How to Fix Common Problems with LG Optimus G Pro Repair

How to Fix Common Problems with LG Optimus G Pro Repair


We are here to help! Our technicians have answered the most common questions about How to fix common problems with LG Optimus G Pro repair process.  Depending on the device, mobile phone and tablet repairs can be a tedious process.  Troubleshooting is a vital part of both diagnosing a broken part, and discovering what step was missed after repair.  Relax, we are here to make your life easier.

We offer a full lineup of repair parts for the LG Optimus G Pro devices including:

LG E980 Optimus G Pro LCD Display: This controls your main visual display. The LCD is found under the top touch screen glass. The LCD is also a separate component from your digitizer. If your touch function is not working, or your top glass is broken, then you will need to replace your top digitizer as well. If you can no longer see a clear image on your device’s screen, then this is the part you need.

LG E980 Optimus G Pro Touch Screen Digitizer: This is the top glass of your device, and controls your main touch function. The digitizer is a separate component from your main LCD display screen. If you cannot see an image on your device, you will need to replace your LCD screen along with your digitizer. If your touch function no longer works, or your top glass is broken, then this is the part you need.

LG E980 Optimus G Pro Touch Screen Digitizer Plus LCD Display: This controls both your touch function and your main image display. If your top glass is broken, your touch function is unresponsive, or you have no image display, then this is the part you need. This screen comes with both your top digitizer and your lower LCD fused together for easy assembly.


My phone is freezing, running slow, repair did not work, spazzing out! What can I do?

Performing a soft reset can resolve issues like continuous resetting/rebooting, crashing, freezing, can’t make or receive calls, and other general software related problems. This process is similar to rebooting a computer after it freezes up. Phones are small computers after all.

Soft Reset This should not erase your data, but it is always a good idea to do a backup.

  1. Press and hold the Power Button. A menu should appear after a few seconds.
  2. Select Turn Off and Reboot.
  3. If your device does not turn back on after shutting down, wait 60 seconds, and then power on your device as normal

Alternate Method

  1. With your device turned on, pull out your battery.
  2. Wait 30 seconds.
  3. Plug in the battery, and turn on your device as per usual.

I did a soft reset, but my phone is still not working correctly. What can I do?

A hard reset can resolve issue like: blank or frozen screen, crashing apps, touch screen problems, no audio, random noises, no call functionality or sync errors.

Hard Reset – **This process will erase all your data** and erase any accounts linked to your device as well.

  1. From the Home Screen, Tap the Menu Icon.
  2. On the menu that appeared, tap All Settings.
  3. Select the General Tab.
  4. Scroll down and Select Backup & Reset.
  5. Select Factory Data Reset.
  6. Select Reset Phone.
  7. Select Erase Everything.
  8. Select OK.
  9. Your device will now reset. This process may take several minutes.

Alternate Method

  1. Turn your device off.
  2. Press and hold Volume Down Button and Power/Lock Button.
  3. Release the keys when the FACTORY HARD RESET screen is displayed.
  4. Press the Power Button to continue.
  5. Press the Power Button once more to confirm.
  6. Your device will now restore. This process may take several minutes.

I replaced my LG E980 Optimus G Pro LCD Display, now it will not work!

  1. If you have an all white or all black display, start by performing a soft reset on your device. Blank screens are usually a sign of internal software not wanting accept the new parts. A soft reset will clear your device of any temporary data that is blocking your new part from working. If your screen still will not work after a reset…
  2. Redo the repair from the beginning. At the step where you plug your screen into your main board, check your original screen to see if it still works. If neither screen works, this is a sign of something worse then a bad screen. We suggest mailing in your device for testing. If you see…
  3. Blotches on your display, this is a sign of too much pressure on the screen caused in shipping or during installation. Open your device again, and make certain there is no residual glass from your original broken screen. If you see…
  4. Lines down your display, or you have only a partially working touch function, then you may have a defective or broken screen.

I replaced my LG E980 Optimus G Pro Touch Screen Digitizer, now it will not work!

  1. If you have no response at all when you touch your top glass, then you may have a loose connection. Redo your repair from the beginning. Make certain all your cables are fully plugged in. In addition, check your cables for any signs of crimps or tears that may have happened during your install. Crimps and rips will render a part defective. If…
  2. Only a certain grid of icons will not work such as the top third, or left side, you may have a cable that is miss aligned. Open your device, and make certain all the connectors on the flex cable match up. If this plug is off center, you will see problems such as this called “blocking”. If after both steps your digitizer still does not work…
  3. Then you may have a defective or broken digitizer.

I replaced my LG E980 Optimus G Pro Touch Screen Digitizer Plus LCD Display, now it will not work!

  1. If you have an all white or all black display, start by performing a soft reset on your device. Blank screens are usually a sign of internal software not wanting accept the new parts. A soft reset will clear your device of any temporary data that is blocking your new part from working. If your screen still will not work after a reset…
  2. Redo the repair from the beginning. At the step where you plug your screen into your main board, check your original screen to see if it still works. If neither screen works, this is a sign of something worse then a bad screen. We suggest mailing in your device for testing. If you see…
  3. Blotches on your display, this is a sign of too much pressure on the screen caused in shipping or during installation. Open your device again, and make certain there is no residual glass from your original broken screen. If you see…
  4. Lines down your display, or you have only a partially working touch function, then you may have a defective or broken screen.

Your repair guide said my part is possibly defective or broken, what’s next?

  1. Contact your source for the parts to see what their warranty will cover.If your device is not covered, or is outside it’s warranty, we would be happy to help.
  2. If your parts came from Phone Doctors…
    • Contact Us: our support team has additional information regarding a replacement.
    • OR
    • Mail in Your Device: our certified technicians will be happy to diagnose or repair your device.

My Question is not on this page! Can you help?


Simply leave a reply or comment at the end of this article, and our support technicians will get back to you within 24 business hours.

Leaving a comment is the best way to get additional help as comments expand our knowledge database. Who knows? The next person needing help with their repair or device may have the same problem you do!


  1. I have replaced the screen on my LG Optimus G Pro, and the picture is showing extremely dark.

    1. Thanks Toni,

      Turn up the brightness meter inside your display setting. This normally resets itself after screen replacement. If this does not work, then it means one of 2 things:
      1.) Your LCD either does not the correct reflective foil on the back, or the device is not fully sealed. In either case, the light from your LCD is bleeding inside the phone, and is not reflecting out. Which ever the case, this will need to be corrected before your device will work normally again.

      2.) Your LCD cable is not fully plugged in. Only part of the signal is getting through to your display, and this is causing the darkened screen.

      Check these 2 areas first, and if neither one works, you may have a defective LCD screen.

      1. Hi my phone works but it won't turn on what can I do

        1. Hi Kiasha
          Can you explain how you know your phone works when it will not turn on? This will help me trouble shoot.

      2. HI Phone Doctor! I need UR HELP! plz help me
        I have a LG Optimus F240L, and I cant use my keyboard bcz it stopped working. I've tried turning it off and on, Ive taken out the battery, but nothing seems to work. I have a passcode, but cant unlock because the keyboard doesnt even show up. .. I need my phone, but unfortunately cant even access inside it. Tried connecting it through the computer to see if I can change to the phone keyboard instead of the LG keyboard but cant do it without having to unlock my phone for access. HELP ME PLEASE!!!!
        I dnt want to factory Reset bcz all my data is in phone!

        1. Hello Roha and thank you again for the comment.

          I received your contact form, as well as your email, and I see that you've also posted on our blog. I wanted to provide you the same response that I did for the previous two forms of communication in hopes that the previous messages were not received.

          What sounds like is happening is the LG Software keyboard is somehow corrupt or at least not starting up. This is causing you to be unable to unlock the phone as there is no keyboard to enter the pin from. Unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge the way you would correct this issue is by performing a Factory Data Reset. This will, as you mentioned, erase the phone and if you do not have a backup, you might lose that information. Check to see if your Google account has made a backup of your device at any point. You would be able to recover from that point.

          I'm sorry you've been experiencing this issue but, I hope you are able to resolve your issues using my suggestions.

          Thank you,
          Matthew Jones.

      3. Hi ... My LG Opttimus Pro G has somehow started speaking whatever is on the screen. How to turn this off?

    2. Hi, my optimus g pro quit receiving LTE a ew weeks ago. I've been on the phone with ATT and Lg, to no avail. Replaced sim card, did many soft resets and one factory reset. What can I do?

      1. Hi Stephen!
        It sounds like your antenna has gone bad I would get your device to a local repair shop t have this fixed. If you do not have one local we offer a mail in repair service at this link

        1. My cellphone LG e 980 shows full signal but make calls emergency and show emergency call on lock screen.

          1. Hello there Adil and thanks for your question.

            I spoke to one of our technicians and he said this issue can appear when you are using a SIM card for a network that the phone does not support. If the SIM card was working and is now not working, it could indicate an issue with the SIM card itself.

            I would visit a location which supports your carrier. (AT&T store, Verizon Store, Sprint Store, etc... )

            I hope my suggestions have been helpful,
            Matthew Jones.

    3. my lg g pro f240l turning off immediately on turning it on what is the problem??

      1. Hi Archit
        More than likely your battery has gone bad. You can order a new one by going to

  2. Oddly enough. If I begin to remove the backing off to readjust the plugs and wires it will brighten to the highest setting just long enough for me to catch a glimpse?

  3. I replaced my display screen twice, but the same problem occurs. When I make or receive a call, as soon as I connect, the screen goes blank. Thought it had something to do with the proximity sensor, but can't see anything obstructing the window on the screen. Also, I don't see a connection that could be loose.

    1. Thanks Scott,

      It's the proximity sensor most likely. It is possible that the issue is in the calibration of your old proxy sensor with the new screen. Start with wiping your phone back to factory default settings, and see if this fixes the problem. If it does, then you were looking at a software bug, and you should be good to go.

      If it does not fix the problem, you will need to completely replace your proxy sensor as it was likely damaged during the same drop that broke your screen.

      If neither solution works, then you are likely looking at a third bad screen. Contact your source for the parts, and see if they can get you another one.

  4. Thanks for the feedback!

    Did the factory restore to no avail. Is the proximity sensor something that can be replaced separately like the front camera or is it built into the motherboard?

  5. my back button and menu buttons dont work what should i do for them to work??

    1. Thanks Carlos,

      These 2 buttons are controlled by an internal flex cable called the keypad or Navigation flex. Once this part is replaced, your buttons will work again.

      1. well like i move the screen and when the screen pops out the buttons start to work again but when i pop the screen back in they dont work

        1. It is certainly the navigation flex then.

          Replace this part, and you should be good to go.

  6. My LG E980 Optimus G Pro won't charge while plugged in to the computer or wall. What can I do and do you have the parts I will need?

    1. Thanks Ruby,

      You will need to replace the charge port on your device. The charge port requires soldering to repair as well. You can always mail in your device for repair with one of our technicians at

  7. In replacing my digitizer, I damaged the Sim/SD reader (I was getting a "No SIM Card" error). I bought a replacement part and installed it. The phone now detects a sim card, but says that the SIM is invalid. AT&T tested the SIM card I was using as well as two new ones, so the sim card is not the problem. Any thoughts?

    1. Thanks Zach,

      You probably just have either a bad SIM card reader, or the wrong SIM card reader. Some of the G Pro parts are revision specific, so if you don't have the exact same version (even though it looks the same), it won't work.

      Open your device, double check the numbers, and make sure you have the correct item. If the numbers match, then you probably just have a bad part. Contact your source for the parts, and see if they have a warranty in place to get you a new one.

  8. Hi,
    I may have overheating damage to my device. (I forgot it in my vehicle while I was in church). Now I can not use the phone. The screen does whatever it want to do. Will changing any of these parts fix my problem?

    Phone History:
    I've replaced the LCD once (before this happened)
    Attempted second screen replacement, but the replacement screen did not include the cable, so I closed the phone

    Thanks for any advice you can offer. I don't want to invest any money in this phone if it need to be replaced.

    1. Thanks Chrys,

      If your device overheated on the internals, then switching out parts will not fix the problem. There is no way to know for certain without actually replacing the other parts. Since your device has been previously repaired, there is no longer a manufacture warranty to let you get a new phone.

      You can replace the parts on your own, or you can mail in your device and let a technician run a diagnostic test on it. If it is fixable, a tech will call you with pricing before they complete the repair. If it is not repairable, then there will just be a general service fee for the diagnostic test. If you would like to mail in your phone, simply fill out the short form online at:

  9. I have an LG optimus G pro that I recently got. suddenly when i make a phone call the screen goes black as soon as the call is made. I cannot get the dialpad, put it on speaker mode, or anything. How can I fix this?

    1. It seems that your proximity sensor may be overly sensitive. If the device is returning to normal after the call, you may wish to check internal settings on the device first.

      1. What internal settings do I check for and which way should I configure them to be? Found a website that has an app that's supposed to help with this issue. Does it have the needful to work properly?

        1. Hi Nigel
          I will need to know a little more info. What are you attempting to do with your device. So that I can give you correct information.

  10. My lg optimus g pro stopped working. It turned off and has never turned nack on.. it appears to charge and even attempts to come on but never does. Im wondering if I just need a new battery or is it something wrong internally, motherboard maybe.. idk smh , pls help me.. hate to spend unnecessary money, you know? Ijs...

    1. Thanks Sparky21,

      Sounds like you have a bad screen. Since the device is trying to boot, and will accept power, then the only other "display" option here would be to replace your screen.

  11. Whenever I make calls on My LG G Pro, the screen suddenly goes black and no matter what button I press, it would not light back up. As a result, I cannot end calls by myself. Even pressing the power button or the home button does not work. besides this, everything else works fine. Do you know how to fix this problem?

    1. Thanks Akinola,

      The G Pro series has reported glitches with the proximity sensor (controls your screen shutoff) inside the device. The only way to fix this is to replace the whole screen. We sell the parts right here online, or you can mail in your device for repair with one of our technicians at:

  12. Hi,
    I have a strange issue with my Optimus G Pro (E980), the middle horizental part of the screen, with a width of roughly half an inch across the screen does not respond to touches, all other parts of the screen are fine.

    Any ideas about the possible cause??



    1. Thanks Hani,

      Not sure on the cause, but your digitizer (controls the touch function) is certainly the part that needs to be replaced. It's a fairy easy repair, so you could certainly do this on your own, or you can always mail in your device for repair with one of our technicians at:

  13. When I try to make or recieve a call as soon as I press the green phone to answer or call my phone shuts off an restarts.. I tried factory an problem is still there please help

    1. Thanks Daisy,

      The G Pro series seems to have many reported problems with the proximity sensors going out inside the devices. This would explain the problem you are having, all though, there are other ideas as well.

      You can try replacing the screen, however, we suggest getting your phone to a technician for diagnostic testing as there are multiple things that could be causing this issue.

  14. I have an lg optimus g pro. I replaced the lcd and digitizer. After the replacement I now have a rainbow line that showes up after I turn it on or after it has been in sleep mode. I can n clear it up by pushing the power button on and off a few times. What can I do to try and fix this. Thanks

    1. Thanks Chris,

      It actually sounds like you just got a bad part. Take it off, and contact your source for the parts to see if they can get you another one in exchange. This should fix your issue here.

  15. When I make or receive a call on my G Pro, the screen goes dark and I can't end the call. I enabled the "power button ends call" function, but the phone does not respond. This does not occur when using a Bluetooth headset or pug in headphones. I see that others have had the same issue. You recommend replacing the screen. The digitizer only or LCD also?

    1. Thanks Luis,

      In truth, this is a proximity sensor error on the device. This is a common problem on the G Pro series.

      The problem is that the proximity sensor is built into the screen (digi/LCD), so the part cannot be replaced on its own. The only way to attempt the resolve this is to replace the full digitizer/LCD with Frame assembly.

  16. My phone went completely black thought it died so put it on charger an no lights came on at all so took battery out an still nothing what should I do

    1. Thanks Ali,

      The G Pro will not work at all without a battery in it. LG uses different technology from Apple, so LG devices do not bypass the battery.

      You may just have a bad battery, so try a new one. If this does not work, then you may have a bad LCD screen, and you should replace that part next.

  17. For some reason the phone is working good and all but then turns off out of no where and it reboots back on and then turns of when it wants too, I heard it was the battery but I think it's either the LCD or motherboard, what could it be?

    1. Thanks Jesse,

      Reboots are connected to some sort of power distribution failure inside the device, so the battery is the most likely. Try a new one, and if that does not work, then you have a short somewhere inside the device. If this is the case (basically a new battery won't fix the issue), then this sort of problem cannot be repaired. Best option will be to find a new device.

  18. On my LG Optimus G Pro when I make a phone call the screen times out before I even put it up to my face? I know there is obviously a problem, is there a way to turn off that option?

    1. Thanks Donovan,

      This is not an option on your device, but rather your proximity sensor has gone bad. This is a common problem on the G Pro series as the proximity sensor is built into the LCD, and is not a flex cable like most other phones. The only way to fix this is to either:
      1.) Replace your full front screen.
      2.) Use speaker phone only, or a headset.

      We have the parts here online, or you can mail in your device for repair with one of our technicians at:

  19. Hi, I have an LG Optimus Pro that has a bad SIM card reader as well. You have to press on the reader for the phone to "see" the SIM card.

    How much would it cost for a repair shop to fix this? Thanks.

    1. Thanks Donald,

      This is not a common repair, so you would need to take your device to a repair place or you can mail in your device for repair with us at: Once your device arrives, a technician will be able to give you a quote for repair; the part has to be ordered in, so the repair can vary depending on a places source for the part.

      If you haven't all ready, contact your service provider and see if they can get you a new SIM card. Generally speaking, a new SIM will fix most issues with devices not wanting to "read" the SIM.

  20. My lg e980 suddenly began to display reddish background colour rendering the display unattractive. Images are not displayed in their real colours. Thanks in anticipation

    1. Thanks Ayeni,

      Replace your screen, and you should be back up and running.

  21. Hello,
    My LG Optimus G Pro 4G LTE E980 stopped turning on. I thought the battery bad and bought a new one. Let it charge overnight. Next day the display indicated that the battery was fully charged. Disconnected from charger....pushed the button at the bottom and NOTHING. Screen is blank. My LG will not turn on! All suggestions welcomed. Thanks.

    1. Thanks Lee Miller,

      Use the 3 button combination to try and reset the phone. It could be software related since the battery was not the problem. If the full reset does not work, you may just need to get a new device.

  22. Is this a good phone to buy used or would it be better to go with an LG G2? It seems like the Optimus pro is not sold in stores anymore but the G2 is.

    1. Thanks Donald,

      The E980 has had fewer reported bugs then the G2. The G2 has had numerous issues with the device, and was the reason LG had a quick turn around in launching the G3.

      Go with an E980 or a G3, but skip the G2 all together.

  23. Recently replaced the screen. Now the camera won't work. Just the front camera and won't switch to the main camera.

    1. Thanks Marcus,

      Reopen your device, and attempt the repair from scratch. If needed, put your old screen back on, and see if you can get your cameras to work. If they will work on the old screen but not the new, then you may have a short in the new part. If that's the case, contact your source for the parts, and see if they have a warranty that will cover the part.

      If the old screen was too far gone to attempt this, then just retry the repair. If you have the same outcome, then your device may have sustained internal damage during the event that caused your screen to need replacement. You may need to replace the cameras as well.

  24. My lg optimus g pro e980 works great, but YouTube it's not working properly, it looks distorted and after a while sometimes goes back to normal. All other videos work great only YouTube does this. What could it be?

    1. Thanks Gary,

      YouTube has been having general issues with Android devices across the board. Most folks have found removing and reinstalling the YouTube app will fix the issue. If it does not, then you may have a bug that is hanging around your phone. Remove the app, restore your device back to factory default settings, the reinstall the app. This should fix the problem.

  25. I have had two glass screens replaced on my lg g pro. The shop has charged me 85.00 both times. There is a bubble under the glass after last replacement. The proximity sensor has stopped working. After placing calls the screen goes black. Will not come on until call hangs up. Shop said I need sensor but couldn't locate one. I'm out 160.00 and have faulty phone. Do you have parts to fix? Or advise if worth putting any more money in it. I have minor scratching from repair work on outer edges. Would need front white housing to make near mint again. I believe I can make repairs as well as I have been treated by this shop. Please advise. Thanks so much. Dean Starkey

    1. Thanks Dean,

      The bubble under the glass is just caused by the digitizer not being set down flush on the front frame. Reattempt the repair, remove any residual glass and tape, and then check to see if your front frame is bent at all. Bent frames could easily explain the bubble.

      The proximity sensor is part of the full LCD/digitizer assembly. If your proximity sensor is not working fully, then the only way to fix it is replace the FULL front digitizer, LCD, and front frame. Yes, this means sinking more money into your device, but it is up to you if you think it is cost effective.

      Our advise is to shop around and see what the cost of getting a different phone would be. If the repair is less than buying a new phone, then it is worth getting the phone fixed. If you can buy a new phone that you would be happy with for less, then go with that.

  26. I replaced my digitizer and now the screen stays black. This is on my LG optimus g pro.

    1. Thanks Jason,

      This usually means that your LCD either came unplugged during the repair, or the extent of the damage was worse then a broken digitizer.

      Open your device, and make sure everything is fully plugged in. If everything checks out there, your next step will be to replace your LCD screen.

  27. Okay I haven't used my lg optimus G pro in like 4 months. When I went to charge it, just the back and the menu buttons were blinking on and off but still hasnt charged anything at all and ive tryed all 3 reset resolutions still nothing just blinks..

    Any Suggestions to what it may be, I think itsjust the battery but I dont want it to end upbeing the motherboard or anything else??

    1. Thanks Hope,

      Certainly sounds like a battery. Oddly enough, many batteries will actually lose the ability to recharge if they go 100 percent dead. This is actually a sign of a defective battery, so replace the one you have, and you should be set.

  28. Hi. My mom has a LG Optimus g pro and suddenly stopped working. The screen is frozen. It wont let you go to settings or enter any apps. It also has the voice command on for some reason. She cant make any calls or answer any calls at all. It's like the screen is frozen. I took the battery out a few times to see if that would reboot it but no luck. She is very frustrated and the phone is fairly new. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Thanks Heather,

      Since powering down the device is not working, it is clear there was an all out software crash on your device.

      As your device is new, we suggest taking your device in to where you got it, and see what they can do about getting you a new phone. This sort of problem cannot be fixed at a repair shop, and is best left to the manufacturer to get you a new phone.

  29. One night when plugging in my phone it would not recognize the charger then after sitting for a few minutes it would recognize it on and off and eventually charged to 100% overnight. I cleaned out the charging port a bit and now it recognizes the charger but the battery keeps discharging even though it says its charging. I have tried multiple chargers and cables with the same result. I'm going to try cleaning out the port some more, but what could possibly be the problem? i have had no problems with the battery or charging port until now

    1. Thanks Sean,

      Sounds like your charge port has gone bad. Phone parts don't last forever sadly, so replace your charge port, and you should be set. you can always mail in your device for repair with one of our technicians at:

  30. After downloading the latest kitkat update my E980 will turn off randomly then immediately start to reboot. Sometimes it is successful and sometimes it is not. It has a a cracked screen but this problem did not arise until after the software update. I have tried a new battery and working with it while plugged in but in both cases it still shuts down and tries to reboot or gets stuck in a reboot loop all the while draining the battery, which also seems like the battery life indicator is also malfunctioning. Is there any hope of repair? I have tried soft and hard resets.

    1. Thanks Nathan,

      The resets are what we would advise normally.

      Since you have tried those steps all ready, there is not much that can be done from here. Software updates cause the motherboard of a device to slightly change the way it functions (not fully, but power and signals will run through different areas at different levels than previously).

      Since the device all ready has a cracked screen, it is likely the device was also damaged internally during the same event that caused the screen to break. Now this damage is apparent due to the update.

      Best thing to do from here (since you all ready tried the resets) is to just look for a new device.

  31. Is the home button key hard to repair? I got it service just today since its not workign though the lights around it works. It was an LG service center though and it seem they messed up opening the unit, i was advised it would take 2-3 days. Sadly.

    1. Thanks nkbd,

      That's about as good of a time frame as any for this repair.

      The home button is found under the main screen. You can do this repair on your own, or you can mail it in to us at: If you mail in your device to us for repair, you are looking at 1-3 days for repair+shipping time. If you order the part on your own, you are looking at a couple days worth of shipping time as well.

      Since your looking at a few days for repair any way you slice it, your best solution here will be to go with the cheapest option.

  32. There is nothing wrong with my LG Optimus G Pro, except for on the screen display, it doesn't fully cover up the screen. There a maybe 2 millimeter black spacings from the side of the screen to where it actually displays it. Like I said, nothing wrong with it, and this doesn't bother me, but if there is a wag to fix it, I would love to know :)


    1. Thanks Devan,

      Sounds like your LCD screen is starting to go bad.

      If your fine with the issue, then your cheapest option will be to do nothing. Sometimes however, the damage here can get worse overtime. If you would like to avoid that, or fix it when the time comes, replacing your LCD screen will fix the problem.

      1. How much does somethign like that cost?

        And how rare is it?

        1. Thanks Donald,

          We have the parts available right here online as DIY repair kits:

          There is both a Sprint and an AT&T version of this device, so make sure you get the right version for your device.

          If you would like a technician to complete the repair, please call us at: 1.855.234.9483 for a price quote.

  33. I try to download apps on my phone but it always says insufficient storage but there isn't anything one my phone but music HELP!!!

    1. Thanks Tousa,

      Restore your device back to factory default settings. This will wipe everything off your phone (so back up your information first), but this will also clear off any glitch that may be blocking your device from working correctly. Once this is done, reload your information, and try installing the apps you want again.

      If you still get the same message, then your music may be taking up more space then it seems.

  34. A while back, someone spilled tea on my E980. For a short time afterwards, if I pressed the home button, volume up button, or quick button, the phone would react as if I pressed some combination of them together. Eventually, it started spontaneously performing the actions related to these buttons (maxing out the volume, going to the task manager, etc.) I removed what residue I could find from the spill, though if that actually fixed anything, it was only temporary. Eventually the buttons just stopped working altogether (probably 8+ months ago). I have been able to use the phone without the functionality these buttons provided. I recently replaced the digitizer and battery; and wondered if it would be possible to restore it to like-new condition. Do you think there is any way to restore the functionality of these buttons?

    1. When a device is touched by liquid, the internal components begin to break down.

      This process does not stop, when the liquid is gone, and the only way to get your device back up and running (hopefully) is to do a liquid damage cleaning. A technician will clean every area of your device with a high grade cleaner. Normally, a mobile device will resume full functionality after the cleaning.

      Sometimes, parts will be too damaged as a result of the liquid, and will need replacement afterward. If that is the case, most repair shops (especially ours) will give you a price quote for repair before they fix anything on the device.

      If you would like us to clean your device, you can mail in your phone or tablet at:

  35. LG Optimus G Pro....replaced the battery in the phone about a week ago and since that time a message appears every couple of minutes that says "Failed to update Location." Does this with location turned both on and off....

    1. Thanks Jason,

      This is a software error provided everything else (cell service/WiFi) are working just fine.

      Try restoring your device back to factory default settings. If this fixes it, then your set. If not, then you may try talking to your service provider to see if there is anything they can do on their end.

  36. My optimus g pro did 2 updates and shut off, now it won't turn back on

    1. Thanks Emily,

      Sounds like your device either had an internal error or virus that caused the shut down, or it was just a bad install.

      Contact LG or your service provider to see if there is a back door in to reset your device. If not, then let one of the 2 know, and they should be able to get you into a new phone.

  37. I dropped my lg optimus g pro, e980 now the button to lock my screen is not working. How can I fix it, or how much will the repair cost?

    1. Thanks Jose,

      This is your power button flex cable that needs to be fixed, and this is a part that we normally have to special order.

      We do not offer this as a DIY kit at this time, but if you would like a price quote, please call a technician directly at: 1.855.234.9483.

  38. Hi I have a cracked LG G Pro . I recently dropped it in the shower face down , and when i took it out it looked fine. However , when I got out of the shower and started using my phone , for the first 30 seconds or so it looks good but then it slowly began to display this weird color , almost like a "negative" effect. I can still see the colors but they are not accurate at all. Green can look red , etc. After drying it for 2 days in my dry box it shows accurate colors for one or two seconds before it just fades into a bright negative image. I've tore down the phone and did full water damage repair on the mother board and booted it back up , and the same problem happens all over again. My hypothesis is that the LCD is at fault , however im not too sure to conclude that.

    1. Thanks Jayden,

      Based on your description, yes it is a bad screen and you need a new one.

      Since the liquid damage cleaning did not solve the issue, then this is clearly a hardware malfunction, and not just liquid damage. Once you replace the screen, you should be set.

  39. My phone battery was low, and died in the process of powering on. Ever since then, any app that requires access to the phone storage ( internal or SD) crashes (ex: Google Play Music, the file browser app that comes in the phone). The app will show a blank screen, then turn black and it stays like that until I close the app. How do I fix this, and is it possible without a hard reset?

    1. Thanks Stuart,

      This is an internal Google Play Error that has happened on most Android devices at some point.

      Make sure you have all the latest software updates installed on your device first, and then refer to our blog on how to fix the Google Play Errors:

  40. Hi

    I replaced my display/digitizer for LG optimus G pro since the menu and back buttons did not work. After getting a new phone replacement under warranty, i noticed the camera switches on even with locked screen. The volume button if pressed for 3-5 seconds will activate the camera on locked screen..this is a problem if the phone is put in the pocket and the button is accidently pressed..i see 100 pictures of teh interior of my pocket..there is no shortcut assigned for this function and i cannot disable it...kindly help


    1. Thanks NoobFanOfLG,

      Take your refurbished LG back and swap it with a different LG device.

      This is a software glitch on the device. There is nothing that can be done to repair this, but since you got it under a warranty replacement, your best bet will be to do the same thing with this device as well.

  41. Hi, I have a fully rooted and unlocked LG Optimus G pro. It's originally an At&T phone but I'm currently using it with Metro PCS. Here is my problem..... I have totally customized my phone down to the boot animation. Recently I installed a third party app fromt the play store that would allow me to install some different fonts. Once you install a font through this app, you need to reboot your phone to see the results. It worked great a few times. Finally, I installed one particular font and it asked me to reboot as usual. When I rebooted the phone, it never came back on. It loads up until the boot animation and then repeats. I tried a lot of different solutions I found on the web such as, putting my phone into download mode and using LG's smart tool to find the original firmware. This program says connecting but never actually does. I tried KNV firmware loader and the .KDZ files I have fail to extract. Whats wrong with my phone? I'm assuming its a software issue. Can it be the hardware instead? What do I do? Please help me!

    1. Greetings,

      Once the device is rooted, it's a complete changeup of all of the software in the device. It may not be making the connection due to this - if anything in the root has disabled the Smart tool (which if I were writing code to root, I would disable this), this is probably half of the issue.

      Unfortunately, this is part of the risk of rooting a device. It's like my age-old copy of Lightspeed - it's on five 5.25-inch floppy disks. Alas, one is corrupt and was not write-protected, so it can never be installed again from the disks. The manual is pretty, though.

  42. I replaced my digitizer worked fine and now sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt. Any ideas?

    1. This is probably a loose connection check the digitizer connection and make sure it is seated properly.

  43. Hey my optimus pro g e980 keeps shutting off and rebooting after i use an app or when ever my battery gets low. Sometimes after charging it to full it will shut off as well and says its barely charged. I was told by a friend i might need a new battery. Is this correct. When i frist got the phone it was not doing this but my friend said that the battery might be defective.

    1. That would be the first thing that I would try.

  44. Hi, I have an LG optimus G pro e980 i gave it my wife who was using it for one week and then suddendly after using it one night she wokethe next morning and the phone had shut down by itself and it did not turn on at all. I have tried to charge no use, changed battery no go, no notification light, even tried the button combo and nothing. I would like to know if you could fix this phone. I'm out of options at this point and time.


    1. Sounds like you may need a new battery. Go to click on service then mail in repair if you would like to send it to us.

  45. The in-call screen on my LG Optimus Pro G e980 does not appear when I am making or receiving a call. The phone app to dial, view address book, etc. works fine, but the in-call screen does not display at all.

    1. The proximity sensor on the device is blocked. You can tell where it is by looking for a shallow pit that is probably semi-concealed on the front of the device (easier to see it from the side).

      This part is what is responsible for the main screen shutting down so that you don't dial or hit numbers with your skin while in a conversation.

    2. Try a soft reset if that does not work try a hard reset.

  46. I dropped my lg optimus pro in bathtub and now when i turn it on everything is normal, sound, lights everything but the screen is completely black. I can still recieve calls and messages and touch screen works but no display

    1. You have a bad display. Also you will start noticing other problems before long if you do not get the device cleaned by a professional. I say use a professional to clean your device as it will have to be taken completely apart and cleaned with 95% alcohol. To remove all of the corrosion.

  47. I got my screen repaired on my phone, and I get to my camera and its black and stats that it cannot connect to camera, then when I type own my keyboard it does more letters then I put. What do I do?
    Help please and thank you!!

    1. Hi Kandace!

      It could be a number of things. I would recommend if your repair is under warranty you take it back to the repair place that did the repair. If it is not under warranty we offer a mail in repair at where we will do a diagnostic on your device for $25.00 plus shipping. If we find the problem and you have us repair the device we will waive the $25.00 diagnostic fee and you pay for the repair plus shipping.

  48. my g pro recently started powering off while in my pocket, and in order to get it to turn back on I have to take the battery out for a couple of seconds. and the today even after taking the battery out the phone wil not turn back on, I can connect the wall charger and it is hit and miss sometimes it will come on and other times it doesn't. also, when I connect the charger, I get the settings and return buttons at the bottom of the phone start to flash and then they will flash in sequences for example at first I get flash, flash, flash...then two short flashes and a long flash...then 3 short flashes and no long flash, all doing this only if its connected to a charger otherwise I get nothing period

    1. Hi Odumboi!
      I would try a new battery. You can get a new one at

  49. I did flashing of my lg g pro e980
    After doing that i have lost all of my network signal no signal i got after that
    Any help?????

    1. Hi Ghulam!
      It sound like you need to have your carrier re-provision your service on your device.

  50. I tried upgrading my phones software but now it is switching on and off without working.
    It only shows the lg screen then the upgrading software screen then turning off then immediately switching on and repeating the process over and over again,
    what do I do?

    1. Try a hard reset it will clear all data but it might get your phone working. If you would like us to look at it we offer a mail in repair at under the service tab.

  51. I have an LG optimus g pro that keeps throwing SIM card errors. Reboot and works for couple min and rethrows it. Then Will go for hours without it. I've got New Sims card and changed the Sims card holder three times and done 2 complete restores. Still keeps popping up? Please help

    1. Hi Ricker!
      I would have to say that you are having a Logic Board issue. If you would like you can mail in your device to us by going to and clicking on the service tab. This type of issue is going to be a little more difficult to trace down as you have tried the simple fixes with no success.

  52. My phone was at 90% battery then I checked it about 45 minutes later and it wouldn't turn on. So I put it on the charger and only the bottom two touch buttoms will turn on but the charge light will not.

    1. Hi Ryan!
      Well I would have to do a diagnostic on your device to find the issue. It could be several things the first being the battery could be bad....We offer a m ail in repair service at our web site under the service tab.

  53. My phone reaches 75% battery life and dies by itself, why does this keep happening and how can i make it stop. Also when i try to turn it on it stays for a minute amd dies again.

    1. Hi Oscar!
      It sounds like you need a new battery. Here is a link to get one.

  54. Dear Sir,

    I purchased LG Gpro E-988 from local market in Pakistan. My sim card signal arrives some time or it go for a long time I am unable to use my network services. I also have an another service provider sim but it also has same error. Please help me to get out from this issue I am in Pakistan.

    1. Hi Arsalan!
      You are having an issue with your cellular antenna. This can be fixed if you would like to mail it in just click this link

  55. Hey!
    I bought my LG Optimus g pro this weekend and I have a few problems with my keyboard...
    1. Sometimes when I'm writing and I press letters like T or Y, the keyboard changes to the number and simbold section even though I didn't click it.
    2. A friend of mine turned the word predictor on, and then I tried to turn it off, but it won't dissapear. I tried turning it on and off several times, but it's still there.... what can I do???

    1. Hi Maria!
      I would try a soft reset first if that does not work then a hard reset will probably fix the issue.

  56. Hi Sir,

    My LG Optimus Pros back button seems to have taken on a new function. Now it seems to toggle between functions. eg, brings up the keyboard. How do I get it to be a proper back button again?

    1. Hi Alwyn!
      Well it could be a setting or the buttons could be going bad. I will include a link to see if that helps you (,d.cWc )

  57. I replace my g pro pro screen and sometime its unresponsive until i turn off the screen, then it works for a bit then unresponsive again until i turn off the screen. What do you think is wrong.

    1. Hi Thomas!
      This could be an issue with the software.

  58. I have a LG Access phone. Suddenly, I have an almost totally black screen. In total darkness, I can see the screen slightly but cannot see any icons, etc. I have taken the battery out & still have the black screen. The touch of the screen is working as I can hear the phone turning on/off. I just cant see anything as the screen as it is black or almost so.

    The phone is only 1 1/2 months old.


    1. Hi Richard!
      It sounds like your back light has gone out. We offer a mail in repair service if you would like to a certified technician to look at your device just click on this link ( ).

  59. Hey, I have A LG Optimus Pro and it's been dropped a couple times, has a cracked screen, and now it doesn't work well, it sometimes does stuff on its own And wont respond to me touching the screen. What did do I need to do or get for my phone?

    1. Hi Sam!
      You Will need this part (). Or you can mail it in to us at this link ( ) and we can do the repair for you.

  60. Am Using an LG F240 and am experiencing serious callibration screen wouldn't even rotate, the back button and the menu page button are automatically pressing themselves..this started after I took d pone to the seaside..and the sea(salt water) came in contact with it..thanks

    1. Hi Ebunoluwafunmi!
      Your device needs to have a liquid damage cleaning done on it. We offer that as a mail in repair. Just click this link ( )>

  61. My lg optimus g pro f240l is restarting itself many times.i did a factory resets,wiped cache and dalvik cache.but still the problem exists.i dnt want to install custom roms.i meed a solution for my on stock kitkat 4.4.pls i need a solution as soon as possible.

    1. Hi Krishna!
      It could be many things but the first thing I would check is a stuck power button. If you would like a certified technician to look at your device we offer mail in repairs at this link ( ).

  62. Hello,
    I have an LG optimus G pro, love the phone, but I can't get my data on. When I go into the settings it says my mobile data is on, however when I look in my network status, it tells me that my network is disconnected. My calling And texting works just fine, but my mobile data doesn't & I have unlimited everything. Some help would be gratefully appreciated.
    Please & thank you.

    1. Hi Kaylen!
      This is more than likely a provider issue I would have them re-provision you device.

  63. I rooted my lg optimus g pro and it will not turn on it just stop at the at&t logo & keep blinking

    1. Hi Jimecia!
      This is a software issue this is the risk that you run when trying to root your device. I would try rooting your device again and see if that works.

  64. Have been trying to download application on my phone after flashing my lg optimus 660 but its not downloading. Or after downloading it keeps telling me that their is. Problem parshing the parkage

    1. Hi Elizabeth!
      This is an issue that you will need a professional look at. We offer mail in repairs at under the service tab.

  65. I had my screen/digitizer replaced and now my phone acts crazy. When I turn it on the screen flickers sometimes and others the phone repeatedly turn off and on please helps!

    1. Hi Aj!
      From what you describe it sounds like a bad screen or a loose connection. It will be hard to say for sure with out seeing the device. We do offer a mail in repair service at this link if you would like for a certified technician to look at your device.

  66. The sensor the allows the screen the go back once you put your phone up to.your ear to make a call is messed up. As soon as it starts the call my screen goes back and only comes back on if the person hangs up. My phone guy told me there was not a part he could buy to fix it ): help!!! I'm leaving people long voicemails filled with cursing because I can't hang up

    1. Hi Holly!
      Yes your device needs a new proxy sensor. We offer that as a mail in repair at this link ( )

  67. Hi, my aunt gave me a lg g pro D686 phone, it all works and functioning well, I only used that phone on games, but when I used it to call it says that it has call barring, when I go to the settings to fix it up I thought of a usual password which is 0000 & 1234, but it doesnt work, how can I fix this problem? Can I do factory settings in it? Thanx...

    1. Hi Maej!
      A factory reset should work. Otherwise you will have to ask your aunt what the password could be.

  68. Hello,
    I recetnly bought Lg G pro(Korean Version).
    set is fine but its touch senstivity is not good as it should be.
    when i use it, sometime i need to touch the things couple of time to do required action. also there is problem when i was typing using kyeboard. key missed or sometime wrongly typed.

    Please advice to fix the issue.
    Apologize for my bad english.


    1. Hi Qasim!
      This issue is normally related to your device having issues with processing speed. I would check and make sure that all back ground apps are closed and all cookies/cache is cleaned up.

    2. Well i have the same issue on E980, i removed the At&T software with a custom rom, but the problem is still there. I also have a Korean version f240K which is working perfectly fine on the same rom, no lags no mistyping. repairing is expensive in Pak here.

      1. Hi MK
        Well I would like to say that I have the answer for you, but I do not. Putting custom rom's on your device is not something we do because there is a great deal of risk when doing so. I would recommend flashing the device back to original software if you can.

  69. I cant get the Wi Fi to turn on on my optimus G pro. Ill hit the switch and it turns light blue, but the Wi Fi wont actually turn on. Is there anything I can go?

    1. Hi Troy!
      I would like to help you but with out knowing what device you have it would be hard to tell you what to do. What I can offer you is we do mail in repairs if you are interested click n this link ( ) it will take you right to the place to do that.

  70. I own the LG-E980

  71. This was actually a replacement phone because I was having power issues and the Wi Fi hasn't worked since I received it.

    1. Hi Troy
      It sounds like you got a re-manufactured device and the wifi antenna is damaged or not connected correctly.

  72. Hello,
    I have a fairly weird issue with my Lg G pro. In random intervals, my touch screen acts as though someone is tapping it randomly all by itself. I have tried rebooting and cannot use anything without the screen interrupting me and then becoming unresponsive. If I put it to sleep, I have control for a few seconds before it goes berserk. it has gone a whole day without doing it, but it has its unpredictable moments where I cannot use it whatsoever. I can't go on living like this.

    Thanks for any information,

    1. Hi Paulius!
      It sounds like your digitizer is going bad. You will have to replace the LCD and digitizer because they come as a combo. If you would like a certified technician do this repair for you just click this link.

  73. hello i have a lg f240. but suddenly the battery jst stop working saying invalid battery and the battery sign jst stay full without even charging it.
    now the battery did not even charge again will just put a bad signal

    1. Hi Diamonddir!
      You will want to replace the battery. We sell those at

  74. HI, I have an LG-E980,a friend of mine dropped my phone and it just blacked out, so when I plugged the charger in, only the two button beside the home button lit up, but now they wont even light up, I have since then replaced the charger port flex, bought a new batter and a new screen and still nothing....what could be the problem? Oh yea, I've done and re done the procedure about four times to make sure everything was plugged in correctly and still cant get any response out of the phone....Could there be something wrong with the main board itself?

    1. Hi David!
      That is a very good possibility that you have a damaged logic board. At this point the only thing I can offer is our mail in repair at this link . The reason is because LG is a very good device but very picky when it comes to being worked on. Many people have issues when working on LG devices.

  75. Hi! My LG Optimus G pro's screen won't turn on, but when i plug it into the USB the menu and back buttons flash, but nothing happens! I've tried a hard reset, but because the screen won't turn on, I can't! Reccomend how to fix WITHOUT paying any money, because i currently have 11 dollars to my name.

    1. Hi Jack!
      The only thing that can be done is replace the screen. From what you have told me it points to the screen needing to be replaced. We offer mail in repairs at this link

  76. I just purchased broken screen g pro. Phone is fully functional except that the menu and back buttons dont respond. The hard home key does work. Also when I go into front touch button settings and click on button combination it tell me settings have stopped. Same goes for the lg keyboard, but the android keyboard works fine. Is this due to the back and menu buttons not working. Dont know if need to replace just the touch screen digitizer or both glass and lcd.

    1. Hi David
      Couple of things I would do. First I would factory reset the device. I would then naked test the screen meaning test the screen on the device with out setting it down all the way. The if i were you I would order the screen with the frame. You can do that at this web site

  77. Me & my husband bought our Optimus G Pro through At&t & just switched providers from At&t to Metro PCS Unlimited.. After unlocking phones & changing network providers we noticed that we can txt & make calls but cannot send or recieve multi media messages, cannot open downloads, 4G will not show LTE & we seem to always be roaming everywhere..
    Big E at the top of our bars always pop up.. Have did a factory reset & nothing seems to change, west could be the problem with the both of our phones??
    ~~Desperately Frustrated

    1. Hi Charlotte
      It sound t me like you need to go to Metro PCS or call them and have them provision your device for data. Normally when you are unable to send or receive multi media messages it is because cellular data is not available.

  78. I have a lg phone. When i turn my phone on and it boots up i click on the little squares for my applications and it blinks out back to the home screen. When i just leave it on the home screen it just blinks in and out. It doesnt stop until i turn it off. Can someone please help me fix this. Thank you

    1. Hi Margret!
      This could be a couple of different issues. It could be your battery or it could be a software issue. We offer a diagnostic as a mail in repair at this link this would keep you from changing parts that do not need to be changed and you will have the piece of mind knowing that a certified technician is working on your device.

  79. I have a Optimus G Pro E980. If I try to record video it will pop up an error saying audio is in use. If I receive a call, audio from music or apps only returns on Bluetooth connections, all others the app is playing, but no sound via external speaker or headphones. A soft reset fixes it, or about 15 minutes of not using the phone.

    1. Hi Daniel
      It sounds like a software issue or an app gone rouge. I would remove all apps and reinstall them one at a time and see if you can find the one causing the issue.

  80. Hello, my lg optimus g pro went crazy after installing battery optimizer app.... at first it started to browse and close almost all apps installed on phone and then my touch pad (option menu and back button) stopped working. I tried almost all option like hard reset-soft reset still it doesnt make any difference. I guess that crazy app manipulate some the files(driver), is there any option to get it back?

    Thank you in advance

    1. Hi Bikram
      First question have you removed the app. that started all of this.

  81. sir i have LG G Pro F240S .i have 1 big prob..during any call my screen black out..when i pres unloack buttoon but dnts any thing..stil screen black when cal end then everthing normal..just during the cal..pls help me otherwise i chang my phone thank u

    1. Hi Faizan
      This is a proximity sensor issue and needs to be replaced. We offer that repair as a mail in repair at this link

  82. Hello. I have just bought a brand New LG g pro f240s korean modell. I live in Europe so I thought it will word fluently. When I tried to charge with the original walk charger the screen did a lot unusual things ex I could not use it the screen always recognized a lot of touch at the same time. So I tried to charge with another charger. It seemed like it worked. But now I get wery bad battery life only 2hours screen time, and only 6-7 hours battery life. I think it is not good. What can I do?

    1. Hi Dobai
      Well that is an unusual issue. I would drain your battery and recharge the device with the charger that did not come with the device. Cellular devices are very picky when it comes to the power they receive and what the device requires from the battery. When you used the charger that came with the device it may have allowed too much power to go tho the device as most devices that are made in Korea are bought in the US and designed for US power source. I do not remember but if I recall your power is different from US power. So worst case scenario you might need a new battery.

  83. I replaced the screen on my Lg L90 phone and now when i touch an icon a different one opens i tried to recallibrate the phone .. I was wondering if there is anything else i can do or if maybe this means the issue is deeper like maybe the lcd is damaged

    1. Hi Mark
      Well It could be a couple of things. The first thing I would do is check all the connections and make sure they are properly connected.

  84. I went to Europe (Paris and France) with this phone. It worked fine over there. However, since I have come back, the LTE signal/antenna has not worked. The phone is unlocked and rooted as I am using this ATT phone with T-Mobile. I have a protective case, but would a drop "dislodge" the LTE antenna. I have restored the device to no avail. My sim pulls LTE in other phones, but when I check the LTE signal on my E980, it just shows 0's next to everything. Like the software recognizes that the technology is there, but not pulling the signal. Im at a lost. Please help.

    1. Hi Sean
      Yes a drop could dislodge the antenna. I would go to your provider and see if it just needs to be provisioned first.

  85. I have an LG optimus pro E980. A while ago, I changed some settings, and now the pictures that I had not placed in folders on my phone are all "black". Can I get them back? And WHAT settings did I change? (So I can change it back!) Thank you!

    1. Hi Ann
      I am not sure what you changed exactly but i am including this link that will have everything you need to get your device back to the way you would like it to be.

  86. I have a LG LS620 and apparently it keeps hanging up on my calls and say there is now signal at all when there is and its really pissing me off what can i do? i already restarted my phone that didnt help at all and i did a soft reset and i do not want to do a hard reset to fix it so can you please help me

    1. Hi Kirara
      I understand not wanting to do a hard reset. I recommend that you back up your device in case you end up having to hard reset your device. The next thing I would do from here is get with yur service provider and make sure that your device is provisioned correctly.

    2. Hi Kirara
      Well I would contact the service provider and make sure that your device has the proper provisioning. If that does not work we a mail in repair at this link

  87. I got a refurbished pro and i have to tap the buttons on my screen several times for them to i need a digitizer and if so where can i get one?

    1. Hi Ricky
      Well before you go buy a new digitizer I would check all of your connections one of them might be loose causing the issue you are having. After doing that you still have the issue you can go to and get any part you need.

  88. I just purchased an LG Optimus L70 phone. My hone number is showing up as "unknown" on outgoing calls on the phone of the person I'm making the call to.

    1. Hi Jocelyn
      Well most times this is an issue on the service provider side but I have included a link for the user guide for you.

  89. My LG Optimus G Pro Is Not Scanning/Showing My Contacts In Sim While I Can Send Or Receive Messages And Calls. I Have Tried Rebooting The Phone And Changing the Sim Card But It Just Does Not Read Contacts.

    1. Hi Abdullah
      Have you tried down loading a third party application for your contacts to see if it is an issue with your current application.

  90. Hi
    I want to know how can i hear the tone when my phone fully charged, before i use to hear it, idk maybe i touched some button now it doesnt notify me when its fully charged. I got a Lg Optimus Pro.
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Yvette
      You will need to go to the Profile Scheduler+ App and turn that function on.

  91. The screen of my LG Optimus G Pro has a horizontal black lines and it keeps on multiplying everyday.Can you please tell me what to do about this problem on my phone?

    1. Hi Jane
      Well from what you have explained I would say that you need a new screen. If you have had your device worked on recently then you might need to check the connections for the screen. We offer replacement screens at If you would like a certified technician to do the work for you we offer a mail in repair also at this link

  92. Whenever i send a service message to my network provider using MMI code or USSD code, the reply from the service provider always come cut off/ not fully displayed on the screen. And also it doesnt stay long on my screen; just stays for few seconds then it disappears. For example, if the response have 5 options for me to choose from, on the screen only the top 2 options will be displayed and not the other 3. How can I get this fixed?

    1. Hi Albert
      I would like to know what message you are trying to send so I can try to recreate the issue. The service provider would be nice to know also.

  93. I have a LG optimus and my screens won't rotate and yes auto rotate is on and ive shut it off and rebooted it. The case is screwed shut so i havent taken out the battery yet and when i try to set the motion sensor calibration it wont calibrate just keeps telling me it cant. Can you please help me because none of my screens will tilt or rotate please tell me what to do.

    1. Hi Andrew
      Well there are a couple of things that can cause this. First thing is if you dropped your device this can cause damage to the accelerometers in your device in which case you will need to take it to a repair shop or you can mail it in to use at this link . The next possible issue is a glitch in the software. You can try to turn off auto rotation and then back on the restart the device. If this does not work then the next step is to do a factory reset.

  94. Hi,
    I have G Pro2 purchased in Sep'14. Everything was working fine till last week, but now I am getting weird issue in Calls. I able to hear but the opposite party is not able to get my voice clearly. I tried some trouble shooting.
    1) This happens only first 2-3 calls and after it works perfectly fine.
    2) Its not related to microphone, as same issue is faced even when I am using Headsets both wire and Bluetooth. Also I Went into Hidden menu to test the Microphone its working fine.
    3) I also replaced my SIM card but still the issue is there.

    I want to understand what will be the root cause this problem. Because if I will go to service center then they will simply ask me to do the Factory restore. So is it related to Hardware issue (Network chip)?


    1. Hi Amit
      Given the nature of the symptoms it sounds like it is directly related to a software issue. I would first look at all of your apps that would use your mic and I would remove and reinstall them one at a time. This will help you determine if it is an app issue. If this does not work then yes a factory reset is what you will have to do.

      1. Removing the apps helped for a week, Again back to the same issue. I had tried Factory reset earlier. It did'nt help.

  95. The bottom blue/green light on the phone won't stop blinking. It's hard to talk into the phone with the light constantly blinking. What can we do?

    1. Hi Jamal
      Have you tried to soft reset your device?

  96. Sorry I forgot to put the type and model of the phone on question below I sent earlier….The phone is an LG G Pro, E980 .”Whenever i send a service message to my network provider using MMI code or USSD code, the reply from the service provider always come cut off/ not fully displayed on the screen. And also it doesnt stay long on my screen; just stays for few seconds then it disappears. For example, if the response have 5 options for me to choose from, on the screen only the top 2 options will be displayed and not the other 3. How can I get this fixed?”

    1. Hi Albvert
      I wuold like t know what messages you are sending so I can try to replicate the issue

  97. Do old batteries affect the overheating of Cpu of the phone?

  98. My LG-E980 front touch key is not functioning

    1. Hi Abdalah Sule
      I would have to ask if you have had your device worked on at all. If you have it could be a loose connection. If not then your soft key or home button is going bad. Either way we offer this repair as a mail in repair at

  99. My LG Optimus LTE 3 bottom screen is not responding anymore. Well the row where I need to put a number (9) in to get into the phone. If I get in I can take the code off and work around it for a while. Is there anything I can do?

    1. Hi Anthony
      Turn the device on its side and see if that helps. Unless yu have that feature turned off then you will need to replace the screen. We offer this repair at under mail in repair.

  100. Hi, my LG optimus pro screen cracked around the menu and home button... I was wondering what could I do? Besides just replacing the screen or will it fix after the screen replacement? Sorry forgot to mention the menu and home buttons are acting up while i try to text or just while i try to go through apps... Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Julio
      Yes you will need to replace the screen but it will fix the issues you are having with the home and menu button. If you would like us to do the repair just click this link to get started.

  101. i own a lg optimus g pro e988, phone works fine until i insert a sd card, now whenever i place the sd card in the slot, screen of the phone freezes and phone goes in the boot loop. pls help

    1. Hi Pawan
      Well it sounds like you have an sd card reader that has gone bad. We can replace this for you as a mail in repair just go to and click on mail in repair.

  102. Lg g pro has lost signals of all sims what can i do

    1. Hi Tayyabajunaid
      Well I would recommend checking your carrier settings if all of these check out I would see if the carrier can re-provision your device. If that does not work I recommend getting your device to a repair technician so that he can run a diagnostics on your device. If you do not have one local we offer a mail in repair service at and click on mail in repair.

  103. My front camera is having issues. If I try to use it, the screen goes purple and the camera app crashes. Is it possibly the camera itself, or something else?

    1. Hi Michael
      Yes it sounds like the camera has gone bad and replacing it would resolve the issue.

  104. I have a lg optimos g pro e980, when i try and make a call the mic does not work for some reason, if i use an app that has the mic it works Fine just not on making a call. What can i do to fix it??

    1. Hi Erick
      Well just a little fun fact. Smart phones have 2 or more mic's that is why it works some times and not others. One mic is for phone calls and the other is for speech to text, videos and so on. The first thing that I would try is find the mic at the bottom of your device and take a tooth pick and gently clean out the hole. A lot of time this hole will get clogged with lint and other debris causing it not to function.

  105. Dear LG Pro Doctors,

    I had cracked the screen on my phone and I bought a replacement and it was an easy fix. Everything works fine but sound, I can configure it for vibrate and silent modes and all works, including the icon on top that indicates my indicates my choice of settings with the exception for sound icon.
    I have tried everything but a hard reset, is that my last step, and if I go that way and still no solution to my issue what next might I try ?

    1. Hi Budd
      Well before going ant further i would check and make sure that you put the speakers in and they are in their proper place. Most times when things stop working after a repair it is because something was over looked or damaged. You will be able to determine both by opening the device back up.

  106. I bought an Lg-Ls970 refurbished when I got it it was fully charged. Today went to charge it and after an hour it only went up 2%. I tried a different charger and it did the same thing. Eventually I tested the charger on my husbands phone which worked fine before I used it and it was doing the same thing to his but that charger had worked great prior to using it on my LG. Basically I think my phone is killing all my chargers what should I do?

    1. Hi Rosenda
      It could be a couple things either you have a bad charge port on your device or you could have an international device that requires a different charger.

  107. I have AT&T E980,
    1- when i press the power button the touch works after 1 sec delay.
    2- some times it mistypes the words I press during a txt (auto correction turn-off)
    3- there is a lag in the touch, before rooting it hangs after different gaps of time.
    Please guide!

    1. Hi Mk
      Have you tried reinstalling the software?

  108. my LG Optimus G pro charges and home button works but the button to lock the screen isn't working... So now I can charge it but can't turn my phone on. Do you know how to fix this??

    1. Hi Marisa
      It sounds like you need the the button replaced. We offer this repair as a mail in repair at

  109. I have a unique problem with my LG GPRO Handset. When I try to play audio files received in Whatsapp, it stops after 2 seconds. However, I do not have any issue with video files and I can play them fully.

    K L Bhaskaran

    1. Hi K L Ghaskaran
      I would try uninstalling that app and the reinstall it. It sounds like an issue with the app.

  110. My lg optimus g pro e980 i use power button to turn on but when i try to turn off it won't let me i have to take out the battery and then it works for 5 minutes before not letting me use it again. And the middle button won't work at all lights around it work but when i press it nothing happens was wondering if it would be cheaper to get it fixed or just get a new phone?

    1. Hi Jose
      It sounds like you need new buttons. You can order those at we also offer mail in repairs at the same web site if you would prefer a certified technician to do the repair.

    2. Hi Jose
      You could also have an issue with a battery or a curcuit on the logic bard is going bad.

  111. Have an optimus g pro that I've replaced the screen in, everything works perfectly except the external speaker which is fuzzy. What's up with it?

    1. Hi Greg
      Well you might have a screw stuck to the inside of the speaker or you might have damaged the speaker in the repair. I would look for smething metal stuck to the speaker. Or even something covering the speaker.

  112. the top of the screen of my lg f240 does not work any more and sometimes all the screen does not work

    1. Hi Singbeogo
      It sounds like one of two things either your digitizer is going out or you have dropped the device at some point ant the connection is loose. I am leaning more towards the bad digitizer. We over DIY parts and mail in repair service at

  113. Hi
    I have purchased few LG f240 (G pro 1) and all of them seem to Freeze from time to time while using it.
    I dont understand what can be wrong with it. I have to lock the screen then unlock and it starts working fine for sometime till next freeze.

    any idea what might be causing this.. it has happened in about 3 phones out of 5

    1. Hi Roneel
      I would check and see what back ground apps are running. If you are using several social media apps or games these will use up the ram on a device and cause it not to function properly.

  114. Replaced my screen on my lg Optimus and now it won't charge.

    1. Hi Angela
      I would open the phone back up and make sure the connection is good. If all is good the the charge port may need to be replaced too.

  115. hy my lg pro f240 is not detecting the sim . Can you help me how can i come out from this problem

    1. Hi Ahmed
      It sounds like you will need to have the sim Card reader replaced. We offer this as a mail in repair at

  116. please i have lg E980 and the cover rhat cover the lense has been scratched so i can't get a nice picture can i replace that covee

    1. Hi Obed
      Yes you can replace that part you will need to order the mid frame for your device.

  117. please i have lg E980 and the cover that cover the lense has been scratched so i can't get a nice picture can i replace that cover

    1. Hi Obed
      Yes you can replace that part. You will need the complete mid frame here is the ebay location. US LG Optimus G Pro E980 Back Middle Mid Frame Bezel Rear Housing + Camera Lens

  118. I have change microphone on lg E980 now it's not turning on only thing happened when I plug charger in I can see lights on menu bar and as soon I pull charger of lights go away how can I trouble shoot this issues please help me thanking you

    1. Hi Bill
      I would double check all of the connections starting with the battery.

  119. Sir i have istalled MATRIX_FINAL 5.0.2 on my lg g pro F240L. now when i put my sim , the sim doesnt connect to the network and now signals come. whats the problem???? is any other file is needed for it????

    1. Hi Ahmed
      Well first thing that has to be asked is was the update installed so that it would write over the old OS? Second question did you factory reset your device before the update? From my research these are two very important things to do.

  120. Good day i have wipe my lg pro lite cellphone, Now i cant scroll down in the menu and the disability setting if on. I don't know how to change this back to normal settings.

    1. Hi Johan

      If LG G Pro Lite has a persistent problem that cannot be solved, you can perform a factory reset (also called a hard reset or master reset). A factory reset reverts the phone back to its initial state — the state before you turned on the phone for the first time.

      LG G Pro Lite hard reset : A hard reset may help like following example-

      ☆ With a blank or frozen screen
      ☆ Apps crashing or freezing
      ☆ Keypad/touch screen problems
      ☆ Can't hear, phone making noises
      ☆ Forgotten Pattern Lock
      ☆ Forgotten Phone Lock
      ☆ Forgotten User Code
      ☆ Can't make or receive calls and phone won't sync.

      Here's some basic steps- how to hard reset LG G Pro Lite phone :

      Note: Reset will often remove and erase all of your personal data from the LG G Pro Lite Phone , and restore the phone back to its original factory settings.

      Before running, watch the following checks:

      1. Please Maintain 80% Battery Charge and then turned OFF before beginning.
      2. Save your important data to a safe location or external phone, hard drive, raid system media or SD card.
      3. Check that really saved what needs to be saved
      4. Back up emails.

      Note : After doing hard reset not possible to recover your LG e975 Optimus G phone‘s data, so online backup is always important.

      [Image: ap-warning.png]To perform this process at your own risk

      How to hard reset LG G Pro Lite, step by step guide :

      Step 1: If the device is on, switch it off

      Step 2: Press together and hold the Press and Hold the Volume Down button + Both Power button.

      Step 3: When the device vibrates release the Power button only.

      Step 4: When the LG logo appears on the screen press the two buttons again for 2 seconds.

      Step 5: Then release them before the LG logo disappears.
      Let the device for about a minute until the operation is complete hard reset, and then you can use it again.

  121. My touch screen functions just fine. My back and menu buttons do not though. I have tried letting the phone battery drain and holding the power for a full minute. I also tried the magnet. DARN YouTube videos. So far nothing has worked. Please help me.

    1. Hi Nicole
      It sounds like you will need to have the soft keys as we call them replaced. We offer this repair at

  122. my menu button is not working...the back and home button work fine...?? wht could be the problem

    1. Hi Arnold
      It sounds like the sensor for your menu button has gone bad. The only way to resolve this is to replace the sensor.

  123. please I have a problem and need help.

    I have LG optimus pro G E980 and it was working just fine for the last year and suddenly it start to make some problems with the phone signal

    when I am calling any one or any one call me if I make long calls more than 5 minutes the phone hang up from it self and some times the phone is full signal in a very good signal coverage place and I receive many messages that my mobile was switch off and some numbers tried to reach me. I tried hard reset and it doesn't work and I even tried to install stock rom also nothing new

    any suggestions ???


    1. Hi Mohamed
      It sounds like you had a custom rom installed on your device. If this is the case and restoring the original rom did not fix the issue the only other option is to go to the carrier and have the device provisioned.

  124. Hi, my LG G pro keeps turning off while i use it. When i turn it on again the battery is drained and takes 2 or 3 goes before the phone's battery is back and working. This has happened more than 5 times this month and a factory reset hasn't helped its situation. What could be the problem?? Thank you

    1. Hi Swechha
      Well it sounds like your battery is going bad. I would replace the battery. We offer replacement parts at

  125. i updated my g pro u+ lte version to lollipop. but this rom has a lot of useless korean apps. can u suggest how to remove these apps.

    1. Hi Archit
      Those apps are part of the software. If you want to get remove those then you will have to get the U.S. version.

  126. Hi
    My lg g pro touch works in the downside, I can see the image perfectly no problem with that, a hard reset can solve it?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Gustavo
      You can try a hard reset but it sounds like your digitizer has gone bad. We offer that as a mail in repair at

  127. Hi- I just replace my LCD and my touch screen on my LG Optimus G Pro now my phone is going black when I make a call reading thru your thread it looks like my proximity sensor has gone out now. OH JOY! problem is I have no idea where it is. It appears to be a fairly cheep fix and I quite like my phone. Can you help? Thanks!

    1. Hi Kim
      The proximity sensor is located next to the front facing camera or as some like to call it the selfie camera. I would check and make sure that it is in the proper place and not covered by anything like tape or something before I bought a new one.

  128. Hi, I was just wondering if the components and parts in the Lg E980 the same as ones in the Lg E988?

    1. Hi Angeline
      No parts are not interchangeable from one to the other. It is recommended to get the parts for your device model when possible.

  129. i am using lg e980 AT&T the set is going hotter at the back i lost the battery due buldge out i replace the batt but it seems that battery consumption is higher and the set is going hotter near the sim holder

    1. Hi Sohail
      It sounds like you have a damaged logic board this can only be resolved by replacing the logic board.

  130. My AT&T LG OGPro will not connect to any frontier wifi internet. It will connect for 2 seconds and then gos to secured. Ive called my internet provider twice and they keep telling me it the phone?

    1. Hi Nikki
      I would first try rebooting the device. If that does not work then I would consider a factory reset.

  131. Hi my lg g pro f40l freezes when am browsing and will only wotk after i press the power button and turn the screen off and on

    1. Hi Miracl
      I would get a memory cleaner for you device. I would also close all back ground apps. To many times people experience this type of issue and it is directly related to the device not being maintained. Smart phones are becoming more and more like hand held computers and just like a laptop or a home pc you have to clean the cookies and cache from time to time.

  132. I've used the phone for a year, after that my phone is slow and I decided to flash, but once in a flash, the SIM card is unreadable no signal, I try with another sim is still the same problem, what might my phone sim locked?

    1. Hi Arjana
      I would restore your device to factory any time you flash custom rom to your device you run the risk of corrupting the software.


    1. Hi Ray
      Most of the time this means that your camera is defective. We offer this repair at

  134. Hi, my girlfriend has this phone and it started suddenly being very slow, on both WiFi and 4G. She dropped it and cracked the digitizer so she just gave it to me, I changed the digitizer and I went ahead and did a factory reset, thinking it might speed the phone up, but it didn't work. It's not the apps themselves that seem slow, rather it's the actual data transfer, very slow to navigate Facebook, YouTube and whatnot. It's fine if I'm just using an app that doesn't utilize any sort of data. I was hoping somebody could give me some insight as to what steps I should take to get this sorted out. I'm not totally incompetent when it comes to smartphones, I've rooted a fair number of them, and I plan on rooting this one but I didn't see a point in it yet since it's not running correctly on its factory settings. Is there something I can do to sort this problem out if I root the phone? Like change the frequency/radio/modem settings or whatever? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Chris
      Well the first thing I would do is have the carrier setting checked. The next thing is does it have the latest update. There have been some issues with Lollipop and LG devices.

      1. Hi my phone works but it will not turn on what can I do???

        1. Hi Destiny
          Can you please explain how it works but will not turn on? This will help trouble shoot your device.

  135. I have an lg optimus g pro e980 and im having alot of wifi signal problems. I could be in the same room as my modem and it will still disconnect or have poor signal. What can i do

    1. Hi Shanna
      Have you done the latest update. If so I would try going back to the old os and doing a factory reset then doing the update.

  136. Hi I just replace the digitizer on my l90 it was working. I found out it wasn't charging and home button wasn't working. So I took it apart and found that I missed a connector. Since I fix that part the digitizer isn't working anymore. I check to see if it was connected right and it is. So do I have to buy a new digitizer?

    1. Hi Shiloh
      I would look at the physical connector and make sure there is no damage to it. If the screen was working prior to you taking it apart again then you have either damaged the flex cable or the the connector.

  137. sir i have lg f240l mobile fone does not recognize any sim.. but the technician said that card reader is in good condition ..there is no problem with card reader....technician not able to find the solution....

    1. Hi Asif
      I understand but please remember that some times parts can go bad even though they don't look bad. If the technician could not get the sim reader to work then it is bad and needs to be replaced. We offer a mail in repair at

  138. Sir i hav lg g pro f240 mobile, if i wil use my facebook it always freezing when i scroll down & up.. i try to use my fb in my other mobile it so good no freezing.. i did already reset soft reset and hard reset but it still freezing i can't scroll down. So i used to press the power just to close the light and press the home button and slide the home screen to open again bfore i can scroll down.. i dnt know how could i fix this problem.

    1. Hi Roy
      I would check to see what back ground processes your phone has running. This can slow a phone down considerably especially when on face book as face book take a lot to run.

  139. Hi! My Lg G pad 7.0 LTE died yesterday while its battery was low and I plugged it in all night (tried different chargers too) and the screen still comes out black...ive tried turning it on by holding the power button and the volume buttons also the power button by itself , I also plugged it into my computer and my computer made a noise letting me know it was plugged into it, my tablet also sometimes makes a vibrating noise when I try to turn it back on. Please help I have no idea what to do

    1. Hi Paige
      It sounds like you might need a new battery for your tablet. We can do this for you at

  140. i dropped my phone, and now the service wont work. i dont know what happened, and i dont know how to fix it

    1. Hi Stephanie
      Well I would first make sure that the sim card is in properly. If yes then I would take your device to the carrier and try a new sim card. If that does not work we offer a mail in repair at

  141. When I insert the sim card into my lg optimus g pro, the network signal shows for some time and it suddenly goes off or it sometimes does not show at all. there is usually a red "x" signal at where the network signal displays.please help me out. I've replaced my sim card but i still face the same challenges.

    1. Hi Dumfeh
      Have you tried a factory reset r a soft reset on the device these will sometimes resolve this issue.

  142. My phone keeps shutting down when i use it. It doesnt really shut down it just immediately turns itself off. Im not sure what could be causing this. Do you have you ideas?

    1. Hi Chris
      I would first try changing the sleep timer to max or off and then restart the phone some times this helps with this issue. Or if you have replaced the screen you might have covered the proximity sensor with adhesive or damaged it.

  143. Dear,
    I have a problem with my LG G pro-F240 touch screen or may be with the software, because some time its touch stopped working. I reset it but still same problem. When i unlock the screen it stop working, after 2 time pressing unlock key it works. I got this cell phone with the latest android version 5.0.1
    Give me a solution for that problem..
    I will wait for your kind reply

    1. Usman Sami,
      Thank you for your comment.

      The issue that you are describing sounds like what we would call “Intermittent Touch Issues.” There are a few potential causes for this problem.

      Has the screen ever needed to be replaced on this device? The display and front glass of this device are actually not fused which allows a glass only replacement. It is not uncommon to have touch issues after replacing the front glass on this device.

      Software can also be a cause of this problem. It appears that the LG G Pro F240 was manufactured with Android 4.1.2 (Jellybean) and was then upgraded to 4.4.2 (Kitkat). From what we have been able to determine, there is not an official release of Android 5.0.1 for this device. If this device has been updated to a version of Android not originally designed for this device, you can expect to experience issues with hardware compatibility. This may present as touch screen issues, Wi-Fi issues, or even full hardware failure.

      To rule out the software as a cause, we recommend that you restore this device back to a Factory Stock ROM which was made specifically for this device for the carrier it is on.

      If you are still experiencing touch issues, we would recommend that you bring the device into a location to have the hardware checked out. If it can be determined that the digitizer is faulty, then a screen replacement would be the best resolution for this device.

      Thank You,
      Matt Jones
      Customer Service

  144. So my phone recently started to freak out. I got the spazzing to stop but still my bottom two touch buttons (back and Menu) dont work. Any ideas on what would cause this. When ever i try to use them my phone senses that i am touching slightly above the bottom of my screen.

    1. Hello Mitch, thanks for your question.

      On this device, the touch keys down on the bottom of the phone are actually situated just behind the front glass. They are connected to the charge port flex board. It is not an uncommon occurrence for this part to become dislodged and stop registering those inputs.

      Has this device had a screen replacement performed on it? This is something that can be a result of having the screen replaced.

      Fixing this device could be as simple as disassembling it and reassembling it with the charge port flex board situated properly.

      I wish you the best of luck with your device!
      Matthew Jones.

  145. i have korea version LG G pro, everything is fine but next morning suddenly my sim stooped working. i thought my sim got damaged but when i had inserted my sim in in another phone then its working fine.
    my problem is:
    1: when there is no sim inserted in LG G Pro then it shows no sim insreted. (this is ok and usual).
    2: but when sim inserted then it is not able to find the network connections. (but this sim is working with another handset[mobile]).
    3: and also when i had inserted same company another number sim then its working fine. network connection is present.

    can any one help me what exactly is the problem with my LG G pro.

    please let me know what is the problem and how can i solve it.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hello there Shivanshu and thanks for your question.

      If I understand you correctly, you are having issues with the LG G Pro reading a SIM card. It is good that the phone is able to tell you that "No SIM inserted" when there is no SIM card installed. However, when you install a known good SIM it works in that phone and when you install that SIM into another phone it works.

      If this is what you are saying then the next thing I can offer is if the SIM card is for a GSM carrier. There is a chance that it is a SIM card for Verizon to access their LTE network. If the SIM card is not from a GSM provider, that could explain the issue.

      There is a possibility that the SIM card and the Phone don't like each other anymore. (Not the technical terms of course but, essentially I've seen issues where the phone just rejects a SIM card.) If this is the case, you might be able to resolve the issue by having your carrier issue a replacement SIM card. I know AT&T Corporate stores can replace AT&T SIM cards for free and non-corporate stores will usually charge around $10. Carriers like StraightTalk sell SIM Activation Kits which contain new SIM cards.

      I suggest replacing the SIM card before seeking any repairs.

      I hope these suggestions have been helpful,
      Matthew Jones.

  146. Sir, i have two lg g pro
    In first one was fall last weak and its screen damage from top to centre of mobile but touch and everything is working so can u please tell me what component i need to replace.
    and in second one after updating on 5.0 lollipop charging and sim is not functioning so can you tell what is the actual fault
    i hope u can give me solution of my mobile problems

    1. Hello Ali and thanks for your questions.

      I'll start with the device that has a damaged screen. These devices do not have a fused display and it is possible to do a "Digitizer" or "Glass Only" replacement on this device. I would recommend that if your device's screen is cracked but still generating images.

      Now for the phone having issues on Android 5.0 Lollipop. Do you know if this was an Authorized Carrier update or if the Android 5.0 Lollipop was put onto the phone using a custom ROM? If it was the official update, there is a chance that the software was corrupt when installing to the phone. Simply plugging it into a computer and resetting the software that way should resolve the issue. If the software update was from a custom ROM, there is a chance the ROM has features your phone does not support. I would recommend returning the phone to the Stock ROM and see if that resolves the issues.

      I hope these suggestions have been helpful,
      Matthew Jones.

  147. my l.g E980 keeps writing 'UNFORTUNATELY,SYSTEM.TOOL HAS STOPPED' and i have done hard reset many times

    1. Hello there Elshunom, thanks for your question.

      I've done some research into this message. I'm not 100% sure what causes the message to display but, I have read several reports from users claiming to have resolved the issue by flashing to the stock firmware.

      Doing some research into how one would go about flashing the stock firmware for the E980 turns up results for a tool named LGFlashTool.

      My best recommendation is for you to visit the discussions going on at and see if you are able to locate a guide to "unbrick" or to "un-softbrick" the device. Now I will caution you. Generally speaking the stock firmware for devices are not made public. This means you'll need to obtain it from someone else who was able to download a copy from their device. The process is fairly straightforward but, failing to follow even one step could result in the device becoming permanently "bricked". You must also ensure that you have the stock firmware for your device for your carrier.

      If you are able to visit a PHONEDOCTORS® location this is an issue we would love to help you out with.

      Matthew Jones.

  148. my lg pro optimus phone tells me cannot connect to camera what do i di please??

    1. Hello David and thanks for the question.

      I've done some research and it seems like this is not an uncommon issue. I am unable to confirm that this is the cause but, one user describes closing the camera app from the App Launcher and that was the cause for his problem. He was able to reboot his phone and get the camera working.

      You may look into "Task Killer" by "Rechild" on the GooglePlay store. This application is completely free and can be used to kill the Camera app. I would attempt to Kill the app and see if the phone is able to launch the camera.

      If you are running a rooted device, you may look into "NoBloat Free" which is an app that helps control the default installed services on the phone.

      If none of these software based remedies resolve the issue, I would seek to have the device inspected by a technician and see if they are able to diagnose any hardware failures.

      I hope my suggestions have proven to be helpful,
      Matthew Jones.

  149. Hi Matthew,
    On my phone the screen flickers vertically & does that after about 2 minutes after turning on the phone, soft resetting don't help, just want to get onfo transfered to new phone.

    1. Hello Ivan and thanks for your question.

      If you're just attempting to backup the device there are two ways you can proceed. If the phone is currently on Android 4.4 KitKat then there is an App on the phone called "LG Backup" which will allow you to backup the phone onto an SD Card. If the phone is on Android 5.0 Lollipop, you can use the Backup option which is in the Settings application.

      If you have any difficulties performing these steps, I recommend you make your way over to YouTube and search "How To Backup LG Optimus G Pro". There will surely be a video of someone performing a backup.

      I hope my suggestions have proven to be helpful,
      Matthew Jones.

  150. Hi, about a month ago my phone started acted up when using The Camera. Sometimes it works perfect and other times when i taKe a picture it Shuts off. The flash will go off then the Phone Restarts. Any idea what this could be?

    1. Hello Trisha,

      Sorry to hear about the camera issues with that LG G pro. Commonly this issue can can be caused by a number of issues with the phone. Staring this can refer to a software issue with the built in application, if you have tried other apps such as snap chat or instagram and the issue persists, it may be hardware. That being the case this can refer to anything from a loose connection to liquid damage. That being said if the problem gets worse i strongly recommend that you contact LG Customer Support to see if the device can replaced under warranty.

      Thank you
      Robin B.

  151. Dropped my phone in dogs water dish. I replaced the battery with an OEM lg battery. If I plug the phone in the home keys light up and led flashes and the phone starts to turn on displaying the lg logo then screen goes black and lights shut off then keeps repeating.

    1. Hello Kurt,

      We're sorry to hear about that LG Optimus. It sounds to be that the device has undergone sever enough liquid damage to either cause the internal screen to fail. Given the device will still turn on on the charger, with a new battery it is likely to be board damage. This taken into consideration that if the device's battery was effected the device would turn on without the charger. At this point i strongly recommend contacting LG Customer Support to try an out of warranty replacement on the device.

      Thank you
      Robin B.

  152. Hi,

    just replaced screen on lg g4. The screen is randomly going black, on off on off on off. From what I have read, this is the proximity sensor, and I need to get another new screen and install it?

    1. Hello Kelsi

      We're sorry to hear about that LG G 4. You would be correct about your suspicion about the proximity sensor, this is a common issue with screen replacement on this device. If you were going to attempt another screen replacement I strongly recommend doing it with the full screen replacement with frame, to complete that repair. That should remedy the screen shutting off when it wants to.

      Thank you
      Robin B

  153. I had a broken screen and replaced it now everything works fine except when a call is connected it is completely black. I can't even hang up. I hv to wait until call is disconnected from other end to do anything. Through research I have found this must be the proximity sensor. We have tried some fixes but so far no luck. Please help!

    1. Hello Tiara and thanks for your comment.

      From what you are describing, with the phone not properly turning the screen on and off with your head being close to the phone. I've spoken to one of my technicians about this and the cause seems to be that the LG phones require a very tight seal between the front Proximity Sensor and the Front Glass. Any issues here can cause the issue you're describing. I would recommend replacing the front display assembly or attempt to install a new Proximity Sensor into this device.

      I hope my suggestions have been helpful,
      Matthew Jones.

  154. Hi, i have an lg optimus g pro and the screen just goes crazy. Apps open by themselves and random things get clicked on. Ive already rebooted it but its still acting all crazy. Is there a solution? What should i do?

    1. Hello Perla

      Sorry to hear about that LG G Pro. Given that you screen os cracked and the device no longer accepts touch, to ready this issue I would strongly recommend that you replace the top glass on this device. That is the actual touch screen on that phone. what can happen when the top glass breaks is: there are thousand of tiny sensors connected under that screen to sense your finger. If enough of those sensors get damaged with a cracked screen then the entire touch screen will no longer function. I hope this helps.

      Thank you
      Robin B

  155. My lg gpro front camera has the 13mp whiles the back have 2mp. To explain better the front displays 22175 to 80 whiles the back camera shows 510 to 540 quality. Simply put the front is brighter than the back. Any help please

    1. Hello Edward,

      From the issue you are describing it sounds like your software maybe conflicting with your hardware. In this case I strongly recommend a Factory Data Reset, to see if this issue is resolved. This will format any data stored on the phone. If this issue persists contacting LG Support to see if they can help resolve this issue.

      Thank you
      Robin Brandt

  156. Hi, my lg E980 start opening apps by his self, amd punch letters in keyboard by his self to, without stopping, some of the letters don't work, 2 letters left to m, letter left to i , left to k,
    screen and digitizer was replaced twice already (brokem).
    Pls tell me if repairable

    1. Hello Cuauco,

      Sorry to hear about that LG E980. From what you are describing it sounds like your motherboard may have internal damaged. This can be caused by a number of factors. A very common one is from drops, the second most common is from ESD during repair. If that is such the case I strongly recommend contacting LG Customer Support to see if an out of warranty replacement is available for this device.

      Thank you,
      Robin B.

      1. My lg optimus phones had cracked screens and i replaced them.Now the entire right side of one phone wont work and on my other lg optimus its magically prrssing buttons

        1. Hello Samantha,

          I spoke to a technician of ours about this issue. The LG Optimus G Pro has a very sensitive Digitizer. The cables are easily damaged, the terminal where the cables for the digitizer connect to the motherboard is easily damaged, and there is an issue with a grounded component on the motherboard that we have experienced before. If both devices are exhibiting issues with the touch screen, I believe the issues are rooted in the Digitizer and the connection it has to the motherboard.

          I would recommend having the screens of these devices replaced professionally, as they can be a fairly difficult repair to complete and are highly prone to having touch issues with an improper screen replacement.

          I hope that my comments have been helpful.

          Matthew Jones.

  157. Hi. My touch screen (along with rest of phone) works perfectly but just yesterday, none of the soft keys worked anymore. They light up when I press any other part of the phone (like normal), but they don't register/do anything when touched directly. Any ideas? Thanks lots!

    1. Hello Kanani,

      We are sorry to hear about those Soft keys on the LG G Pro. From what you are describing it sounds like one of 2 things has happened. The first is that the charge port that houses these key may have failed. If that is the case replacing the charge port would be my recommendation for the fix. The second is you may have a conflicting software bug that is causing your keys not function. If this is the case I would try a factory data reset after backing up your data.

      Hope it helps
      Robin B.

  158. Hello. My problem has be to be with loading music files. some of the i loaded plays and some dont. It tells me the phone support such files but they are all mp3 files so dont know what to do. Please can you help me. Is there any special thing i need to do? Thank you.

    1. Hello Daniel,

      Sorry to hear about the media playback issue you are having. From the issue you are describing it sounds like one of two issues. The first maybe simply an issue with the media player built into the phone. I would try to install a free one from the play store I recommend "vlc". If a different media player does not resolve this issue it maybe an problem with the music files them self, if that is the case I recommend playing the files on a computer to see if they are working and reading the files add them back to the phone to see if they play.

      Hope it helps
      Robin B

  159. So I sat on my LG G Pro, f240l korean version, months ago. There were (and there are still) no visible cracks on its digitizer or lcd, except that it's display got discolored like a picture in negative format. I noticed later that applying a little pressure to the top portion just below the frontal LG logo makes the display normal, but blotchy. About a week now, the screen totally refuses to display except I apply much pressure on that area mentioned earlier. I fear doing so may damage something. Please, reply this time: I didn't get a response months ago (when the damage occurred). Thanks a lot.

    1. Hello Larry,

      I responded to you directly via email as well but, I want to reiterate that the LCD on this device sounds like it is damaged and needs to be replaced.

      Matthew Jones.

  160. I have an LG E-9800. I replaced the screen and the phone works but I can't use any data or wifi. When I try the internet it says there is a "Security Problem" with the certificate on every website. "Continue" doesn't work, but "view certificate" shows the certificate, but it's out of date. Google Maps "can't search" but I can see where I'm at and the local map.

    1. Hello Lucinda,

      We are sorry to hear about those data problems on your LG. From the issue you are describing it sounds like your device may have an antenna flex issue. That being said to remedy this issue I would strongly recommend resetting the phone, and backing up an important information. If the reset dose not fix the issue. I would recommend replacing that LG phone, being that with that model of phone data issue are common after a screen replacement, is normally it is associated to board damage. Replacing the phone is the best way to go.

      Thank you
      Robin B.

  161. please, my Gpro doesn't show the 4G its always 3G. thank you

    1. Hello Ben

      Sorry to hear about that LG G pro issue from. From the issue you are describing, it sounds like your device not have a proper APN. I would strongly recommend you call your carrier and ask them to help you set it up.

      Hope it helps
      Robin B.

  162. good evening brian. any time my lg f240 battery drops to 15% or less the phone goes off and refuses to boot until its plugged. secondly my digitizer begins to malfunction and phantom touches start to happen when the battery gets low. sometimes during usage the touchscreen freezes and doesnt work until i switch off and switch on the display. what is the problem sir

    1. Hello Tobi and thanks for your question.

      From the issues you are describing it sounds like the battery may be used to the point where it needs to be replaced. I would start with the battery and if it does not resolve the issues you have with the touch screen then I would consider visiting a repair center as they may be able to pinpoint the cause of the issue.

      I hope my suggestions prove to be helpful.

      Thank you,
      Matthew Jones.

  163. Hello and thanks for your kind offer to try and fix our problem phones,
    I have a LG G pro and my problem is it seems the video is working fine recording .
    but screen goes black when looking at playback of recording

    Yours respectfully Dave Scott

    1. Hello Dave,

      Sorry to hear about that LG Phone recording issue you are having. If you are having issue with video playback I would suggest that you try to import the devices videos to a computer to see if they play. If they do not and they show the same error where they will not play. I would recommend resetting the phone after backing up the data to see if this fixes the issue. If the files do play it may be an issue with your gallery. Try another app to play those videos. If the issue still not fixed you may be facing an issue with you camera it's self and i recommend replacing it as a last effort to fix this issue.

      Hope it helps
      Robin B.

  164. Please sir how do i resolve overheating issue in my lg optimus g pro,? thanks

    1. Hello Pallisy and thanks for your question.

      If you are having heat dissipation issues with your LG Optimus G Pro then there are a few suggestions I can make.

      Do you know if you keep it in a case? I would remove any additional wrappings you have on the device which could cause it to not dissipate heat properly.

      I would investigate the software on the phone. If you've allowed several applications to keep the phone awake or busy doing tasks while you aren't using it, they could cause the phone to continue working and generate more heat than you anticipate.
      Resetting the software to factory defaults can sometimes resolve this issues.

      You may look into replacing the battery on the device if you find no success with the previously mentioned solutions. If the battery is coming up on the end of it's life, it could be causing excess strain on the power cells which generate heat which cannot be quickly dissipated.

      I hope my suggestions have been helpful.

      Thank you,
      Matthew Jones.

  165. Hi, my lg sticks at the startup sign and wont tyrn back on its an lg e977 and i did the alternative method by erasing everything on it but same problem occured. How can i get it to turn on without this problem occuring?

    1. Hello Elkhatib,

      Sorry to hear about that LG software issue you are having. From the issue you are describing, it sounds like the device is in a prime state to reset the device to it's stock rom. To do something such as a "flashing" you need to connect the device to you computer. Download LG firmware recovery Program. Plug in you phone to your computer and reset the device to defaults.

      Hope it helps
      Robin B.

  166. Thanks very much, i think I will try the last suggestion cos I am free from the first 2 suggestions.

  167. Hello,

    I am getting a "unfortunately, Bluetooth has stopped working" error constantly.

    1. Hello Josh and thanks for your comment.

      From the issue you are describing it sounds like there is an application installed which is trying to use the Bluetooth. That application appears to be crashing the Bluetooth service for your device. I would remove installed applications before attempting to restore the phone to factory default settings. This should resolve your issue.

      Matthew Jones.

      1. Thank you Matthew. I removed the last two apps I installed prior to this issue starting, to no avail. Also, this continues to happen when I am in Safe mode. So is there any other fix for this stack overflow issue besides a factory reset, especially since it will just continue to happen once it fills up again?

        1. Hello Josh,

          We are sorry to hear that Bluetooth error your still receiving. From the issue you are describing it sounds like your maybe faced with competent level failure. If after uninstalling what could have been the apps causing the issue, and resetting the phone to default. Likely then this points to motherboard issues on the phone. To remedy this "Stack Over flow" I strongly recommend that you contact the original manufacture of the device, to see if an in-warranty or out-of-warranty replacement for this device.

          Best of luck
          Robin B.

  168. Hello,

    I am Using LG G2 Pro , my cell not turn on propely, when i try to turn on the cell he automaticaly turn off turn on again nd again. what can i do ???

    1. Hello Kashif and thanks for the question.

      From the issues you are describing it sounds like the battery in your device might be needing to be replaced. Batteries are a consumable component, much like the tires on your car. It would be awesome if tires lasted forever but they do eventually wear down and require replacement.

      The first recommendation I can make would be to replace the battery in that device to see if that resolves the issues you have with turning it on.

      I hope my comments have been helpful.

      Thank you,
      Matthew Jones.

  169. i have a LG G pro its very good phone, But now is not switch it on or not respondent any thing become i canceled while flashing new OS, kindly suggest me to do any thing

    1. Hello Habil and thanks for your question.

      I was able to determine that you at some point attempted to flash a new Operating System to the phone and during that process you cancelled the flash.

      The process required to reprogram, or "flash", the phone's Operating System is very volatile. The first step is generally to erase the entire contents of the ROM, the second step is to write the entire contents of the ROM, and the third and final step is to verify the ROM and restart the phone. If this process gets interrupted there is a risk that device becomes "bricked", or completely unresponsive.

      If your device is "Hard Bricked" meaning it will not even turn on, then there is not much that can be done aside from contacting the manufacturer for possible replacement options.

      If your device is "Soft Bricked" meaning it tries to turn on, or even will go into Download mode, there is a slight chance you may be able to attempt to Reflash the Operating System again and allow it to finish. If you device will not even go into download mode, then unfortunately, it is now a brick.

      I'm sorry to hear about the issue and I hope my comments prove to be helpful.

      Thank you,
      Matthew Jones.


    1. Hello Vanessa and thanks for the comment.

      From what you are describing it sounds like the battery may be bad. I know you've replaced the screen but, you're describing that the phone only turns on when it's plugged into a charger. This tells me that the internal battery doesn't have sufficient charge to power the phone. Replace the battery and see if that resolves your issues.

      Thank you,
      Matthew Jones.

  171. my lg f240 gpro start ringtone when call is comming but after 2 second ringtone automaticcaly stopped what can i do to fix this issue please help

    1. Hello Adil and thanks for the question.

      From the issue you are describing it sounds like a software issue may have corrupted something. Try using a different ringtone and see if it plays longer. If not, I would proceed by Restoring the phone to its Stock ROM. If that does not resolve the issue, then there may be something physically going on with the phone.

      I hope my comments have been helpful.

      Thank you,
      Matthew Jones.

  172. In my lg f240 when call came it start ringtone but after 5 second it make incoming call to pending incomming call and ringtone also stopped. This is the main problem or issue of my phone

  173. thanks for rply but actually In my lg f240 when call came it start ringtone but after 5 second it make incoming call to pending incomming call and ringtone also stopped. This is the main problem or issue of my phone

  174. Why can't I play all of my music in my LG D686? Please help me. Thanks ???

    1. Hello, Antero

      Sorry to hear about that LG music play back issue you are having. Given that most LG phone have built in music player. From the issue you are describing I would recommend that you try another media player such as VLC from the play store. If this does not remedy your issue i recommend that you factory data reset your device after saving any data, yo see if this fixes your issue.

      Best of luck
      Robin B.

  175. Hello, My LG Optimus G Pro fell in the toilet and I was unable to turn it off before it shut itself down. I took it to a repair shop near me that specialized in water damaged LG phones. They said they performed the water damage treatment twice with no luck. However, when I plug the phone in, the bottom buttons light up as if something is working. Sometimes I can get the lights to stay on while on the charger, but most of the time they don't. The screen never lights up though. Do you have any possible suggestions as to what I could do or replace to try to revive my phone? Also, I guess while they were putting the phone back together they broke the volume key buttons as they are stuck in the pressed position as if they werent buttons at all. Thank you bunches!

    1. Hello Katelyn and thanks for your question.

      Generally speaking, if you've attempted a liquid damage restoration and the device is still not functioning, your best option may be to either contact your carrier and investigate replacement options through potentially an insurance if possible, or even talk to them about upgrading to a new device. Liquid damage is one of the most difficult repairs as the damage may cause corrosion to eat away metallic connectors which is irreparable.

      I hope my comments have been helpful.

      Thank you,
      Matthew Jones.

  176. hello, i recently installed cm12 nightly ( a new software) to my lg e980 and the screen constantly goes black on me. i could be browsing around on any app and the screen will go black. you can hear everything working "behind the black screen" but i cant see anything. the only way to make the black screen go away is too take the battery out and restart the phone. i would like to find some way to get the problem fixed because i really enjoy the new software i have on this phone.

    thank you

    1. Hello Kaya and thanks for the question.

      From what you are describing it sounds like the Cyanogenmod ROM has some bugs or incompatibilities for the E980. My best recommendation, if you're set on running a custom ROM, would be to investigate the forums over at xda-developer and see if a user has posted a ROM which is known as compatible with that device. Another option, to revert the phone to its unmodified state, would be to download and flash the stock ROM to the device. This will return it back to it's default factory state. (Sometimes flashing back to stock before applying a custom ROM can resolve issues caused by updating to a custom ROM over a "used" android install.) Basically reset to factory defaults and then try and flash the ROM. See if the issue goes away.

      I hope my suggestions have been helpful.

      Thank you,
      Matthew Jones.

  177. There was a problem with my sensor and screen so i got it replaced in november of last year. Then it was working great, but then January comes and the phone would say its not charging when i plugged the charger in. it would eventually charge overnight and reach to 90 to 100 percent but then it wouldn't charge at all. the phone completly died. i have a new battery so it can't be that. please respond. been without a phone for months.

    1. Hello Brandy and thank you for your question.

      From the issue you are describing it does sound like the battery but, if you have recently replaced the battery and are sure it's not the culprit then I suspect the Charge Port Flex is responsible. This is the component which is responsible for transferring the power from the cable into the motherboard of the phone. If the charge port is malfunctioning it could result in poor performance of the battery and issues charging the phone. I would investigate replacing the charge port to see if that resolves the issues with your battery life/charging.

      There is another much less likely culprit. Most small electronic devices have circuitry in them to control the way power moves around inside the motherboard. These "Power Management ICs" are responsible for detecting the rate at which the battery dissipates and provides a percentage estimation of the remaining battery life based off of how much power is coming out of the battery. If this component is damaged, it could just be incorrectly reporting the battery life or genuinely having issues using the power inside the phone.

      Either way, I would recommend taking the phone to a service provider to have the phone Diagnosed and possibly repaired.

      Thank you,
      Matthew Jones.

  178. I recently dropped my lg optimus g pro on the concrete and it shattered. I can still use it, but it wouldn't hold a charge. I planned on ordering a replacement screen. Do I need to order a new battery too?

    1. Hello sierraleewelch,

      Sorry to hear about that battery issue you are having. From the problem you are describing it sounds be that due to the screen damage of the device the power management of the phone is broken as well. To remedy this issue I recommend that you try the screen replacement to see if it helps this issue. On LG phone they will stop charging if the display is broken. If you are still having charging issues after the replacement then I recommend that you replacing the battery. Yet if you are still having issues then it is recommend that you consider replacing the unit ,for the motherboard is likely failing.

      Hope it helps
      Robin B.

  179. Hi my LG phone is not going to the main screen. I can turn it on and it will go to the logo and freeze on the logo it want go to anything else.

    1. Hello Jamal and thank you for the comment.

      From the issue you are describing it sounds like your phone is failing to complete its boot procedure. When you first turn the phone on, it loads up a very small program which then starts reading the internal storage of the phone to "Boot up" the operating system it runs. If your device is failing this process there could be a couple of things causing the problem. There could be a physical issue whereby something is damaged and is not functioning properly. There could be a software issue where something is corrupted and not functioning properly. This can usually be resolved by restoring the firmware using the LG Bridge utility for Windows or Mac.

      I hope my comments have been helpful.

      Thank you,
      Matthew Jones.

  180. My lg optimus g pro e890 is all of a sudden not reading my sim card. My sister had asked me what kind of sim card I had, so I pulled it out and showed her. Ever since inserting it back in, it says no sim card is inserted. I've tried restarting, etc. Please, please give me some advice. I just lost my job and can't afford a new phone. Thank you for your time!

    1. Hello Wendy and thank you for the question.

      From the issue you are describing it sounds like there could be something going on with the SIM card reader on that phone. I've seen SIM card readers bend and break pins very easily. I want to ask did you encounter any resistance to inserting the SIM card back into the phone? Sometimes if one of those pins is sticking out further than it should be it can get grabbed by the edge of the SIM and bent back up into the SIM reader. If this happened then your options are to replace the SIM card reader or the phone. I would recommend looking into replacing the SIM card reader.

      I would also attempt to inspect the SIM slot where the phone accepts the SIM card. Look to see if anything looks out of place or damaged. If there is obviously an issue then I would take the phone in for service.

      I hope my comments prove to be helpful.

      Thank you,
      Matthew Jones.

  181. i upgraded my lg f240k too lollipop and my touch is not working again ,pls wat should i do.

    1. Hello King,
      Sorry to hear about that Lg F240k phone problem you are having, from the issue you are describing it sounds to be that you may need to try a factory data reset on the device. When upgrading wiping out the previous system can help set up and initialization of software and hardware. If after a reset you do not have touch on the LG F240K I recommend contacting LG to see if the device is able to covered under warranty.

      Hope it helps
      Robin B.

  182. Hi my LG G Pro 2 back and menu keys aren't working, but the solid home key is functioning. Also the bottom part of the screen cannot sense touching most of the time (but weird enough occasionally it works). Would you please kindly give some advice on it? Thanks a lot!

    1. Hello Hundo and thank you for the comment.

      From the issue you are describing it sounds like the front of the device is having some issues which are preventing the device from responding to your finger presses. It sounds like the soft keys on that device may have failed out. They are a replaceable component. The front screen is very much along the same lines. It sounds like replacing those two components would resolve issues with the phones ability to register touch input.

      If you are interested in seeking a repair we offer Mail-In Repair services.

      I hope my comments have proven to be helpful.

      Thank you,
      Matthew Jones.

  183. hello, i have an lg e980 and it is coming on to the lg screen, then going black but i can hear it booting up, then it acts like it is completly on but the screen is black, what could be wrong? replaced digitizer, it wouldnt be the lcd display would it. i feel like it wouldnt be that beacuse it wouldnt show the lg symbol if it was messed up? thanks

    1. Hello Daniel and thank you for the question.

      From the issue you are describing it sounds like something may have been damaged during the repair on that device. It is not uncommon to have a phone present with one issue and upon completing that repair, you are presented with another issue. From my experience this issue can be caused by motherboard damage. If your device is suffering from Motherboard damage, it might be the best option to simply replace that device. One way to rule out any software related issue would be to restore this phone back to factory defaults. If there is a software issue which is causing the problem, that should resolve it.

      I hope my comments have been helpful.

      Thank you,
      Matthew Jones.

  184. I have the AT&T Version LG Optimus g Pro E980... I have been extremely lucky in the fact that i have not experienced any of the common glitches, however, i had a lady bump into me an knock my phone onto pavement of course face down, the screen cracked in several place but worked fairly normally until the top right corner started to shed slivers of glass. unfortunately I am a single mother of six children and had to put my phone away for almost a year before I was able to fix the digitizer myself. after replacing the digitizer my earpiece will not work my speaker phone works my Bluetooth connects correctly if I plug in a headset it connects correctly however when someone tries to call me I hear absolutely nothing in the earpiece. before I replace the digitizer my earpiece worked just fine but as previously stated the phone was put away for almost a year. is it at all possible that I have disconnected my earpiece in the process of replacing my digitizer or possibly damage the connection for my earpiece during the replacement of my digitizer.? being an avid LG user I purchased this phone to replace my LG G2 which had so many bugs and so many issues i nearly turned off to LG all together when I found my LG Optimus G Pro e980 I absolutely adore my phone I cannot afford to replace it. but being a single mother of six I am fairly handy and fairly capable of repairing it myself. but with 1 in college, 2 in High School marching band, 1 in softball, 1 addicted to videogames and 1 autistic Son...everything must be budgeted accordingly because waitresses do not make much money. Is there a setting i've missed, a connection i've placed incorrectly, a short or glitch i am unaware of, or any way to troubleshoot this issue that isn't going to cost me? PLEASE HELP

    1. Hello Crystal and thank you for the question.

      From the issue you are describing it does sound like the Ear Speaker may have been damaged during that repair. It is not uncommon for that component to become damaged as it is sandwiched into the phone in such a way that taking it out improperly can damage it. It is a replaceable component, however, and I recommend performing that replacement to see if your Ear Speaker issues are resolved.

      Here is an iFixIt Guide for removing this component.

      I wish you luck with your device.

      Thank you,
      Matthew Jones.

  185. My lg optimus g pro battery discharg very fast,i will replce the battery,again the problem will be occurd?
    What solution ???

  186. hi,, can you tell me what the problem with my LG Phone G Pro screen having rain bow colors and then it turn black.. at first it has half screen wont touch, next the back bottton doesnt work , then problem gone worst.. please help me..

  187. My LG F240l can't make call in the LTE mode, it only in 3g mode, what can I do

  188. Two text message notifications keep reappearing as in my inbox, but they will not come through. I keep erasing them and they keep coming back, but do not show up so that I can open them

  189. hello I just got a lg-e980 and it wont read my sim cars I also just noticed that it was missing 2 little pronds when I put sim card in phone and turn on all it has is that sim might not be in correctly what do I do

  190. The screen is frozen. It wont let you go to settings or enter any apps. It also has the voice command on for some reason. She cant make any calls or answer any calls at all. It's like the screen is frozen. I took the battery out a few times to see if that would reboot it but no luck.

  191. Hello! I have LG G pro 240.
    Signels are full when i turn on data then it shows only G or 3G. Not showing 4G or lte
    I do a man soft resets but the problem is still
    Tell me what should i do

  192. Question; on my LG e980 pro there are a few places on the touch screen when touched doesn't recognize the touch. I was told the digitizer was bad. Before I go to the trouble of replacing the digitizer what other reasons could it be for spot areas that don't give you access when touching the screen.

  193. My LG e980 cell phone will not give me the que when I hold the button down to turn off phone, it does nothing so I turn off screen will this run my battery down, if it is never turned off? Also with this feature not working, can not restart phone/ am I doing something wrong? How can I get this feature to work? Thank you!

  194. I have an LG Optima E-980. I had inserted a micro SD card to get added storage. The phone kept telling me it was reading the card and only got to 92% and stayed there. I removed the SD card but the icon stays on in the upper left hand corner of the phone. When I try to go to my gallery for photos it tells me "Try again after scanning media files". There is no SD card in the phone so how do I get that icon off the phone so I can view my photos?

  195. Hello,

    Trying to launch LG G PRO E980 but all I have are bottom lights to glow or blink. Rarely 1 out of 100 it shows LG logo with secure boot but then on its own (or when i touch? dunno which one to be honest for sure 100%) or goes till 0% battery. But most of the time, its just lights blinking.
    oh yea and when I put the charger in just a little bit then out then in again & so on repeating (without plugging it in fully with click) lights flashes and stop when plugged off then start flashing for a second again when plugged in again
    What can it be? Battery/screen/charging port?
    Was planning to buy battery itself but how would I use it or hell charge it if every single one surely is discharged to 0% right? (especially if it was not used for 2 years & from phone which "once works and something flashes - appears on the screen and the other time the screen does not turn on?").

    It's an old phone and I'm not from USA...would You repair it if send from abroad too?