermarket parts. For this reason, we will not even repair the Galaxy Mega. Samsung has admitted there are several glitches in the programming of the Mega, and it's for this reason they launched the Note 4 so quickly.

      Any repairs on a Mega are just a liability. Our best advice is to put the old screen back on, and send the customer to Samsung for a new phone.

  59. My samsung galaxy mega phone is having some issues. I know it has something to do with the motherboard but dont know what. I droped my phone and the screen broke it was fixed but the home button doesn't work anymore. The buttons on either side of it still work though meaning the wiring isn't broken. I just want find a simple solution.

    1. Thanks Matt,

      There are 2 different flex cables at the bottom of the Mega. One is called the keypad flex (or nav flex), this controls your back and menu buttons. The second is your home button flex cable, this controls your main home button click feature. If just the home button is not working, then either:
      1.) The home flex was not seated correctly when sealing up the phone, so going back in and lining up this part should fix the problem.
      2.) The home flex was broken during repair, and you need to replace it.

      We do not have the parts online at this time as production of the Galaxy Mega has all ready been stopped by Samsung. You might be able to find one elsewhere. Either way, the home flex is the part in question.

  60. Why does my galaxy mega take screenshots itself randomly

    1. Thanks Samuel,

      Because the Galaxy Mega is notoriously famous for having major software bugs. Restore your device, and see if the problem goes away. If it does not, and your device is not under warranty, then you may just have to live with this problem.

  61. Everytime I try to turn on my wifi or bluetooth on my phone it turns right back off. Does anyone know what the issue could be?

    1. Thanks Lakresha,

      The Galaxy Mega notoriously has major software glitches like this. Start with restoring your device back to factory default settings. If this does not fix the problem, then contact the source for your device, and see if they can get you into a different phone. If there is no longer a warranty on your device, contact Samsung, and they can get you into a new phone for a small fee.

  62. I have a samsung galaxy mega and my phone turn itself off and restart all by itself when I am talking to someone on the phone. Why is my phone shutting itself off.

    1. Thanks William,

      Most powering down issues are battery related. Start with trying a new battery in your phone. If that does not fix it, then you may have a software glitch (which Mega's are notorious for). Restore your device back to factory default settings, and see if the problem goes away.

      If it does not, contact your source for the phone, and see if they can get you into a different phone. If there is no longer a warrant on your phone, then contact Samsung directly. For a small fee, they can get you into a new device.

      1. My mega when I take a picture my phone cuts off my battery be fully charged I just got the phone new

        1. Hi Joe
          I must ask are you using the factory app that came with the device r did you download a third party app for the camera? If it is the factory camera app then I would try a factory reset to see if this resolves the issue.

  63. How do I reset my phone to factory settings?

    1. Thanks Tina,

      Instructions on this can be found in the blog above. Right below the "Relax" image.

  64. Do you know why some of the icons representing my apps would look faded? It looks add if it's disabled, but the app opens and works fine. Thanks for your help.

    1. Thanks Sherry,

      This is a known software glitch on the Galaxy Mega. You can try doing a full restore to factory default settings, but odds are this problem will keep coming back.

      If you have not done so all ready, Samsung released a software update for the Mega last week. Make certain to update to version 4.4, and the problem may correct itself. Either way, we suggest you start looking into getting a new phone as the Mega is known to have many software glitches like this.

  65. My problem is my galaxy mega is cannot carging and cannot on..when i try to just blip repeatly..can u help me?

    1. Thanks Rasf,

      Either you have a bad battery that cannot accept a charge anymore, or you have a bad charge port that is not charging your battery.

      Start with replacing your battery. If a new battery does not fix the problem, try a new USB cable. Power problems tend to destroy multiple power related parts at the same time. If neither of these works, then you will need a new charge port. We do not have the parts here online, but you can always mail in your device for repair at:

  66. Hi,
    My dad has a Mega i9200, and I accidentally deleted 1 album of the trip instead of deleting 1 video and I dont know if he got back up or not, also I'm not sure where he saves it on SD card or internal memory. Is there anything possible to restore all pictures and videos?

    Thank you.

    1. Thanks Steven,

      Nope. Unless the information is saved in a second location, once it is deleted, it is gone.

  67. My charging port is loose, I realize this but I just got this replacement amonth ago and now it charged for 15 hours and was barely 50%

    1. Thanks Amanda,

      If you port is loose, this would explain why it takes so long to charge. Since you got a replacement, we suggest going back to the place you worked with for the replacement. They should be able to help you out with getting another one.

      The Galaxy Mega has tons of bugs, and hardware malfunctions. If possible, we suggest looking into getting a different phone all together.

  68. hello! my samsung mega 5.8 the volume icon is always appear on my screen even if i don't touch it .. it really bothered me. Please help! thanks

    1. Thanks Vanessa,

      This is a known software glitch on the Galaxy Mega. Try restoring your device back to factory default settings. If this does not fix the problem, then you likely have a general detection error on your motherboard. These cannot be fixed. Your best option will be to loo into getting a new phone all together.

  69. My 1 month old Samsung Mega randomly rings (short ting-a-ling or dinner bell sound) and then a few minutes later might do it again. It sounds like someone shaking a dinner bell lightly. It stops for hours and then might do it again once or twice or three times, stops for hours and then happens again. Please help.

    1. Thanks Lyn,

      Try restoring your device back to factory default settings. The Galaxy Mega is known to have major software issues. Normally, a restore will fix the problems. If not, make sure you update your device's software to the most recent release of the Android operating system (4.4.3 I believe).

      If neither of these will do the trick, take your device back to where you got it, and get a new phone all together. This problem will not go away.

  70. Sir, My galaxy mega goes into a boot loop and then remains off for 4-5 hours. Then on turning it on after 4-5 hours it gets ON and works fine for few hours without any problem. After few hours of working fine it suddenly turns off and again goes into a boot loop and the whole thing repeats. i have to remove the battery to stop the boot loop.

    Remarks: It gets turned off by different ways:-
    1. A long continuous vibration with everything hanged so i remove the battery.
    2.Horizontal and vertical lines on screen and then it gets turned off.
    3. A long beep from the loudspeaker with everything hanged so i have to remove the battery to stop it.

    Samsung care has suggested me to replace the motherboard but i cant afford it, i have already replaced my screen two times. I don't want to spent that much amount of money again on repair.

    You are my last hope doctor.Please help. Can my problem be solved without replacing the motherboard..?

    1. Thanks Parker,

      Nope. Based on your description, this is a clear motherboard failure. Normally, the manufacturer can replace the device, but as you have previously replaced screens on this unit, the warranty is void.

      Motherboards can only be replaced by the original manufacturer of the device, so I don't know why Samsung suggested you to do this on your own.

      Your best solution will be to toss the phone and get something else.

  71. i purchased a Samsung Mega as a backup phone second hand and it worked great for a week until i recieved notice of an at&t update which i installed apparently successfuly. however now the phone is stuck in boot up. i get a notice that says unauthorized software was found and take to repair center. tech tried hard reset with no luck and said since i was not the original owner with no insurance, i was oitmof luck. i tried a firmware reload from kies using the home, volume down, and power button, but it said it could not be installed. Should i just play operation and open this thing up to see whats inside, or can it be saved? thanks

    1. Thanks Dean,

      Sadly, the device is dead. Based on your description, it sounds like the previous owner rooted the device. The latest updated for the Mega is designed to both detect software hacks/mods, and replacement parts. Megas all over are shutting down (with no option to bring them back) thanks to the most recent update. As the software is directly tied into the motherboard, there is not a way to replace a part and make the device work again.

      Best thing here is to just get a new phone.

  72. My phone cracked from the lcd inside so i got it changed then i tried to update the version of my samsung galacy mega then it said 100percent then it just turned on and off and it is still doing it now its been like this for 2 weeks already what do i do ?

    1. Thanks George,

      The latest update for the Mega forces the device to stop acknowledging replaced parts. This update cannot be undone once installed, and unless you can track down your original screen, the only thing you can do is get a new phone all together.

  73. My friend says that when i updated it did not update correctly because i was somewhere were they have wifi and i left when it was at 31 percent so when i got home it still kept updating so i think it might have been that It didn't update correctly is that why it keeps on turning off and on does that have something to do with it about not updating correctly?

    1. Thanks George,

      It's possible. If you can, wipe the phone, and updated it all over again.

      We can't promise this will fix your screen issues as the latest update is made to reject replaced parts, but it is worth a try.

  74. Hi when im running my music will stop the sound button start to go down how do I stop that happerning

    1. Thanks Lee,

      Normally, your device should turn off the screen, so this should not happen. It could be you have a proximity sensor issue with your device, and it needs to be looked at by a technician.

      The Mega is a very large phone to be running with however. Our best suggestion would be to look into getting a different device for your running needs. iPods, Walkmans (Samsung), and Zunes all are much smaller, and better suited for running/biking/whatever.

      These smaller mobile devices don't cost a fortune, and don't have the issue you described.

  75. Hi there. I apologize in advance for my bad English. 2 days ago idstalirah 4.4.2 and noticed that the back button and setings not work from time to time. You need to touch the screen or push a button several times. Thanks in advance. Greetings.

    1. Thanks Mitko,

      Several folks have reported similar issues with the recent Android update.

      Try restoring your device back to factory default settings. After this is done, reattempt the updates, and see if the problem is gone. If it is, then you are set. If not, contact Samsung as repairing a Mega is not advised due to numerous software bugs like this.

  76. Hi!

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Mega, bought at the MetroPCS store, and it still hasn't updated itself from 4.2.2.
    I tried manual updating via wifi or cellular network, and it tells me my device has the newest OS installed. I read most people have kitkat (4.4.2).
    How can I update mine?

    1. Thanks MeeLee,

      If your device will not update, it probably means the software is installed, but your device is simply not displaying you have the update.

      One way to test this is to completely restore your device back to factory default settings. After the restore, update your phone. If you have the same issue where your device says it is update after the restore, but the device will not download the update, then you are looking at a general motherboard failure of the device.

      Take it back to where you got it and get a different phone.

      1. My galaxy mega 6.3 don't have no sound at all even if it rings

        1. Hello Sandra and thanks for your question.

          I've seen this issue before and there could be a physical issue causing the speakers to not function but, I have seen many times that the phone doesn't properly play audio. There is a free application on the Google Play Store called "About Sound" and you can utilize this application to force audio out of the speaker.

          I hope that my comments prove to be helpful.

          Thank you,
          Matthew Jones.

  77. I factory reset my samsung mega now i have no display of mobile data I cant send nor recieve photos!!!

    1. Thanks Margaret,

      Sadly, this is a common problem on the Mega.

      Take your device back to wherever you got it (or take it to Samsung directly) and get a new phone.

  78. My phone has been on charge all day and the percentage keeps going down. What is the problem?

    1. Thanks Dani,

      Your device is no longer accepting a charge, or there are so many apps open, that your device is unable to charge through them. Shut down your device completely, and see if it starts to charge. If not, then you have a secondary issue such as a bad data cable, bad battery, or possibly your entire charge port needs replacement.

  79. I hope my problem with my samsung galaxy mega 6.3 is only minor. When I activate my Screen Rotation and i tilt my Phone the rotation effect is none. I think its not normal .

    1. Thanks George,

      The tilt is controlled by what is called the accelerometer. This part is on the motherboard and cannot be repaired.

      Try restoring your device back to factory default settings. If the problem goes away after the reset, then your set. If not, then you have a bad motherboard and you should look into getting a new device.

  80. Hi i have galaxy mega and the card slot doesn't work . Is there any way I can replace it with out damaging the phone ? #Helppp

    1. Thanks Dimmey,

      Yes, the SIM & SD card reader can be replaced on the Mega. However, we do not advise this repair.

      The Mega has many bugs in the device due to Samsung cutting corners with making the line as a whole. If you have issues with it now, then you will likely have others later. Best suggestion here is to take your device back to wherever you got it and get a different phone all together.

  81. I have no sound through loud speaker!! The headphone jack works, but no sound at all. I bought a new car charger, plugged the phone in, and that was it!! It charged but the sound quit. I have taken the battery out, soft reboot, and I did a factory reset, nothing!!! Is the speaker blown?? Sound came on for a split second when I unplugged from car charger, but never again!!

    1. Thanks Paul,

      Yup, the speaker is dead. Replacing this part should get you back up and running again. However...

      Due to the number of problems reported with the Galaxy Mega, we do not advise any repairs on this device. If possible, take it back to your service provider or Samsung, and see what they can do regarding getting you another phone. Repairing is cheaper, but once fixed, your warranty will be void. We don't want you to fix your phone only to have it die later and not be repairable at all (which is what many people are reporting with the Mega).

  82. I have a mega 5.8 and if the battery is near 50% or under and I restart or take the battery out and restart the phone the battery life will be drastically reduced once the phones boots up again. Most times it goes to 19% or 9% and never goes back to what it was. Any idea why or is it normal? I've never had this happen with any other phone.

    1. Thanks Larry,

      The Mega does suck a lot of juice out of your battery, but it shouldn't go down this much. Sounds like your battery is going bad. Replace this, and you should be good to go.

  83. i forgot my pass word and my home button is broke so is there another way to master reset

    1. Thanks Telicia,

      Sadly no. This is a security feature on the device, and it cannot be changed any other way.

      Replace the one button, and once that's done, you can change your password again.

  84. i have 2 samsung galaxy Mega's i bought them with broken screens the screens still worked just touch did not work so i ordered new screens off ebay for them noe they are 2 different models one is the SPH-L600 a sprint and the other is a a i527 an AT&T now i replaced the screens with the ebay specials and now all they do is boot to the Samsung splash screen and shut off and boot up i guess you would call it a boot loop i put original back on and they boot all the way have checked them over cleaned connections with alcohol and checked them under a 60x jewelers loop and do not see anything wrong any help would be appreciated

    1. Thanks PatM,

      The latest software updated from Samsung will block all replacement parts for the Galaxy Mega (non-OEM). Samsung has done this to try and get the Mega off the market as the Mega's are having major bug problems.

      Our advice, return the screens if you can, and strip the Megas you do have down and sell whatever you have that works on them.

  85. My samsung galaxy mega 6.3 is saying that I have a message and I don't. What do I do?

    1. Thanks Laura,

      Restore the device back to factory default settings. If the problem is fixed, then your set.

      If not, or it comes back, then contact Samsung about getting a replacement phone.

  86. I just got a new screen assembly for my mega i527 and the lcd comes on but the touch screen will not work and the place where i purchased the screen told me that if the phone has android 4.4 on it that the screen will not work so is this right and if so then what screen do i need

    1. Thanks Thomas,

      What they told you is correct about the Android update. If your device all ready has it installed, then contact your source for the parts, and see if they will take it back.

      If you still have the old update on your device, then you just have a bad screen. Again, contact your source for the parts, and see what they can do about getting you a replacement screen for your replacement screen.

  87. Unable to connect to my router. Get messages such as verification error, out of range ( 2 metres from router and Mega says signal is strong,), when I click on site and put in id and press connect get 'saved secured under name of wifi source but no connection-
    Router ok with my laptop.

    1. Thanks Colin,

      Try restoring your device back to factory default settings. If this does not work, then you have a bad WiFi antenna. At this point, you would want to talk to Samsung or your service provider about getting a new phone.

      Don't repair the Mega. It is designed to reject 3rd party parts, so once something goes wrong, they're pretty much done.

  88. My samsung mega screen is dark like it's about to die but battery is fully charged. Tried to adjust the brightness and it didn't change.

    1. Thanks Olivia,

      Your Mega has either a bad screen, or a software problem. Try resetting the phone to factory default settings. If this does not fix the problem, then your screen needs to be replaced.

  89. my samsung megaGT-I9152 will not work. every time i put my sim in and try to place a call or send a text it says its not registered to a network.

    1. Thanks Walter,

      That is certainly a motherboard issue. Contact Samsung or your service provider, and see what they can do about getting you a new phone.

  90. My phone just fell on carpet and shattered. I can no longer use my phone. I have no idea what to do to get it fixed. I don't have $200 to spend on my phone.

    1. Thanks Samantha,

      Sorry to hear about your device. Even worse, replacement screens don't work on the Mega thanks to a goofy software glitch inside the device. The only thing you can do here is contact Samsung, and see what they can do about getting you a replacement phone. If that is too pricey, then head over to your service provider, and see what they have available for replacement phones. They should have something on-hand that is not too expensive.

  91. I need some on advice on a factory unlocked Galaxy Mega 6.3 I have, from AT&T. I have since moved to a line through Metro PCS.

    I live about ten miles from a Metro PCS cell tower, but my phone has an E in the notification bar instead of 4g LTE. When I'm a mile away or so, it improves to 4G LTE. I took it to the store, and they set up a new access point under T-Mobile, but there was no change.

    Another side effect is that I cannot turn on my mobile hot-spot and am receiving an error message that mobile data is not available (or an invalid sim). Are these two problems related?

    1. Greetings,

      While AT&T and T-Mobile both operate from the same tower and GSM network, the issue may lie in it attempting to connect to T-Mobile data. If there is a check in the connection that looks for it to be AT&T, which it is not sending as right now, that may be what is disrupting the signal.

  92. I have a samsung mega 5.8, and I switch off the power at night. The most recent morning, it booted to the Samsung logo and then halted. Another problem is that the mobile data is automatically open. Any ideas?

    1. Greetings,

      The device appears to have gone into a boot loop. If there was a recent update, you may find some solace by restoring it to its original factory settings, although it may not resolve the problem.

      Alternately, the battery may not simply have enough power to take it past the logo.

  93. I replaced my screen and now my phone is stuck in a boot loop. It will also not go into recovery mode. What can I do?

    1. This issue has been growing in the last few weeks, and you may find solace by not having an SD card in the device. Otherwise, if it still continues to face a boot loop, this may be a software error that cannot be recovered from.

  94. I have a Samsung Galaxy Mega. I dropped my phone recently and cracked the screen. It didn't seem too bad but the touch screen stopped working after it was dropped. I've been to two different places and was told it was the LCD/Digitizer which needed to be replaced. So, then, I bought the parts twice because the first time I thought the part was defective. Both places were unsure of what was actually wrong with my phone because my screen and Digitizer have been replaced and the touch screen is still unresponsive. I still have hope for the phone because I'm still receiving Emails, Texts and Calls. Can you PLEASE help give me a proper diagnosis on the phone so maybe I can just buy the new part and have it fixed or try to fix it myself.

    Also, they had mentioned it may be the motherboard connection but had no way of explaining how that could be possible.

    1. Thanks Jan,

      The Mega screen cannot be replaced.

      Due to the number of glitches with the Mega, Samsung as designed the last 2 Android updates to do 2 things to the Mega:
      1.) The Mega will intentionally reject any 3rd party parts that are placed on the device.
      2.) Change the boot sequence, so the device will not boot the phone at all.

      Your best solution here is to just get a new phone. Sadly, there is not much that can be done to fix the one you have now.

  95. I have this galaxy mega 5.8 , its almost 16 months old phone now. It was working alright until recently. My phone gets switched off automatically even when the battery is full. And when I put my phone on charge, within no time it increases from say 10 % to 50 %.

    1. Thanks Raghunandan,

      It could be a software error in your device. Start with restoring your device back to factory default settings, and see if the problem goes away. The Galaxy Mega is know to have glitches. If this does not work, try replacing the battery. You could just have a charging/low voltage issue. This would easily explain why your device is shutting down. The battery is no longer delivering a consistent enough charge to operate the device.

  96. my phone won't connect to the internet but it will connect for wifi my phone wont download pictures someone sent me so what do I do

    1. Thanks Randy,

      Contact your service provider first to see if there is anything they can do on their end. Many network problems are caused by software updates, or SIM cards that have worn out/gone out of date.

      If your service provider cannot fix the issue, then you may need a new phone. The Mega is notorious for bugs like this.

  97. the audio has been stopping and starting the last couple days. one day it works the it doesn't. I removed the battery put it back the audio worked but now even doing that doesn't work. how do I get my audio to work?

    1. Thanks Betty,

      Sounds like your main speaker is just going out. Most phone speakers have a limited lifespan as they are not built to stand frequent use like a boom box or car stereo.

      You can try replacing your speaker, but as your device is a Mega, your better off just getting a new device. The Mega is notorious for glitches and hardware malfunctions. Contact your service provider or Samsung to see what they can do about your device.

  98. I just replaced the lcd and digitizer on a Mega. The person I did the repair for did not leave the SIM card in the phone. After the replacement, I turned on the phone and it says no SIM card installed like it should. However, the touch screen does not function at all. Don't think it is related to the lack of the SIM card but I cam including that information just in case.

    1. Thanks Tom,

      The Galaxy Mega cannot be repaired by any shops at this time. The last 2 software updates has made the Mega series intentionally reject replacement parts (similar to the charger problems with Apple going from iOS 7.0 to 7.1).

      Put the device back together, and tell them to contact Samsung to see what they can do about getting a new phone.

  99. Thanks Dan, but I don't think that could be the problem. The phone has not been operational for months, so new software could not have been installed.

    1. Thanks Tom,

      The updates are defaulted to update overnight while devices are usually charging.

      Either way, the Mega is being intentionally shut down by Samsung. It's for this reason that our own technicians will not repair the devices, and instead we direct everyone to Samsung for repair or replacement. The Galaxy Mega series will only accept 100 percent original Samsung parts. Not even an OEM graded, 3rd party part will work.

      You may be able to find a broken Mega on eBay, and then strip it down for parts from there. That would be one option.

      You are correct though in that the lack of a SIM card would have no bearing on the device's functionality. Just it's ability to call out.

  100. my sprint mega 6,3 had a broken digitizer. I replaced the assemby with a new one from ebay. worked well untill I allowed an update to 4.3. now it only bootloops. It will boot right up any time I reconnect the old broken display but never with the new one. Is there a solution other than buying the OEM display ?

    1. Thanks Jimmy K,

      The updates for the Galaxy Mega forces the device to no longer accept 3rd party parts. The updates cannot be undone either. Once a device is updated, is is permanently set to only acknowledge the new coded parts.

      The only display that will work for your Mega is a 100 percent original screen (taken right off another Mega). Even "OEM Graded" parts will not work. It for this reason (and many others) that most folks are leaving the Mega for other devices.

  101. Hi. I updated my galaxy mega i9200 OS yestterday. After that it restarted. But could not turn on. Its continuously turning on and off. All I can see is a black screen or starting page SAMSUNG GLAXY MEGA I9200.. What should I do? when i plug charger it shows empty battery and them turns off and keeps tturning onand off..

    1. Thanks Maha,

      Many folks have reported the same problems with the Mega. Sadly, there is nothing that can be done to fix this. Contact Samsung for a replacement device or look into getting a new phone.

  102. My mega updated but now it only gives me the samsung mega screen and turn off and then it turns on what can i do?

    1. Thanks Abigail,

      There is not much you can do here. Our best suggestion is to try the 3 button combination reset on your device (instructions can be found in the blog above). If the reset does not fix it, then the software was corrupted by the update, and our best advice would be to get a new device.

  103. hi.... today my phone (GT-I9200) automatically updated to Kitkat.... after its completion the phone screen is not responding.... i did factory settings also.... still the same problem. what to do please help

    1. Thanks ASIF,

      Sadly, there is not much that can be done here. Mega screens are going out all over the place after the update. Contact Samsung or your service provider for information regarding getting a new screen.

  104. Having problems with receiving text messages. There are period of times that I do not receive any text messages and not until I restart my phone will they start coming in. I don't know that I am not receiving them until someone calls and ask if I received their text and then when I restart my phone I receive it time stamped with the time I reset my phone not at the original time the person sent it to me.

    1. Thanks Deme,

      This is either an issue with your service (most likely) or a software error on your device. Contact your service provider, and see if there is anything they can do resolve the problem. If not, then try restoring your device back to factory default settings.

      If this does not work, then you may have a corrupted OS on your device. You may need to download the latest software update, or contact your service provider about getting you a new phone.

  105. Hi, I got the Samsung i527 Galaxy Mega. It had a damaged LCD but digitizer and glass were okay. It would boot find. But i changed out the lcd digitizer assembly and now it just starts for about 3 sec and turn back off, and that's all it does. The new lcd works cause now i can see but it just cuts right back off.. Not giving enough time to even go into the recovery boot menu!!!

    1. Thanks Pernell,

      The Mega is designed to do this. Samsung has wired the device to not accept replacement parts. The only way you can get your screen back is to replace the screen with a 100 percent OEM part (taken right off another Mega). Your best source for this will be either Samsung directly (pricey), or eBay (for a broken device with a good screen).

  106. I have a Galaxy Mega, and everytime im on a phone call and I recieve a text message, my ringtone play for text messages but the whole phone is on vibrate, that only happebs while im talking.

    When sending or recieving an emoji, im not able to see it because it shows as a little box on my phone i dnt know how to fix that

    1. Thanks Destine,

      Try resetting your device back to factory default settings, then make sure you update to the most recent version of Android. Once this is done, you should be set. If not, then this is nor something that can be repaired as it is software and not hardware. Talk to your service provider to see if they can get you into a new phone.

  107. Hi I have a Samsung galaxy mega 5.8 (GT-I9152) and I need help with my ear speaker, when people call me I can hear them but there voice is very low it's also low when I put it speaker, before it didn't do this every time someone calls me but now it does it every time someone calls me, what do i do is the speaker no good, please help thank you

    1. Thanks Damien,

      This problem is for 2 different speakers here (ear and ringer), so the likelihood of both parts going bad at once is very slim. You probably have a software glitch which is common on the Galaxy Mega.

      Restore your device back to factory default settings (wipe everything) and see if that fixes the problem. If it does, then your set. If not, we do not suggest replacing the parts in question here. 2 failing parts at once points to some sort of short in the device. Shorts will repeat unless the motherboard (or whatever the source is) is replaced.

      In this case, contact Samsung to replace the device should the reset not work.

  108. I changed the screen in my galaxy mega because the digatizer was cracked but everything was normal but couldnt use the touch screen. so after i replaced the digatizer along with the lcd, it powers on but only stays at the first screen that says samsung galaxy mega, I made sure everything was plugged in and still nothing different. help?

    1. Thanks David,

      The Mega is designed to do this. Samsung has wired the device to not accept replacement parts. The only way you can get your screen back is to replace the screen with a 100 percent OEM part (taken right off another Mega). Your best source for this will be either Samsung directly (pricey), or eBay (for a broken device with a good screen).

      1. even if the screen says samsung on it?

  109. hi, i found a samsung mega with the no start buton. everything else works (i saw it poered up)
    except the part under the start button thats sodered to the motherboard is missing.
    is there a way to turn on the phone with out it? Ive heard if you pull the charger out quickly from the phone after its charged, with some samsungs this will work. didnt work with mine.

    1. Thanks Duskin,

      Not in this case. The part that is missing is a key circuit needed to boot the device. Without it, then Mega makes a great paper weight, and not much more. Best just to find a new device.

  110. I have a galaxy mega and when I talk on the phone with someone else my phone all of a sudden does beep beep and its silent and I can't hear what so ever what the other person says and they can't here me its like it goes silent but then with in a few seconds I can hear the person again. Help! Its really annoying and idk what to do.

    1. Thanks Emily,

      This is a software bug in the Mega, and sadly, it is a common one.

      Try restoring your device back to factory default settings. Many folks have reported a simple restore will fix the issue. If this does not work, then contact your service provider or Samsung, and see what they can do to get you into a new device.

  111. my email deletes but shows back up! What can I do to permently delte the emails?

    1. Thanks Cheryl,

      There is a sync error between your device and your email account. Try restoring the phone to factory default settings, and then set up your email again. If that does not work, then double check your email settings to make sure it is allowing changes from a mobile source.

  112. i have two galaxy s4 phones i9500 and i9505. galaxy i9505 is not powering ON just getting hot when plugged it to usb or charger on the main board and the other galaxy i9500 powers ON but the problem it has started after plugging it to a charger. what it does is that it restarts its self continuously sometimes it powers ON and use it for 5 minutes them continues with the same problem and have, i have notice it gets abnormal temperature while restarting but when it powers On all the heat goes off. have tried to flash it using ordin nothing happens i only get a message which says 'failed' while trying to install am new Rom. have tried to format a ROM but it cannot be deleted by any means. when the phone powers ON and try to delete something, all deleted items will come back after it restarts again. help me with these two phones

    1. Thanks Brian,

      Both devices have battery issues based on the information here.

      Batteries will sometimes overheat when they start to fail. The overheating can damage the internal parts of the device, but usually, you just get odd errors as the power from your battery is not being distributed correctly through your device.

      Try replacing the batteries. If the devices still act odd after that, then contact one of our technicians at: 1.855.234.9483 for more troubleshooting steps.

  113. Hi
    My samsung galaxy mega 6.3 suddenly the back and options buttons are not working, but sometimes they pressed themselves as I am pressing them continously.
    Is there any solution as I can replace the back button with other working button, od should I change the screen?
    Thank you

    1. Thanks Ahmef,

      The Galaxy Mega buttons you mentioned are controlled by an internal flex cable called the navigation flex.

      Replace this part, and you should be set. If replacing the navigation flex does not fix the problem, then your Mega's motherboard is having a problem registering the part as a whole. This would be a motherboard failure, and this sort of problem cannot be repaired.

  114. just replaced my lcd with digitizer and it only loads to the factory logo and restarts, does this in a loop process. any ideas?
    sorry my phone is a samsung mega 6.3

    1. Thanks Ron,

      The latest series of updates to the Galaxy Mega are making the devices intentionally reject aftermarket screens (any screen that was not installed on the device by Samsung at creation).

      Sadly, the only way around this is to put a 100 percent OEM (taken right off another Mega) on your device. Every part says Samsung if it works for a Samsung device (Samsung allows this), so you have to be very careful when getting a new screen. It's for this reason that we suggest contacting Samsung regarding Galaxy Mega repairs.

  115. My phone galaxy mega 6.3 automatically turns off and on also when I play a game my phone lags also can I put more ram and a updated mother board? I just want to keep this phone for a long time and be worth a long time just because its a grate phone and I love it.

    1. Thanks Corey,

      There is not a way to upgrade either the RAM or the main processor on your device.

      Mobile devices are not made like computers, so there is not a way to swap out components on them. If your having glitches, try restoring your device back to factory default settings. This will clear most glitches out of your device.

      To prevent future problems, we suggest turning off your phone for a period of time each day (sleeping is a good time to do this). Phones do not have the ability to be "cleaned up" like computers do (no defrag, no RAM clear). Turning off a mobile device will keep many glitches from happening due to dead background programs or app changes.

  116. I tried to take my phone earlier to be fixed and it failed. They said the problem was my motherboard and after reading all the replies i think the only way is to let my motherboard be replaced. They told me they could fix it for 6000php ($134) I think it is kind of expensive and if I will let them fix it, I don't want to make the same mistake again so I would like to know the reason for this problem and ways to avoid it. Thanks in advance

    1. Thanks Vincent,

      We advise against this repair.

      The motherboard is your phone. The other parts are just extras. There is also no telling what sort of condition the mother will be in that is placed in your phone. Most devices just end up having other problems later on. In addition, most service providers will not acknowledge your new motherboard either for activation.

      If the motherboard is truly the problem, then it is just time to get a new phone.

  117. I just got a samsung mega. I was talking on it for awhile and then i went to hang up and I couldn't see the screen. I thought my battery had just died. But when i plugged it in the phone turns on but i can't see anything. The display is kinda back where I can see shadows of things but its still really dark. What do i do?

    1. Thanks Mackenzie,

      Take your device back to where ever you got it, and swap it for a different device.

      Your screen has just gone out on your Mega. This can be replaced, however the Mega is designed to reject most repairs. In addition to the number of software bugs reported on the Mega, you will be better off just getting a different device all together.

  118. I can't make or receive calls on my mega what do I do?

    1. Thanks Britt,

      First, restore your device back to factory default settings. If this fixes it, then your set. If not, then contact your service provider, and see if there is anything they can do on their end.

  119. I have the Samsung galaxy mega 5.8 and it wont let me send or receive pictures. what do I do?

    1. Thanks Lee,

      Contact your service provider and see if there is anything they can do on their end.

      If your device is meant to have data, then a service issue would explain the problem you are facing. If your service provider does not have an answer, then try restoring the device back to factory default settings. This may fix the issue as well. If neither works, then contact Samsung directly, and see if they have a solution.

  120. hi
    my samsung mega updated to kitkate 4.4.2 and after it is finished the touch stopped.
    the screen was cracked and replaced before. is that a reason?
    thanks for your help

    1. Thanks Azzam,

      Yes it is. The Mega is designed to reject replacement parts once the device has been updated.

      The only thing you can do from here is:
      1.) Replace your screen again with a 100 percent original screen (taken right off another Mega).
      2.) Get a new device.

      Once the update has been done, most folks have found reverting back to an older Android version does not fix the issue.

  121. I have samsung galaxy mega phone unfortunately it stuck on samsung welcome screen i have tried to reset but when i pressed menu+sound up+power it also stuck on the same welcome screen. Please help me or let me if mobile is not booting through the menu+sound up+power button do we have any other way to boot the phone.

    1. Thanks Ashfaque,

      Your device is stuck in a boot loop which is commonly called "bricked".

      Sadly, there is nothing you can do. The device is permanently in this loop. Contact Samsung or your service provider, and see what they can do to get you a new phone.

  122. how do I restore my device back to default factory settings? I have the Samsung galaxy mega 5.8 GT-I9152

  123. I have 7 apps installed in total, and a 32 gig sd card for music and pictures, but my phone is telling me low storage space, and being super slow. Any ideas?

  124. Help! I depend on my MEGA 6.3(in otterbox) for work, but recently it has be really bad about not receiving calls or texts. Sometimes they show up later. Sometimes I only know because people who have called or texted show me on their phones when& what they tried to send me.. It's incredibly frustrating and has probably cost me a number of sales! ...

  125. Hi I want to know the fix for the missing Auto-Reject option under contacts, happened after my phone updated to kit kat. I am trying to find it but its missing

  126. hi my name is lion

    i have a mega 5.8 everytime i try charging it drains and it gets hot even when its off i bought a new battery and its doing the same thing can u pls tell me what to do.

    thank you.

    1. Try a different charge cable the one you are using may be bad.

    2. That sounds like it could be a hardware issue you might want to contact Samsung.

  127. thank you

  128. I recently installed my LCD digitizer for my Samsung Mega. Upon installing it the first time, the screen came on but would not respond to touch. I removed the back and the flex cables and reconnected them, now when I turn the phone on the screen is black but I can hear the phone turning on. Could you possibly tell me what may be wrong?

    1. Well there could be a couple of things wrong. You might have bent one of the pins on the connector. You might just need to push down on the connector a little harder.

  129. I have the Samsung Galaxy mega with 4.4.2 my battery percentage fluctuates from any normal percentage to 100% and sometimes to 0% which causes the phone to turn off. I've restarted the phone, I've taken out the battery. It still is turning off randomly. At this point it seems the battery percentage stays at 100% even when it shouldn't. Do I need a new battery?

    1. That would be the first thing I would do is replace the battery.

      1. Could this be a problem to my circuit board? I have the same problem.. and worse.. I can't start up my phone when the battery is dead...

        1. Hello Stella and thank you for your comment.

          I believe it is a common occurrence to be unable to power on the phone when the battery is dead. Leave the phone on the charger for 30 minutes to an hour and it should have enough power to at least show you some signs that it is trying to turn on.

          If you are having consistent issues and have tried replacing parts then it could be a motherboard issue.

          I hope my comments have been helpful.

          Thank you,
          Matthew Jones.

  130. My galaxy meg screen is cracked. can we buy this and where cam we buy?

    1. Yes you can go to

  131. hi sirs,

    my galaxy mega battery level suddenly dropped. and when i charged it, the level wont go up. when the remaining battery was drained, it wont charge or open. so we took it to the mall to have it checked by the technicians. they checked the battery pins using a powerbox-like equipment with 2 probes (with 2 gauges also) when they reversed the polarity, the lower gauge spiked.they told us it was grounded. but we didnt have it fixed yet since they are asking for an expensive cost. can my phone still be fixed? if so, will there be a chance of reoccurring? is the repair price truly expensive? ive been using the fone for 1yr and 2months only.

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi CC!

      I can not tell you for sure with out looking at the device. We do offer a mail in repair solution where we can look at your device and tell you for sure. Just go to and click on service tab then click on mail in repair and fill out the form its that easy.

  132. My home button is not working. I have tried restarting it over 4 times I have even taken the battery out. Nothing seems to work can you please help me fix it.. Thanking you in advance

    1. Hi Roshenna!

      Their is more than likely an issue with the home button flex which will require taking the phone apart. We offer a great mail in repair service at under the service tab.

  133. Hi

    I have Samsung Mega, last few days I have little icon appearing on the top left side of the screen, circle with TV screen with play sign. What is this mean please? how do I clear this please?



    1. Hi Raja!
      Some carriers have mobile TV that they offer try looking in your running app. If it is in there click on it and shut it down. If that does not work try removing the battery for a few minutes and see if that helps. You might have clicked on that app with out realizing it.

    2. Hi Raja!
      I would try this address see if that will help.

  134. I've got the Samsung galaxy mega 6.3 i527. I am having problems with my bluetooth, I can connect it to my car and head set, but not long after I do it my phone wants to start freaking out, it freezes, when I make or receive a call, I can't hear them and they can't hear me, etc. I've done both a soft and a hard reset and nothing helps when I try to connect the Bluetooth again. I hope you can help me with this, thank you in advance! !

    1. Hi Leon!
      I do understand the frustration. I would check your bluetooth antenna on your device. We also offer mail in repair if you would like a certified tech. to look at your device. Just go to under the service tab you will see mail in repair.

  135. I have a Samsung Galaxy mega its been working fine but turns its by itself every once and awhile but turns right back on. I was at the store today and battery was fully charged and when I came out I noticed it was off so I tried to turn it back on like I normally do but nothing it won't turn on at all I'm so frustrated

    1. Hi Krystal!
      This is an issue that would need a diagnostic run. We offer mail in repairs at under the service tab.

  136. Hey my Sims card has broken are there any way it can be fix or can I buy a brand new flex cable the whole thing.

    1. Hi Tracy!
      Well I don't know what device you have but if you go to you can find any part you may need as well as the tools needed to do the repair.

  137. Hi My Galaxy mega fell from my daughters crib with the case on and now mu screen has pink lines going across it
    How can i fix this myself?
    And what part is it i need to replace
    And where do i buy it?

    1. Hi Alii,
      It sounds like you have broken the LCD you can do this repair if you got to you can find the part you need as well as videos to show you how to do the repair. You will want to get the complete screen which comes with the glass already attached. It will make the repair alot easier.

  138. Hi I am having problems with my phone, I have been told that it has a virus, I no longer have the play store because it would not let my phone function right until I took it off. So I would want my playstore back and you tube as well!!! What can I do to fix this problem?????

    1. Hi Jenilee,

      The Google Play Store application is part of the operating system. Under normal circumstances, it cannot be deleted. However, if your phone has been rooted and is using a custom firmware, you have the ability to reinstall it in some cases from the firmware provider's website via a special package you would run. We strongly discourage rooting a phone with custom firmware as your factory-supported features may stop working, and your device may be open to critical security threats.

      If your phone has not been rooted, you do have the option of performing a recovery. This information can be found on your manufacturer's website.

  139. Hi,pls i use a samsung galaxy mega i527,and it does not hav a network mode to either acess to 3g or 4g.pls how can i set my phone to always acess 3g.pls i need help cause my broswer is so slow

  140. I dropped my phone on Walmart today and then out of the blue my home screen button won't work but the bottom is still there

  141. My samsung galaxy mega i527 hotsport is not turning on, its saying mobile data is not available or invalid sim. also unable to connect to computer for mass storage use...please I need the solution..urgently

    1. Hi Favor!
      Well as far as the data hot spot issue. Most carriers will not allow this to be activated in their system until you have a certain data plan. As far as the issue with connecting your device to your computer that will more than likely be an issue with the cable you are using.

  142. Hi. I found your site and I really need an advice with this cause I panicked easily. My Galaxy Mega 6.3 won't connect as media device with my laptop but it charged and I can't find the setting for that anywhere. I tried to restart both my phone and laptop but it won't work. It was working the night before, not that well though. Was it the usb cable that needs to be changed? Please reply soon.

    1. Hi Mei!
      Yes that would be the first thing I would try.

  143. I have a Galaxy Mega and everything is working fine except for the wifi. Since I did the phone software update the wifi connection isn't picking up like it used to. Once it starts to connect there's a message that says obtaining IP address, but there's always an error message that says "IP address not working." I'm wondering if it's the place where the wifi is located or is it the phone reception that's causing the wifi not to connect. In some places the wifi hit automatically, but where I'm staying at the same error message always pops up. Before I did the phone software update the wifi reception was on point. What do I need to do?

    1. Hi Linda!
      You need to forget that network connection and do another scan for it and most times doing this will fix the issue.

  144. My galaxy mega constantly turns off the wifi network without my doing anything forcing me to manually connect again. It has become increasingly annoying and inconvinient. How can i fix this? I have run every diagnostic and virus scan i can, and have found no reason for this.
    Please someone help.

    1. Hi Cyndi!
      Well there could be several reasons for this issue. I would first try removing the battery and putting it back in after a few minutes. If this does not work you will need to have a professional look at your device. We offer a mail in repair at under the services tab. I hope this helps.

  145. I can no longer see photos on my mega. Anything saved from the Web like Facebook photos or screenshots I can see but my photos taken with mega are grayed out please please help

    1. Hi Tonia!
      I would try connecting your device to a computer and see if you can get the pictures that way. It sounds like you are having a software issue and your device needs to be reset back to factory.

  146. I have galaxy m ega 2nd the camera keeps saying camera failed I reset my phone now it's acting weird taking fo rever to text and moving words everywere l

    1. Hi Megan!
      Well it could either be a bad camera or a software issue. We offer a mail in repair to fix issues like this just click on this link ( ).

  147. my samsung mega is unresponsive to touch, it turns on hear and see the turn on with it start up music, but once it done turn on, touch for function but it will not response to touch, did hard reset factory still dont do any good. i thought it was my old screen, order a new one, but still the same, start up and everything, but cant response to touch....please help

    1. Hi Richard!
      It sounds like the digitizer has stopped working in which case you will need to replace the screen. We offer that as a mail in repair at this link .

      1. Brian,
        I did buy a second screen digitizer after thinking that it was my original screen digitizer gone bad, but old one and new one is the same problem ...both turn on as normal, but get to the touch to begin any function, nothing works

        1. It sounds like the digitizer connector may be damaged. We can do a diagnostic on that for you as a mail in repair at this link

  148. This happened suddenly. Last night when i went to bed, my Mega was normal. Today however, it didn't show the music i had in my sd card and when i tried opening the my files folder, it just kept loading and loading and never opened. So i restarted my phone and tried again and same problem. So i cleared data on applications manager for my files folder and this time it showed my files but it was very very slow and when i opened my music, my songs were there but couldn't be played, i also realised i couldn't see through my gallery. Other than these issues, i can use my phone fine. Any idea what's wrong?

    1. also to add on a lil, this happens only when the sd card is inserted. It reads my card but i can't access anything from it. when there is no sd card, the phone is not laggy and works just fine.

      1. Hi Nat!
        This is a bad SD card or a bad SD card reader.

    2. Hi Nat!
      Well you have a corrupted SD card you will have to get a new one or some times you can format the one you have.

  149. Hey my gps isnt working on mine and no matter what i do its not getting a connection. i tired installing different apps to see if that could help but still nothing. Do you think you have a solution?

    1. Hi David!
      It could be a couple of things. You either need a new antenna or you need to do a solder re-flow on that part of your mother board. We offer those repairs as mail in repair at this link .

  150. Having a problem sometimes when trying to make calls everything is just silent. However it does show that I'm connected to the person I've called and the call timer is working. I will restart my phone, then everything is fine for a while. I'm thinking this is only doing this after I've been using my Bluetooth for a while and then disconnect my Bluetooth.

    1. Hi Allen!
      You might also check and see what is running in the back ground as this will cause the same issue.

  151. I just replaced my screen on my samsung mega this morning it was good all day and now the screen is lifting up on the left side but everything is working correctly do i need to take it apart n put back together?

    1. Hi Tiffany!
      Yes you will have to take the device apart again and put new adhesive on the device. This can be difficult to do. You will run the risk of breaking the new screen so just use caution.

  152. I can't enable hotspot on my Samsung Galaxy mega i9200. The hotspot button switches back to off position every time I attempt to switch it on. How can I fix this?

    1. Hi Yemi!
      This is a common issue with the Galaxy mega. The first thing I would try is restarting the device. If that does not work the I would contact the carrier and make sure that is a feature that you have on your account.

  153. My mega started today sending8 or 9 texts to people and then tells me the message failed to send. What's should I do?

    1. Hi Joey!
      Well the first thing I would try is a factory reset as this issue could be a problem with the software.

  154. I have a sprint Samsung galaxy mega sph-L-600 ( current binary: custom ) system status : Offical) having problem Reads could not do normal boot Odin mode in red letters also green android icon and under that reads Downloading Do not turn off Target any help appreciated

    1. Hi Mandy!
      Have you Updated your device recently? Is this what caused the issue?

  155. My sim chip receiver is not working due to a previous sim chip removal that broke off some of the pins, how do I replace or repair the receiver slot pins?

    1. Hi Drew!
      Well I am not sure of which pins you are talking about. I am thinking you are talking about pins on the connector that is on the logic board.If this is the case you will have to have a new connector soldered on the logic board. If you do not have a local repair shop that can perform this repair we offer this repair as a mail in repair at this link

  156. I've had a Mega for about 6 months and during that time on 4 occasions when I tried to answer calls I couldn't hear the caller. The call timer would run and I'd have to hit the End Call button to disconnect. When I tried to return the call I couldn't hear ringing, but could tell the call was picked up because the call timer would start. The people at the other end could hear me. This also happen when in the car connected with the blue tooth (the caller could hear me cussing!) I fix this by taking the back off and the battery out for a few minutes and then putting it back together. Just about the time I think all is well it happens again. Is there a loose connection somewhere? Would a new back for the phone help?

    1. Hi Cleda
      It is hard to say as some of what you experience could be carrier issues and some of it could be the device. I would recommend restarting your device every morning and see if that helps. Smart phones are supposed to be restarted every day.

      1. Thanks Brian. I had no idea that the phone should be restarted every day.

        1. Hi Cleda
          Your welcome.

  157. My Samsung galaxy mega 6.3 about 3 hrs after it did an automatic download for the system will not turn on or anything. showing a green android and telling me DO NOT TURN OFF TARGET

    1. Hi Tasha
      You might want to talk to Samsung as they did this once before to force a recall on the device.

  158. I have been trying to get rid of the screen lock password, but when I get to the "select screen lock" page all of the options are greyed out except for "password". It won't let me click "none".

    1. Hi Taylor
      Well I would love to help you but I will need to know what device you have.

  159. samsung galaxy s4 " unfortunately contacts has stopped" what does that mean and how do i fix it? sometimes when it comes up i can not access my contacts and sometimes i can? help

    1. Hi Dina!
      First I must ask what contacts app you are using. I have found that the app that comes on the device does have some issues with it. I would try down Loading a third party app and see if that fixes the issue. I use DW contacts and have not had any issues.

  160. hi i have a virgin mobile samsung galaxy mega 6.3 i let a friend use my phone and when i got it back and powered it on it in red letters could not do normal boot odin mode also has the green android icon downloading do not turn off target can i get some help with whats happening with my phone my computer wont reconize the usb when i plug my phone in the computer also i can get into android system recovery but the android icon has a no command error

    1. Hi Sandy
      This is an issue that requires diagnostics run on the device. Most times the device is not able to be recovered from this problem. If you would like us to run a diagnostic on your device we do offer a mail in repair at this link

  161. My galaxy mega connects to the handsfree link in my car with no problem. When i am talking with someone then the bluetooth disconnects then connects back n forth. How do we correct this. Its not the car we use 2 other galaxy phones in the car with no problem.

    1. Hi Rhonda
      Well given the fact that the other devices connect with no issues and the Galaxy mega connects until you get a call. This could be a result of your Bluetooth antenna going bad. We offer this as a mail in repair just click on this link

  162. i got my galaxy mega 6.3 a couple of months, one day my phone went dead, and i put it on the charger to notice tha it wasnt charging. I left for a while and the battery rejuiced itself without charging. Thn after the battery went dead i tried to charge it again, but it wouldnt come back on, the battery icon keeps showing up. I bought a new battery just to have the same thing happen. The phone gets warm near the sd card. and when i turn it on its on 0% and its a brand new battery.

    1. Hi Cierra
      There are a couple of things you can do. The first thing I would do is back up your device. Then I would do a factory reset.

      1. I did that, and it still shows up with 0% or turns off and shows the battery icon

  163. samsung mega just went off with no previous alert i was shooting a vid turned it off the tried to open it but it just didnt work i connected it to a charger but also nothing showed up on the screen what should i do???

    1. Hi Amir
      It is hard to say what happened. I would have to run some diagnostics to determine what is going n with your device. If you want to try to fix it your self I would get a new battery first and try to get it to turn on. If you can get it to turn on then we can do more to determine what happen. If you would like a certified technician to look at it then click on this link

  164. i still cant figure what happened it just turned off and never responded to any of my attempts to turn it on i hope that a new battery can fix the problem

  165. my mega soft key was working good. now unresponsive to touch on them the menu & back key stopped . what to do ? is it hardware problem !!

    1. Hi Josph
      It very well could be a hardware issue but before you get into replacing the screen to replace the soft keys I would try a factory reset. You could have a software issue that a factory reset will fix.

  166. I have a galaxy mega and when i try to make a call using my contacts i press the contacts and then the sheet goes dark and it takes a while for it to come up.

    1. Hi Jim
      It sounds like a ram issue. I would check and see what apps are running in the background as this is the cause of slow running devices most of the time. Also remember it is recommended that you restart your device every day.

  167. I having problems with my galaxy mega when I try to make a call from my contact list the screen goes black for about 15 seconds befor it come up for me to call and I also notice that when i try to bring my phone on from the slceep stage it takes about 10 seconds also

    1. Hi Jim
      Have you restarted your device lately? Also you need to check your running apps and see if you have a lot of apps running in the back ground. This will slow down your device greatly.

  168. I have had my galaxy mega for about 9 months. 2 days ago it just randomly started going in and out of hands free mode and making beeping noises for no reason. It also keeps turning itself off and on. Help.

    1. Hi James
      I would back up your device and restore it to factory. Then test the device before restoring the back up. This will tell you if it is a software issue or a hardware issue.

  169. I have a Mega 6.3
    I have two spare batteries that I use frequently. these are charged up on a separate Samsung battery charger.
    The phone is normally put to charge up over night. I have noticed that now it will not recharge fully and often gets to around 20 to 30% and then goes down. The red led is lit to show charging and the signal in the battery indicator is showing as connected.
    I would have blamed the battery but all 3 are showing the same symptoms.
    I have just looked and despite the phone being connected to the charger the % has dropped from 20 to 16 in the last 30 mins..........

    1. Hi Robert
      From what you are explaining it sounds like you might have a charge port that is going bad. The reason I say this is it sunds like your device is charging to the point that the charge port would get warm and then stops charging. This sounds like what we call a cold solder joint. We offer this repair as a mail in repair just click on this link and it will walk you through the steps.

  170. Hello I have Galaxy mega 6.3 everything is working fine just few days back home button stopped working and near by back and the other button is not illuminating but are fully functional. Given to Samsung Care centre they told me the whole screen needs to be changed for home and button illumination to work.
    Please advise

  171. I barely dropped my phone theres one little scratch going across my screen now the touch screen wont even work!!! helppp!

    1. Hi Danielle. Yes, that's definitely odd. Typically a scratch won't cause your screen to not function, as most busted screens will still have touch capability. However, more than likely it could be that the digitizer (touch panel) is failing or has simply come unplugged. You can consider mailing it to us? We would be happy to look into a diagnostic for you.

  172. My phone wont get 4g after the software upfate

    1. Hi freddy. Depending on the device you have and the circumstances surrounding your update, it's difficult to say what the solution would be exactly. However, if your device is unlocked, sometimes an update can reset the carrier settings in the device like APN.

  173. My galaxy mega won't turn on. The only think appear on the screen is ""Samsung Galaxy mega"" only those tree words show in the screen and stay for ever!! What can I do?

    1. Hi Jesus
      I would try a hard reset. Here is a link that will help with this process.

  174. My power button want cut on before it was working when it wanted to now it want work at all what can I do?

    1. Hi Sharlene
      From what you are saying it sounds like you will need to replace the power button. We offer this as a mail in repair at under the services tab.

  175. My mega has sound you can hear it turn on but the screen is black, then it flashes but nothing will be displayed, the flashing goes from a kind of lighted screen to black just flashes off and on, I have tried holding the power and volume down and it just restarts, this phone is only a year old it has not been dropped or gotten wet, I even tried connecting it to my computer to remove all my pics and it wont work

    1. Hi Shara
      It sounds like you might have a broken or bad display. We offer a mail in repair at this link Just click on the link and it will walk you through getting your device to us to fix it.

  176. I have a mega 6.3 i527 and I replace the lad and screen but I want to update it to kitkat 4.4.2 but this guy said that if I do update it that the odd won't work with the phone because it has to be the original odd for it to work is this true ???

    1. Hi Juan
      I have not heard of anything to that nature. Just make sure that you follow the steps to avoid turning your device into a paper weight.

  177. my phone does not turn on and the screen says its on factory mode and also has a figure on the screen and says Downloading.... it doesn't turn on or off.

    1. Hi Abisai
      I am sorry to tell you that your device is not repairable. The only thing you might be able to do is root the device.

  178. Hi. I have a Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 and I think something is wrong with my data or connectivity. My phone is actiivated and data connection is on but when I try to get on apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc., I can only get on it if i have wifi. Before it was saying that, i didnt need wifi to get on the apps. But now when i try to get on them, they dont wanna come up unless i connect to wifi. Also, at the top of the phone, it said "4g LTE" and now it doesnt say that anymore. Can you please tell me what's going on with my phone?

    1. Hi Nesha
      Yes your data connection in your settings is turned off. You will need to go into the settings and turn it back on.

  179. Hello my name is dallas I have a Samsung galaxy core 4g PROBLEM-had just finished making a hone call went to my messages and my phone just died all of a sudden and will not turn on, I had looked at the percent 5 mintues before the phone cut out and the battery was at 45 there has been no water damage ,I've had the phone for 3 months, was only using half the ram of the phone but Ive been on it all day SOLUTIONS IVE TRIED ( in order). I let the battery sit for 2 hours outside of phone, tried charging it after didn't work, I've checked the leads and wiped them, tried hard resetting it by holding home volume up and power simultaneously, Ive now had it on the charger for 25 minutes on the original charger that it came with and the phone is getting hot were the SD card is and battery is still cool, phone won't turn on or vibrate after all those things any ideas? Thx

    1. Hi Dallas
      I would see if you can contact the manufacture or your carrier to see if you can get a new device. The device getting hot when charging it a sing of circuitry issues.

  180. We have a Samsung Galaxy Mega. When it is on charge the battery level goes up and eventually reaches 100%. When you unplug it the battery level drops to sometimes 10%, but always drops a lot. We garbage bought a new battery but it still does the same. Do you have any advise.

    1. Hi Nigel
      Have you tried to factory reset your device to see if the software was maybe corrupt and causing this issue?

  181. I have a Samsung galaxy mega 6.3, it has just had the latest update but for some reason it turned itself off and when you restart it, it will freeze on the Samsung mega screen and do nothing else, I have tried a hard reset but nothing happens!!

    1. Hi Chris
      I have to ask a couple of questions. First how did you do the update? With your computer or over WIFI. Second if you did the update via the pc did it loose connection during the download?

  182. I hv galaxy mega 6.3 battry all the time show 100% how to solve the problem in cell phone

    1. Hi Mohit
      Have you tried backing up your device and resetting it back to factory?

  183. Why can't I change my screen lock on my galaxy mega?

    1. Hi Cameron
      Well I am not sure why that is you don't give me much to go on. I have included a user guide to help you resolve the issue though.

  184. Like when I try to change my screen lock lets say to like a password and when I change it in the settings it changed my whole lock change but when I lock my phone and Turn it back on it will stay the original lock the swine its like the only lock I can do is the swipe I can't Change it to anything else it say Chang on the phone but it wont change my screen lock why is this happening?

  185. I have a Samsung Galaxy Mega and my son who is 11 months old decided to use it as a drum. Now the swype function will not work and white lines horizontal across the screen. If I replace the screen will this fix the problem if their is no internal damage from the pounding my son did to the screen?

    1. Hi Michael
      Yes that should fix the issue it sounds like your son damaged the digitizer and lcd.

  186. My Samsung galaxy mega 6.3 bought a new headphones but only one works change the headphones jack in the phone still the same thing

    1. Hi Brandon
      Have you tried a factory reset yet?

  187. Hi I found a Samsung Galaxy Mega GT-19205, everything works fine except I can't see emojis. I downloaded a second app for emojis but when I use it on Twitter, I can only see blank space or box. What should I do to fix this? Oh and also this phone is still 4.2.2 when I tried to update it said latest update?? Apologize for my bad English.

    1. Hi Sunggyu
      I would first do a factory reset then I would download the Samsung key board. This should fix the issue

  188. Hello. the screen on my phone was cracked as

    1. Hi Marie
      This sounds like software corruption. I would go back to the repair shop and have them either fix your device or replace it.

  189. Hello. the screen on my phone was cracked as I dropped it. So I sent it to the shop to get the screen fixed, however everything else was working fine. The first day I got it back it was dead so I let it charge for a while, however I noticed when I plugged it in the charging battery picture that usually comes on when your phone is off but this picture suggest the phone is charging and the green thing does up and down, however mine would come up but it wasn't showing the green thing filling up, it was just an empty batery which just had like a loading sign on it. It would stay like that for hours and hours, even day!! It was just frozen on that screen, even when you turn on the phone. it will just turn on and stay on the start up screen with just this text: 'Samsung galaxy mega gt-i9205' and it will freeze on that screen, again this will stay for days or hours and nothing will happen... I honestly don't know why. As well as that the phone will heat up... not the whole phone but the top part of the phone. I honestly don't know why. However it did turn on a few times but its been about 3 weeks now and it does this. The sound on my phone isnt even working anymore. It was working but now it just didn't work which really just annoyed me, the music, sound and even when someone rings me I wont hear it. And so i decided to turn the phone off then back on but that was a bad idea bcuz it just went back to freezing when charging or when turning on. As i'm typing this right now its the same. I tried the pressing the volume, on and middle botton all at the same time but that didnt do anything. I dont know what I should do... I hope the store i brought it to done nothing to it.. and i would bring it back but the store is just too far from where i live.

    1. Hi Marie
      I do understand the frustration. With everything you have told me I would have to see the device to be able to trouble shoot the device. You can try a factory reset some times this will fix the issues you are describing.

  190. I just had my LCD and glass replaced 4 days ago on my mega and now if I let the screen time out by itself (and sometimes randomly) the screen will not come back on unless I reboot the phone sometimes not even then. I am so frustrated

    1. Hi Cris
      I back up your device and do a factory reset. Test the device then load the back up on to the device and if the problem comes back then the issue is with one of the apps.

  191. Hi, my galaxy mega 4.2.2 from metro not rooted, keeps droping my wifi conections, I have other devices and they don't do this, so I'm sure that it is not my internet conection, any ideas?

    1. Hi Joel
      I experience the same issue with my Galaxy note 4 edge when I have not restarted my device for many days and have not closed background apps. I would first look at what is running in the background. Then I would restrict what apps have access to the internet like facebook, twitter, So on. Test your device for a while and see if the issue changes.

  192. I have a galaxy mega 2 and I was on Instagram and out of no where it froze and now it will not let me turn it off and will not take me to the home page. What do I do?

    1. Hi Chloe
      Pull the battery out leave it for 5 minutes and put it back in this should resolve the issue.

  193. Help! I have the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3. Suddenly when I try to download a picture or a pdf file it just keeps saying it's downloading but never finishes! What can I do to fix it?

    1. Hi Grammy
      I would check your internet connection and the available space on your device.

  194. my galaxy mega goes off at battery 19% and will neva cme back until u power it, and also it goes off when u taking

    1. Hi Jerry
      I would try a factory reset it sounds like you are having some software issues.

  195. bought a new screen cause the old one wasnt working touch pad would not move at all i ordered a new lcd digitzer still having the same problems with the phone what may be the cause too this effect? T.I.A

    1. Hi David
      Well you either have and issue with the software or there is damage to the connector or you have gotten the device wet at some point and it is showing signs of the water damage.

  196. Hi,
    I have by mistake chosen photos instead of gallery and touched on always button. Now every picture i open from My Files opens in Photos not in galleries.I wan't to make it gallery .please tell me the right path.

    1. Hi Nishank
      This will be the same steps you take for all default settings. I hope this helps. Copy and past this link into your browser.

  197. We recently bought 2 new samsung galaxy megas 5.8 and we discovered that we could not use both at the same time connected to the Wi-Fi. If two or more devices were used at the same time the Wi-Fi will be very slow and the usual green and orange arrow at the Wi-Fi icon at the top of the screen would turn black the whole time. We later tried out with one phone connected to the Wi-Fi and it was dramastically faster. We were using the dlink router DIR 868L and we tried changing to an asus RTN-15U router but we experienced same problems. please help!

    1. Hi Benjamin
      This is an interesting issue to have. I am sorry but, I believe the issue is with your router. If they will both connect to the router but it runs slow then I would try rebooting the router and your modem and see if that helps.

  198. I just bought a Samsung Galaxy Mega phone and the screen randomly turns off and starts flashing. What should I do?

    1. Hi Dorota
      I would have your proximity sensor looked at. It sounds like it is having an issue. The only other thing I would check is make sure it is not water damaged by looking for red stickers inside the device.

      1. I replaced a LCD in a mega 6.3 as well as charging port, the phone was normally power on and then when I closed it now it's not turn on. So I opened up the phone again it turns on and re close it, not power on at all. I've checked everything was ok. Soo now the third times I reopened it no power at all. Please help me.

        1. Hi Sylvio
          It sounds like you have a short some where on the logic board or the most likely problem is that the flex cable for the new screen is damaged.

  199. I have a Samsung Mega 6.3. When I connect Wifi and Bluetooth together. They both get disconnected every now and then. Is it possible to fix this issue? Also, speaker seems to malfunction after I replaced the LCD. I checked and everything seems to be in place. Is it possible that I've damaged the loud speaker when I was replacing the LCD?


    1. Hi Wing
      To fix the bluetooth/WIFI issue I would try resetting your device. As far as the loud speaker yes it is possible that you damaged it but I would just check one more time as most people do not get the speaker connected correctly.

  200. I recently replaced my screen on my Samsung galaxy 6.3 and its started to pop up and crack on the top and bottom of the screen. Also the home button is either sticking or not working. I did this repair about two weeks ago on the LCD/touch screen digitizer along with the home keypad flex cable. Did I do something wrong in installation?


    1. Hi Alex
      Most of the time when this happens it is because there was some glass left in the frame of the device from the broken screen.

  201. My galaxy mega was unlocked formally AT&T my carrier is currently metroPCS
    everything works but occasionally ( indoors) I cant make or receive calls . Can I add an external antenna through one of the holes in the back of the phone ?

    1. Hi Jonnie
      I am not aware of any external antenna that will use one of those ports on your phone.

  202. Hello there,

    I have a Galaxy Mega. For some reason, the phone will not ring. It's an off & on problem. I keep checking to see if the ringer is up all the way (which it is). People calling me say it goes right to voice mail. The call will show in my call log. Any thoughts?

    1. Hi Lisa
      I would first back up your device to google and then do a factory reset. This will fix most issues.

  203. I did a factory reset on my phone and now I cant make any calls ! Whats the problem with it?

    1. Thee next step would be t g to your carrier and get a new sim card.

  204. my phone start to work on it on non stop.what should i do for it to stop

  205. hi, i had turned off my phone for about 2 hours and then i turned it on then as soon as i turned it on i went to my camera after i opened the camera i took a picture and the flash went off and right after that the phone went black and completely off and ever since then i tried taking the battery out and holding the power button down and then try to turn it on but it didnt work, i tried just about everything i found on the internet, i even unbuilt the phone and took the back piece off and made sure that all the componets of the lcd screen and digitizer were attached and trun to turn in on and still nothing.

    1. Hi Danielishot1
      There is not much I can tell you with out running a diagnostics on the device. We offer a mail in repair at

  206. I have replace the digitizer and lcd screen. Basically the top left corner of the phone when lightly pressed causes the screen to go black, begin flashing and slowly fade to a green and/or purple haze as if the screen was just cracked/broken and then eventually just turns off until you click the lock button or home button. Also it does not respond to touch at all when it is doing this.

    1. Hello there Mad and thanks for the question.

      We have seen a similar issue doing screen replacements on the Galaxy Mega. Generally speaking there can be two major causes of this issue.

      The first is defective hardware. There is a chance that the device experienced some traumatic damage when the original screen got damaged and replacing the screen may not resolve that issue.

      Another possibility is the display is not installed properly. If this is the case, you may be able to dissemble the device and reinstall the screen. Be sure to pay extra close attention to the connections for the display as they are easy to misalign.

      I hope these suggestions have helped,
      Matthew Jones.

  207. when i'm downloading something from Play Store, the phone can't finish the download. can you please help me with this? Thank you.

    1. Dyanne,

      I would look and see how much space you have left. Android has an option under settings to see your storage. See if it is full. If it is, then delete some pictures, videos or applications you do not use often.

      Thank You,
      Doug B.

  208. hi, my mega 6.3 has overheating problem, only when i use it with the screen on, if i use it for making a call, they don´t get hot on the screen, but if i use it for viewing videos or navigating on the web, i noticed overheating problem on the display and the back upper side, what can i do to solve this issue.

    1. Hello Sandy, I am sorry to hear about the overheating issue that your experiencing. There are a few steps to be taken to try to fix that error for you. First, remove any micro SD-card that is inside of the phone. Second, close down any applications that are running in the background. Lastly, I recommend that the device be backed up to google, and conduct a full factory data reset on the device. If the heating of the device is still a problem it may be time to consider an upgrade, if available, for that device. Having heat issues is a common problem on Samsung devices. I have provided a link to a Sprint page regarding how to do a factory data reset, the URL:

  209. I just replaced the screen on my mega I527 due to the last one breaking. It powered on and worked fine for 6 hours then everything went black, flashed and went off. I thought maybe I didn't connect something right, so I took it apart again. Turned back on for 10 mins and did the same thing again and now won't turn back on. Any advice would be helpful, I don't have the money to get a new one.

    1. Hello Ashley and thanks for your question.

      If you've recently replaced the screen on your device and now you are experiencing new issues, there is a chance the new part you have is defective or became damaged in shipping (if it was shipped). If you still have access to the original screen and can test to see if that screen does not give these issues when installed, you may be able to troubleshoot the issue to being one with the new screen.

      If you install the old screen to the phone and the same issue now occurs on that screen, there is a chance the issue is not related to the screen and could potentially be on the motherboard. If the old screen does not show that new issue then it is most likely a bad part and I would seek to return/exchange it with the retailer you purchased it from.

      I hope this has helped,
      Matthew Jones.

  210. I have problem with my playstore and clock.when i try to download app in playstore,it's stop at 97%.!!the notification(downloading) at status bar just went missing.I don't know why and same goes for the Clock,its won't update itself.all i do just on/off the screen just to see what time it's is.

  211. When I get a call, I can hear them but they can't hear me?

    1. Hello there Nancy and thanks for your question.

      I've seen issues like this before, where callers are unable to hear you.

      Whenever you have an issue hearing callers, it indicates an issue with your speakers.
      Whenever your callers have an issue hearing you, it indicates an issue with your microphones.

      A lot of newer phones have two microphones which operate together to reduce background noise from sounds around you while you are on the phone. If either one of these microphones stops functioning it can cause the issue where callers can not hear you.

      Generally speaking, there is a microphone down on the front of the phone which can be replaced as part of the Charge Port. The other microphone is usually located up higher on the phone, either on the top edge or usually right between the camera and flash. The microphone on the charge port can be replaced but, the microphone located up near the cameras are usually soldered directly onto the motherboard and can not be replaced.

      I hope this has helped,
      Matthew Jones.

  212. I have a Sprint Galaxy Mega. I dropped it and the digitizer cracked. Fortunately, I sell and repair phones myself and have a lot of these just sitting around.

    I just began to do a simple board swap with the phone. I took the old board out of the new lcd/digitizer and took my board out of the cracked digitizer.

    Please keep in mind that the phone lcd would still light up and display my lock screen photo, so the phone power was working.

    I had everything swapped over to the new lcd/digitizer housing and proceeded to turn the phone on and check that everything was hooked up correctly. The phone did not power on or even vibrate. I checked the board to see if there was anything that could have physically gone wrong with it. It was completely identical to the board that I had just taken out. No burn spots or anything broken or missing on it. Also, the phone has no signs of water damage.

    I tried putting it back in it's original cracked housing and it had the same problem, wouldn't power on. The other board worked still in both phones, so that rules out any issues with the power button or the housing. I've done a ton of board swaps, probably close to 500 and have never even heard of an issue like this. Do you have any insight as to what can be the problem here?

    This is my personal phone this time and everything I have is on the board that won't power on, so I need to do this without resetting the device.

    1. Hello Chad and thanks for your question.

      From the combination of issues you've encountered and the steps you've taken to troubleshoot them, there is a chance that there was an Electrostatic Discharge event which may have damaged IC's or even the nanoscopic traces on the motherboard. If this occurred it would be very difficult to visually identify any issues as some ESD damage can be almost invisible. See ESD Damage Illustrated.

      Does the board from the new phone, the one with the good housing, power up the cracked display/digitizer of the old phone? This could confirm that the old screen is still functioning and that the "old" motherboard is in fact the culprit.

      Ultimately if it has incurred some form of board damage then the only resolution, aside from going over the phone with a microscope, is to replace that board.

      I hope that my comments have been helpful,
      Matthew Jones.

  213. My Mega has been great but has recently started turning the volume down itself and I do not hear it ring when I receive a call..It will start to ring but then stops ringing...I can still see the call coming thru but cant hear it. What can I do?

    1. Hello Phyllis and thanks for your question.

      I'm sorry to hear that you've started to experience issues with your Galaxy Mega. From what you are describing it could be a couple of things. There is a chance that the "Volume Rocker", which is what they call the conjoined buttons that control the volume, has become damage or potentially the "Volume Flex" which is the actual board that the buttons sit on top of and interact with. The volume buttons and flex can be replaced for less than $50 on this device.

      There could be an issue where a connection in the phone is responsible for the problem but, I would generally recommend replacing the Volume Flex before ruling the motherboard of this device as the culprit.

      I hope my suggestions have been helpful,
      Matthew Jones.

  214. My samsung mega shows error while opening camera .what to ? Is there any chance to overcome this issue ?

    1. Hello Raaj and thanks for the question.

      If you try to use the camera from a Widget, or another Camera app like SnapChat. See if that causes the phone to allow the camera to open. You may also attempt to clear out any caches on this device and attempt to open the camera again. I would then attempt a software restore before ultimately seeking a physical replacement camera and getting the device repaired.

      I hope my suggestions have been helpful,
      Matthew Jones.

  215. I have a Samsung galaxy maga 2. The phone has been messing ups so I did a factor rest. When I put a email accout in to the Samsung accout it was wrong but now it won't let me delet the account. Is there anything I can do

    1. Hey Amanda and thanks for the question.

      I did some searching on YouTube for a Samsung Account Bypass. Here is thatVideo. I'm not familiar with this process so I apologize that I won't be able to provide direct steps for you. This looks like something that isn't an official method so there is a chance that it will not work for very long. Aside from this video there could be other ways to do it but, your best bet for this is searching YouTube. There will surly be a video of someone performing what you are looking for if it is possible.

      I hope my suggestions have been helpful,
      Matthew Jones.

  216. Hi. My phone is at a certain % and then the phone completely cuts off. It will be at 60% and then it will cut off. I will turn it back on and it will show battery level at 0%. Could this be the battery? When I bought the phone it came with a lithium ion battery, not a Samsung.

    1. Hello Kim and thanks for the question.

      It certainly does sound like the battery on this device is starting to fail. I would attempt a replacement of the battery to see if that resolves the issue. Generally, replacing the battery with a Non-Samsung brand battery isn't horrible but, there is a chance that it wasn't up to the same quality as the original battery. I would seek a genuine replacement part this time.

      I hope my suggestions have been helpful,
      Matthew Jones.

  217. my mega 6.3 shows 100 percent all the time of battery life. then it shuts down

    1. Hello Jamie,
      Sorry to hear about the mega 6.3. It sounds like you battery on the phone may possibly reached the end of the cells life. If you have used this battery for about 2 years, then i strongly recommend replacing it. However if the issue still persists after a new battery it is likely the charge port that is the culprit.

      Thank you

      Robin B

  218. After replacing the screen and digitizer on my galaxy mega i527, I have no network coverage. I cant call or text. Wifi connected fine.

    1. Hello Tracy Willis,

      Sorry to hear about the mega connectivity issues. With the mega a screen replacement can be a bit on the tedious side that being said if you took all the parts out of the device for the repair, there is a small cable that run up the left side of the phone parallel to the battery, check the connections on it. That and if the cable was damaged or the connections are loose then it will cause the cellular on the device to no longer function.

      Thank you
      Robin B

  219. There are times my mega 2 is on but nothing display on the screen and I can't make calls, text , or do anything. Once it gets to this point, I have to remove the battery in order for it to work again. I haven't had this phone that long but this is a continuous problem. What's going on? Please help!

    1. Hello Broderick

      Sorry to hear about the Mega 2 issue you are having. It sounds to be a software glitch. this can be a common problem with smart phones where they get into an screen off on loop. Basically the screen goes off when you try to turn and when you turn it off again it will try try the revers but was told to go to sleep by the second button press. Given that this issue can be fixed by resetting the phone manually it is not hardware related. However if this issue becomes worse than I would contact Samsung Customer Support to try and warranty the device.

      Thank you
      Robin B

  220. I have a galaxy mega 6.3 so here is what happens :I want to check it so suddenly the screen didn't turn on but the light in the top of the screen is working normally,I pulled the battery and put it again and turn the phone on but it didn't turn on what should I do?

    1. Hello and thanks for your question.

      From the issue you are describing, it sounds like something might have caused the LCD on this device to malfunction. I'm not sure if there was physical damage involved or if the phone just started acting this way but, I would recommend seeking a "Complete Screen" replacement as this would be what I would attempt to resolve the issue.

      I hope my suggestions have been helpful,
      Matthew Jones.

  221. I have a samsung mega 6.3 .. I am using it and suddenly it stop so I turn it off, when I turned it on again I already cannot reboot it..I also tried to long pressed the power the volume and the menu together but It didn't turned on..What would be the possible cause and how to solve it..thank you..

    1. Hello Leah,

      Sorry to hear about you galaxy mega. From what you are describing it sounds like the device has achieved a critical error. Now this can result from software or hardware. That being said if you already have removed the battery and reinstalled it and placed the device on the charge than the device is having hardware issues. If that is the case I strongly recommend contacting Samsung Customer Support.

      Best of luck
      Robin B

  222. My husband had the Mega 6.3. He was in a car accident and now the screen won't come on. The phone rings and everything but the screen has colorful lines on it now. At first it was all black. What should we do.

    1. Hello Rae,

      We're sorry to hear about the Samsung mega. Given the device is still able to power on and rings it sounds like the internal LCD has broken. That in mind I would strongly recommend replacing the screen plus frame for that device. With a frame replacement you will just need to transfer over the internal parts of the device instead of having to dig out your broken 6.3 screen

      Best of luck
      Robin B.

  223. Often can't answer the phone. Slide finger on the green answer but doesn't work.
    Have a Samsung Galaxy Mega2

    1. Hello Syawn,

      Sorry to hear about the galaxy mega 2. From the problem you are describing it sounds to be that you digitizer needs replacement on that device. If the screen has never been cracked I would contact Samsung to get a possible in warranty replacement.

      Best of luck
      Robin B.

  224. i have a mega 6.3.gt19205 i was given at xmas ( not new ).my problem is i just can`t get a signal for outgoing or incoming calls inside my house. If i go outside down the street i can get the signal and can make calls and recieve .If when in my house i take the sim out of it and put in my s3 then i can get signal no problem for out and incoming calls. I live in england and use the tesco network and find this frustrating as i want to use the mega as my phone as well, Apart from this problem i can use the mega with no problem on wi fi and as a tablet. Is there any way i can have the signal part of it boosted or this problem rectified. I wouls appreciate any help you can give or to be able to tell me what is wrong with it.Many thanks.H.

    1. Hello Herbertdnduffs

      Sorry to hear about the cellular connection problem on the mega. The galaxy mega interestingly enough has the same chipset as the s3. Taking into consideration that this device was obtained 2nd hand it sounds like it is possible that an antenna may either be damaged or loose (If the device was taken apart.) That being said if the connection to the board is good from the antenna and it shows no damage it is likely a motherboard issue, if that is the case i would strongly recommend replacing the unit seeing that a replacement motherboard is the price of a new phone. I hope this helps.

      Best wishes
      Robin B.

  225. Hi, i have the Mega 2 and am having issues setting my wallpapaer. They have went unchanged for months when i decided to change the home screen last night it jus sets it completely off center. When ive changed it before and it always perfectly centered it. Ive tried deleting almost all the pics from my phone, turnes it off and on several times and also when i set one of the origional wallpapera the phone came with it set it centered but when i try one of my pics its so off center i primarily only see black with a tiny sliver of the pic. Please help!!!

    1. Hello Lyndsey,

      Sorry to hear about that wallpaper issue with the mega 2. Form my experience, when trying to get that perfect wallpaper setting it is normally first thing after initial set up. With android from time to time the internal setting can get slightly off. I recommend backing up you data and conducting a Factory Data Reset and setting the phone back up again. This should fix your wallpaper issues.

      Hope it helps
      Robin B.

  226. I have a samsung galaxy mega 5.8 and i cant figure out how to keep a word programmed in my text. for example, i cant type the word "ok" everytime it puts "im". Or cuss words -for example-...and other phones ive had in the past have let me keep the word or "slang" word and remembered it one time and i could type that word from then on. but i cant figure out how to save specific words. thank you

    1. Hello Amber,

      Sorry hear about the those keyboard shortcuts. For the issue you are describing it sounds like the device may have had some not so desirable short cuts added. If you pull up the keyboard there should be a key on the keyboard that has a gear on it. press and hold that key it should open the setting menu for the keyboard. I would check to see if any shortcuts have been set. you can also have it filter inappropriate words. Ultimately if this issue continues please install a new keyboard from the play store to see if this problem will go away.

      Thank you very much
      Robin B.

  227. I have a Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 and every time I put it on three charger it freezes up and will not come back on. The light that signals charging is still on and it charges it. But I have to take the battery out and put it back in to get it to come back on.

    1. Hello Jennifer,

      We've received other comments like this on this device. I personally believe that this issue is rooted in a motherboard. I would suggest replacing the battery and/or charge port to see if those resolve the issue. If the phone still exhibits issues like this after the new parts have been installed, I would look to replace the device entirely.

      Matthew Jones.

  228. Wifi can't turn on

    1. Hello Ahmed and thanks for your comment.

      If you are having difficulties enabling WiFi on your Galaxy Mega then there could be something which has either damaged the WiFi module or the module may have simply failed. There could be a software related issue which could cause the WiFi card to become disabled.

      What I would do, in order, would be to restore the phone to factory defaults, erasing any caches, and test the WiFi. If that doesn't work, I would investigate restoring the phone's operating system back to it's original stock state; Finding the stock "ROM" and "flashing the stock ROM" to the device, which is very similar to reinstalling the OS on a computer.

      If you are ultimately unable to find success with software repairs, you might want to bring it to a phone repair shop and ask them to investigate the phone's WiFi.

      I hope my suggestions have been helpful.

      Matthew Jones.

  229. My girlfriend doesnt know how to adjust the brightness for video settings, her photos come up fine but her videos are all very dark, is there a quick fix?

    1. Hello Chris,

      I'm not sure if videos are playing back with a darkness setting increased or if you're talking about videos which were captured through the camera on the device. Photos will generally have better low light capture than video, so snapping a photo in a darker room will usually result in a brighter image than recording a video. You might look into downloading an App from the Google Play Store which allows you to control things like exposure or white balance. This might ultimately be the best solution for her.

      I hope my suggestions prove to be helpful.

      Matthew Jones.

  230. I've recently replaced my cracked screen on my old mega. Everything works but I don't remember my lock screen pin. I don't want to do a hard reset because I have very important pics I need. Any solutions, please help.

    1. Hello Mislynn,

      Sorry to hear about that pin lock. When you have forgotten the pin lock on a android device the only way to remove it is to reset the phone. If any of your pictures were set to a micro sd card then when you reset those pictures will remain. However if the phone didn't have a micro sd card or the pictures are saved locally to the phone then as far as I'm aware you will lose then no matter what

      Robin B.

  231. Hi my Galaxy Mega 6.3 suddenly powered down today, following a call as follows - phone had a good charge, I left work, spoke to my wife on the way to the car, I ended the call, drove home from work with the phone on passenger seat. Blue light was flashing to indicate emails etc. I reached home and no buttons or touchscreen reacting (blue light flashing still). I took out the battery to see if it needed to reset, but once back in (& connected to charger) there is no life from the phone at all - no lights, no reaction, no charging.
    Any ideas - worth trying a new battery? Thanks, Neil

    1. Hello Neil,

      From what you are describing, the phone being completely unresponsive, there could be something wrong with the battery but, you'd generally want to see a battery icon when you plug it in indicating that it's trying to charge. If it is completely unresponsive there might be a failed component on the main board of the device. I would take it to a repair center for diagnostics. It could be as simple as a dead battery or a bad charge port.

      I hope my comments have been helpful.

      Matthew Jones.

  232. My Samsung Mega is only a few months old and I have not had any issues with it until now. My message alert sound has stopped working. I have turned the volume button up and down and in- between and change the sound but it still makes no noise. My ringer still works fine and the volume button is up. Help!!

    1. Hello Susan and thanks for your question.

      I have done some research and from the information I have located it appears that this could be an issue with the number of messages in the messaging application. A commonly reported issue on the Galaxy S3, which was released at a similar point in time and utilize components close to each other.

      In your messages settings turn off or uncheck "Delete old messages".

      If you are still having an issue with this device, I would download "Samsung Kies" and attempt to "restore the firmware".

      I hope my suggestions have proven to be helpful.

      Thank you,
      Matthew Jones.

  233. My earspeaker works but just barely. I can hardly hear the caller. It sounds kind of like all treble and not loud. Is this something I can fix or should I take it to a repair shop ir buy another mega. Thank you for your time

    1. Hello James and thanks for your comment.

      The ear speaker for the Samsung Galaxy Mega is a fairly straightforward repair and should be easily accomplished by anyone familiar with repairing small electronic devices. The part is inexpensive and the cost of labor is nominal. I know we can offer this repair through our "Mail-In Repair" service. At the top of our a page on our site, you can click the menu option and follow the steps to submit the device to PHONEDOCTORS® for repair. Once we receive the device, we'll call you to let you know we've received it and give you a quote to repair the device. If we are authorized to continue, we will perform the repair and call you to accept payment and confirm the shipping address to send it back.

      I hope my comments have been helpful.

      Thank you,
      Matthew Jones.

  234. When I take videos on my phone they wont play back. I can send the videos to another phone & they play on that phone. When the video is sent back to me it still wont play back.

    1. Hello, Jessica

      Sorry to hear about that recording issue you are having. From the issue you are describing it sounds like your device maybe having an issue with it's file system. That being said to fix this issue I recommend that you reset the device in iTunes after making a back up. If the issue continues after a restore than I strongly recommend that device is taken to apple.

      Thank you
      Robin B.

  235. The digital clock widget for the lock screen isn't showing and it is just an empty screen with my lock screen wallpaper on it. Also, the videos in my gallery won't start! It says "Can't play video" and it just happened out of nowhere... HELP!!

    1. Hello Jake,

      Sorry to hear about that software issue with you galaxy mega. From the issue you are describing, it sound like you may have a memory leak issue. This commonly can be caused by long up time of a single android deployment. My recommendation is to back up any important information, and factory reset the device to try to fix this issue.

      Hope it helps
      Robin B.

  236. Hi my name is ashley and when I record a video it keeps telling me that the video cannot be played and I don't know how to fix it.

    1. Hello Ashley and thanks for your question.

      From what you have described I did some searching on Google and I was able to find a few other users reporting similar issues with not being able to record videos receiving this message. Some people report fixing it by resetting the phone to factory defaults and doing whats called "Wiping the caches" which removes any temporary settings that might be causing this issue.

      If you try the factory reset and it doesn't resolve the issue, I would attempt to restore this device to the Stock ROM using Samsung Kies.

      If you are still unable to resolve the issues with the Samsung Mega then I would seek repair at a local repair provider before ultimately looking for a replacement device.

      I hope my suggestions have been helpful.

      Thank you,
      Matthew Jones.

  237. Hey guys, I just did a screen and digitizer replacement on my samsung mega and everything went smoothly until I put everything back together. The screen and touch work perfectly as does everything except my main home/back button. What could be causing this button to just quit working ? Was it something I did during screen replacement ? Any input would be appreciated greatly.

    1. Hello Ben and thank you for your comment.

      I spoke with my Technician about this device. Unfortunately the buttons on the Galaxy Mega are affixed to the front glass. What you will want to do is seek out a replacement screen assembly to see if that resolves the issue.

      If you replace the screen again and you're still having button issues, there could be a problem with the connector on the motherboard. If your motherboard has incurred any damage, then it might be time to look at replacing the phone completely. Motherboard issues are pretty serious and require replacing the board completely. The "new board" would be coming out of a phone which is working. So you're essentially buying a new Galaxy Mega. If you're buying a working phone, you might as well keep it instead of gutting the good phone to repair the old one.

      I hope my comments have been helpful.

      Thank you,
      Matthew Jones.

  238. My name is Ernest
    I updated my samsung galaxy mega yesterday and now my phone wont work right. My battery bar is all white as well as everything else up there. My phone reboots every 30 or so seconds. I did a hard/ soft reset after the update and still no fix. When i do the hard reset it says in blue letters at the top left corner (recovery booting). Then i get to the droid reset and at the top in red letters it says (Android System Recovery KTU84P .M819NUVUBOH3. I have cleared the cache, wipe data, etc.... Then when I reboot system I get ERROR under the droid then it turns on and turns right off. The upgrade is 4.4.4. I also get this message pop up on my phone now (Unable to find software on your computer that can recongnize your device ...... download kies on your computer to sync data with your device ..... ) I dont know what else to do please help.

    1. Hello Ernest and thanks for your question.

      From the issue you are describing, it sounds like the best resolution would be to visit and download the program "Kies".

      Kies is very much like iTunes for the iPhones. Samsung phones can be sync'd, backed up, restored, and updated using Kies. I would recommend you download Kies then follow the instructions on how to "Restore the firmware" on this device. It sounds like it is suffering from software issues.

      I hope my suggestions have proven to be helpful.

      Thank you,
      Matthew Jones.

  239. samsung mega screen is not's went black.. but the led light and the bottom lights are working... i was using it the night before i slept perfectly and battery was full... the next morning i got up and checked...the screen wont work... only the lights are just went black.... what to do?

    1. Hello, Sonam

      Sorry to hear about that Galaxy Mega issue you are having. From the problem you are describing it sounds be that the device has in some way sustained LCD damage. To Remedy this issue i would recommend considering a combo LCD and digitzer and frame screen replacement. That should get you back up and going again.

      Best of Luck
      Robin B.

  240. Music Player Play And Pause Sound Like Cutting SOunds But It Continue To Play Send Those Songs To other Phone And Even Changing Headphones And Playing WithOut Headphone DoesNot Work

    1. Hello Ahmad,

      Sorry to hear about that music playback issue you are having. From the issues you are describing, it sounds like your music files on the device are corrupt. On any standard music file they have a life of about 3 to 4 years. After that period of time the music files can do one of 2 things. First that the device has playback issue like you are describing. The second being that the music file totally will stop playing. To fix this issue I recommend that you either re-download your music files deleting the old ones and putting the new one on it.

      Hope it helps
      Robin B.

  241. I bought this phone on ebay I used for a week and it quit taking a charge. I had it looked at and wa told it was my motherboard. What can I DO AND NOT BE OUT 250.00 FROM BUYING IT ON EBAY.

    1. Hello ,_

      Sorry to hear about that Samsung phone issue you are having. From the problem you are describing it sounds be that your charger port has failed. If it were me I would contact Ebay about the received item as it is defective. Yuo should have a 30 day window from the time or receiving the device to be covered under buyer protection if the listing offered such a thing.

      Best of luck
      Robin B.

  242. I'm a GT-I9205 user, and I got problem on sending and receiving an SMS, Assistive light that's not working, Saved Pictures and Videos in SD Card not showing up in gallery, and some other software glitches, and I already tried to do some Soft and Hard Reset and yet, the problems still persist. I also tried to check for Software Updates and it stated that I already installed the latest software. and as a result I brought up my phone to the nearest Samsung Customer Service Center and they told me that this problem occurred cause my phone is rooted and I don't know why cause like I'm not a computer savvy or what and in addition to that they also told me that sometimes phone could be rooted without knowing by just updating software through wifi, cause those updates contains bugs that could cause a problem on your phone ; and they really recommend that if we want to update our software we must go to a Service Center to avoid those stuffs. now they suggest me to change the entire board for $224. Any help?

    1. Hello Mark,

      Sorry to hear about Galaxy phone issue you are having. From the problem you have described it sounds like, your device may have an issue with a software configuration. A ROOT to an android phone Not be ROOTED by an Over The Air update. I would recommend Contacting customer support at: 1-800-SAMSUNG, to see if the device is able to be cover under Samsung's warranty replacement program.

      Hope it helps.
      Robin B.

  243. Hi I have a question about my galaxy mega 2....when I plug my head phones in it says headphones connected but there is no sound....and I checked the headphones on another device and they worked fine...plz help

    1. Hello Cassandra,

      Sorry to hear about that headphone issue you are having. From the problem you are describing it sounds be that your device has a sound device setting that is off. To fix this issue i recommend you go to the play store and install the free app "about sound". This app will let you pick when an how the device will put out sound.

      Hope it helps
      Robin B.

  244. I recently had to replace my Samsung Mega. The Hands-Free mode is working for phone calls but not text messages (i.e., isn't saying "You have a new message from " The feature worked great on my old phone until I got a "gremlin" in my old phone and it started having a mind of its own, which is why I replaced it via insurance. Love the phone but would love it even more if this feature would work properly. Thanks!

    1. Hello Lori and thanks for your comment.

      Are you experiencing this issue on the new phone after having restored a backup of your old phone? If so, there is a chance the "gremlin" was backed-up and restored over to the new device. If that is the case, go ahead and try to restore the phone to factory defaults using Samsung Kies. Then test out that feature without your data on it to see if the feature works. If so, there may be an issue with your backup and it may be time to dump it and start fresh.

      I hope my comments prove to be helpful.

      Thank you,
      Matthew Jones.

  245. I have a Mega 2 and all of a sudden I can't use my camera. If I click on my camera my phone will shut off and restart why?

    1. Hello Sherry and thanks for your question.

      From the issue you described, the phone restarting when you open the camera, I would suspect that there is either a software or hardware related cause to the problem. (We want to hope that it is a software issue!)

      If the problem is a software issue, you can possibly resolve this issue by resetting the device. "Wiping the cache" can sometimes resolve issues with the camera not opening. A last ditch effort would be to place the phone into "Download Mode" and connect it to a computer running Samsung Kies. You can enter the Model and Serial numbers and Kies will download the most up to date software for your device and restore it to "Factory Condition".

      If you are still experiencing issues after performing a full software restore then that could indicate some type of hardware failure. If the camera module itself is bad, it can be replaced. If the issue is not with the camera itself but, rather the motherboard is the faulty component then you are looking at replacing the device. The reason for this is because a motherboard contains all of the chips which make the phone a unique device. So buying a working motherboard is the same as buying a working phone, you might as well buy an intact device and replace yours completely.

      I hope my suggestions prove to be helpful.

      Thank you,
      Matthew Jones.

  246. My mother has a Galaxy mega 6.3 that she absolutely loves. It started lagging a lot and just acting up, not letting her answer calls, or unlock the screen, and just annoying things like that. I found out she had a software update she didn't know about and that seemed to fix it but then it kept lagging after a few days.. Anyway, I did a hard reset on her phone. I also backed the phone up with gmail. The phone doesn't lag at all anymore, however when I try to sync her data it says that it has been synced... But then the data isn't on her phone. Why? Please help me, she's old and in bad health, and she loves her phone. Has a whole lot of contacts that she really needs (which I also saved to her SIM card and now they cannot be restored for some unknown reason) and she has a lot of pictures that were important to her. Thank you so much! -Carson

    Also feel free to email me about this issue at *EMAIL OMITTED* :)

    1. Hello Vanderford,

      Sorry to hear about that Mega 6.3 issue you are having. From the above issue you are describing it sounds to be your back up to google back up was a partial back up.To remedy this issue I recommend that you sign into that google account on a computer and check to see if google contacts has anything saved to it. If not, running another back up on the phone to see if catches the missing contacts. The pictures on the device normally will not save to the cloud on any android phone unless you manually specified an app to back those up such as box, or dropbox. To fix this i recommend that if you still can aces the previous phone to downloading box setting up an account and beginning to upload those pictures to box.

      Thank you

      Robin B.

  247. Hi,

    My Galaxy Mega 6.3 will take about 5-6 hours to fully function after restart/turn on. Within that 5-6 hours,
    - Google search bar not function,
    - unable to receive any message (SMS),
    - screen will not lock, unless press the right side button,
    - time and date are not on the lock screen
    - android system will not function (ex: unable to reboot during this hours)

    I had made the factory reset for several times but still face a same problem. Sometimes, it will freeze, and restart automatically. Please advice.

    1. Hello, Azi

      We are sorry to hear about that Galaxy mega issue you are having. From the above issue you are describing it sounds to be you have bad Rom on the device. My recommendation is to reset the device to the latest stock rom available for you device thru Samsung Kies. Once the device has been reset using this method should remedy, the issue mentioned above.

      Hope it helps

      Robin B.

  248. i replaced my galaxy mega i527 home button flex cable sine the home button wasn't working but the soft keys were and the replacement part is doing the same thing any suggestions?

    1. Hello, Tariq

      Sorry to hear about that Galaxy mega screen replacement. From the above issues you are describing it sounds be that your device may have one of 2 issue. The first being that the device has possibly had a bad install and the connector to the main board is being grounded beneath the LCD of the device. To fix this lifting the screen an applying electrical tape to any exposed silver contacts on the orange flex cable. The second is: it is possible that you damaged the screen and flex cables for the menu keys while you are taking the device apart. To remedy that issue I recommend replacing the screen with a galaxy mega complete screen with frame as they contain the flex keys and a new screen for you. Make sue that you models of mega match as they are variant specif.

      Hope it helps
      Robin B.

  249. My Messaging have problem it just keep on showing "sending" nither it send nor it fail i have correct mesaage center number and sim in other mobile working properly at the same time music player lost all data on card and same time i am able to download apps from playstore but it stop installing it ....
    i reset it and after 3 4 days it happen again
    may i have a new software install in it ?

  250. I have a galaxy mega 6.3 i have a yellow burn in spot by the home button at bottom how do you fix that or will i need screen replacement ?

    1. Hello Cece and thanks for your question.

      If your LCD has a spot which has a burned in color, such as yellow, then the only option I can think of would be to replace the screen.

      I hope my comment has been helpful.

      Thank you,
      Matthew Jones.

  251. My problem is my screen is black or broke .
    How can I get my photos and contacts from this phone? Three different phone company's told me to contact Google and ask for information on my old phone is this true?

    1. Hello Michael and thanks for your question.

      From what you are asking I can provide at least two suggestions.

      There are two ways to get the data you have on that phone off. One method is to utilize whichever online service provider the phone is signed into. If it's an iPhone, you use Apple's iCloud. If it is an android device, you use Google's services and you'd be able to login and backup things like your contacts there. Possibly your photos. Most likely not your text message logs or any data inside of applications.

      If you want the actual data that's on the phone, you'll need to put a new screen on it to be able to press buttons indicating it's okay to backup the data to a computer. Once backed up, you can restore another device will all of the data, text messages, photos, etc...

      I can offer a service whereby I place a known good screen onto your device in order to perform a backup. Once backed up, I will return the original screen to its installed state on the device and keep my known good screen. This is a service I've offered before and I believe it should not exceed $25.

      I hope my comments have been helpful.

      Thank you,
      Matthew Jones.

  252. Hi,i am using samsung galaxy mega 6.3 ... but recently , everytime i connect my phone to wi-fi, time does not show the right time.. its like the time was freezing for a few minutes.. lately.. my alarm is not functioning at all,im.. what can i do???

    1. Hello Najiha,

      We are sorry to hear about that Galaxy Mega issue you are having. From the above issue you are describing it sounds to be that your device is having possible software issues. Given that your alarms and timing are of when connecting to a Wi-Fi network. I recommend that you reset the device to factory settings, under settings, accounts, back up and reset. to see if it will remedy this issue.

      Best of luck
      Robin B.

  253. My phone is stuck on vibrate. I checked the sound and when I put it on sound and try to raise the volume it goes back to vibrate. I go to sounds and notifications and put all notifications on sound and it goes back to vibrate. I pulled down the screen from the top of bar and put on sound it let me adjust volume but when I went back to sounds icon for ringtones and notifications it was on vibrate and put it on sound and tried to adjust volume but it change back to vibrate. Any suggestions?

    1. Hello Jill and thanks for the question.

      From what you are describing there could be a couple of things going on. Most likely is that the volume down key is jammed in and is constantly turning the volume down. This usually shows the volume indicator as it turns the volume down. If you don't see this happening, it is probably not what's going on. If you are just completely unable to commit the change of turning on the volume, then something may be wrong with the software on the device. At that point I would recommend you plug this phone into a computer running Samsung Kies and restore the firmware.

      If you are still experiencing an issue with the ringer speaker on this device I would recommend taking it to a repair provider and asking for assistance.

      I hope my suggestions have proven to be helpful.

      Thank you,
      Matthew Jones.

  254. My phone shows restart when am charting whatbis a problem hw I can solve this problem

    1. Hello Omar and thanks for the question.

      From what you wrote, I believe you are describing a phone which restarts when plugged into the charger. I've seen this issue before and there could be a couple of causes. I would first suspect the charger port. If the charger port has a short circuit, it could cause the phone to restart when it is plugged into power.

      Another potential candidate for the issue is the motherboard of the phone. If the motherboard has any sort of damage it could be causing this issue and the best recommendation I can make for motherboard related issues is to replace the device completely.

      I would take the phone to a repair provider to see if they can deduce the culprit. The charger port can be replaced and I would recommend that route but, I would not recommend any board-swap or motherboard oriented repairs. (As the motherboard is very delicate and is usually not successfully repairable.)

      I hope my suggestions have been helpful.

      Thank you,
      Matthew Jones.

  255. My phone shows that it is at 100% battery all the time. Once in a while it will show the right percentage. Bought a new battery and still same problem. My phone is a galaxy mega the first one they made. How can I fix this?

    1. Hello Daniel and thanks for the question.

      From the issue you are describing it does sound like the Power Management IC, or Internal Component, may have gone bad on this device. The Power Management IC is a chip responsible for sensing the power in the battery. It also serves a role during the charging of that device. If an Internal Component has gone bad, it may be a more feasible option to replace the device completely as replacing components on the motherboard can be very expensive and generally no service provider offer any guarantees for that work as they are very difficult and risky repairs.

      I really don't want to be giving bad news but, ultimately this issue may require a whole device replacement to resolve the issue.

      I hope my comments have been helpful.

      Thank you,
      Matthew Jones.

  256. hi! i have this samsung mega 5.8 since last year, it works well before, but recently when im using it to play music on our car the music keeps on pausing.. is it because of the bluetooth? thanks!

    1. Hello Maggie and thanks for the question.

      You ask if the phone pausing the music over and over is the result of Bluetooth. Are you streaming music to your car audio system using bluetooth? If so, then yes, Bluetooth could be a factor in why the phone keeps pausing the music.

      If you are not using Bluetooth and the phone is pausing music consistently, there could be an issue with the touch screen on your device. (Some screens that develop issues will register finger presses when no fingers are pressing on the screen. If your screen has an issue like this it could actually be pressing the pause/play button. Does the music ever just start back up or does it only stop the music with a pause? If it stops and doesn't come back, it is unlikely to be related to the screen.)

      I do know that the antennas on that device are mostly on the Charge Port Flex. This component is a small circuit board connected in the bottom of the phone. Its the connection where the phone plugs in to charge and also some antennas make their connections on that component. I would recommend seeking a replacement for the Charge Port Flex to see if that resolves issues you might be having with Bluetooth.

      I hope my comments have been helpful.

      Thank you,
      Matthew Jones.

  257. I just replaced my digitizer and LCD on my galaxy mega 6.3. I am not sure what happened, but now the external speaker is not working. The internal is working, I have plugged in headphones and can listen to music. I cannot hear the phone ring from the outside. Also, I believe I have damaged the volume up button. The volume down works fine. I am looking at buying a replacement for it. I have done tests on the phone by pressing *#0*# and when I press speaker, nothing happens. I am nervous about attempting more repairs and breaking more things in the phone. I really love this phone and cannot afford a new one. I am thinking about buying a new speaker and maybe trying that? The speaker on the phone now looks fine, I cannot imagine what I did wrong when I was taking out the LCD that would cause the speaker not to work. Please help.

    1. Hello Luckylee and thank you for your comment.

      I have read your issue and I'm so sorry you've had such difficulties with the repair on that Galaxy Mega. That is a very large phone and I have some customers that swear up and down it is their favorite phone. With that being said if you've already attempted repairs and this issue arose as the result of those repairs, it might be something you take to a local repair provider for service. Some technicians are very familiar with this device and would be able to spot an issue very quickly.

      I hope my comments are helpful.

      Thank you,
      Matthew Jones.

  258. Hi I have a samsung galaxy mega 2 and last night I had my phone turned off and on charge, I checked it about 20 or so minutes later and it was at 16%. Another 15 minutes later I came in and tripped over my cord resulting in it coming unplugged from my mega. I plugged it back in and it would come on or show the battery. Could it be I messed my charging port? How would I find out?

    1. I would try a new charger and a new cable. I would bet that is the cause, if it does not work after that let me know. I have more advice if that doesnt work.

      Doug B

  259. My samsung mega has got some issues! First when I lock the phone then unlock it a new black page appears with a heading "Firewall Service" beside these words there's the android shape , I can't find the problem or why it's popping
    Second , my phone keeps downloading apps by itself and everytime I uninstall them , the same apps are reinstalled and when I go to my intsalled apps on Play Store they're not in the list , because of this my phone keeps freezing for few seconds .

    1. Hello Vincent and thank you for the question.

      From what you are describing it sounds like there are some applications on your phone which have undesired behavior. This type of software is called "Malware" and could be responsible for the issues you are experiencing. If you believe there could be applications running on your device which have mal-intent then I would encourage you to plug this device into a computer running Samsung Kies and perform and "Firmware Update and Initialization".

      What this will do is erase your phone and perform a clean software upgrade on it. It will bring you to a clean, up to date version of Android which Samsung has specifically tailored for that device. This should purge any and all data from the phone. This will wipe out the Malware but, also includes your personal data. So if there are personal items which you would like to keep, I would make sure you back them up to your computer. I recommend extracting the photos by copying them to the computers "My Pictures" folder versus backing up the phone with Kies. If you backup and restore there could be some of your personal files that contain links to the Malware which reinfect your freshly restored device.

      If you have issues with software that persist through a software restore then there may be an issue with your particular computer performing the restore. I would take the phone to another computer or even a phone repair provider as they will normally have a dedicated computer for software restores.

      I hope my comments have been helpful.

      Thank you,
      Matthew Jones.

  260. I keep getting an error code that says "processor not responding " and since it starting saying that the phone only works aporatically. Taken the battery out several times but problem continues.

    1. Hello Cynthia and thank you for the question.

      From what you are describing it sounds like the message you may be receiving says "Process not responding." This is very different from "Processor not responding." With that being said, it does sound like you may have applications crashing on your Galaxy Mega. If you are experiencing this frequently, you may attempt to restore the phone using Samsung Kies on a PC. I don't believe there is any other issue causing this problem and a software restore should completely resolve it.

      I hope my comment has pointed you in the correct direction.

      Thank you,
      Matthew Jones.

  261. I have a galaxy mega. I charged it up and it was on 100%. I made a phone call and when I tried to make another call it wouldn't do anything so I turned it off. when I turned it back on it stared coming on but froze up in process. what is wrong.

    1. Hello, Tasha

      It sounds to be from the issue you are describing, that you software may have hit a critical error. To remedy this issue I recommend that you conduct a Factory Data Reset. This will erase any information on the device, and will have you set up the Mega like it was new out of the box.It may take 2 or 3 tries depending on how bad the software got.

      Best of luck.
      Robin B.

  262. Hi, i'm using a Mega 6.8 . After i done once of the factory recovery, it seems like being in a bad condition such as lag when i'm using wechat and other apps and sometimes unable to connect with phone signals and i can't receive any of notification from the chatting apps . Today it suddenly black out when i quit from a game app and unable to turn on again but keep showing me the Samsung Icon. My friends told me to keep charging to see whether the phone will auto turn on but it failed and now it can't turn on or shows the Samsung Icon. Totally black out and i have my important data all inside my phone. Can it being fixed by my own or i need to send it to Samsung? Thank you so much!!!!!!

    1. Hello HuiEn,

      We are sorry to hear about that Galaxy mega issue you are having. From the above issue you are describing it sounds to be you board has failed. From the connection issues to the phone lagging when receiving notifications, points to mother board issues. The galaxy Mega was a bit under powered for how big it is. If you have had this device for a few years time is all it can take for this to happen. when the device was stuck on the Samsung logo and you plugged it in for a while may have been the final nail on the coffin. When charging a device like that it will not regulate any sort of heating causing other chips to fail. you can send the device to Samsung but as for your data there will be no retrieval unless you backed up any information.

      Best of luck
      Robin B.

  263. My home button broke, how can I fix it?

    1. Hello Carissa,

      Sorry to hear about that home button issue you are having. From the above issue you are describing it sounds to be cleaning your button with ab old tooth brush dipped in 90% alcohol. Scrub the home button for at least 10 seconds and then click the button a few times. Repeat this process no more than 4 times, if the home button is still not responding do not apply more alcohol it is likely you part has failed. I would consider replacing the navigation flex of the device.

      Thank you
      Robin B.

  264. I Have The Mega 2 And All My Calls Hangs Up After 2 Hours Is That Normal? Also My Phone Tends To Freeze When I'm On Social Media Or Web Browser and Resets Is It Any Way To Fix That?

    1. Hello Jackie and thank you for the questions.

      From the issue you are describing with the phone hanging up after 2 hours it sounds like there could be a software issue which is causing the device to end the phone call. This is not typical behavior and to resolve that issue my first step would be to restore the phone using Samsung Kies on a PC or Mac. If your phone is freezing and resetting itself, this would also be indicative of software issues and again, the resolution would be to perform a software restore.

      The restore will erase the data off the phone and return it to a factory new state. I would recommend you backup any critical data, such as photos and videos, contacts, messages, etc...

      I hope my comments have been helpful and prove to be the resolution for your issues.

      Thank you,
      Matthew Jones.

  265. my samsung maga 2 screen goes black when charging and i cant get it to trun back on without pulling out the battery what should i do?????

    1. Hello Johnathon and thank you for the comment.

      I have seen this exact issue before on a couple of different phones, as well as a couple of times with the Galaxy Mega and Mega 2. I'm not 100% sure what is causing this, or if even the issues are all the same but, something is causing the phone to receive a spike of voltage when you plug it in and that is causing the display to be shut off. This could be the power regulator chip or a number of other components on the board. I would recommend you start by replacing the charge port on that device and if that does not resolve the issue then I would investigate replacing the phone as the internal components of the phone are very delicate and easily damaged. (They were originally put on by robots and human hands can only do so much.)

      I hope my comment has been helpful.

      Thank you,
      Matthew Jones.

  266. it turns off and on a few times then stays off. Then it will not come on for 5 mins, once on i can open an app then it does this all over again. The only way to keep it on is to keep it on the charger. It sometimes resets itself to Chinese.
    it also says 100% charged until it shuts off and comes back on the second time.

    1. Hello Brit and thank you for the comment.

      I assume you're having an issue with your Samsung Galaxy Mega. From the issue you are describing there is one of two things going on. Either A) Your battery is no good or B) the Power Control IC is no good. The battery is a replaceable component and I would start by replacing that first. If you do and are still experiencing these issues then you have two options. Either continue by looking for a technician who can replace the Power Control IC on this device or, you could simply purchase a new device and start again. The problem here is that replacing this component is very risky and the reward isn't very much. (It would be an expensive service.)

      I hope my comments have been helpful.

      Thank You,
      Matthew Jones.

      1. ok thanks! this morning when i woke up half of my screen flickered and within an hour it went black and only the button part lights up.

  267. There is no sound when some one send me sms, what is the problem pls?

    1. Hello Mark and thank you for the question.

      From the issue you are describing it sounds like there could be an issue with a setting that might be asking a ringtone that has been deleted to play. If something like this has happened, try to set a different alert sound that plays when you tap it in the menu to select it. If you can confirm that this issue persists after selecting a different ringtone you may want to look into resetting the software on the device. Sometimes something as simple as restoring the device to factory settings will resolve issues like this.

      If you are still experiencing issues and they appear to be just in relation to the SMS messages then it may even be worth attempting to restore the device to the "Stock ROM". This can be done through the program "Samsung Kies". Ultimately, if you have no success with restoring the software then there may be something physically causing the issue. It is unlikely to be a speaker issue. From the way you described the issue it sounds like the only problem is with SMS sounds and all other sounds are working fine.

      I hope my comments have proven to be helpful and I wish you the best of luck with your Galaxy Mega.

      Thank you,
      Matthew Jones.

  268. Hai...I don't know what exact problem with my galaxy mega. During charging, it suddenly reset by it's self so many times. After all...finally, it turn tu off itself. When trying to on the phone, it cannot display anything on screen. Yesterday I visit Samsung mobile support, they try to change battery but it's not battery problem. Then, they do a reset my phone, but it's not work at all. Finally they said that, my motherboard problem and I have to change it cost me RM695 ++ for that new motherboard...but I did not yet change that motherboard, because I decide to find other solution. Could you please help me ....? I need my phone back to normal :(

    1. Hello Frieza and thank you for the question.

      From the issue you are describing it does sound like it is a motherboard issue. If you've spoken with Samsung Support and performed all the software related steps to repair this device then at this point your best bet is to either replace the phone or pay for Samsung to replace the phone's motherboard. I would honestly recommend a new phone as opposed to replacing any components mounted on the motherboard preventing the device from turning on. Odds are that even a well performed repair is going to only buy you a small amount of time left with the device and that money would be better spent on a device that would last longer.

      I hope my comments have been helpful and I wish you luck on obtaining your final form.

      Thank you,
      Matthew Jones.

  269. Hi,
    I have a samsung mega GT-I9152.
    When i turn the phone off, it stay off. However, once a wake up in the morning, i found my phone already on!
    I did not turn the phone on. Yet, it is on...
    What is the problem?

    *Updated 5.5.2016 By Matthew Jones*

    1. Jacky,
      The Megas have a common issue with their power button. Often before going out the power button can become sensitive and act like they have been pushed. Often they act as if they had been pushed even when not. My first suspicion is the power button.

      Doug B

      1. Thank you for your support.
        Therefore, what solution can you suggest?

  270. I have a Samsung galaxy mega i527 and it randomly shuts down,it it will go into the sleep mode and when I try to bring it out of the sleep mode, I'll find out that it is indeed powered off then it restarts and it is fine for sometimes hours, sometimes days but repeats this process over again and again, any advice would be helpful, and yes I tried a soft reset and a factory reset but same old same thing and it doesn't have to be in my pocket it does this random shutdown, sometime while on a table top or desk or in the car on the seat.
    thanks in advance.

    1. Hello Kevin and thank you for the question.

      From the issue you are describing it sounds like there might be a chance that the issue is being caused by that battery. Sometimes when batteries get older and lose capacity to hold a charge, the phone can sometimes request more power from the battery than it can provide and it can cause the phone to freeze up, the screen to blank or, or the device to simply shut off. What might be the problem is that the battery might not be able to sufficiently supply the phone the power it needs.

      I would start by replacing the battery on that device and check to see if that resolves your issues.

      I hope my comments have been helpful.

      Thank you,
      Matthew Jones.

  271. Hi, my samsung mega 6.3 cannot receive messages immediately. How i can fix it ?

    1. Hello Kristen,

      Sorry to hear about that Galaxy Mega 6.3. From the issue you are describing it sounds to be your s.m.s messages are a tad slow to be received on a device. To remedy this I recommend that you clear any extra text messages and clear old photos and videos. Another trick would be to call your carrier an request a P.R.L update to obtain the latest towers to your device.

      I hope this helps
      Robin B.

  272. Hi, My Galaxy Mega 6.3 stopped working last night out of the blue. I was on sc and it froze, when I pushed the home button the screen went black, it still had charge left, now It doesn't turn on. I changed the battery since I have several, the port was ok because I had it changed recently, and my charger was fairly recent too. I left it charging all night and nothing! I even tried to sync it with my laptop, it sounds like its connected but nothing goes on on my phone nor my computer just a random "driver" install. Is my phone actually dead or can this be fixed? I also tried a soft reset with no luck :(

    1. Hello Karis and thank you for the question.

      It sounds like that device might be on its last leg. I want to point you in the direction of a couple of helpful resources to attempt software repairs on this device. You can search Google to find out how to put the phone into Download mode and attempt a firmware restore. If you are able to perform a software restore then the phone might start functioning. If the device is unable to complete a restore it's most likely dead. If you wanted to get a repair provider to look over that device and give you a diagnosis, they may be able to tell you the cause but, from my experience with the Galaxy Mega specifically, it didn't retain it's value like some of the other Samsung phones. That's the most polite way to say, I don't recommend spending money repairing the Galaxy Mega. I think a much better option would be to either replace it with a Galaxy Note, if the phone has to be huge, or an S4/S5. The value of those phones are much higher and they don't suffer from the lack of support that the Mega has.

      I hope my comments have proven to be helpful.

      Thank you,
      Matthew Jones.

  273. My Samsung Galaxy mega will turn on but it will not get pass the Att logo it just freezes up I've tried restarting it and it does the same thing what's the problem

    1. Hello Montarrious,

      It sounds to be that your galaxy mega is having mother board issues, If you attempted multiple resets and the device hangs at the same placed every time.
      What normally can cause this is a sensor that has gone faulty or even a bad hardware component. To fix this I strongly recommend replacing the unit as a whole.

      Hope it helps.
      Robin B.

  274. Hi,
    I have Samsung Glaxy Mega GT I9200,which was working fine until last week all of sudden my phone is not working properly. I had been to Samsung store regarding issue. the problem is my phone touch screen wont work properly. it will work for some minutes and it wont work for another few minutes later it will work again it will vanish it is not working properly. as I said I head to store for service but store people said it is touch screen problem and replacement cost bit higher side, being technical background I was having doubt about touch screen if that was problem it shouldn't work completely then I thought going for one of my friends service store but he said some software problem and he gave me assurance of working normal. But next day he said it is touch screen problem then I thought might be screen is a problem then I said ok for replacement. but again next day he said that is also working properly it is fine not screen problem he said it is Problem of Mother Board. I don't know what to do with I love this mobile from past 3yrs Because of Big screen. please help me out

    1. Hello Narayan and thank you for the question.

      From the issue you are describing it sounds like it could either be the touchscreen itself that is having an issue or possibly the motherboard could be causing the problem.

      I want to start by saying that if this issue is related to the motherboard, there won't be much that can be done to repair the internal components on the board. Board level repair is very expensive and I would recommend seeking out a full device replacement before investing in repairing the board.

      With that being said, if this issue is just with the Digitizer on this device, you might look into a screen replacement. They are going to be close to the cost of replacing the phone as well. The Galaxy Mega has a very large screen and that greatly increases the price of the display. If you are able to replace the screen then Awesome! If you are unable to replace the screen or are unwilling to, I would recommend a Galaxy Note series phone as they continued with the very large screen size after the Galaxy Mega was discontinued.

      I hope my comments have proven to be helpful.

      Thank you,
      Matthew Jones.

      1. Thank You very Much Matthew, I think its time to replace my phone as per your suggestion I would like to go with Note series Thanks once again.

      2. When use outgoing hd voice

  275. Samsung Mega troubles - ATT service.

    Cell phone charges - powers on and off - reliable. the phone is about 3yrs old = always worked great, pictures been blurry lately - However phone is kept in an otter box - and the phone is adult owned.. never dropped in all these years...... go figure..?

    Here's the problem.. after using my GPS and a few text messages the other night. I put the phone down. a few mins later I went to grab the phone and noticed the screen was white with the ATT symbol in the center with the blue led light [ green when charging ] slowly pulsating. At first, I thought the phone had an update - and there have been times when the phone would shut down on it's own then power up.
    However this time it was different.. I turned the phone off - took the battery out - waited a few mins - placed the battery back in and powered it back on.
    the phone goes through the power cycle.. turn on - Galaxy Mega displays [ instead of the phone going through the tone cycle before the screen actually displays ].. the screen turns white - with the ATT Icon showing with a white background.
    I've tried the power off and volume up and hold - but nothing.
    It was recommended to use a software program - dowload that will cycle the processor. to restore the screen. I went to the website as advised after looking through it,,, without proper training - I would not download it .. there are something you leave to professionals to fix..
    I spoke to ATT Store Brick - who also advised there's a program that is used to fix it - to reach out,,, that your shop was reasonable.
    I did both Google the problem and Youtube it,,, consensus shows the same thing,,, software program - 15 mins - that's if that's the problem... ?
    weekends are the best for me and some evenings to stop by after 6pm

    1. [note] this was a copy message the I recently sent to two other locations - I'm looking for another opinion before spending money...

  276. I have a Samsung Mega and I recently replaced the charge port but now I can barely hear calls and no one can hear me? In replacing the charge port could I have done something to the speakers and microphone?

  277. I have replaced my screen and digitizer, the battery is good, the charge port is good but I cannot get my phone to turn on at all. I have tried all the tricks such as holding power and volume down... nothing. Please help. I want to at least retrieve the pictures before I replace the mother board. I don't see any visible signs of damage to the mother board but I am all out of options.

    1. I forgot to mention I have a Samsung Mega 6.3

  278. I just got a Samsung mega 6.3 it keeps flashing when I'm trying to charge it

  279. my Samsung mega 2 started ringing real low and now it doesn't ring at all when a call is coming in.

  280. hi,
    I ve been using my mega 6.3 for almost 4 years now without any major problem. 3 months ago, I dropped my mega and cracked its lcd screen. I bring it to a local store to repair it. after sometimes, they replaced it with new screen. they said, It is a original samsung screen with one month warranty. after using it for 2 weeks, it suddenly had this ghost touch problem only on the quarter bottom side of the screen. i send it back to that local repair store and use the warranty. they replaced the screen again with a new one. after a month, the same ghost touch problem came back which is much worse than before, the back button and menu botton keep tapping by its own now. now im sending it to another repair store and they say they needs to replace the screen one more time. can I ask why might be the problem on my phone's screen? I really love this mega 6.3 I ve been using for so long. Thank you.

  281. Additional Messaging apps I downloaded will work and send messages fine but once I switch to the Pre-installed message app that came with the phone, it won't send the message.

  282. I have the Mega 6.3 l600 and has stopped powering on. It started you have problems where it would randomly reboot and if it was bumped a certain way would turn off. It became more and more tedious to get it to boot, so much so that I turned the screen timeout all the way up.

    It does have Kit Kat and is rooted, but I don't think that would be the cause as some of the issues started creeping up before the root.

    Would this be a motherboard issue? Is it fixable even?

    I know it's an older phone now lol but I like the form factor of it and the closest thing now is a Note 8.

  283. My samsung galaky mega doesn't play sound or videos my dad deleted some things so now it actualy works cause it used to nit even take pictures. What ca i do so i i can listen to youtube videos again?

  284. My Mega will get about half way through to opening process, ( it says Samsung Mega the opening graphics etc) Then it says Samsung at top of a black screen and never opens!!!! Any way to save what's stored on here? It was backed up by an old Samsung app that is no longer working!!!

  285. my sgh-m819n is browsing very slowly.i have tried selectin the "lte/wcdma/gsm" option but it still browses at a speed of 20kb/s
    i want to use lte but i really dont know how
    can you recommend for me even if its an app i can use please

  286. i just purchased a samsung galaxy mega 6.3 on ebay.(it has a 14 day return policy) today while i was working (im an amazon flex driver) my screen went completely black 2 times during my shift. Even though it only lasted about 10 seconds im kinda worried. any ideas?

  287. ps, the screen went black while i was using the amazon navigational first i thought it was because i was in the foothills of some big mtns but then i realized its not normal... i'd appreciate any solutions..even tell me if i should return it lol

  288. Hi... my samsung galaxy mega Gt-I9152 mobile data keeps on disconnecting while it is still on. to fix it

  289. Hi
    My samsung mega 6.3 suddenly stopped working. It is not charging at all. Is there anyway it can be fixed. I did take it to be repaired..they told me was a 'software issue' & would not be fixed by them. Is it possible to restore it. I have pictutre stored on it. Please help. It is out of warranty now.
    Happy to hear from you.

  290. my Samsung galaxy mega Wi-Fi and Bluetooth not working

  291. Having an issue with missing photo albums.. they are just gone... ideas on recovery?

  292. Have a Samsung Mega and the original charging cable works. However, just bought some longer, sturdier cables. They don't charge. They do charge other phones. So the cords work and the port works, but they don't work together.

  293. My wife i9200 will not power on past the AT&T logo. I was told to do a factory reset but need to recover pics and videos before I try that. Any advice appreciated

  294. My Galaxy Mega Has been dead for a couple days , i finally put it on the charger today and it hasnt turned on . the red light is not even on .

  295. How can I recover all of the pictures and videos on my mega without repairing charging ports or replacing batteries?

  296. Unable to ret Hd voice when available because of your payment plan, the recipient's request, or network conditions. To use this feature, contact the curtomer service centre (1599_0011).

  297. My Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 used to have a built in EQ with presets. It's like it has been totally taken away. There is no option anywhere to access it. How do I get it back. I know there are EQ's you can get online free or otherwise, but I want the EQ that came with my Galaxy. It did everything I ever needed it to. Does anyone know how to solve this problem, short of taking a hammer to it?

  298. Hi I have a Samsung Mega 6.3. I think I did a factory reset and everything is working except for my camera. It is saying no images or video are available. Do you now of anything I can do to get the camera to work again? Your help will be greatly appreciated.

  299. My phone keeps getting stuck on the loading screen, where the Samsung logo is on screen and glowing. I did a hard reset and it still didn't do anything. Is there anything I can do to fix my phone or is it time to say goodbye?

  300. Do you still offer info on problems with Samsung Mega 6.3?


  301. My Mega 6.3 previously read a 64 g Samsung SD card but recently quit reading it. It will read a 32 g card. Primarily use the card to play music, store pictures. Any thoughts

  302. Hay i have recently purchased a used samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 on ebay an i am having some problems with it. Can someone please help me out?? Here are my problems! The phone doesn't hold charge for very long like it should i mean like if i have it fully charged at 100% an play with the phone regularly or whatever it'll only last about maybe 4or 5 hours till it goes dead. An the other problem i have with it is it's restarting itself a lot!

  303. my galaxy mega 2 is looping in star and logo mode, i reset to factory, nathing work.

  304. I can't update any app from Google play can't download plus wifi doesn't work any help on this problem

  305. My Samsung sgh-i527 is in safe mode and I can't get it out. The phone fell and now the volume switch will increase volume but not decrease volume. It appears that the volume button is stuck. How do i replace it?
    Thank you

  306. my phone keeps saying that my wifi is turned off but my wifi is working fine

  307. My phone keeps getting stuck on the sprint logo ehen turning on did the hard reset and it still wont load past the sprint logo...

    1. I've also removed the battery...

  308. My device fell from my hand and now it's not opening the screen has no cracks. What to do