How to Fix Common Problems with LG Nexus 4 and 5 Repair

How to Fix Common Problems with LG Nexus 4 and 5 Repair

We are here to help! Our technicians have answered the most common questions about how to fix common problems with LG Nexus 4 and 5 repair process.  Depending on the device, mobile phone and tablet repairs can be a tedious process.  Troubleshooting is a vital part of both diagnosing a broken part, and discovering what step was missed after repair.  Relax, we are here to make your life easier.

We offer a full lineup of repair parts for the LG Nexus 4 and 5 including:

LG E960 Nexus 4 Touch Screen Digitizer Plus LCD Display: This controls both your touch function and your main image display. If your top glass is broken, your touch function is unresponsive, or you have no image display, then this is the part you need. This screen comes with both your top digitizer and your lower LCD fused together for easy assembly.

LG Nexus 5 Back Camera: This is your default camera located on the back of your device under the main housing. If you are experiencing problems such as a fuzzy image or lines through your pictures, you may need to replace your camera lens instead of your entire camera. If your pictures look distorted while viewing on your device, but after downloading them to your computer are clear, your screen has gone bad not the camera. If you are having any other problem with your camera, then this is the part you need.

LG Nexus 5 Button Set of Power Plus Volume: This is a set of 2 separate parts. These parts independently control your lock or power on button, and your sound rocker switch on the side of your device. Normally, issues with these parts are due to broken interior flex cables that can also be replaced. These external buttons should only need replacement if the original part has been lost, or removed and will no longer fit.

LG Nexus 5 Charge Port Flex Cable: This is your main port you plug in to charge your device. This part is a simple cable that can be swapped out on your device, and does not require soldering. If your device will no longer hold a charge, you may be looking at a bad battery, and not a defective charge port. If you are experiencing other problems such as no charging, or no computer connectivity, then this is the part you need.

LG Nexus 5 Front Camera: This is your secondary camera located on the front of your device. If you are experiencing problems such as a fuzzy image or lines through your pictures, you may actually have damage over the lens area of your front camera (your screen). If your pictures look distorted while viewing on your device, but after downloading them to your computer are clear, your screen has gone bad not the camera. If you are having any other problem with your camera, then this is the part you need.

LG Nexus 5 Touch Screen Digitizer Plus LCD Display: This controls both your touch function and your main image display. If your top glass is broken, your touch function is unresponsive, or you have no image display, then this is the part you need. This screen comes with both your top digitizer and your lower LCD fused together for easy assembly.



My phone is freezing, running slow, repair did not work, spazzing out! What can I do?

Performing a soft reset can resolve issues like continuous resetting/rebooting, crashing, freezing, can’t make or receive calls, and other general software related problems. This process is similar to rebooting a computer after it freezes up. Phones are small computers after all.

Soft Reset – This should not erase your data, but it is always a good idea to do a backup. With your device turned on…

  1. Press and hold Power Button (around 15 seconds).
  2. Your device will now shut down and reboot.

Application Cache Clear – This will wipe any temporary data on your device. This includes application log in data and high scores. This should not erase your personal data, but it is always a good idea to do a backup. With your device turned on…

  1. From the home screen select: All Apps.
  2. Select: Settings.
  3. Select: Apps.
  4. Swipe left to: ALL.
  5. Select your desired application.
  6. Select: Clear cache.

I did a soft reset, but my phone is still not working correctly. What can I do?

A hard reset can resolve issue like: blank or frozen screen, crashing apps, touch screen problems, no audio, random noises, no call functionality or sync errors.

Hard Reset – **This process will erase all your data**, and erase any accounts linked to your device as well.

  1. Turn your phone off.
  2. While holding down Volume Down and Volume Up keys, turn your device on using: Power Button.
  3. Press Volume Down twice to highlight Recovery mode.
  4. Select using: Power Button
  5. While holding down Power, press Volume Up
  6. Use the Volume Down and Up keys to Select: Factory Reset
  7. Select using: Power Button
  8. Select: Yes – erase all
  9. Select using: Power Button

I replaced my LG E960 Nexus 4 Touch Screen Digitizer Plus LCD Display, now it will not work!

  1. If you have an all white or all black display, start by performing a soft reset on your device. Blank screens are usually a sign of internal software not wanting accept the new parts. A soft reset will clear your device of any temporary data that is blocking your new part from working. If your screen still will not work after a reset…
  2. Redo the repair from the beginning. At the step where you plug your screen into your main board, check your original screen to see if it still works. If neither screen works, this is a sign of something worse then a bad screen. We suggest mailing in your device for testing. If you see…
  3. Blotches on your display, this is a sign of too much pressure on the screen caused in shipping or during installation. Open your device again, and make certain there is no residual glass from your original broken screen.
  4. If you see lines down your display, or you have only a partially working touch function, then you may have a defective or broken screen.

I replaced my LG Nexus 5 Back Camera, now it will not work!

  1. If your pictures look distorted while viewing on your device, but after downloading them to your computer they are clear, your screen has gone bad not the camera. If…
  2. You only get half a picture, then your camera is either partly unplugged, or is miss aligned. Try reopening your device, and see if there is anything blocking your camera. If…
  3. Your pictures look fuzzy, there may be a protective film over the lens. Re-do the repair, and make certain there are no scratches on the lens, or protective films over the camera.
  4. If this does not resolve the problem you may have a defective or broken camera.

I replaced my LG Nexus 5 Button Set of Power Plus Volume, now it will not work!

  1. Reattempt the repair from the beginning. Double check all the flex cables connected to these external buttons to make certain they were not damaged during the initial fall of your device, or during installation.
  2. If all the cables look intact you may have a defective or broken button set.

I replaced my LG Nexus 5 Charge Port Flex Cable, now it will not work!

  1. Try a different power cable or power adapter. Make sure your cable has not gone bad at the same time. This is a common problem as power surges can cause both your charge port and your cable to go bad. If this doesn’t work…
  2. Plug your device straight into a computer. If your device will charge normally when plugged into a computer, then your power adapter may be bad. If this doesn’t work…
  3. Reattempt the repair from the beginning. Make certain every part is fully plugged in. Mobile device repairs are fussy at times, and redoing a repair is often the best way to troubleshoot any problem you are having.
  4. If this doesn’t work you may have a defective or broken flex cable.

I replaced my LG Nexus 5 Front Camera, now it will not work!

  1. If your pictures look distorted while viewing on your device, but after downloading them to your computer they are clear, your screen has gone bad not the camera. Replacing your entire screen will solve this problem. If…
  2. Your camera is only picking up a partial image, your camera may simply be off center or miss aligned in your device. Reattempt the repair from the beginning, and make certain your camera is aligned, and free of any debris.
  3. If this does not resolve the problem you may have a defective or broken camera.

I replaced my LG Nexus 5 Touch Screen Digitizer Plus LCD Display, now it will not work!

  1. If you have an all white or all black display, start by performing a soft reset on your device. Blank screens are usually a sign of internal software not wanting accept the new parts. A soft reset will clear your device of any temporary data that is blocking your new part from working. If your screen still will not work after a reset…
  2. Redo the repair from the beginning. At the step where you plug your screen into your main board, check your original screen to see if it still works. If neither screen works, this is a sign of something worse then a bad screen. We suggest mailing in your device for testing. If you see…
  3. Blotches on your display, this is a sign of too much pressure on the screen caused in shipping or during installation. Open your device again, and make certain there is no residual glass from your original broken screen.
  4. If you see lines down your display, or you have only a partially working touch function, then you may have a defective or broken screen.

Your repair guide said my part is possibly defective or broken, what’s next?

  1. Contact your source for the parts to see what their warranty will cover.If your device is not covered, or is outside it’s warranty, we would be happy to help.
  2. If your parts came from Phone Doctors…
    • Contact Us: our support team has additional information regarding a replacement.
    • OR
    • Mail in Your Device: our certified technicians will be happy to diagnose or repair your device.

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Leaving a comment is the best way to get additional help as comments expand our knowledge database. Who knows? The next person needing help with their repair or device may have the same problem you do!


  1. My Nexus 5 screen was cracked. After the screen had been repaired, the front camera stopped working. The back camera works perfectly fine. How can I fix this?

    1. Thanks Jayni,

      Sounds like your camera was simply not plugged in during the reassembly of your device. You should be able to fix this by opening your device, and plugging the camera back in.

      If this does not work, then the front camera may have been damaged during the drop, and opening the device caused any loose parts to become dislodged. A new front camera will fix this problem. You can always mail in your device for repair with one of our technicians at:

    2. The screen has a big area in the middle where white becomes greenish and black becomes purpleish. This happned before and i just waited a bit and it was gone. Now i have waited for two days and it's not gone. HELP!

      1. Hi Hampus
        First I must ask is there an visible damage to the screen. If not then I would try to do a soft reset to the device and see if that helps. If not then I would back up your device and reset your device to factory. I seems like it could be a software issue.

  2. Yesterday my Nexus 5 screen just went black, I reset it and now the screen wont respond. I just got this phone 3 months ago.

    1. Thanks Clhoe,

      It's possible that there was some sort of other software glitch, or your LCD screen came unplugged. First, check with LG and see if there is a software update you need to download. Second (if step one does not work), you can open your device and make sure everything is plugged in. If your LCD cable is loose (which is possible as there is no protective shield on the device), plugging it back in should work.

      If neither option fixes the problem, you will need to replace your LCD screen.

  3. I just had a recent trip to Virginia.
    While I was there my phone started spazzing out. Then the morning I left that problem resolved itself but now part of the upper half of the touchscreen won't work at all.
    What should I do?

    1. Thanks Erik,

      Try restoring your device back to factory default settings. If this does not fix the problem, then you are looking at a bad digitizer. If this is the case, you will need to replace your entire front screen to get your device working again.

  4. My Nexus 5 have this cracks for over a month now, I didnt bother having it fix since Im broke right now. Yesterday I drained my battery while I was out and when I plugged it in to charge it the screen have this thin and thick red lines and other colors lining up and the touch screen is unresponsive. What's going on with it?

    1. Thanks Russ,

      Your LCD screen has finally died for the last time (may it rest in peace). You can replace your screen with a DIY repair kit right here online, or you can mail in your device for repair at:

  5. Hi, when I dial a number and press send, my screen goes black. Any ideas; Nexus 4.

    1. Thanks Jamie,

      Could be you have a soft spot on your LCD, and the pressure in that area is causing the screen to black out. Try using an app that requires you to press in that area. If the same thing happens again, then you may just have a bad LCD.

      If the screen does not go black, then your device has a software connection issue. Try restoring your device back to factory default settings. If the problem persists, then you can either send the phone in for diagnostic testing, or if you have insurance (or an active warranty), then contact your service provider for information about a replacement.

      If you would like to mail in your device, simply fill out the short form at:

  6. Thanks for the reply. It only started after a replacement screen was fitted. Common problem seems to be the proximity sensor.

    1. Yes, the proximity sensor on the Nexus series would cause this sort of error. The only thing our technicians have found to solve the problem is to replace the screen again.

      The Nexus 4/5 series can only be replaced if you have the screen attached to the front frame during the original assembly of the part. If you try to replace the screen without the frame, you will have proximity sensor issues that will cause problems like you described.

      Contact your source for the parts, and see if they have a warranty in place that will cover the screen you put on your device.

  7. I have a Nexus 4 e960 with a chip at the bottom left corner of the screen and it is also cracked. When I turn it off and then turn it on again the touch doesn't work afterward. But after I do that a few times in succession it works. Is this just the digitizer, or is it a bigger problem?

    1. The chip and crack seem to have found the one spot in it that cause it to be intermittent. In the long run, it will need a repair, but I cannot give a solid guess on the timeframe for that.

  8. my nexus 5 fell in water and got messed up so i bought a used one with a cracked screen and took the parts out and placed them in mines however the phone will not power on or charge but i happened to remove the battery strip from the board and plug in the charger and the screen comes on with the charging symbol but if i plug the battery strip back in the battery icon changes to an empty battery with a question mark inside.

    1. Thanks Matthew,

      There are a couple possibilities here:
      1.) The device you bought used had more damage then described.
      2.) The liquid damage to your device was extensive enough that the internal components are not functioning correctly.

      At this stage, there is not much you can do. Liquid damage is progressive, so even if you can get the 2nd device to work with the parts form the 1st, the odds are that your 2nd device will still have problems down the line.

      Our advise is to either reassemble the 1st device and get it run through a liquid damage cleaning, or send both devices on and get a new phone all together.

  9. My Nexus 4 has recently started to behave erratically (randomly hitting button/apps when I'm not touching the screen at all).

    I did get the screen and digitizer replaced over 6 months ago after I dropped my phone, it has worked fine (up until now) and has not been dropped, do you think the screen wasn't replaced correctly or could it be another problem?

    1. Greetings,

      The install was probably done correctly; or else the issue would have shown up much sooner than it has. We normally find that this happens from one of two things:

      1) The digitizer glass is too thin and is starting to read more than small signals from the user's touch.
      2) A loose piece of metal, screw, or iron filing has gotten between the digitizer connection and a part of the motherboard, causing it to receive random signals. (This happens more often with iPhones, but could happen to other models and types.)

  10. Hi My Nexus 4 screen will not wake up during phone calls. It stays black as until the phone conversation is over

    1. Thanks Anecia,

      The Nexus 4 has problems with the proximity sensor across most of the devices. The only way to fix this is to replace your entire front screen. Once this is swapped out, you should be set. Just make sure the screen you get has the front frame attached. Without it, the repair will not work.

  11. I replaced the LCD on my Nexus 5, but still have no image. Sent back the part to get a new one and it has the same result - it turns out as well that the old one no longer works. The phone is still vibrating, however. Any ideas what is happening?

    1. Greetings,

      Two possibilities exist:

      1) It's two bad LCDs in a row. However, if the old one is no longer functioning, it is highly unusual.
      2) The issue with the LCD is not in the part itself, but the connection on the board.

  12. HI, phone switches on but just gets stuck while starting. Tried following instructions to reset - can get to recovery and then an image with a red exclamation Mark but no further. Also won't go to safe mode. Any ideas.

    1. Thanks Alan,

      your device has a total boot sequence error. This means that there is no way to get past and fully boot the phone. Contact your service provider or LG, and see if there is anything they can do toward getting you into a new device.

    2. How to unlock lg nexus mobile. Please tell me

  13. I dropped my Nexus 4 and now the screen (which didn't actually crack) doesn't display anything but a vague backlit black (like I've turned it on but no graphics on the screen yet).
    I've opened it and reconnected all the connections to the motherboard, and did some soft resets as well. The phone is reading my touch because after it boots it has the keyboard (which I don't see but feel from haptic feedback) to input my PIN to unlock my device.
    Is the problem with my LCD or is it something else? The LCD I'm using is an aftermarket from dropping it another time (you'd think I learned my lesson...).

    1. Thanks Jeff,

      You are correct in that the problem is your LCD screen has gone out. The only way to replace this is to completely replace your full screen assembly (digi, lcd, front frame). Once you replace your screen, your device should work again.

      If you don't see your part available right here online as a DIY kit, you can always mail in your device for repair with one of our technicians at:

  14. Hello yesterday i dropped my phone and it fell face down. When i turned it on just half of the screen worked you can only see half of the image the rest is black but it has all these little lines and all the buttons are like being pressed . HELP

    1. Thanks Janell,

      Your LCD was damaged during the drop. Replacing the screen should get your phone back in order again. Make sure on this replacement that you get an LCD/Digitizer/& Front Frame assembly. Without the screen as a full assembly, you will have issues with your proximity sensor not wanting to turn off your screen during phone calls.

  15. I've received a second-hand Nexus 4 and the screen doesn't seem to be aligning with the frame. The sides of the screen are slightly raised than where they should be and the top part seems to be 'sinking' when pressure is applied. The screen itself is working fine but I'm afraid it won't last long. Is my last resort to purchase a new screen to avoid future damage or is this fixable?

    1. Thanks Paul,

      It sounds like the screen was repaired on the Nexus 4, and the adhesive isn't holding. If you can get a 2nd device from where you got this phone as a warranty replacement that would be best. Otherwise, you can always open the device, and see if you can set the screen down with some stronger tape after you clean off the original.

      1. Another problem is that the digitizer is not responding as expected. Meaning, it's behaving as being pressed in some points where I'm not touching it at all. For example, whenever I open the app drawer some apps open by themselves instantly as if they're being pressed. What could cause such behaviour? It doesn't seem to go away and it's constantly like that, making the phone unusable. Thanks a lot for your reply btw!

        1. Thanks again Paul,

          This would just be a sign of a broken/defective digitizer. The part could have been bad from the start, or it could have slowly gone bad from the poor seating on the frame of the device.

          Since we did not install/see the part from before the repair, it is difficult to say which. Either way, since you got the device 2nd hand, contact your source for the device, and see if you can get an exchange/different device. If not, then replacing your entire screen should solve the problem.

  16. Hi,
    I have a fairly new Nexus 5. I was sending some apps to the device, then walked away, and when I came back I noticed the screen was off and the device was hot, but the screen won't turn on. I can adb into the device and it looks normal, but the screen isn't on. i've tried any number of power+volumneUp+volumnDown options. Does that mean it some how heated up ad the screen went, or how to I know what's wrong?

    1. Thanks Gemma,

      Sounds like either your screen overheated and burned out, or this may have been caused by the battery.

      Turn your device on, and see if it is still heating up. If it is, then the problem is coming from the battery, and you need to replace both the battery and the screen. If the device is not heating up anymore, then likely it is just the screen that cooked. You will only need a new screen in this case.

  17. I dropped my phone earlier and now one part of the area of the touchscreen won't work. It won't respond to my touch. What do I do? I already tried restarting my phone.

    1. Thanks Julie,

      You will need to replace your complete screen (digitizer, LCD, and front frame). Once this is done, you should be set.

  18. Hello, I have a nexus 4 and I just performed a screen swap on it after the screen was cracked from a drop. Everything went well except for when the back cover is attached the screen doesn't respond and when the back cover is off, the screen will only respond if you perform a multi touch. Ex; touch the screen with one finger and while holding it there, touch the screen with another finger to select whatever... Any ideas? What are all the contact points for on the back of the rear cover? Does that have something to do with it?

    1. Thanks Dustin,

      You have a bad screen. The contact points don't have anything to do with your screen functionality as the screen gets plugged into plugs on the motherboard.

      Contact your source for the parts, and see what they can do to get you a new screen.

  19. Hey there, I have replaced the LCD and Digitizer on my nexus 5. Once all back together the screen worked but the digitizer would not. After tracing this back, it seems that the digitizer works when the loud speaker is not in place but as soon as i put the loud speaker back in place, the digitizer stops working.

    1. Thanks Kieran,

      There is a short inside your device. It is either in your new screen, or it is in the old loudspeaker.

      Either way, the short is causing the power in your device to not distribute correctly, and these 2 parts are running a conflict with each other. Try replacing whichever part is going to be a cheaper fix, and then if that does not work, try replacing the second.

  20. hey dan i apprieciate the help with it possible that the lcd and digitizer i just purchaced is disfunctional and if there an easier way to tell?

    1. Thanks Kieran,

      Since the screen is working otherwise (no lines or discoloration), then the part is good; it's just running a conflict with your specific device.

      The only way to tell is to contact your source for the part, and see if they will get you a new screen as a warranty replacement. Should the new screen have the same problem, then likely it is the loudspeaker that is causing the trouble instead.

  21. Few months ago my nexus 5 screen broke while in pocket. I replaced the screen myself because it was too expensive to do with LG. Now, everything worked fine until week ago, when I plugged my phone out of charger the screen didn't respond to anything. I've checked all the things inside phone and everything seems to be in place. I also did factory reset etc. and nothing works. All in all, the phone seems to be working (can see receiving updates/emails etc) but the touch screen doesnt't respond to anything. Is there anything that can be done here? I think I void my warranty also by installing broken screen by myself.

    1. Thanks Sam,

      Your warranty is voided with LG, but on the whole, it sounds like you just got a bad screen.

      Contact your source for the part, and let them know what's going on. They should be able to get you a new screen is exchange for the one you have now.

  22. Hi, half my Nexus 4 screen stays black after a small drop but there are no visable cracks. The touch functions still work because I'm able to unlock the screen and swipe the screen as normal.
    I opened the phone up and undid and reconnected the cables but the same problem still persists. Do you have any other ideas I could take to fix this problem or do I have to get a new screen?

    1. Thanks Sharnon,

      Normally, half a display is related to half the cable coming unplugged. Because you checked this all ready, it means that the LCD has officially gone bad.

      Replacing your screen will get your device up and running again. You can always mail your device in for repair with one of our technicians at:

  23. Hello,
    My display and the digitizer were recently replaced and now I noticed that there is one zone where when I press the display even with gentle pressure there is black spots or pressure marks. They disappear almost immediately after I press the display. Nexus 4. Do you think it is very seriously and would it lead to another serious problems and disfunction of the display in the future? Thank you!

    1. Thanks Martin,

      Based on your description, it would seem you simply have a bad LCD/Digitizer that was placed on your device.

      If you had your device repaired by a shop, take your device back in and let them know what is going on. They should be able to help you out from there. If you replaced the screen on your own, contact your source for the parts, and see if they can get you a new screen in exchange for the one you have now.

  24. hello.
    so my phone was charging and i picked it up went into a app and all the sudden it glitches out and turn off and now when i turn on my phone it is jsut a black screen. light comes on and i can feel the phone vibrate but jsut black sceen, i have tried puting into boot loader and nothing. any suggestions? also jsut had lcd/digitized replaced 2 months ago.

    1. This sound like a bad it is a bad LCD/Digitizer.

  25. I replaced the screen on my nexus 4 and it worked fine for about a month then the touch screen stopped working sometimes and then it will work again. When I replaced the screen I bought the lcd and the digitizer screen separately so they were not glued together so I just put together without glue do you think that is the problem? Please help

  26. I have a nexus 5 have the screen replace and it cracked again phone still works.
    I have one problem though the volume cuts and when i press the back of the phone
    in the middle the sound comes back and then goes.
    I have opened the phone tand press down on side aantenna connection and then put phone back together. it works well for a few days and then i have to do it again. .
    One last thing when i use the ear phones i hear sound. Is there someway I could trouable shoot
    the sound issue or what do you think it could be.
    Thanks Carl

    1. Hi Carl!
      This is an issue that would be hard to trouble shoot through text. I would have to see the device. We do offer a mail in repair at under the service tab. The cost is 39.99 if we find the issue and you would like us to do the repair the 39.99 will be deducted from the repair cost.

  27. i have a nexus 5 replacement phone from google about 2 months ago . all of the sudden the screen went black. i tried to reset the device but all i feel is a slight vibration like its rebooting but stays black. if i have my earbuds on i can activate my google play n listen to music and answer phone calls but nothing else. i took the phone apart to make sure nothing had come loose,everything was fine.

    1. Hi Juan!
      From what I can tell you have a bad screen. We offer mail in repair at phone under the service tab.

      1. hey Brian,
        I've noticed that the notification light on the device has stopped working also. i did receive an "extreme alert" that the city sent out. speaker is good but no notification light. is that connected to the bad screen?

  28. Hello, i use nexus 5, after the last update, anytime i call my phone goes blank and i cant turn on the speaker or input numbers or end call except with d power button. What can i do to solve this problem.

    1. Hi Mary!
      I would Factory reset your device and try to do the update again.

  29. This morning, Touch screen of my Nexus 5 has become unresponsive all of a sudden. It is neither broken nor there is any crack. What can be the possible issue?

    1. Hi Asad!
      You can try a factory reset if that does not work. We offer a mail in repair service at under the service tab.

  30. Hi,
    This weird thing happens when i get or make a call from my Nexus 4: The other person cannot hear me unless i'm on speaker. Which part do I have to replace? I have already tried factory reset and it didn't fix the problem. Thank you.

    1. Hi Martina!
      The first thing I would check is the mic hole and see if it needs to be cleaned out. Some times this hole gets clogged with dirt. If that does not work then you can mail in your device for us to replace the mic at this link.

  31. Hi there,
    a month ago my lil boy dropped my Nexus 5 in the far i have taken it apart, cleaned it in isopropyll, stuck it in rice and silica gel and changed the battery but to no avail..and today I connected it to my laptop and it responds but does not turn on ( the screen) also vibrates after every 3 secs when i hold down Volume and off buttons.. i initially thought it was the charging port but now Iam not so sure...please HELP!! im at wits end...any advise would be welcome..thanks!!

    1. Hi Norma!
      Well you started off right with the alcohol if it was 95% or higher. It sounds like you are having other issues due t the water damage. I would recommend getting it to a repair shop. If you do not have one close we offer a mail in repair. Just click on this link .

  32. Hi!

    While charging my Nexus 5 suddenly turned black, and the red indicator light started flashing. I have tried every combination of charging and holding down buttons, I have also bought a new battery and tried wireless charging, nothing works. The phone is completely unresponsive, except when it is charging when the red indicator light is flashing. If I hold down the power and volume buttons for a few seconds, the flashing is interrupted for a second and then continues.

    I don not want to send the phone for repair or just buy a new one, as I have photos on it that I really would like to access. I really appreciate all kind of help!

    Thanks in advance!


    1. Hi Isak!
      I understand the problem you are facing. I will tell you that it is normally not possible to recover those devices. This is a software issue try to get to the boot menu that is your only hope.

  33. Good advice here. I'll try to stump you.

    Nexus 5 had microphone issues (worked in speaker phone, though). Every few times I wake the office the screen is red with black lines running up and down. I can push in the back (near the S) and the screen comes back and the mic starts working. Took it apart and the same things happen and are 'repaired' by pushing the usb/mic power flex in. Does this sound like motherboard or just the flex cable?

    Appreciate any guidance!

    1. Hi Dave!
      This sounds like a connection issue are you missing a screw in that area. Also look for any damage on the connectors. It is also possible that the connections could have what is called a cold solder joint and needs a solder re-flow. We offer this service as a mail in repair at .

  34. Hey there, I just did a repair on a Nexus 5 but also had the same problem with a Nexus 4,,,

    clean install, turns on, but no response, Ive factory reset the Nexus 4 because I was told theres some issues with lollipop,,
    they said there screen doesn't work on the new update, only 4.4.4 or lower, Have you ever heard of this? any glitches where the digitizer stopped working?...
    what do you find the most commin problem is,,, just sucks waiting for a screen to come in for a month and for the digitizer to not work, its odd from two different sellers, both screens have the same issues,,,,
    I unplugged the connection and reseated them, still noting,,, will anything else stop you digitizer from responding, bad camera, headphone jack
    Thanks for your help if you can

    1. Hi Owen!
      Here are some things we have found.

  35. My Nexus 4 phone was charged and screen locked, now it will not unlock. The only sign of life in the phone is the Whatsapp message light flashing. I called it and it doesn't even ring. HELP!!!

    1. Hi Natalie!
      This is and issue that would take some diagnostic work. This issue is not an issue that I can say just do this and it will fix your device. There are many things that can cause your device to be non-responsive. Like a bad screen, software issues. We offer a complete diagnostic as a mail in repair at this link

  36. Hello sir,

    I have nexus 5 , instead of dropping in bed i dropped on the floor my screen got broken not a single crack on it but i can see the parts inside the phone ( white layer from the bottom ) . When i contacted with the local dealers all say display is broken (charges Rs 5000) .Cost varies from dealers to dealers .

    My question here is whether the display is only broken ? or which shop is reliable to fix this issue? or even after fixing it will their be any problem in future? or can i trust the local dealers instead of LG?

    1. Hi Uma!
      Well prices can very from repair facility to repair facility. From what you are describing to me yes your LCD is broken. To do this repair requires replacing the glass and the screen as they come as one part. If you take your device to a local repair shop ask what type of warranty they offer. We offer a full 180 day warranty on all of our parts and labor. If you would like to mail in your device for us to repair we do offer that at this link .

  37. I have a Nexus 5. Yesterday, an app froze after I received a call, so I closed it (swiped it off) normally as one would, and locked the screen. However, when I tried unlocking it a few minutes later, the screen had gone completely blank and wasn't working at all. It only showed singular colors, white or lack at a time, despite the fact that the buttons were working and the rest of the phone was also working fine. I could lower the volume, if I called my number, the device rang the bell, but the screen didn't work. Then, I managed to shut if off but when I tried restarting it, at first, a multicolored static (not moving) showed during the initial boot phase, and then later, the screen went back to just black. What do I do?

    1. It is running on android 5.0.1, and it hasn't been dropped or cracked or anything else.

      1. Hi Aamir!
        I am leaning towards the android 5.0.1 being the issue.

    2. Hi Saad bin Aamir!
      I have been doing some research on this issue and everything I have seen leads to the andriod Lolly pop OS. The issues range from WIFI lost to apps crashing. It would be hard for me to trouble shoot with out having the device. We offer a mail in repair just click on this link

      1. Thank you for the suggestion. I think that another mishap also happened. The day before all that happened, I tossed my phone onto my bed and it accidentally landed on a toy of my little sister's. Could that have caused the LCD connector to come loose or something and be the reason behind the problem?

        1. The fall was very minor by the way, not a single crack or scratch appeared on the screen, which is why I disregarded it earlier.

        2. Hi Saad!
          I do understand it was a short fall and yes the connector could have come loose but I would be prepared for a screen replacement.

  38. Hi My nexus device had a very minor fall. Not a single scratch on the screen and it was fine for two weeks. Later the phone started acting weird. Apps would open on its own and it was a menace. Then i did a factory reset. Then the weirdness stopped. But some areas of the screen are not touch responsive. For example the right bottom chrome icon cannot be opened, but the icon next to it will open without any issues. Is it a problem with the screen? then y did it act all weird in the first place? is it a virus or a hack? Really desperate.

    1. Hi Errol!
      Well it could be a couple of things. Since your device fell to the ground you could have a loose connection inside or your digitizer is damaged and going bad. Your digitizer can be damaged and only be noticeable in some areas because the part of the digitizer that recognizes your touch is laid out in a grid pattern and some of those grids can go bad. If you would like to mail it in we can look at it for you and tell you what exactly you need done. Just click this link

  39. Hi! I dropped my nexus 4 and the glass cracked. A day later, a third of the screen (left third) has gone black, but the touch screen function do I have to replace the digitizer too or just the glass screen?

    1. Hi Maria!
      Yes you will have to replace the digitizer as well. They are glued together and are purchased as one part. If you would like you can mail in your device to use and we would be happy to fix it for you just click on this link

  40. My Nexus 5 may have been damaged by moisture and short circuited. It will not turn back on or take a charge. What do I do next?

    1. Hi Drew
      The only thing you can do now is get your device to a repair shop and have a liquid damage cleaning done on it. If you do not have a local repair shop we offer a mail in repair just click on this link

  41. I have a Nexus 4 with dust in the front camera area. I opened and cleaned it today but after reassembled, the screen is not active any more. It is white and then black after powering it on. What do I do to restore the settings?

    1. Hi Rayben
      Resetting your device will not fix the issue. The LCD connection is not connected properly or the connector is broken. I would double check all of your connections. You also might have shorted out the LCD. If the connections are good and it still does not work and you would like a technician look at your device we offer a mail in repair just click on this link

  42. if the LCD is short out, what can be done to repair the LCD except change a new one? How much the cost will it be if mail in?

  43. Hi!

    I have a problem with my nexus 5 and I would really appreciate your feedback, since I already went to 2 repair shops and they didn't know whats wrong...

    . At some point moving furniture I might have put too much weight on top of my the pocket where my phone was and then, when checking it, the screen was like a negative (in green and grey colors) and then went completely black, however I could still hear music. That same day I opened it, deassamble and reassamble all the parts, including the mother board and the device started running again. But next day it happened again, went negative and black. After this point I couldn't fix it, however, I know the phone works because it still makes notification noises.
    I went to a repair shop where they checked the screen and apparently this seems not to be the problem since they tested a working one. The fact that it worked again after going wrong tells me that the phone is functional and my guess is that one of the connectors (maybe the screen one) is not making good contact. I wonder if you would say is worth to try to replace the port connector, which if I'm not mistaken is the one linking the screen to the mother board.
    PS: I didn't touch at any point any of the stickers underneath the port connector.

    Thanks a lot in advance!


    1. Hi Javier
      I would check the connections for your LCD/Digitizer. It is possible t replace those terminals but it requires heat to be used to do the repair so there is a chance that more damage can be done to the device. We offer this repair as a mail in repair at this link

  44. Hi the small display of colored dots on the phone won't turn off and the battery is wearing down very fast on the and won't turn off it keeps going to wallpaper and then the colored dots. what can I do to fix it I don't wants to reset it to factory settings because of all my data if possible if I turn it off and then reboot it still doesn't correct itself.
    can you advise me what to do without going to the mall or loosing my phone for a few weeks if its a simple adjustments I would appreciate your help. Thanks Marjorie.

    1. Hi Marjorie
      I am sorry but you will have to take your device to a repair shop. The device needs to have a diagnostics run on the device. The only other thing you can do is a factory reset and that probably will not fix the issue.

  45. Hi forgot to tell you my nexus 5 becomes very warm almost hot. Thanks again Marjorie.

    1. Hi Marjorie
      This could mean that your battery is going bad. If the battery is not supplying the power that the device needs to operate the device will do weird things.

    2. Hi Marjorie
      Well the device getting hot is something to be concerned with. Your device will need to be looked at by a technician to find the issue. We offer mail in repairs at this link

  46. I have a nexus 5 that always shows no service. When trying to search for networks it does not find any. This is happening after the phone was dropped. When it was dropped the back cover popped off so I popped it back on. I'm wondering what part is required to repair it because it is no longer under warranty.

    1. Hi Sami
      This is an issue that you will want a repair technician to look at. There are a few issues that could be causing this issue a loose connection a broken antenna and so on. We do offer this as a mail in repair if you do not have a local repair shop just click this link

    2. Hi Sami
      I can not answer your question because I would need to see the device to see what I would need. We offer a diagnostics for 29.99 plus shipping at this link

  47. Replaced nexus 5 entire screen piece after it cracked. Everything works except I don't have cell service. I can get Wi-Fi and checked my Sim card with a different cell phone and my Sim card works as it should since my Sim card is less than a month old... What could be the problem why I get no cell service?

    1. Hi S.vue
      The first thing I would do is check all of the connections on the Logic board.

  48. Hi,

    I have a google nexus 5 phone. It all of a sudden just shut off while in my pocket. When trying to turn it on, it acted as if it were dead. Which I know it wasn't but anyhow. I plugged it in and than it turned on for a second to flash the "Google" logo while vibrating. Than it shut off instantly for 5 seconds. It than turned on again to repeat the same proccess of flashing a google logo sign and shutting off. It will do that anytime it is plugged in. I have tried all the troubleshooting repairs that google had me try and none of it worked. So now they want me to send my phone in for them to fix it themselves.

    I have valuable pictures on that phone that were taken of my baby when he was in the NICU. So I've been trying to rack my brains in all the possibilities of how I can get these valuable pictures off of my phone. And the only solution I can come up with is a new battery.

    Would you know by chance that if I bought a new battery for the phone and replaced it in the phone myself that my phone would be fixed temporarily at least long enough for me to get these pictures off of the phone?? I don't want to buy a battery and waste time on not sending it in if replacing the battery myself won't work.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Rachel
      From what you are describing the device is caught in what is called a boot loop. This could be from a bad battery but it is not 100% sure to work as there could be software issues that cause the boot loop also. If you have a local repair shop I would take it to them and see if they can test a battery in the device before you buy it.

  49. My nexus 5 won't shut off. Power off. The screen is tiOtaaly unresponsive. And has white lines across the screen almost like a bar code

    1. Hi Cheryl, that definitely sounds like a bad or damaged display. We don't carry the parts online for your device any longer. However, if you mail it in to us, we can get the part from our local supplier and repair it. You can mail it in here.

  50. My nexus 5 wont respond to touch. I know it is working because I can receive notifications. I do not see any visible damage on the screen that can lead to this. Also, I did not drop it in water or in general. Tried a soft reset with no luck. I guess the only option now is a hard reset right? Anyway to turn the phone off? As holding down the power button restarts the phone. Is the only way to achieve this is to drain the phone?

    1. Hi Sanjoy
      Yes draining the battery or unplugging the battery if you are able to do that.

  51. Hey guys i have nexus 5 white. It's only show colored dots(like tv with no cignal) i did not drop my phone or something that can be damage. Can't recovery mode to do hard reset because of white screen. It's there a problem with software or a hardware? Or my grounded charger? Need your reply asap :'(. Thanks in Advance :)

    1. Hi Jeimar
      From what yu are explaining it sounds like it is hard ware. Although it could be software it is hard to say without running a diagnostics on the device. We offer this as a mail in repair at under mail in repair.

  52. My nexus is 2 years old now....out of warrenty period... initially one day there were some call drop problem... i thought it was due to the lollipop update... flashed back to 4.4.4 , it didnt help call drop problem were still it started to switch off and switch on own its own( boot loop ) ....... today evng it started to switch off and it does not power on without being plugged in..... if it is plugged in then it works.... with same old call drops.....

    i suspect it is battery problem..... but i can go to boot screen without being plugged in...... is it really battery or something else????

    1. Hi Sumeet

      I would check the battery. Devices require a certain amount of voltage to preform correctly.

  53. Hi, I have a Nexus 4 bought on 2013.
    Never broken the glass.
    Yesterday the phone became crazy: random numbers, apps opening and closing,
    bluetooth activation, photos zooming...
    After some restarts, the touchscreen is now not sensitive in the upper half.
    Please help me understand the following points:
    1) Which could be the cause (telephone age?, battery charger)
    2) Is it an hardware issue (digitizer)?
    3) If yes and I ask to a technician to fix it, does this need an hard reset at the end? (I would prefer to avoid it)

    Many thanks!

    1. Hi Marc
      We absolutely offer this type of repair as a mail in repair. I would love to tell you what is causing the problem but I would need to run diagnostics on the device to narrow it down. If you would like to mail in your device just go to and you will see mail in repairs click on that and it will walk you through getting your device to us.

  54. Hi, My nexus 4 digitizer won't work anymore.. At first it works fine then when I reassemble again to put the clear liquid adhesive it won't work anymore.. I tried to do the hard reset and still it won't work..

    How can I fix this? Do you think it's because of the liquid adhesive?

    Please help me to fix this.. As I am now so frustrated..

    1. Hi Derline
      It is haed t say what the issue is at this point. I would say look at all of your connections and if that all looks good then you might want a professional to look at it. We offer mail in repairs at

  55. Hi, my nexus 5 got water damage and I've replaced both screen and digitizer but the digitizer still wont work.

    1. Hi Harry

      I have to ask have you had a liquid damage cleaning done on the device yet. If not you might want to have that done. Water can cause corrosion which will connect circuits that are not supposed to be connected. The liquid damage cleaning is only about 75% successful and the longer you wait the less chance you have of it working. We offer this repair as a mail in repair at

  56. Yesterday I did a 5.1 upgrade from Android on my OS. Now 2 keys on my keypad do not work. The F and C keys. My phone is an LG-E960 Nexus 4....Any solutions on how to fix this problem.

    Thank You.

    1. I would try to go back to the os you had previously to see if that fixes it. I say this because you say it happened after the up grade.

  57. the touch doesnt work out of nowhere i did this recovery mode but nothing it turns out my touch screen doesn't work and all that without droping it just sitting in my pocket

    1. Sounds like the digitizer has gone bad. We offer a mail in repair at

  58. I have a nexus 4 that broke a screen. I got the screen and digitizer. Installed myself. Got the phone to work except the charge port. I bought another charge port from Reinstalled the new port, and still no connectivity through usb or charge. Am i missing something. Settings? I was able to swap files out to my new M9 phone. I just want a backup in case i break the new one. I have a wireless charger that i will be testing later to see if it will charge.

    1. Hi John
      I would look around the connector for the charge port and make sure that you did not damage anything on the circuit board.

  59. Hi , i replaced my Nexus 4 screen and digitizer the problem is now my battery life is awful , the battery indication shows battery above 40% but the phone just switches off and when i restart it again the battery indication show 1% , the battery lasts for just 3 hours when the phone is charged at 100% , is this because of the new screen ??

    1. Hi Nizami,
      I would not say the issue is because of the new part. I would be more inclined to say that you need to reset yur phone to factory and see if it is a software issue. Or get a new battery.

  60. I broke my nexus 5 top glass but the lcd and touch were working so i ordered front display and assembly from eBay and now after my mobile engineer installing it . The screen turns on but the touch does not work at all so does this mean the product i got is faulty as my old touch and lcd were working even after breaking the front glass

    1. Hi Karan
      I would not say the new one is faulty yet. I would check the connections and make sure they are connected properly.

  61. I purchased my nexus 5 in 2014 january. No issues with it until today. The screen goes static, similar to a CRT TV with no cable. I showed the technician, they checked everything and said it wasn't the usb flex problem, but the screen which needs replacement. They also reflashed it, which didn't work. So what could the problem be? is it really the screen that needs replacement?

    Also, when i press the power button, the screen turns off and if i press the power button again it shows me the same colorful static similar to a crt tv with no cable plugged in. any solutions would be great.

    1. Hi Sharanjit
      Yes you will need a new screen. We offer DIY screens or mail in repairs at

  62. Okay, so now my nexus 5, seems to shut off or go to a grey/white static screen with a sudden move, touch or say if it drops. Also upon start up, at the coloured dots they seem to freeze until i give the phone a light smack or slap. I got it checked out from a technician and he said it was the motherboard, which i don't believe because the phone works perfectly fine. said it was going to cost around $175. When it works perfectly, a little touch or sudden move would take it to a blank screen, but the backlight still is working. I remember a day earlier, my phone was in my front pocket and it might have suffered some bending. should i try bending it the opposite way?

    1. Hi Sharantjit
      Please do not bend your device. I would look at the connections and make sure that one did not come loose. That is what it sounds like to me is your connections have come loose.

  63. I have a nexus 5 that I dropped in the toliet for a split second. I dried it out using rice and the phone vibrates, rings and notifies me for everything but the screen was a gray color. I ordered a new screen and replaced it and it's still doing the same thing. What else could it be and do you sell it to fix it? Or should I just get a new phone?

    1. Hi Rachael
      Well if you would like to keep the device I would recommend getting your device t a repair shop so they can clean the device with 95% or higher alcohol. We offer this as a mail in repair at I must tell you that liquid damage devices once cleaned can some times last years, nut there is a chance that it will never work again.

  64. This just started, but I don't want it to get worse. During normal functions, like simply typing this message on the keyboard, sometimes the speaker will make a popping noise. I have a Nexus 4 with the 5.1 update (which has been in effect for a few months) Help??

    1. Hi Megan
      I well with the up date being on the device for a few months i don't think that would be the issue. What I would do though is back up your device and reset it see if this fixes the issue. Then I would put your apps back on the device one at a time if possible. This will help in the trouble shooting the origin of the issue.

  65. I droped my nexus 5 down and after that network is not working . I gave it to repair They said to change motherboard .what to do? Everything ia working fine except network of mobile carrier

    1. Hi Balachandra
      This is a tough one to trouble shoot over a blog. It could just bee a loose connection or it could be physical damage to the circuits on the board. The only way to know for sure id for me to look at it. We offer a mail in repair at

  66. So my nexus 5 fell and dropped on hard wood floor face down :/ and it was already dead because I had a low battery. I put it on the charger and hours later I came to turn it on and the screen wouldn't turn on. When I press the power button with the phone connected to the charger it vibrates now its been a day and the screen has turned on. I'm leaving it on the charger and the phone keeps sister says its a loop!!! I need help!!!! What shall I do??????? Thanks

    1. Hi Darnesha
      Well it could be several things I would need to look at the device to trouble shoot it for you. We offer a mail in repair at

  67. Hi,

    I have a google Nexus 4. No repair has ever been done on it. I had been using it from past 2 years without any issue. One fine day the bottom most part of the screen (where back, Home, App buttons are) stopped responding. Next day it went one layer up and the app icons placed at the bottom on the screen wouldn't get clicked. I installed soft keys for workaround in the mean time. In a matter of past few days progressively screen has stopped responding to touches and by now 40% of the bottom screen is not responding.
    - Display is still impeccable, colors are crystal clear
    - No screen breakage that I can see
    - I can't think of any hard fall of the phone immediately before this irratic behavior
    - Software is the latest available 5.1 android

    What could be the likely problem. Pls help

    1. Hi Banna
      It sounds like the digitizer is going out and needs to be replaced. We offer the parts at If you don't want to do the repair and would rather a trained and certified technician do the repair we offer that as well.

      1. Thanks Brian. I am put up in India I will explore the possibility of getting it done through you. How much will it cost?

  68. I dropped my nexus 5 last night on my ankle and it bounced off onto the plastic base of my fan and now it will not turn on at all. When I hold the power button down the android figure comes up but when I hit the power button to select it goes right back to the flashing battery. It has to be hooked up to the charger in order for it to do anything. Would you know what is wrong with it and can it be fixed?

    1. Hi Tonya
      It sounds like your battery has come loose and not making a good connection. I would pop the back cover off and look at the battery connection.

  69. I broke the glass on my nexus 5 and it started to display either static or working normally but everything was purple. I replaced the front assembly and the USB flex cable and it worked for about 5min then went to static again. What could be wrong?

    1. Hi Oton
      I would check the connection for the lcd. This can happen if the connection is bad. Most times the terminal on the Logic board is what we call a Jawbone connector meaning that it has a little arm that lifts to allow the cable to be removed. I would check and make sure that the jawbone is pressed all the way down. If it is lifted slightly it will not make a good connection.

      1. There is no jawbone connector in the Nexus 5, only those lego-type ones. I have cleaned every connector and even soaked the entire phone except the LCD in isopropyl alcohol for a whole day and it still shiws no signs of improvement.

  70. I have nexus 5 LG. Had it for about 8 months and my audio speaker stopped working couldn't hear anything from the phone videos. Calls. Nothing. And I take very well care of my phones nothing is broken on this thing. So I took the back off to see if anything came undone. Put cover back on brought to bell store sent out for repair and LG said no void warrenty cause the back has been tampered with. Errr than 3 days later my screen went completely black. But the phone still receiving texts and vibration and notifications lights but the screen just stays black can't do nothing . So I'm guessing that the LCD screen needs replaced. So if that what you think how much for you guys to replace that and my audio speaker. Thanks

    1. Hi Kenny
      Well it looks like we can do that repair for 159.99 Plus shipping. If you would like us to do the repair go to click on mail in repair and it will walk you through getting your device to me.

  71. I completed a cracked screen repair on an lg nexus 5 and the person who would call the nexus 5 would hear themselves echo. any idea what the cause is?

    1. Hi Daron
      Well the only thing I can think of is there is normally a rubber grommet that goes over the mic and aids in sound reduction. If you did not put this back on the mic or lost it I would get a new one and put it on.

  72. Hi , day before yesterday my phone auto installed some update and in the evening I got a call and was speaking for 10 minutes.after the call my touch screen went crazy and was opening apps and latter I did a factory reset and it was OK But then I noticed that the letter w and r does not work and I did a dead pixel test and found out that 2 stripes don't work in the phone. Is it a software or hardware issue.I took it to a mobile repair a shop and they said if I down grade the os to KitKat the phone might not work again. Please advice me.

    1. Hi Akeel
      From what you explained it sounds like a software issue. Some times when an OS is upgraded the apps will have glitches because they have not been tested on the new OS. I would back up your device and factory reset your device. See if this fixes the issue then install the back up if it comes back the the problem is in one of the apps or the soft ware.

  73. My Nexus 5 does not seem to stay charged very long anymore and needs charging several times a day. Is it possible that the battery has died in a little more than a year? I do use it a lot but since the battery is not replaceable, what do I do now, buy another phone already?

    1. Hi Gloria
      Well let me first put your mind at ease. The battery is replaceable you will just need to get your device to a repair shop. We also offer this repair as a mail in repair at

  74. I recentlychanged my touch on nexus 5 now it does work for few minutes then does not and at times touch automatically keeps on selecting things on its own please can you tell me for some solution for the same

    1. Hi Sagar
      It is one of two things either you have a defective digitizer or it's a loose connection. I would check the connectors before removing part.

  75. I dropped my Nexus 5 in water and the water damage sticker under the SIM card slot turned red. I completed a screen repair by replacing the screen and cleaned the motherboard. The phone responds to the buttons and occasionally flashes the blue notification light at the bottom. But the screen only lights up with no display. What other part could be damaged and can it be replaced? Could it be the motherboard that has been damaged beyond repair? Thanks

    1. Hi Debbie
      I hate to be the messenger of bad news but, yes you are probably going to have to get a new device. We do offer diagnostics as a mail in repair if you would like a certified technician t look at it for you. Just go to and click on mail in repair.

  76. My Google nexus four has four keys on the keyboard that won't work when touched. The number four key, the globe key, the x key, the d key, and the r key. Swipe gaps over them when I try it. It started randomly, what do I do??

    1. Hi Brittaney
      It sounds like you will need a new screen put on your device. We offer this as a mail in repair at

  77. Hi I've had my nexus 5 about 18 months and recently it started turning off randomly while I use it. If I turn it back on straight away it starts optimising apps, and then usually turns off again before it finishes, but if I plug it in before turning it on it doesn't. Also it doesn't turn off at all if it's plugged in (so I've had to buy a battery pack to keep it plugged in all the time!) Any idea what could be causing this and if it's easily fixable at home? Thanks!

    1. Meant to add, the back of the case has pulled away from the phone slightly just below halfway down, I've read about the battery expanding, could this be causing problems?

      1. Hi Jen
        It is very possible. Please get your device to a repair shop soon. If you do not have one close we offer a mail in repair where we can fix it for you just go to

    2. Hi Jen
      It sounds like the battery is going bad n your nexus 5 I would try a new battery.

  78. Hello,
    I replaced the screen and digitizer for my nexus 4. I replaced the battery as well after seeing the original one had expanded. After replacing the screen though the speaker has not been working. The microphone works, kind of. If I yell the other person can sort of hear me.

    Also when I make a call the display goes completely black even if I don't have the phone to my face. If I press the power button multiple times the screen will appear for a fraction of a second but this makes it impossible to put speaker phone or anything like that on. Thank you for your help and have a great day.

    1. Hi Megan
      Well it sounds like you have adhesive covering both the proximity sensor and the mic. I would redo the repair because the speaker is probably not connected properly and you need to remove the adhesive from the areas i mentioned above.

  79. I was on my nexus 5 when all of a sudden it turned black. It then changes from black to black with grey blinds and sometimes with white lines. It seems to respond to touch still, changing the lines when I move my hand on it, and also makes vibrations when I touch it and vibrations when I change the volume. When I changed the volume I could see a very faint icon of where the volume vibration mode shows up. I tried turning it off but that didn't work. Please help!!!

    1. Hello Paige and thank you for your question,

      From the combination of issues you are describing it sounds like the LCD on this device has gone bad. I know that this device can have the screen replaced and the price isn't too bad either. (It's somewhere in the neighborhood of $150.) I believe that the screen replacement will resolve your issue completely.

      I hope the suggestions I have made are helpful,
      Matthew Jones.

  80. Hello. I wonder if you could help me to resolve my issue with Nexus 5
    After 1.5 years of use the screen begin jumping up/down/left right, divides to few small screens.
    This issue temporary disappears after locking the screen(pressing on power button so screen went to black)
    and starts again after 2-3 minutes of use, especially if I watch videos or browse the internet

    1. Hello Anatoly and thanks for your question.

      The issue you are describing, the image on the screen jumping up/down/left/right and dividing into multiple smaller screens, sounds like the LCD on this device starting to go bad. I've seen issues with the image jumping around caused by improper cabling but, that is usually immediately following an LCD replacement. If the LCD has not been replaced on this device recently, there is a chance that the part is just going bad.

      I know that the screen replacement on this device is fairly inexpensive, right around $150 but, I also know that you can buy one of these phones Unlocked from eBay for right around $199.

      I hope my comments have proven to be helpful,
      Matthew Jones.

  81. Hi,

    My Nexus 5 got dropped and all of a sudden am getting no service ..I used my sim in other mobiles and its working fine.kindly advise

    1. Hello Avavind,

      Sorry to hear about the problems you are having with your Nexus 5. Without being able to physically inspect the device I'm only able to make a guess but, it sounds like the issue could be with the motherboard. Given the fact that the SIM reader is located on the motherboard of this device and you have tested the SIM in another phone, I would suspect the motherboard as the culprit. That being said, I strongly recommend replacing this device, as the internal SIM card reader on this device cannot be repaired.

      I hope my comments have been helpful,
      Robin B

  82. Hi,
    I had my LG Nexus 5 Touch Screen Digitizer Plus LCD Display replaced after my phone fell.

    The screen displays everything correctly but there is some kind of problem with the touch sensor in the bottom left and bottom right areas of the screen (around where "l","m", backspace, ENTER, "a", "z", "MAYUS" keys appear in the virtual keyboard).
    The phone only detects around 50% of the times i tap in those areas. The rest works fine.

    I had the screen replaced again and did a factory reset after that, but the problem persists.

    Any idea on why is this happening and how to fix it?


    1. Hello Mike,

      Sorry to hear about the Nexus 5. Form the problem that you are describing it sounds to be either a bad connection on the screen to the motherboard, or the connector end on the motherboard has been damaged. That being said if you have installed a second screen and the issue is still persisting it would appear to be board damage in some form. I would strongly recommend replacing the device by way of out of warranty replacement with LG.To start this process you can contact LG Customer Support

      Best wishes
      Robin B.

  83. hi,
    all of a sudden my nexus 5 started misbehaving. random vertical & horixontal lines and poatterns and also my touch seems unresponsive. I've tried to do a soft/hard reboot but in the firest place i cannot see anything on the screen. please tell me what could be done.

    1. Hello Konka,

      Sorry to hear about the Nexus 5. Form the problem that you are describing it sounds to be either a bad connection on the screen to the motherboard.
      With that in mind it is also possible that the internal LCD maybe damaged by either pressure or even possible manufacturing defect.
      I would strongly recommend replacing the device by way of out of warranty replacement with LG or if the device is undamaged and less than 1 year old under warranty.To start this process you can contact LG Customer Support

      Best wishes
      Robin B.

  84. Hello,
    My nexus 5 gets pretty worm even during light usage and really hot when charging. When 100% charged, it can drop 95% in about 15 minutes of light usage.
    When battery drops to about 45%, the screen becomes less responsive (doesn't respond to about 50% touches) and becomes even more less responsive as battery drops lower.
    When I plug it into a charger the screen comes alive again (responds to 100% touches). So the screen is only fine when battery is 45% and above or even if battery is low but charging.
    What could that be?

    Thank you. ...

    1. Hello Mahmoud,

      From the issues your are describing it sounds like the battery in that device could be experiencing some issues which could be causing your problems. I would recommend a battery replacement to see if that can resolve the issues with power and touch input.

      I hope my suggestions have been helpful.

      Matthew Jones.

  85. I have been using my nexus 5 for 2 years with some rough cracks on its screen. Recently the screen started to act up and go on black display while the phone was still on, which forced me to restart the phone every time I wanted to use it. Few days ago, I ordered some replacement parts; front screen with frame and digitizer, back cover with all its antennas and a new battery. I did the replacement myself and everything was plugged in its proper place. I checked all phone’s functionality in terms of touchscreen, wifi, Bluetooth, gps, 4g, 3g reception, volume, etc. Everything was perfectly working.
    Except, for the new battery, it wont charge! When I plug the charger, the battery symbol on the upper right corner shows it is getting charged, but the percentage kept the same. So I turned off the phone and kept it plugged over night. I checked on it the next morning but disappointingly it didn’t charge. I tried another charger but the problem stayed there.
    I decided to open the phone (regretting it now) and check what went wrong inside, I tried to unplug the battery but I ripped its cable by mistake so, I put the older one back (still works) and plugged everything else back. Now every time I try to turn on my phone I get a blackish screen. The whole phone is still working since I feel its vibration, receive calls and notifications. So my analogy is the main motherboard is till good, the bottom cable connecter is still good since I see the notification light. But what is wrong with the screen? I tried to put back my older broken screen I was able to see the LCD lights but nothing is displayed. I doubt it’s an LCD problem since both of the screens have the same issue.
    I tried to power drain my phone couple of times by removing the battery and holding the power button for few seconds then putting the battery back in. still no luck!

    Any suggestions? Do I need a new LCD? Do I need a new phone?

    Sorry for the long essay :(

    1. Hello Ali

      Sorry to hear about the nexus 5. From the issue you are describing from your LCD, it sounds like your motherboard may be having issue, given both screens have the same issue. If you have placed your old battery in the phone, and the device is having the same issue charging it is likely the terminal on the board for the battery is bad. With all that inn mind to fix this issue, I would strongly recommend considering a replacement phone.

      Hope it helps
      Robin B.

  86. After updating cyanogenmod on my nexus 4 the system is completely broken and cycles forever. Means Google Logo appears, than the screen gets grey, black, grey, black,...
    - Even poweroff is leading to cycling.
    - also starting recovery mode leads to cycling.
    - I can reach the boot loader with holding Power+Down . But all selectable menue items (Start, Recovery mode, Power off) leads to cycling.

    Any ideas?

    1. Hello Armand and thanks for the question.

      First things first, lets get a few things straight. Cyanogenmod is what you would call a Custom ROM. This basically means that it is a specially built version of Android with several customizations made. Cyanogenmod is available for a variety of phones but, it is by no means an officially supported ROM. Cyanogenmod is built and distributed independent of any cellphone carrier and from Google. It certainly is not a bad Custom ROM and I have an older Galaxy S phone which has Cyanogenmod on it. I bring all this up because the method by which one needs to take in order to install Cyanogenmod can expose the phone to a great amount of risk.

      Performing a "Flash" or basically installing that Cyanogenmod ROM requires that the storage chips on the phone be one by one erased, reprogrammed, and read to verify successful writing. If something interrupts this process while a chip is either erased or being programmed, you may have ultimately done irreversible damage to the phone.

      Are you able to get the phone into Download mode? I believe the power key, volume down, and Home button should put you into download mode. If you can, try and restore that phone back to it's stock ROM. I believe for the LG Phones you can use a tool called "LG Flasher Tool" which should greatly reduce the complexity of flashing the ROM.

      If you ultimately find that the device remains unresponsive and continues to "boot loop" you may need to look to replace that device.

      I hope my comments have been helpful.

      Thank you,
      Matthew Jones.

  87. My touchscreen isn't working, I replaced my screen/digitizer a while ago and over time the screen started going nuts, getting white lines and white noise on it and the screen just going black randomly. After a bit longer it just stopped working I can see the screen (apart from the times it just turns to black) but the touch function doesn't work at all. I have done a hard reset, used an OTG cable with a mouse to update my phone and such nothing worked.
    I am now on my second screen and no change.
    I have also replaced the flexi cable and battery but no change.

    1. Hello Carl and thank you for the question.

      From the issue you have described it does sound like this device has something which has persisted through two replacement screens. Whenever I encounter an issue like this I always go over the connector on the board where the flex cables plug in with a magnifying glass. This connector is full with very small connections and they are, unfortunately, easier than they should be to dislodge. If any of the little metal pins are out of place, they could be bridging a connection, or causing a "Short-Circuit", and this could be what you are seeing as the lines and white noise.

      If you can not find any issues with the connector, I would recommend you attempt to confirm that the screens you have as replacements don't exhibit the white noise and lines on a known good device. This might not be practical but, if you can test a phone that is working fine by putting your replacement screen on it and having no issues then you can confirm that the issue is with your phone and not the screens. You could then test the known good display from the known good device and see how it responds to your device. If it presents the white noise then you've also confirmed the issue to be with your device.

      If you are unable to perform these tests then I would recommend you take this device to a repair provider and have them diagnose the issue.

      I hope my comments have pointed you in the right direction.

      Thank you,
      Matthew Jones.

  88. Hi. The touchscreen of my nexus 5 stopped responding all of a sudden. Im getting notifications and calls. The touch screen just wont respond. Please pleaese tell me there is a way to fix this without a factory reset.

    1. Hello Hisham and thank you for the comment.

      If the touchscreen on your device is no longer functioning then the best recommendation I can make would be to seek out a replacement for the screen. Replacing the Digitizer/Screen should resolve issue you have with touch and should also no require a factory reset. (NO DATA ERASE REQUIRED!)

      I hope my comments have been helpful.

      Thank you,
      Matthew Jones.

  89. Hi,
    My nexus 5 get damaged but it is still working and I can see the backlight coming on, also I can ring it and see the LED flashing away just no display

    1. Hello Kareem Adel,

      We are sorry to hear about that screen issue you are having. From the above issue you are describing it sounds to be that replacing your screen should let you back in if you replace the screen. The nexus 5 however has a notoriously thin frame for the new screen to sit on. Due to that i recommend that you get the complete screen plus frame for the device. If the repair of this device seems a bit overwhelming you can always contact google to replace the device out of warranty replacement starting at about $229.

      Best of luck
      Robin B.

  90. Hey I have a Nexus 4 it keeps having issues with charging getting a red light. Only turns on for a short time then freezes and shuts off, already tried factory reset, updating wiping chache and more. Had little progress but I noticed if I apply pressure to a spot to the right of the battery and camery then it start working for some time and if I let that spot go it completly freezes. Any ideas what this might be or if it is fixable?

    1. Hello Omar and thank you for the question.

      From what you are describing and the steps you need to take to get it to work properly, squeezing the phone at a certain point, it sounds like there could be an internal issue whereby something is not properly connected. It is unlikely but, some devices that run very hot, like a Sony PS3 or an nVidia graphics card, will actually become hot enough that the solder that holds the chips to the board becomes soft and can allow the chip to pull up off of its connection. Performing a "Reflow" of the solder should fix an issue like this but, I strongly advise against reflowing a cellphone motherboard. It's most likely going to damage it as opposed to fixing anything.

      If you're cellphone is having issues with the motherboard, you might need to look into replacing the device as the board inside a phone is very much like the frame of a car. Once you damage the frame the car is totaled. If the motherboard is done, you're looking at getting a new device.

      I hope my comments have been helpful.

      Thank you,
      Matthew Jones.

  91. Hello There, Thank you for the thorough guide,
    I had a problem with my original charging port that MHL Usb hosting when plugging a USB thumb drive was not working, so I decided to change the charging port, First I ordered one from a local website, when replaced it everything worked, except that if I leave the phone for longer that few hours when powering it up, (power button) the screen would be black & glitch. so I had to restart it everytime. I thought it was the port because when reinstalling the old one it would be fixed.

    ordered a second one, installed it, got a black screen, there is vibration & sound when starting & some black light. but no colors..
    I reinstalled the original one, also black screen, I must damaged something, do you know what probably was the source? Thank you

    1. Hello Rashed and thank you for the comment.

      I was investigating the issues you've described here. I want to start by saying that the Nexus 4 does say that it supports USB thumb drives through an "On-The-Go" cable but, the phone doesn't actually support it. Its a limitation of the software running on the Nexus 4. If it's a Nexus 5, it should function but, it is not uncommon to have issues with USB drives on cell phones.

      As for the damage to the phone, I'm not 100% sure what is causing the problem with the screen but, it does sound like something got damaged during the repairs.

      I hope my comment proves to be helpful.

      Thank you,
      Matthew Jones.

  92. My lg nexus 4 fell in to water 3 days ago and it was working fine, but now my lock pad which is 3 x 3 doesn't work the middle 3 dots don't work. I cannot unlock it at all.

  93. Hello Kiran,

    Sorry to hear about that LG Nexus 4 issue you are having. From the above issue you are describing it sounds to be your touch screen has been subjected to liquid damage. Due to this your touch screen has stopped responding. You have one of two options, the first being you can reapir the front screen of the device, or you can consider trying a liquid damage cleaning on the device. Disassembly of the nexus 4 can be unforgiving and it is recommend due it's age to replace the nexus 4 if you are having these issues.

    Thank you

    Robin B.

  94. Hello Kiran and thank you for the question.

    I'm sorry to hear that your device has had a run in with water. It sounds like you are having an issue with certain parts of the Digitizer on that device. If you are having issues with the digitizer then I would recommend replacing the front screen. The screen replacement is fairly straight forward and if you felt comfortable taking the device apart, it is something you could complete at home. If you do not feel comfortable opening the device then I would take it to a repair center or send it in via our Mail-In Repair service.

    I hope my comment has been helpful.

    Thank you,
    Matthew Jones.

  95. Hi,
    I just replaced the screen on my Nexus 5 and now it won't connect to my mobile network. It identifies available networks, but I can't connect. Everything appears to be plugged in correctly and the sim card works fine in other phones. Any ideas that I could try? Does the antenna have to be replaced? It's just strange that it can identify networks, but not connect. Thanks!

    1. Hello Valerie and thank you for the question.

      From the issue you are describing it sounds like there might not be a connection plugged in properly. That device has a "Charge Port Flex" which houses the antennas. If this charge port flex is not plugged in properly, the device will have cellular reception issues. If you performed this repair, I recommend following the guide through again and see if you missed any steps which deal with the charge port. You may also start from the beginning of your guide and check to see if maybe your steps have one tear-down step that doesn't have a reassembly step. (Maybe the author missed a step in reassembly?)

      If ultimately you find no success with this device, I would recommend you attempt to replace the charge port component. Some previous users have indicated that even though their charge port showed no signs of damage, replacing the charge port resolved their issue. As always, if you feel like you've gone as far as you want, you can send your device in via our Mail-In Repair services.

      I hope my comments have proven to be helpful.

      Thank you,
      Matthew Jones.

  96. Hi bro I am using nexus 5 when I pressing the back cover little harder the screen goes black and them some time it's work.. And also the screen touch not working when I pressing back cover..Its is flex cable problems or display problem help..

    1. Hello Prasanth and thank you for the question.

      From the issue you are describing it sounds like you may have some motherboard related damage. The Nexus 5 has a very thin layer of plastic for the back housing. It's not uncommon to have issues with this device after dropping it, replacing a component, using it, etc... It is a very fragile device with regards to the back housing and the motherboard. If you haven't opened your phone, it's unlikely to be a flex cable issue.

      I hope my comment has been helpful and I wish you the best of luck with this device.

      Thank you,
      Matthew Jones.

  97. Hi,
    i dropped my nexus 5 and only backlight was on. I restarted my phone and everything was normal for a while (except for a few flickers ),but then the screen went black again(backlight still on). Then after a while for a brief while the screen was on but non responsive to touch . Later it went to its original state of black screen with backlight on. (All the internal function are still working like notifications, only the screen is black).
    Is there a lose cable of some sorts or i have to change the whole display?
    Thanks in adavance!

    1. Hello Vivek and thank you for the question.

      From the issue you are describing it does sound like the LCD may need to be replaced. That device is very thin and delicate. It's not uncommon to have the screen damaged in that manner from a drop. That device is one we do offer screen replacements for that device and if you are interested, I recommend submitting your device via our Mail-In Repair service. Once we receive the device, we'll give you a call to quote you for the repair.

      If you have any questions feel free to contact us back.

      Thank you,
      Matthew Jones.

  98. My LG Nexus 4 became unresponsive after the screen froze and I turned it off. Now I can't turn in on and when I charge it it doesn't show anything.

  99. hello, I droped my nexus4 so the screen broke.I replaced it with new one digitizer,touchscreen,and frame completely.but the problem now my phone getting bootloop and stuck on google dot . Do I miss something ? setting or what? any sollution? thankyou

  100. Nexus 5 battery replaced --> volume buttons unresponsive, power button largely unresponsive, charges without charging symbol

    Since the battery life of my Nexus 5 decreased dramatically during the past few months, I bought a replacement battery online to replace it myself with the help of a video tutorial. The first time I tried removing the back cover, all the little clips popped out, but the cover did not come off: it was stuck / seemed glued to the phone close to where the back camera is located. Today, I tried removing the back cover again, all the little clips popped out again, and this time even the cover came off easily.

    I carefully removed the battery and substituted it with the replacement I had ordered online and then successfully reattached the back cover. I pressed the power button and the phone booted. (Strangely, the new battery appeared to have very much the same charge as my old battery when I turned off the phone - just a little less.)

    However, whenever I now press the power button to lock/unlock the phone, nothing happens: when the display is on, it doesn't turn off; when the display is off, it doesn't turn on. The only function the power button has shown since I replaced the battery is rebooting the phone (after pressing the button for multiple seconds). Luckily, I have a magnetic flip cover that allows me to lock and unlock my phone.

    The volume up and down buttons also show no effect. Luckily, I can change the volume through the settings menu.

    Also, the phone charges, but without showing the "charging symbol" in the top right corner of the screen. Instead, the normal battery sign is shown and in the "battery menu" (the menu that opens up when clicking on the battery sign in the top right corner after pulling down the "pull down menu") it appears not to be charging.

    I have three questions:

    1. What can be the reason for this combination of errors that have occurred right after I replaced the battery?
    2. How can I fix these errors?
    3. Will I be able to turn on my phone using the power button if it ever turns off? Given that I could use the power button to reboot the phone, I am somehow hoping that I would be able to turn on my phone once it is off as well (but I don't want to risk being unable to turn on my phone again to try that out myself).
    4. In case I won't be able to turn it on with the power button being as it is now: Is there any way (hardware/software/app) to turn on the Nexus 5 without using the power button?

    Thank you for your help!


  101. my lg nexus phone truns on with a google logo and truns off after some time without showing!

  102. My LG Nexus does not pick cellular network in my area. What should I do?