How to Fix Common Problems with Apple iPhone 5 Repair

How to Fix Common Problems with Apple iPhone 5 Repair

We are here to help! Our technicians have answered the most common questions about how to fix common problems with Apple iPhone 5 repair process.  Depending on the device, mobile phone and tablet repairs can be a tedious process.  Troubleshooting is a vital part of both diagnosing a broken part, and discovering what step was missed after repair.  Relax, we are here to make your life easier.

We offer a full lineup of repair parts for the Apple iPhone 5 including:


My phone is freezing, running slow, repair did not work, spazzing out! What can I do?

Soft Reset

Performing a soft reset can resolve issues like continuous resetting/rebooting, crashing, freezing, can’t make or receive calls, and other general software related problems. This process is similar to rebooting a computer after it freezes up. Phones are small computers after all.

This should not erase your data, but it is always a good idea to do a backup. With your device turned on…

  1. Press and hold Power Button.
  2. Press and hold the Home Button.
  3. Your device will now shut down and reboot.

Hard Reset

A hard reset can resolve issue like: blank or frozen screen, crashing apps, touch screen problems, no audio, random noises, no call functionality or sync errors.

**This process will erase all your data**, and erase any accounts linked to your device as well.

  1. Connect your device to a computer that has iTunes.
  2. Make sure your device is selected from the left menu in iTunes.
iTunes iPhone restore
  1. Click Restore.
  2. If iTunes asks you to back up your data, Click Yes.
  3. Click Restore.
  4. iTunes will prepare and restore your device. Do not unplug your device at this time!
  5. When finished, iTunes will ask if you would like to restore your data. Choose at your desire.

Apple iPhone 5 Back Camera Troubleshooting:

The Apple iPhone 5 Back Camera is your default camera located on the back of your device under the main screen. If you are experiencing problems such as a fuzzy image or lines through your pictures, you may need to replace your lens instead of your camera. If your pictures look distorted while viewing on your device, but after sending them through an email or download are clear, your screen has gone bad not the camera. If you are having any other problem with your camera, then this is the part you need.

  1. If your device is not acknowledging your new camera (your app is blank), you will want to try a soft reset before you reopen your device. A soft reset will clear your devices’ cache memory for your old camera, and recalibrate to allow your new camera to work.
  2. Also, check the alignment of your camera. If your camera is off-center, then your back housing will block your camera, and give the impression of your camera not working.
  3. If your pictures look fuzzy, there may be a protective film over the new camera. Open your device again, and remove this film. With your device open, double-check your camera and camera lens for any sign of debris or scratches. These types of scuffs and dirt can also blur your camera.
  4. If your pictures look distorted while viewing on your device, but after downloading them to your computer they are clear, then your LCD screen has gone bad, not the camera. You will need to replace your LCD to resolve this problem.
  5. If after this troubleshooting your camera still will not work, you may have a defective or broken camera.

Apple iPhone 5 Back Glass Replacement Troubleshooting:

The Apple iPhone 5 Back Glass Replacement is just the cosmetic external glass on the top and bottom of your device. This repair can be done without removing any additional parts on your device. If your back housing is bent, you will need to mold it back into shape prior to installing this glass. If your top and bottom glass are broken, and every other part is working fine, then this is the part you need.

  1. Make certain to remove all glass residue from your original broken parts. Any left over shards or adhesive will cause your new part not to fit. Worse case scenario, your new glass will fit, and then will break a few minutes later due to excessive pressure.
  2. In addition, check your housing for any signs of dents or bent metal. If the integrity of your back housing has been compromised, then you will need to bend or replace your main housing to get this glass to fit.
  3. If this troubleshooting did not work, you may have a miss molded piece of glass.

Apple iPhone 5 Back Housing Troubleshooting:

The Apple iPhone 5 Back Housing is your entire back, sides, camera lens, and flash lens. The iPhone 5 has many similarities to the iPhone 3G, 3GS, and the rear housing design is one of them. If you housing is bent, then this is the part you need. In addition, if you have scratches on either your camera or flash lens, then this complete housing will need to be replaced. OUR BACK HOUSINGS DO NOT CARRY THE APPLE LOGO!

  1. If your new housing does not fit, double check the model number on the back of your original iPhone housing. The iPhone 5S housing will not fit on the iPhone 5; the same is true of the iPhone 5C.
  2. If you have the correct back, and the new housing still will not fit, reattempt the repair from the beginning. The iPhone 5 is a compact device, and there should be little to no extra space between the parts.
  3. If after redoing the repair, your housing still won’t fit, you may have a miss molded back housing.

Apple iPhone 5 Battery Troubleshooting:

The Apple iPhone 5 Battery is your main, mobile power source for your device. The iPhone 5 battery is located under your main screen. If your uncertain if your issue is with your battery, plug your device directly into your computer. If everything works while plugged into your PC, but your device turns off right after you unplug it, then you need a new battery. If your device has to be recharged more often then usual, or will not charge at all, then this is the part you need.

  1. Try a different power cable on your device. You may have a USB cable that has gone bad at the same time as your battery. This is a common issue as power fluctuations have a tendency to cause both cord and battery to go dead.
  2. If your not certain the battery is the problem, remove your battery, and plug your iPad straight into a computer. If your device does not power on at all, then you have a bad charge port. You will need to replace this part before your device will charge normally again,
  3. If your device is not fully powering on, or is stuck in a boot loop, then you may have a damaged or defective part.

Apple iPhone 5 Buttons (Set of Mute, Power, Volume) Troubleshooting:

The Apple iPhone 5 Buttons (Set of Mute, Power, Volume) is a set of 3 separate parts. These parts independently control your volume rocker, mute or vibrate switch, and the lock or power button. Normally, issues with these parts are due to broken interior flex cables that can also be replaced. These external buttons should only need replacement if the original part has been lost due to damage.

  1. Reattempt the repair from the beginning. Double check all the flex cables connected to these external buttons to make certain they were not damaged during the initial fall of your device, or during installation.
  2. If all the cables look intact make certain all your cables fit properly. If everything fits, your cables look intact, but your device still will not function properly, this is a sign of something worse then a simply cosmetic issue. We suggest mailing in your device for diagnostic testing.
  3. If your buttons won’t fit then you have a defective button set.

 Apple iPhone 5 Charge Port Flex Cable (Includes Headphone and Mic) Troubleshooting:

The Apple iPhone 5 Charge Port Flex Cable (Includes Headphone and Mic) is composed of three separate parts located at the bottom of your device under the screen. Your headphones plug into a jack that is on this flex cable as well. If when you call someone, you can hear them, but they can’t hear you, then you need to replace the microphone which is also part of this flex cable. This flex cable also contains a chip that allows your device to sync with a data cable. If you are getting error messages when you try to connect to iTunes, then you may need to replace this part.

  1. Start with checking all three parts of this flex cable. If you are experiencing issues or non-functioning of only one of these three components, then you may simply have a bad flex cable.
  2. If your device will not power on after repair, you may have a bad battery in addition to a defective charge port. Remove the battery and see if you can plug straight into a charger to get life. If you do, then you need a new battery.
  3. If all three parts don’t work, reattempt the repair from scratch. After removing the good part, check and see if your original cable is still functioning as it was prior to the repair. If neither cable will work now, we suggest contacting a member of our support team for further information.
  4. If none of the troubleshooting works, you may have a defective or broken part.

Apple iPhone 5 Complete Screen Replacement Troubleshooting:

The Apple iPhone 5 Complete Screen Replacement (Digitizer, LCD, Front Components) controls both your touch function, your main image display, and several key functions as well. If your top glass is broken, your touch function is unresponsive, or you have no image display, then this is the part you need. This screen comes with both your top digitizer and your lower LCD fused together for easy assembly. This version of the iPhone 5 screen includes the front components of: home button assembly, front camera, proximity sensor, and ear speaker.

  1. If you have an all white or all black display, start by performing a soft reset on your device. Blank and white screens are usually a sign of the internal software not wanting accept the new parts. A soft reset will clear your device of any temporary data that is blocking your new part from working.
  2. Check to see if your screen’s back light is on. If there is no back light in addition to no display, your new LCD is not plugged in correctly. Reattempt the repair, and make certain your new part is fully installed.
  3. If your digitizer will not respond to touch at all, reattempt the repair, and make certain your cable was not crimped (folded too much). Crimping causes micro fractures in the thin metal inside a flex cable. Once this metal is cracked, power and other impulses cannot flow through the device.
  4. If only a select grid of icons will not work such as the top third, or left side, you may have a cable that is miss aligned. Open your device, and make certain all the connectors on the flex cable match up. If this plug is off center, you will see problems such as this called “blocking”. Blocking can also happen if either your digitizer cable, or your motherboard plug have missing or bent pins. These pins will need to be put back in place before your device will work again.
  5. If you see blotches on your display, this is a sign that too much pressure has been applied to the LCD at some time. Open your device again, and make certain there is no residual glass from your original broken screen. After clearing your screen, disable your phones “Sleep mode”, and leave your device on a charger for 24 hours. The heat from a constant charge can cause the crystals inside your device to move back into place.
  6. You are having difficulty with one of the front components, please see the troubleshooting related to this specific part either in this blog, or in the individual product page.
  7. If the troubleshooting does not work, or if your screen has lines down your display, then you may have a defective or broken part.

Apple iPhone 5 Ear Speaker Troubleshooting:

The Apple iPhone 5 Ear Speaker is your main hearing piece when using your device in normal phone mode. The ear speaker is not the same as your external speakers for playing music. The ear speaker also does not control the sound when using your phone in speaker phone mode. If you place your phone to your ear to answer a call, and you have no sound, then this is the part you need.

  1. Make sure your ear speaker is fully covered by the protective plate on your iPhone 5. The ear speaker on this phone only fully functions once this shield is on. This shield aids to direct the sound outward to your ear instead of inward at the internal components of your device (they don’t listen well anyway). If this piece is missing, or nor on correctly, you will need to open your device, and tack it down before your new ear speaker will work again.
  2. Check the springs (the copper prongs) on your ear speaker. They are designed to maintain a constant connection on your device, and if one of these prongs is not long enough, you will need to stretch it back into place before your new speaker will work.
  3. If your hear a buzzing noise while taking a call, your new speaker simply is not tight in its fitting. Open your device, make certain your ear speaker is aligned correct, and tighten all the screws that hold this part in place. Your speaker now should work normally.
  4. If your ear speaker is tight, all the prongs are touching, and the cover plate intact, then you may have a defective or broken part.

Apple iPhone 5 Front Camera and Proximity Sensor Troubleshooting:

The Apple iPhone 5 Front Camera and Proximity Sensor is composed of 2 different parts. The proximity sensor is soldered to the front camera, and the 2 parts cannot be replaced independently. If you are having issues with blurry pictures, you may have a scratch on your front glass, and may not need to replace the front camera. In addition, if your screen will not turn off when you place the phone against your face, then you need to replace the proximity sensor using this complete part.

  1. If your new part has reversed the calibration of your proximity sensor (screen turns on when placed to your ear), then it is usually a simply matter of recalibrating your device. Perform a soft reset on your device, and this should fix the problem.
  2. The same is true if your front camera will not work, but your proximity sensor will. If your app is not working at all, then again, a soft reset should fix the issue. If the app is working, but there is no image, check the alignment of your camera. If your camera is off-center, then the frame will block your camera, and give the impression of your camera not working.
  3. If your pictures look fuzzy, there may be a protective film over the new camera. Open your device again, and remove this film. With your device open, double-check your camera and camera lens for any sign of debris or scratches. These types of scuffs and dirt can also blur your camera.
  4. If your pictures look distorted while viewing on your device, but after downloading them to your computer they are clear, then your LCD screen has gone bad, not the camera. You will need to replace your LCD to resolve this problem.
  5. If after this troubleshooting, your part still will not work, you may have a defective or broken part.

Apple iPhone 5 Home Button Troubleshooting:

The Apple iPhone 5 Home Button is the cosmetic external piece of a much larger assembly. The home button assembly consists of an external button, an internal flex cable, and the motherboard connector. If your cosmetic button is still present, then you may have an internal issue such as a broken flex cable, or a bent internal connector. If your screen arrived without a plastic home button, or you lost your button during repair, then this is the part you need.

  1. If your new button will click, but your device will not respond, double check that your home button flex cable is lined up correctly. Inside your device, there are 2 copper prongs that come out from the motherboard. Make sure these 2 prongs are making full contact with your home flex. If they are bent, then your new button will click, but not respond.
  2. If your new button will not click at all, make sure the screws and adhesive holding it in place are fully tightened down. If they are loose, then you will not get a “click” as the button cannot complete the circuit.
  3. If your new button simply will not fit, then you may have a defective or damaged part.

Apple iPad Battery Assembly Troubleshooting:

The Apple iPhone 5 Home Button Flex Cable controls your main click feature when attempting to go to your main “home” page. The home button flex is composed of a single flex cable with 2 copper contacts on the loose side. The main connection point is on the inside of the iPhone 5. If your home button will no longer work correctly, then this is the part you need.

  1. Open your device, and make certain the internal connection points are not bent or missing. There should be 2 prongs that make a constant connection with your home button flex. If these prongs are bent to low, your home button will not work. If any of these prongs are missing, then you will not be able to complete this repair. You will need to get a new device.
  2. Check that your new home flex is facing the proper direction, and has both copper contacts in tact. If either of these pads are missing, or are pointed the wrong way, your home button will not work. If the contacts are missing, you will need a new home button flex.
  3. If everything looks intact, and the contacts are touching, we suggest mailing in your device for diagnostic testing as something else may be wrong with your device.
  4. If your new home flex is missing a contact, or is only partially working then you have a defective or broken part.

Apple iPhone 5 Power Button Flex Cable (Includes Mute and Volume) Troubleshooting:

The Apple iPhone 5 Power Button Flex Cable (Includes Mute and Volume) controls most of the primary functions of your iPhone 5. This cable is located at the very back of your device under all the other components, and then laces through to the front of your device. If you are having issues with any of these three parts: power button, mute toggle, or volume keys, then this entire cable will need to be replaced.

  1. If only one part is not working, one of the connection points may simply have some loose while sealing up your device. Start with reattempting the repair from the beginning, and see if any of the contact points are loose.
  2. If none of the contact points are loose, but you still don’t have full functionality, double check your power cable for any signs of crimps or rips. Crimps (or excessive folding) can cause a break in the metal that is inside the flex cable. If this metal is folded too much, then your device will not be able to get power or any other signal through this part.
  3. If none of the troubleshooting works, then you may have a defective or broken part.

I replaced my Apple iPhone 5 Touch Screen Digitizer With LCD Display, now it will not work!

The Apple iPhone 5 Screen Replacement (Digitizer and LCD) controls both your touch function and your main image display. If your top glass is broken, your touch function is unresponsive, or you have no image display, then this is the part you need. This screen comes with both your top digitizer and your lower LCD fused together for easy assembly. This version of the iPhone 5 screen does not include any additional components such as home button assembly, front camera or ear speaker.

  1. If you have an all white or all black display, start by performing a soft reset on your device. Blank and white screens are usually a sign of the internal software not wanting accept the new parts. A soft reset will clear your device of any temporary data that is blocking your new part from working.
  2. Check to see if your screen’s back light is on. If there is no back light in addition to no display, your new LCD is not plugged in correctly. Reattempt the repair, and make certain your new part is fully installed.
  3. If your digitizer will not respond to touch at all, reattempt the repair, and make certain your cable was not crimped (folded too much). Crimping causes micro fractures in the thin metal inside a flex cable. Once this metal is cracked, power and other impulses cannot flow through the device.
  4. If only a select grid of icons will not work such as the top third, or left side, you may have a cable that is miss aligned. Open your device, and make certain all the connectors on the flex cable match up. If this plug is off center, you will see problems such as this called “blocking”. Blocking can also happen if either your digitizer cable, or your motherboard plug have missing or bent pins. These pins will need to be put back in place before your device will work again.
  5. If you see blotches on your display, this is a sign that too much pressure has been applied to the LCD at some time. Open your device again, and make certain there is no residual glass from your original broken screen. After clearing your screen, disable your phones “Sleep mode”, and leave your device on a charger for 24 hours. The heat from a constant charge can cause the crystals inside your device to move back into place.
  6. If the troubleshooting does not work, or if your screen has lines down your display, then you may have a defective or broken part.

Apple iPhone 5 Screws (Replacement Set for 5, 5C and 5S) Troubleshooting:

We have what you need in our Apple iPhone 5 Screws (Replacement Set for 5, 5C and 5S). This is a small set of screws that come in various sizes, so you should be able to replace any stripped or missing screw in your device. This bag of screws does not contain the 2 bottom Pentalobe screws on your device.

  1. If this set of screws does not contain a specific screw you are looking for, you may be able to make one of these screws work any way. The bottom 2 pentalobe screws are often lost due to damage, or during repair. There should be a couple of phillips screws in this set you can make work instead.
  2. If you are fighting a stripped screw, take a look at our YouTube video for a helpful trick on getting bad screws to come out.
  3. If you still cannot remove the screw using this trick, you may need to send in your phone to a specialist. You can always Mail in Your Device: our certified technicians will be happy to diagnose or repair your device.

Apple iPhone 5 SIM Card Tray Troubleshooting:

The Apple iPhone 5 SIM Card Tray is an easy replacement if you have a SIM Card Removal Tool. We include both with your order of this part! Our SIM trays do not include any serial numbers like the original tray does. Your IMEI number can always be found under your settings section of your iPhone 5.

  1. If your device will not connect to your service provider, your SIM Card may have worn out, or become demagnetized. Contact your service provider, and get a new SIM Card to see if this will fix the problem. You should not need to change phone numbers to get a new SIM card.
  2. If a new SIM card does not fix the problem, the your SIM card reader may be damaged. This part is attached to your motherboard on the iPhone 5. If this part is not working, then it is highly unlikely it can be repaired. Your best solution will be to get a new device.
  3. If none of the troubleshooting works, then you may have a damaged or defective part.

Apple iPhone 5 Speaker Dock Troubleshooting:

The Apple iPhone 5 Speaker Dock is your main external audio control on your device. This part operates your external sounds such as ringtones and music. The ringer speaker also operates your devices audio when placing a call using the loud speaker feature. This part does not control your audio when placing your phone to your ear. Your ringer speaker can normally be found toward the lower part of your device underneath the main screen.

  1. If your new speaker will not work at all, reattempt the repair from the beginning. On the back of the speaker, there are 2 prongs that make a connection inside your device. If even one of these 2 prongs is not lined up for a full connection, then the entire speaker will not work. This also applies if you are hearing a buzzing sound, or just have a very faint sound as well.
  2. While your double checking the 2 prongs on the speaker, also check that your motherboard has not lost it’s contact points. If either of these 2 points came loose during the same event that lead to your speaker needing replacement, then no speaker will fix this problem.
  3. Also check that your speaker still has a magnetic charge. You can easily do this by placing something on top of the metal area of the new speaker (something metal). If there is no magnetic response, then your new speaker lost it’s charge in transit, and will not work.
  4. If none of the troubleshooting works, then you may have a damaged or defective part.

Apple iPhone 5 Vibrator Troubleshooting:

The Apple iPhone 5 Vibrator controls your main shake function when receiving phone calls, text messages, or playing games. This part contains 2 small prongs, and it is common for these prongs to slip out of place during repair. Before ordering this part, double check your current vibrator to make certain everything is connected properly. No soldering is required. This part is found in the upper left hand corner of your device.

  1. If the new vibrator is not working at all, open your device, and reattempt the repair. Most vibrators have only 2 prongs to make a connection. If these prongs are not aligned correctly, then your new part will not work.
  2. If your new vibrator is not as strong as it should be, or your hear a buzzing instead of feeling a buzzing, your new vibrator is likely loose inside your device. Open your device, and make certain it is snug in it’s fitting. If needed, use some type of adhesive to hold it in place.
  3. If none of the troubleshooting works, then you may have a defective or damaged part.

Apple iPhone 5 WiFi Antenna Flex Cable Troubleshooting:

The Apple iPhone 5 WiFi Antenna Flex Cable is your main internet signal receiver on your device. This part is located under your main screen, back camera, and a few protective shields on the iPhone 5. If you are experiencing problems connecting to a WiFi signal, or have a weak wireless signal, then this is the part you need. The WiFi antenna does not control your connection to your cellular network. If you are having network access issues, take your device to your phone service provider for more information.

  1. If you are unable to receive any signal at all, try restoring your device back to factory default settings. Apple devices tend to remember the last part that was installed, and getting a new part to work is simply a matter of recalibrating the device.
  2. If you have a weak signal, this is usually due to a loose screw on your device. Open your device again, and make certain every screw is tight. Most of the screws in this device are specifically placed to help boost your reception of both wireless and cellular signals. One loose screw can make for a weak connection.
  3. If none of these troubleshooting steps work, you may have a defective or broken part.

Your repair guide said my part is possibly defective or broken, what’s next?

  1. Contact your source for the parts to see what their warranty will cover.If your device is not covered, or is outside it’s warranty, we would be happy to help.
  2. If your parts came from Phone Doctors…
    • Contact Us: our support team has additional information regarding a replacement.
    • OR
    • Mail in Your Device: our certified technicians will be happy to diagnose or repair your device.

My Question is not on this page! Can you help?


Simply leave a reply or comment at the end of this article, and our support technicians will get back to you within 24 business hours.

Leaving a comment is the best way to get additional help as comments expand our knowledge database. Who knows? The next person needing help with their repair or device may have the same problem you do!


  1. I have an iPhone 5 that works perfectly, except during a phone call. I don't hear anything from the earpiece or speaker phone nor can others hear me. Sometimes it echos from the speakerphone. Voice memos, iPod music, and all other sounds works. The microphone works perfectly on Skype and other voice applications, just not on phone calls. Also, during a phone call, the phone app seems to freeze up a little bit. Strangely, sometime it works, but most of the time it doesn't. I suspect there is a IC problem on the logic board.

    Thank you

    1. Thanks Meriton,

      Based on your description of certain parts working, but later they won't this is clearly a software related problem. Start with a backup and restore of your device through iTunes (the steps for this can be found earlier in this blog). After your restore your device to factory default settings, try using your device without any of your own personal information on it.

      If everything works, you should be good to go. Load your information on the device, and try it again. If everything works still, you may have had corrupted software that the restore resolved. If your device is now acting up, you have corrupted software in your personal data. Try removing, and reinstalling your apps one by one to figure out which one is causing the problem.

      If your device is still having the same problems after the restore, take your device back to Apple; your motherboard has gone bad. Apple should be able to replace your device. There may be a fee involved, but motherboard problems cannot be fixed by a repair shop.

  2. Hello,

    My screen failed on my iPhone 5 and I replaced it with a new one. After I turned the phone on my power button and home button didn't work. What would cause these 2 things to stop working? Also after changing the screen I had two white lines going down the middle which did disappear after a few days, and I used my phone for about 3 weeks with no buttons using home assistance which meant I couldn't lock my phone unless I had a charger nearby. My battery started draining from fully charged to dead in 45 minutes as well. I accidently dropped it again last night, now it continously keeps flashing the apple logo. Is my phone completely broken or would it be easily fixable, and how if so? There is a long cable that is loose on the right side of the battery as well.

    1. Thanks Zara,
      Get a new screen, and reattempt the repair all over again. Based on your description, it sounds like your phone was either completely demolished during the initial damage, or several components were not reinstalled correctly during the repair. It is also possible that you have some type of liquid damage that has affected your device. Water will cause several parts to short out at the same time.

      If you want to try and repair your device on your own, you will need the following parts:
      1.) Power Flex Cable
      2.) Home Button Flex Cable
      3.) Battery
      4.) and of course a new LCD screen.

      It is possible however that your device may not be able to be repaired at this point. When an Apple device only displays the main logo, this is due to the device being thrown into a boot loop. Boot loops are usually caused by damage to the main logic board. If this is the case, you will not be able to repair your device at all. There is no way to tell if your device is salvageable without attempting the repair.

      We suggest mailing in your device to a technician, and they can run a diagnostic test on your device to see if it can even be fixed prior to replacing all the items listed above. You can mail your device to us at:

  3. Hello,

    I recently dropped my iPhone 5 in the pool. Originally it wouldn't come on, but I replaced the battery and now everything works except it will not make or receive phone calls. The network is fine, because I can text away from WIFI to non-iMessage. I wasn't sure if replacing the cellular antenna would solve that problem or not? Any suggestions?

    1. Thanks Tyler,

      Replacing the Cellular antenna will not fix the problem.

      When a device touches any sort of liquid, the internal circuits begin to break down. Unless you get your device serviced through a liquid damage cleaning, your hardware will begin to fail 1 by 1 overtime. Once your device is cleaned, your full cellular service should work fine without any parts needing to be replaced.

      If you have a local repair shop that can do the cleaning great. If not, you can always mail in your device for cleaning with one of our technicians at:

  4. I replaced the battery in my iPhone 5. It will not charge past 3%, and it has been plugged in for more than 1 hour. Suggestions?

    1. Thanks Kevin,

      It's possible your USB cable is bad. Try switching it out for another one. If this does not work, then you most likely got a bad battery. Batteries as mass produced overseas, and every now and, you just get a bad one in the bunch. Contact your source for the parts, and see if they can get you a replacement.

      If a second battery does not work, then you have a bad charge port, and should look into getting it replaced.

  5. I'm getting a severe problem with my camera on my iPhone 5. I took lots of pictures, and whenever I start my main camera (rear), some horrible pinkish lines come on my screen. Whenever I record a video, no sound I can hear is recorded.

    1. Thanks Mohsuf,

      Try downloading your photos to a computer. If they look clear on a computer, then it is your screen that is going bad, not the camera. If the pictures have the same problem as your camera app is, then the camera is going bad; a replacement will fix the problem.

      Since you can't hear anything from a video recording, it is highly likely that you just need to replace your back camera.

  6. I have had my iPhone 5 since it came out, and it's been an amazing phone. Just 2 weeks ago, I broke the front LCD. I'm a capable person, so I ordered a new one and did the repair. Everything came out fine and working with no issues. Not even 3 days later; I broke it again. I did the repair, same as before, but this time the touch screen is unresponsive and microphone is not picking up sound. I've looked around on MANY different forums, and no one has reported an issue such as this; please advise.

    1. Thanks Dr Monk,

      The microphone is part of the charge port assembly on the iPhone 5, and the touch screen is a different component all together.

      For the touch screen, simply go back into the device, and reattempt the repair from the beginning. If you have the same outcome during round 2, then you most likely have a part that was abused during shipping. Sadly, it happens. Contact your source for the parts, let them know, and they should be able to get you another screen in exchange for the one you have now (check for warranty information as different companies have different terms).

      On the microphone, this is just a small nub on the charge port of your phone. It is highly possible that the mic simply broke off during the fall. This is a common problem. A new charge port assembly should resolve this issue. The mic cannot be replaced on it's own. Hold off on fixing this part until after you try a new screen. Defective hardware can cause other parts to act up due to short circuits, and other power distribution related errors as well.

      Once your screen is back working again, it is possible that your microphone will work normally as well. If it does not, then a new charge port assembly is your ticket to a fully working phone.

    2. I had this problem with a phone I was repairing, an iPhone 5 32Gb in Black (iPhone #1).. it got smashed so I had to replace the screen. The screen was cracked, but the LCD was still working just fine as well as the digitizer. Regardless, I needed to replace it, so I went ahead and removed a good working screen from a device I had stored here for parts (iPhone #2).. when I opened up the phone from where I was going to remove the screen, iPhone #2, I noticed that this screen was not an Apple part, and that somewhere down the line it had been replaced by the previous owner. I tested it and it worked fine on iPhone #2, and it wasn't cracked, so I went ahead and removed it to install it on the device in question (iPhone #1).. however, when I went ahead and installed it on iPhone #1, I noticed the screen was not responding to touch adequately, it was also doing stuff on its own, opening apps clicking the keyboard and so on... so I started to freak out cause I had this happen before with a 5C and I had to end up liquidating the phone.. so I went ahead and did a bunch of things, among them:

      1. Double Checked the connectors

      2. Cleaned connectors with rubbing alcohol

      3. Tested old cracked screen on device (it worked just fine, unlike the replacement)

      So.. for some reason, the old cracked screen would work perfectly on the phone, but the replacement which I had removed from another device (iPhone #2) where I had previously tested the screen to work just fine, was not working properly. That really puzzled me, I really could not figure out what I was doing wrong. Then I saw all the messages here about the tape, and the metal contacts and so on, tried it all but nothing made a difference. I even went as far as to try another replacement screen from a white device (iPhone #3) which I had just tested to work just to find out it wouldn't work properly either, that other screen was also a generic replacement.. so my phone had basically rejected 2 good working tested screens (one from iPhone #2, one from iPhone #3).. it pretty much only worked with the old cracked one.. at this point I feel like i'm losing my mind.. then I start playing around and noticed that when I apply some pressure on the screen, by the area where the connectors are, the phone starts working just fine with the replacement screen, so I figured there was a problem with the connectors, so I went on and put a bunch of price tags stuck on the metal plate, I piled them up in such a way that they'd apply pressure on the connectors, I closed the unit and tested again and noticed the phone started working fine again, so I went and opened it up to put all the screws in place and close up the unit.. funny thing is that when I finished and turned it back on the problem was back.. screen was not responding, It was doing things on its own.. all over again.. dang it, I really was losing my mind here...

      I have an online store for used cellphones so I always have plenty of spare parts available.. so I went ahead and decided to test yet another screen I removed from another device (iPhone #4). I really couldn't believe this phone wouldn't work unless it was with the old cracked display.. This time I checked that the display was absolutely an Apple part. Since I took it off a phone and checked it thoroughly, I knew there was no way this was some sort of generic screen. Well, turns out that this third screen did the trick. The phone was working just fine as it was with the cracked working LCD I had.. so, after all of this I went and installed the very same screen I was getting all the issues with since the beginning onto the unit form where I had removed the screen that worked fine (iPhone #4) just to find out that this other unit worked just fine with the replacement screen that hadn't worked on the initial iPhone (iPhone #1). So, my conclusions on the matter..

      It seems like some devices, probably those made from Apple's latest productions of the i5 have some sort of way to detect low quality or replacement LCDs not made by Apple, that or there's simply something not compatible in them with the newer updated models. It is common for phone makers to switch minor components when they see fit without making a big deal about it.. so I think this is the case.. All of those having problems with replacement LCDs who had previously good working units may just need to replace your cracked screen with an actual Apple made LCD.. now, those are not for sale, but you can remove it from other phones, some sellers have used screens at certain marketplaces.. you could simply just buy an iCloud locked device to remove the parts you need and then sell it again for a lower price. Just saying.. I think it all comes down to generic LCD replacements, that's my conclusion after spending my entire Saturday attempting to resolve this problem.

      Hope this helps some people out there..

      P.S Sorry for the lengthy post, I hope you get the point.

  7. Hi, I was scrolling on a webpage and my phone screen just faded to white vertical lines on a black background. I replaced the screen and now I can see the normal display but still with the vertical lines. Is this likely a capacitor problem or just the freak occurrence of getting a faulty replacement screen?

    1. Thanks Matt,

      As nothing caused your device's screen to go bad, this sounds more like an internal motherboard failure then anything else.

      One possibility is that your device has gotten some type of liquid damage. Liquid can come from many sources. If your carry your device in an ultra sealed case or bag, phones can pick up condensation inside them (hot battery+cooler bag or case = condensation). You may want to have your phone run through a liquid damage cleaning to make sure this is not the cause of the problem.

      Second option is you can try another replacement screen. If the lines come back with a 3rd screen, then it is certainly not the screens, and either liquid damage or a complete motherboard failure.

  8. I dropped my iPhone 5 from waist high while it was in an OtterBox. It turned off, and I had to plug in the power cable to get it to come back on. It progressively got worse until it wouldn't come on anymore. iTunes says it has a hardware issue that is not allowing it to be reset and restored. Any suggestions on a home fix?

    1. Thanks Justin,

      No fix for this. If iTunes says your device cannot be reset or restored, then there is damage to the motherboard of your device. This type of damage cannot be repaired. Take your device to an Apple store, and see what they can do about getting you into a new phone.

  9. Within the last few months, I have spent owner $600 repairing my 14-yo son's iphone5. Now it WILL NOT come on at all. Brought it to the same guy who did all the previous repairs; he says something wrong with motherboard. Should I spend any more $$ on this phone??

    1. Thanks Nicole,

      If the technician says there is something wrong with the motherboard, this usually means they have done every other possible means of troubleshooting on your phone. The only option left is that the motherboard is bad.

      You can send in your device to one of our technicians for diagnostic testing, but odds are, we will come to the same conclusion. At this stage, your best option will be to simply cut your losses, and get a new phone. The iPhone 5C is running at it's lowest price we have seen yet, so this would be an affordable option.

  10. Hi I broke my screen on my iphone 5, but the touch screen still works. I've done repairs to my iphone 4 several times, so I felt I was capable of doing the repair myself. The issue is that when I opened up my phone the screen and touch screen came up, but there is still a screen covering my entire back there a way to get this up, so I can unplug the cables?

    1. Thanks Isaiah,

      Your main LCD is attached to a metal plate that sets down on your main backing housing. You just need to remove the 2 bottom screws from your phone, and then pry the main frame and LCD off your phone. From there, you should be good to repair your device.

  11. i replace my i phone 5 battery due to having charge every few hours replace battery phone turned on face did not want to fit properly powered down got face to seat and now face will not turn on checked 2 flat connectors seem to be seated properly.. and phone ring vibrates but face will not turn on please help

    1. Thanks David,

      Check to make sure the cables were not crimped (folded in half) when you plugged the screen back in. If the cables were crimped, you will need a new screen.

      If everything looks fine, try the following steps:
      1.) Do a soft reset, and power down your phone (you don't need to see the screen to do this; steps are in the blog above).
      2.) Unplug your screen.
      3.) Unplug your battery.
      4.) Wait 30 seconds.
      5.) Plug in the screen.
      6.) Plug in the battery.
      7.) Power up your phone.

      If all goes well, your device should work. If your screen is still gone after this, then you may have some missing or bent prongs on your LCD terminal (either on the screen or on the device). Depending on which it is, you will either need a new screen, or a new phone.

  12. Replace Iphone 5 screen. New 'device'/screen does not have the 2 contacts for ear speaker springs so it does not work? What is solution?

    1. Thanks Raymond,

      Just use the ones from your original screen. Moving the parts over is a simple matter of removing a couple screws, and usually, all the front components come with it.

      1. What if you don't have the original ones? I can't find anywhere to buy the contacts for the ear speaker?

        1. Hello David and thanks for the question.

          The Ear Speaker on the iPhone 5 is replaceable and should be fairly inexpensive, I sell them for less than $2. iPhone 5 Ear Speaker.

          I hope my comments have been helpful.

          Thank you,
          Matthew Jones.

  13. Changed my charging port - screen didn't work now the phone won't even turn on. It's an iPhone 5

    1. Thanks Tracy,

      You may have a bad battery in addition to a bad charge port. Electrical problems on devices commonly affect multiple parts, so it wouldn't be surprising if the battery is bad too.

      If this does not work, double check the connections on your iPhone screen. As the plugs require you to bend the screen to close it, it is common for the LCD plug to come loose when sealing up your phone. Double check all your connections, and if this does not work, you can always call in to talk to a technician at: 1.855.234.9483.

  14. Hello there,

    My screen has cracked and thus decided to do the repair myself. It turns on but immediatly requests to be plugged into itunes. It says my iphone is in recovery mode and needs to be restored. After trying to restore it it says there may be a hardware problem (error 14). Do you know what may have gone wrong, or what I can do to fix this?

    1. Thanks Emily,

      Yes, one of your main terminals on the motherboard was damaged during the same event that cracked your screen. Sadly, this cannot be repaired.

      Put your device back together with the old screen, and take it to Apple. See if there is anything that they can do about getting you a new phone. As it stands now, your device will not be able to be recovered from this software loop.

  15. After repaired my iphone 5 power buttn imei no. Is cruppted and not shown in the about nd baseband is also nill. Any solution kindly help..

    1. Thanks Kamal,

      You may be able to restore this by running your device back to its factory default settings. Yes, you will lose all your data, but without the restore, you won't be able to get your number back.

      If the factory reset does not work, then your motherboard likely shorted out during the repair. If this is the case, your device will not be able to be repaired from here.

  16. I repaired my daughters iphone 5 cracked screen. She says everything works fine except her keypad for texting. The space bar , back space and return keys aren't acting right. Any suggestions?

    1. Thanks Sonya,

      Sounds like you may have a bad screen.

      The only thing you can do to check this is to reattempt the repair, and make certain everything is fully plugged in. If it is, and the problem persists, then you certainly have a bad screen.

      Contact your source for the parts, and see if they have a warranty in place to get you another screen.

  17. My son's iPhone 5 screen has lines and distorted colors. It has happened before this, but it would work again shortly afterward - now it is not doing so. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. You may have had a cable inside the device that was coming loose, and was able to be reconnected for short periods of time. I would be inclined to see if the connector inside the device is simply loose. Side note: this is an iPhone 5, so they can be somewhat tricky to open if you are not overly familiar with how they are put together. Approach with caution.

  18. My iphone 5s switches itself on and off sometimes and also overnight goes off completely.At first I could start it by holding power and home and more recently it will not start unless plugged into itunes. If I plug into an apple laptop it starts to go into recovery and then stalls saying it cannot recover error 9.
    If I do the same on a windows pc, it recovers with all data erased and works fine for a day or two then the same thing happens all over again.
    Any ideas of what I need to do to fix it? The phone is only 9 months old

    1. Thanks Gedx,

      You certainly have a bad battery since your device will just shutoff for no reason.

      In addition, it sounds like your device may also have software corruption as well. You can try restoring your device to factory default settings (after the battery replacement); however, if the main board happens to be bad as well, then Apple will not touch your device after the battery is replaced.

      The battery replacement may also fix everything as well. It's tough to say. Since motherboard damage may be at play here, your best option will be to take your device into Apple, and see what they can do about it.

  19. On my iphone 5, I am receiving the 3g and cellular signals but cannot make a call nor receive text messages. Sometimes it works for a few minutes, then returns to searching for the signal. I have changed the SIM, but it has had no effect.

    1. Greetings,

      The trouble may be in the antenna flexes inside the device. If any screws are loose, this may be part of what is hindering them; a few of the circuits are completed by a secured screw.

      It appears that they are receiving the signal, but in a very limited fashion.

  20. my phone has been acting up ever since I did that software update 7.12 its been super hot, and then it stopped for a month or so. After that about 2 weeks ago I put my phone on charge and there was like a white screen and it looks like its stretching all the apps, and now its flickering and it wont stop. ive reset everything completely , deleted all the apps and everything and its still doing it. The apps are stretched out over the screen too and its so blurry that you cant hardly read anything... any help please?

    1. Thanks Courtney,

      Based on your description here, you have 2 issues on your device:
      1.) Your battery is defective. This is why your device is overheating. Replace this, and you should be good.
      2.) As a result of your device overheating, it has burned out your LCD screen. A new screen will fix your display problems.

      Once these 2 parts are replaced, your device should be back to normal.

  21. I have a iPhone 5 that will not power on unless it's plugged in. Then after the apple sign it goes to restore mode. Tried to restore multiple times and still I get a 2001error. I have the latest iTunes and a new battery. The new battery worked for two weeks then it would not turn on.

    1. Thanks Dave,

      Because your device will power on through a USB to your PC, this means that you have another bad battery. Apple devices have the unique ability to bypass the battery when you plug it into a USB port, so since your device will die when not plugged in, this clearly means you need a new battery.

      The boot error is not uncommon. Apple devices tend to act in odd ways when they don't detect that all the proper components are fully functioning. Try another battery, and go from there.

  22. I think my iPhone 5 had a motherboard failure, there are times that it shows many lines with different colors and it turns to all white until it turns to a black screen. do you think it is really a mother board failure? Can you give me the best advice on how to work on this problem on my iPhone?

    1. Thanks Rey,

      No this is not your motherboard. You just have a bad screen. Replace your LCD/Digitizer, and you should be goo to go. We have the parts right here online, or you can mail in your device for repair with one of our technicians at:

  23. Hi Doctors! My iPhone 5S is making a pulsing, buzzing sound through the earpiece when I make or receive a call. It sounds like I can hear the other phone 'ringing' on pulse, if that makes any sense. It lasts the duration of the call. I don't notice it when I'm using the speaker phone. In the past I was the only one able to hear it, but now it is louder and the person on the other end can hear it too. Any suggestions?

    1. Thanks MA2000,

      You may have an ear speaker with a loose cover plate, or the part may have gone bad.

      Open your device, and on the back, top of your screen, there is a small metal plate covering your ear speaker. If this plate is loose, you may need to tighten/replace the screws in order to get it working again. Should this not work, then a new ear speaker will fix everything.

    2. MA2000,

      Were you able to determine the cause of the pulsing noise? And, more importantly, a remedy? My wife's is having the same problem. She recently had some recall work done (battery replacement and on/off button replacement programs, about a week ago). They also "fixed" the camera while they were in there. Ever since, about half of her calls behave that way. Can be heard on both ends - sorta like she's going in/out of a tunnel from the other person's perspective.

      1. Hi Neauva!
        Please post the type of device so that I can get more info.

  24. In my iPhone 5 I replaced lcd screen (original broken) , dock connector ( mic partly stopped working, sound very weak) , and battery. After this, home button wasn't working, so changed the dock connector again. Now everything works, but it reboots randomly, reboots when on charge, when I use it the percentage of battery stays the same also when charging. I have to reboot to see what I believe is the real battery power left. Do you think its a faulty battery?

    1. Thanks Marc,

      Based on your description, yes it sounds like a bad battery. Contact your source for the parts, and see if they can get you a replacement battery.

  25. I just had my screen (attempted to be) replaced on my iPhone5. Well, the repairman tried to replace it. Initially, the new screen worked, and then a little tweak, and now it doesn't. He tried 2 other new screens and finally my old cracked one.

    For whatever reason, the screen does not appear (it's all black), but I can swipe. Get calls, etc. Just can't see anything.

    I'm like a blind man trying to dial an iPhone.

    1. Thanks Jarrod,

      There are a couple options:
      1.) The pins on your LCD connector are bent/missing, so the screens are not fully connecting. Most repair shops check for this, so it's not likely.
      2.) The damage to your device could have damaged some of the internal circuits, so now your device will not display. While Apple uses shields to prevent internal damage they don't have shields over every part of the internal circuits, so this kind of damage is possible.
      3.) The software in your device has lost its calibration with your screen. Now there is no display. The only way to get past this is to try and wipe the phone through iTunes. If this fixes the problem then your set.

      If the first and third option don't work, then you are looking at circuit board damage. Now would be a good time to get one of the older iPhones (5C or 5S) as the price will be at its lowest till the iPhone 6 launches.

  26. Hi, 2 months ago , I had constantly dropped my iphone 5 , which led to the screen cracking and LCD damge. So then I had replaced it with a whole new LCD screen. It worked perfectly fine . about 3 weeks ago , my friend accidentally dropped Hi-C on my phone, ( just a little) & im assuming it got in to my little crack on the screen. That same day I had dropped it from a low level & the screen just turned to all sorts of color. So i just thought i would replace the screen again. I ordered my new LCD replacement screen online, and waited for it to arrive. Once it did , and I had replaced my screen again. This time it wouldn't work , my screen is not turning on, it's but a complete black screen but my phone is making notifications noises though. I just thought they sent me an old LCD screen, So i decided to buy ANOTHER one. & the same thing happened. Im not sure whats going on, but i know for a fact I need it fixed ASAP & i don't want to get a new phone.

    1. Thanks Bao-Vy Nguyen,

      Your device may have been liquid damaged by the Hi-C, so you may need to run it through a liquid damage cleaning before it will work again.

      At the same time, you may just have gotten a bad screen, so another one may work. One thing to try before you call it a bad screen is a soft reset, and a recalibration of your phone.

      With your device turned on, hold the top power and bottom home button till the device powers down. Wait a few seconds, then boot it back up. It should work. If you r screen will not work, then try a recalibration:
      Power down your device.
      Open your phone.
      Unplug the screen.
      Unplug the battery.
      Wait 60 seconds.
      Plug in the Screen.
      Plug in the battery.
      Seal up the phone and power it on.

      This will force your device to stop looking for the old screen, and accept the new one. If neither of these 2 steps work, then contact your source for the parts, and see if they can get you another screen.

  27. I recently dropped my iphone 5 and the screen went funny with white vertical lines and no longer responds to touch. My top button was previously broken so I relied on assisted touch to lock the screen. I have taken it to someone who said he would replace the screen and fix the button however now, when I turn it on it comes up with the apple logo and then requests to plugged into itunes. It says my iphone is in recovery mode and needs to be restored. After trying to restore it, it comes up with error 9 and says it can't be restored. Is there anything I can do?

    1. Thanks Laura,

      Yes, the error 9 code just means that your device/computer is unable to connect to the Apple servers due to some sort of security block. If you have an anti-virus or firewall application, turn it off for the duration of the restore on your device and try again. This should fix it.

      The full article can be found here:

  28. Thanks for your reply. I am on a mac and have never downloaded any anti-virus software and my firewall is turned off. A couple of times I've tried I've got error 4013 if that makes any difference? Any additional advice of what I could do now very much appreciated! Thank you

    1. Thanks Laura,

      Apple also addresses the error 4013 on their site here:

      If this walk through does not fix it, then it is likely the software inside your device is corrupted, and the phone will not be able to be restored.

  29. I replaced my iphone5 screen with a new one that contained all the parts, all I had to do was plug in the 3 cables. Well, now the ear speaker doesn't work. I thought I got a bad screen kit so I ordered another from a different company. I just installed it and the ear speaker still doesn't work. I also tried plugging and unplugging my earphones to clean the earphone jack. What next??

    1. Thanks Bill,

      The ear speaker is one small separate part inside the iPhone 5 that doesn't interact with your headphone jack in any way. Normally, the ear speaker is held in place by 2 small screws. These screws tend to come loose during shipping. Tighten the 2 screws over this part (located at the top of your device under a squarish metal shield), and everything should be fine.

      If this does not work, then your top speaker may be loosing it's magnetism during shipping. Have 1 of those companies send you just the ear speaker, and swap the parts. This should fix the issue.

      If neither of these options work, then it is possible that your device's ear speaker circuit was blown out. If this is the case, no ear speaker will work at all. The good news is, you can always you a headset with a mic or speaker phone mode to take calls.

  30. My charging port was broken (missing 4 of the 9 pins) so I ordered a new one and replaced it in my phone. Once I finished I turned the phone back on, but the charging port still didn't work and now the home button doesn't work either. Any advice on what I might have done to keep that from working? Thanks!

    1. Thanks Kyle,

      The home button touches 2 internal contacts located on the charge port. Since neither the port, nor the home button work, it is likely you just got a bad part. Contact your source for the parts, and see if they can get you a new charge port in exchange for the one you have now.

      This should fix the issue.

  31. My screen on my Iphone 5 was cracked but everything else worked just fine. We replaced the entire screen with digitizer but in the process tore the front camera piece. we got a new front camera piece and installed it but now the camera is blurry, the incoming calls can be heard but they ar feint and sound far away, the pone freezes and then types on its own and opens apps on its own and I have to power off the screen then power it on to get it to unlock for a few more min. I have tried a soft restore and I have reset it to factory settings. It doesn't work. I even tried restoring it and not restoring my backup and it doesn't work any better.

    1. Thanks Kelly,

      There are several components that are either not fully installed/came loose; ear speaker, front camera, proximity sensor, main screen.

      Start with trying the repair all over again from the beginning. Double check every connection inside your device. When you come to the screen, plug it in and test it without sealing your device. Make sure the screen is fully functioning. If the screen is acting odd, then contact your source for the parts, and see if they can get you a replacement.

      If your screen checks out, then the front camera (blurry) likely either has a screen protector over it, or the lens has some kind of dust on it. Check the front camera for any debris (the usual cause of blurry photos), and you can clean the lens using 100 percent iso-alcohol and a q-tip if needed. If that doesn't work, then again, contact your source for the parts, and see if they can get you a new front camera/proximity sensor (this is one part).

      The ear speaker runs of of magnetism, two copper springs, and vibration. Since your volume was dim, likely the ear speaker was screwed in either too tight or too loose. When you set the speaker down, make sure the 2 copper prongs are fully aligned and touching the copper pads on your front camera. If everything lines up, you should be set. Low volume can come from only 1 of the 2 prongs touching the contact points.

      If all else fails, you can always send in your device for repair with one of our technicians at:

  32. Thank you Ill try the above suggestions. There was a tiny washer inside as well. My husband just informed me he didn't know where it came from and thought it had broken off one of the parts we replaced. I recall reading about a washer somewhere. Is there a diagram to show where the washer should go?

  33. I got a broken iphone5 from a friend. By the looks of it when I got it I just assumed that it was LCD and glass screen. I payed to get it fixed by a third party and when I got it back, the glass screen was fixed but the screen was black with a white line down the middle and colored horizontal lines to the right of it. The phone vibrates and I can hear the camera sound when I take a screen shot. Is it still an LCD problem?

    1. Thanks Joe,

      Yes, based on the description (odd colored lines), your LCD screen has gone bad.

      Take your device back to where you had it repaired, and see if they can do anything for you. A device should be fully functional after a repair. If the shop won't help, you can always have your device repaired with us at:, or you can repair your device on your own using one of our DIY kits available right here online.

  34. A friend gave me his iPhone 5. The screen is cracked so I will replace that soon. When I try to use Siri or use the dictation function on the bottom left-hand side of the keyboard (the little microphone) neither one can hear me. The speakerphone function and Voice memo app both work just fine. Which microphone is for Siri and the dictation function? I understand the earpiece might be that part?

    1. Thanks John L,

      The part that has gone bad here is the microphone; there is only one of these in the device, and it is part of the charge port assembly.

      When you replace your screen, you can swap out your charge port as well. Once you have a new charge port installed, you should be set to go.

  35. I am confused. Apple says there are three microphones in the iPhone 5. If the main one is bad then why does it work for speakerphone and the regular phone call function?

    1. Thanks again John,

      I am confused as well here.

      If your device is picking up your voice during normal phone calls and when using the speakerphone feature, then (normally) your microphone is not defective here.

      Now since Siri is not working, this runs off the same main mic on the bottom of the device (part of the charge port here). You could have a software detection malfunction here instead. Try restoring your device back to factory default settings, and see if the issue goes away.

      If not, then replacing your entire charge port assembly (which has the microphone on it) will be your next step.

      One of the mics that the iPhone has is on the back of the device, and is used to tune out external audio when taking calls on an iPhone. This one isn't at play here.

      The second is the "speaker phone" assembly. Since your speaker phone feature is working, this part isn't at play either. The only other one left is the main microphone. This mic controls every other audio reception feature inside the iPhone here.

      1. Dan,
        Here is a follow-up to my microphone issue with Siri and dictation. After replacing the LCD display and digitizer assembly everything works great! I believe something was damaged up around the earpiece which evidently has something to do with it or perhaps just a hardware issue within the assembly.

  36. I just dropped my phone from about hip or waist height, and nothing usually happens to it because i have an amazing case, so i just picked it up, pushed the sleep/wake button, and saw that the screen came on so i thought it was ok and got back to what i was doing. But then I got a text. The screen lit up, the sounds work just fine. But I can't swipe across the screen. If I hold the sleep/wake button to turn it off, that screen comes on, but I can't swipe or push the cancel button. This has happened before and my phone seemed to "heal" itself after a few minutes, but so far, nada. Is there a fix for this? Did I break it or mess something up pretty bad? Please help, I use my phone for everything, including school.

    1. Thanks Valerie,

      There are a couple possibilities here:
      1.) Your digitizer cable (touch function sensor) may have simply come loose. If this is the case, you can easily go in and plug the part into place. Once this is done you should be set.
      2.) Your digitizer may have been damaged by the drop. If this is the case, then a new screen will be in order. We sell the parts right here online as DIY repair kits, or you can mail in your device for repair with one of our technicians at:

  37. My iPhone 5 had had a smashed screen for some time so yesterday I took it to have the screen replaced. All seemed to be fine however I have found that during a phonecall the screen doesn't switch itself off when the phone is placed to my ear so my cheek Keeps either turning on the mute or pressing buttons. Why is this and what can I do about it please? Thanks

    1. Thanks Rebecca,

      Take your device back to the repair shop that fixed it, and let them know what's going on.

      your proximity sensor is not working, or is simply pickup quite a bit of light bleed from your screen. This is the part that controls your screen when taking calls (makes it dim). Since your screen is not dimming, it could mean this part was damaged during repair, not installed correctly during repair, or it just might be too far away from the top glass and is now picking up residual light from inside your phone.

      Either way, let the repair shop know, and they should get you squared away.

  38. HI

    Up and till this morning I have had no issues with my Iphone5 BUT following a short text the screen suddenly displayed a very fine green vertical line 10mm in from the right hand side of the screen plus a 20mm tall horizontal opaque/misty band at the bottom of the screen. the touch screen remains functional but when touching the opaque area there seems to be a doubling up of characters

    the phone has not been dropped or exposed to water.

    can you help?

    1. Thanks Maarten,

      Since the device has not been dropped, this is likely due to sudden overheating; which comes from a battery going bad.

      Try restoring your device through iTunes first. Since your device has not thrown up any heat warnings, you may have a software glitch that is not causing this to trigger. If after the restore, your device gives you an overheating message, then you just need to replace your battery (and most likely the screen as well).

      If the restore does not alter your device, then you just want to replace your screen. Could be a short from plugging/unplugging your USB cable, or could just be the screen was faulty and something caused the problem to happen just now.

      The good news either way is that iPhone 5 screens as fast and easy to replace on your own. We have DIY repair kits available right here online, or you can mail in your device for repair at:

  39. My iPhone screen was just repaired(the glass was cracked and it didn't react to touch) and it I got it it wasn't perfect but the person told me that the problems should go away. It's been a couple hours now and I'm doubting they'll "go away". The problem is that there is a couple of tiny lines barley visible (but even more visible when I bring down my notification) that go down my screen on one side, and around the area of the lines my phone doesn't react to touch making it difficult to do anything. What's wrong with my phone? Thanks

    1. Thanks Evan,

      Sounds like you just have a bad screen.

      Contact your source for the parts, and see what they can do towards getting you a 2nd screen.

  40. iphone 5..... screen has the vertical lines going up and down.....can it be fixed or?

    1. Thanks Jenn,

      Yes, all you need is a new screen on your device, and you should be good to go.

  41. So my iPhone 5 got some water damage and i ordered a new battery. I have performed the replacemt procedure a few times becuase each time i take everything out and put it back together, when i plus in my phone, the screen will turn on and then either just go black or the white apple start up screen appears and then it gets fuzzy and lines and then the screen goes black. most recently the fuzzy thing happend and then the there was a backlight on the screen but only a black image. I tried to do a hard and soft restart but i am completely stuck. Can you help me out with any ideas on how to make my phone work again?
    thank you

    1. Thanks Michael,

      When a device is touched by liquid, the internal components begin to break down.

      This process does not stop, when the liquid is gone, and the only way to get your device back up and running (hopefully) is to do a liquid damage cleaning. A technician will clean every area of your device with a high grade cleaner. Normally, a mobile device will resume full functionality after the cleaning.

      Sometimes, parts will be too damaged as a result of the liquid, and will need replacement afterward. If that is the case, most repair shops (especially ours) will give you a price quote for repair before they fix anything on the device.

      If you would like us to clean your device, you can mail in your phone or tablet at:

  42. I have a iPhone 5 unlocked and I have " no service " problem. I made all resets and restore the problem didn't solved. The phone see the sim I can copy contacts still no service. I have iOS 8.1 and no iCloud . What can I do? I don't have apple support here or good service centers.

  43. hello sir,
    my iPhone 5c has a line at the bottom screen.sometime its there .sometime its not.when its there screen doesnt work and its not screen works can u help me out? please the line is white less than .2 cm wide

    1. Hi Rocky!

      This is a sign that your screen is going bad or there is a loose connection. We offer a mail in repair service at our web site Click on the service tab and then mail in repair. If you feel you can do the repair your self we also sell everything you need at that same web site....

  44. my 5s was working fine but suddenly while i was using it normally, a blue screen appeared and device restarted and then restarted many times unless i hard reset it. for some time it worked ok with minor lags on menu and then again the whole blue screen prob and restarting and blue screen loop happened.
    i tried restorign it connecting to itunes but as soon as it restarted blue screen came to stop restore. so i downloaded and updated the whole 8.2 OS but as soon as phone turned on to load the apple logo screen with progress bar the blue screen came again to interrupt rest of installation leavign my phone in a state saying connect to itunes. i cannot do anything with my phone anymore just connect to itunes appears. i tried many times but everytime blue screen comes to stop installation.

    please suggest what problem it might be. really appreciate your help and detail view about the problem

    1. Hi Niaz!
      It sounds like you have a serious software issue and being as it did not complete the update it might not be recoverable. I would take it to apple and see if they might be able to get it restored.

      1. I wonder if its only a software issue, wont it be able to get recovered through itunes. can it be some hardware problem also??

  45. Hi, my iPhone 5s has 5 grey lines running vertically on the right side of the screen. The glass has been cracked a while ago and working fine. However, I dropped it this morning and the lines appeared. Because of them I cannot access my phone as it has a lock code and it will not let me input and digits behind the lines.

    Is there anything I can do??????

    Many thanks

    1. Hi Jody!
      The only thing that can be done is to have the screen replaced. Your LCD was damaged. We offer a mail in repair service at phone under the service tab. You will have I highly trained technician work on your device as well as have a 180 day warranty.

  46. Hi I just put a camera in my iphone 5c. I attached the screen and checked it was working and everything was fine. Then turned it off and fitted the screen in properly. When I turned it on again there was a vertical white line down the middle covering the apple. Then when the main screen comes on there are lots of coloured lines vertical down the screen and the screen looks faded. What could this be please?
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Rach!
      Check to see how the flex cables are folded this is very important. Also check the connections to make sure they sure seated correctly. I will also say make sure that you disconnect the battery before connecting the screen to keep from shorting out the screen.

  47. I recently replaced two screens for the Iphone 5, and after a small amount of time the screen starts coming apart on the left hand side, this is where the side housing has those clips, but they do not go all the way up on the left hand side to complete a full seal. This is the only thing that I can gather from this. I have done numerous replacements on the 4s model and 5c and have not had any issues, only on the 5 version.

    1. Hi Anthony!
      The only thing I can think of is that the frame is bent. That is the only thing that would cause that issue.

  48. I recently had my screen replaced and my iPhone 5c wouldn't turn back on so I replaced battery and it went on but when the battery ran out it wouldn't go back on or charge? Screen is blank not even battery comes up. There is a few screws missing from inside could this be the problem?

    1. Hi Megan!
      It is possible that could be the issue. I wuld need to see the device t know for sure. You can get it to me by clicking this link ( ).

  49. Can someone please get back to me about the problem with my phone.
    Kind regards

    1. Hi Rach!
      I will need you to post you issue again.

  50. Hi I have an iphone5 from a friend. the lcd and the front screen is broken. how can I check it if its working or not before I go to a repair man to replace the lcd and front screen. Thanks..

    1. Hi Arnel!
      You will need to have a technician at least put a screen on it for test purposes. That is the only way to know if it is working.

  51. I have 3 iphone 5s, three different people, my husband and I keep getting the same calls from people, how can I fix it

    1. Hi Lisa!
      This is a carrier issue they need to prevision your devices.

  52. Hello there!

    I recently cracked my Iphone 5 screen, I only decided to repair it when it was crumbling. I've now tried to replace the screen with one bought online and the phone is not turning on with either a soft or hard reset . Can you please help with this? What may be the problem?

    Thank you in advance Ruby.

    1. Hi Ruby!
      Well it could be a bad screen or a loose connection. If you would like us to take a look at your device you can click on this link and we would be happy to help you.

  53. I have purchased a new iPhone 5 screen, but, it won't go back in...something is keeping it from doing so. I cracked the first replacement trying to get it in and I don't want to force this one. I've looked at the case and none of the parts look bent or anything. Is there a common area that gets in the way sometimes? Thanks

  54. My Iphone will not turn the screen around when I turn the phone. I need this because I have big fingers and this operation makes it easier for me to write text. Can you help.

    1. Hi Bill!
      You need to go into your settings and turn off screen rotation lock.

  55. hi doctor phone, excuse me, want to ask, ia have a problem with my phone 5S...after i update to 8.13, and use with about 1 or 2 days, my phone have a problem, keep searching signal, and if got a signal, it just get about may be 2 or 3 minute, but if phone got hot, it will begin to searching for signal again, and if i turn off the phone and wait a momen then turn on, it will get a signal, but after a minute or 2 minute, it will begin to searching a signal again...i'm frustated, then i downgrade ios to 8.12, but still have same symthon....please help, cause i'm in small town and in my town not have qualified iphone technician....thanks before...

    1. Hi Eddy!
      I understand how frustrating this issue may be. We offer a mail in repair service at this link on a side note try to factory restore your device that may fix the issue.

  56. Hi guys. I need some help with an iphone 5. I was doing a battery replacement and somthing went wrong. This is not the first time i have done a replacement but this one did not work. Now phone will not accept either battery. Will not turn on. Shows connect to itunes on screen when plugged in. When connected itunes sees the phone but can not perform any updates or restore. I think somthing has shorted out? Any help??

    1. Hi Karl!
      This is difficult to diagnose with out having the device in hand. We offer a mail in repair at this link

  57. hi doc my problem my iphone 5..i try to restore but error -1 appear how can i fix this error..

    1. Hi Danilo
      Well this is normally a software issue. I would first try updating your I-tunes.

  58. hi!

    i have no signal bar in my phone.

    it was working yesterday morning.

    and no, there is no signal. Wifi is working, Bluetooth too.

    only thing : no signal. can you fix it ?

    thank you for replying

    1. Hi Serge!
      Of course we can just click on this link to start the process to get your device to us.

  59. Hi i have an iphone 5c i changed the screen with a new one and suddenly anytime i turn on my fone it heats up and drains my battery power, i changed the battery also and it still wont stop heating up. i have read almost everything apple has posted on the internet concerning heating but none of their solutions worked for me.... pls help me i will be glad if you emailed me back thank you

    1. Hi Emman
      Well heating can be several different issues. It would be hard for any one to try to begin to trouble shoot via email because the device will need to be looked at under a microscope. We do offer a mail in repair service just click on this link

  60. Hey i dropped my 5c and the screen turned purple. So i bought new screen and all but when i hooked it up to check if it worked the only thing that works is the back light and a chirping sound like i just plugged it up to charge. Wat am i doing wrong i have rechecked everything 5 times

    1. Hi Austin
      Well this could be a couple of things. First thing would be the connections make sure they are seated correctly and there is no damage to them. Second thing if all of that checks out you more than likely need a new screen the one you received has a manufacture defect.

  61. Hi,
    Haven 't seen this problem listed. Sometimes when making calls my phone will start beeping and a series of numbers runs across the top of the screen. It reminds me of someone dialing in on a rotary party line call. Suggestions or solution? Thanks.

    1. Hi Barbara
      I will need to know what device you have so I can research the issue for you.

  62. How much is it to send you a phone to fix it. Im tired of messing with it.

    1. Hi Austin
      Well we offer a diagnostics fr 29.99 plus shipping if we can find the issue and you want us to fix the issue we will apply the 29.99 towards the repair. If you are ready to send your device to us just click this link

  63. I purchased a used Iphone 5 off of someone. When I charged it the apple picture is displayed with a line under it. I went to ITunes to try to restore it but was unsuccessful. The message stated that I should contact customer care. I was hoping to do that as a last resort. Could you please give me any suggestion or tip on how to remedy this problem. Thank you

    1. Hi Very Frustrated
      First things first. The line that runs behind the apple logo is an issue with the screen or the connection of the screen to the logic board. As far as the message you got this is normally caused by a jail broken device or a device that apple can not register the IMEI #. There is more info n this at this link

  64. Hi,

    I dropped my iPhone 5 quite hard this morning and now it won't turn on. It makes an alert sound when I plug it in but nothing else.

    I'm assuming there is nothing for it but to get it to a repairer?

    1. Hi Leanne
      Well I hate to be the messenger but you will need an new screen. You can try to check the connections but if it hit the ground hard it probably broke the LCD. We offer a DIY part at this link Or we also offer a mail in repair if you would prefer that a certified technician does the repair. Just click this link

  65. hello, i have read through a few of the questions on the site and i dont think any of them are quite whats wrong with my iphone 5s. it was broke and i went to replace it but i ordered a 5 screen not 5s so i put the old broke screen back on. after doing somthe screen had verticle lines. i replaced it with a 5s screen and now it wont light up at all and has ba
    lack and white lines. no water damage. can it be fixed? what should i do?

    1. Hi Queen Bee
      Yes this can be fixed most of the time this issue is caused by a bad connection. I would remove the screen and look at all of the connectors both on the screen and the logic board. Make sure you did not damage them while doing the repair. You might want to look at them under a magnifying glass so you can see all of the pins. Then if every thing looks good then put it back together you should feel each connector snap into place. If you would like a certified technician to look at it we offer mail in repairs at this link

  66. hello

    I just dropped my iphone 5s and now display is redish and blurred. I tried soft reset but its not working:/
    secondly after giving it a rest screen gets normal but again when I use it it starts getting reddish and blurry very quickly. your reply will be highly appreciated.

    1. Hi Sam, Sorry to hear that. It could be something as simple as a replacement screen. However, it could also be a damaged circuit board. I have seen in the past a similar issue where the circuit board was damaged and after it ran many processes and heated up, it would cause the screen to go red. Very rare. Hopefully though, it's just the screen.

  67. I have an iPhone 5S that has not had cell signal since having a seizure and falling into a pool almost a week ago. It was in an insulated pocket when I fell in the pool. I'm not certain how long I was in the water before my son found me, but it was wet even in the otter box. It was put in rice almost immediately. Everything seems to work as it should except the cell phone signal, and I have replaced the SIM card. However, replacing the SIM card did not fix the issue with "searching" for cellular signal. I believe it's either the antenna or SIM card reader, but would appreciate advice from some who knows more about these type of things.

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Ali
      First I would like to say I am sorry to hear how your device was damaged. I would recommend getting your device to a certified technician so that they can do a proper liquid damage cleaning. If you do not have a local technician we offer a mail in repair service which is fast and efficient. Just Go to and click on the services tab then mail in repair.

  68. My iphone 5S dropped in water. After the "rice" solution everything went back ok, except the touch screen. I tried changing the LCD/Digitizer with no success. Any help?

    1. Hi Rod
      Well the only thing you can do is get a liquid damage cleaning done on the device. The rice trick does not work. What happens is the water dries on its own and the damage is still there and corrosion is waiting to damage your device even more. We offer this as a mail in repair just go to and click on mail in repair and it will walk you through getting yur device to us to be fixed.

  69. I dropped my iPhone 5s recently and the right side of my screen won't work at all and it has these lines now on the right side only. I also cannot be on it for too long because my screen starts turning purple from bottom to top. The phone is not cracked or anything so I don't want to have to get a new one I was just wondering if I could do anything to fix it or do I just get rid of it?

    1. Hi Jessika
      No don't get rid of it. You can get a new screen put n and it should work just fine. We offer this as a mail in repair just click this link to get started.

  70. My phone wont allow me to send messages or allow me to post to facebook

    1. Hi Martin
      I have to ask a couple questions first. Have you checked t make sure that your data is turned on for face book? Second the messages you are trying to send are they SMS or facebook?

  71. I recently dropped my iphone 5s. Now its doing all kinds of strange things. Apps shut down, safari shuts down. Cant send or receive photos and sometimes texts wont go through. Rebooting seems to help but then it starts doing it all again. Any idea what the problem is?

    1. Hi Diane
      I am not 100% sure that it is a hardware issue. I would back up your device and do a factory reset and see if maybe it was an update on one of your apps that is causing the issue. If the problem is fixed by doing this then restore your back up to the device and see if the issue returns. If it dos you will have to reset it again and reinstall one app at a time to find the one that is causing the problem.

  72. i have iphone 5. From last 2 week my phone was getting switch off problem even i charged it properly at that time its shows me 100 percent battery . But when i use it then moblile was getting switch off an show symbol of charging. Today morning it switched off when i switch on it .Its shows white screen with apple logo and then shows many differnt colour with apple logo and many lines and then switched off and this problem shows me again and again . So tell me what can i do

    1. Hi Amit
      Well I have to ask has your device gotten wet? This sounds like a device that has gotten wet before.

  73. Yesterday my iphone 5s seemed to lose it's focus. I'm seeing double on everything. It's like the screen has dropped down a couple of millimeters compared to what's actually being shown on a back screen. Therefore every word has like a showdown of itself. I can't seem to shake it off. At times they the screen shakes up and down as of it's trying to fix itself but can't. The top line of signal and battery is absolutely fine and completely in focus. Any ideas?

    1. Hi Rob
      Does your device do this to all screens or just the main screen? If it is just the main screen I would check to make sure that you have not done a screen capture and accidentally set it as your back ground.

  74. My iphone 5 got wet a few weeks back. I let it dry out for a few days and tried to start it up. It didn't work, so I got a new battery and changed out the battery. It now will turn on and everything works except that it will not connect to wifi now. I tried doing a factory reset, reset network connections, and I went back in and made sure all of the screws were tight. Is it possible that the antenna got damaged from the water, or could I have put something back together wrong to make it not work? Would it be worth it to try to replace the wifi antenna? Thanks.

    1. Hi Amanda
      I hate to be the one to inform you but just letting your phone dry out will not fix a water damaged phone. Once the phone is wet the damage is done unless you get your device to a repair shop to have a liquid damage cleaning done on it. Other wise corrosion starts to build on the components inside the device and the more that it has electricity running through it with out having been cleaned the more damage you are doing to the device making the chances of the liquid damage cleaning working. If yu do not have a local repair shop we offer a mail in repair at

  75. Hi I have just replaced the back case on my iPhone 5c and the screen when I turned it on I have got white boxes all the way across the top and bottom of the screen and just keeps on turning on and off any clue what this could be please? Cheers

    1. Hi Peter
      The white boxes mean that one of the connections for the screen is not correct. As far as it cutting on and of you have one of two problems either the power button is stuck or the battery is so week that it can't stay on. I would lean more towards the power button being stuck. Try loosening the screws that hold the power button .5 of a turn.

  76. My iPhone Go rained on now my t on my keyboard doesn't work or my five basicly he middle part of my keyboard or screen everything else works fine now im copying & pasyeing t

    1. Hi Nakia
      Water damage to a mobile device is very serious. It needs to be cleaned with 95% or higher alcohol to remove water residue. The longer you use your device with out having this done you risk damaging your device to being unrepairable. We offer this repair as a mail in repair at

  77. I repaired 2 iphones screens, a 5 and and 5s. The iPhone 5 now has a mic issue where nobody can hear me on speaker phone. and the 5s flashlight won't come on. The repairs went smoothly as far as i noticed. any idea what they could be?

    1. Hi Jonathan
      From what you explained it sounds like you might have damaged the flex cables. I would also double check the connections.

  78. Hi,

    I have a Iphone 5c that had the screen and speaker replaced 3 months ago (screen dropped on the only small rock on there was on the ground). After the repair everything got back on track except 3 days ago.
    When I got home the phone was put to charge and everything was ok.
    In the morning there was the Apple logo flashing and dimming with some screen artifacts (lines, colored dots, colored bars), etc.
    Without any cable connected, when powered on, shows the apple logo (perfect image), then shuts down.
    With USB cable connected it show apple logo (perfect image) then loops with "good apple logo"/"apple logo with colored lines/dots" without stopping.
    Changed the charging cable, charger, connected to different computers but the behavior is the same.
    Putting in recovery mode I got some strange lines but it was recognized by Itunes but wasn't able to update.
    In DFU mode the phone was recognized by Itunes but wasn't able to recover due to error 4005.
    I've opened the Iphone and found that the shield to protect the screen/digitizer cables was missing.
    I've tried to reseat all screen connectors without any change.
    Also disconnected and reseated the battery, also without any change.

    What is your opinion based on this?
    Also, how can I test if the battery is ok (my next suspect in line).

    Thank you.

    1. Hello Pedro, thanks for your question.

      From the issues you are describing, I believe the culprit is the new display. It sounds like it has either defected or gone bad. There is a slight chance it could be related to the missing display flex cable shield as that part is responsible for holding those cables securely to the connectors.

      I have seen a similar issue on device with defective screens and replacing the screen again will usually resolve the issues.

      If the screen is replaced and the issues still occur, there is a chance the connector on the Logic Board has sustained some form of damage. If the Logic Board has damage, the only real resolution to that is to replace the device.

      Matthew Jones.

  79. my smashed screen was replaced and had lines down it this sometimes progresses into parts of pictures having a green blur on them it has no problem in apps apart from when showing pictures IE the messages in whatsapp come up fine (no blur) but the profile pic has green blurred bits ....... what do you think is the problem and is there and easy fix?

    1. Hello Ashley, thanks for the question.

      From what you are describing, I have two suspects. The first and easiest to remedy is if there was an issue with the cabling when the screen was installed. If the display flex cable is not seated properly the display can exhibit issues like what you are describing. (With green lines and distortion around images.) This is an easy to fix problem which requires just lifting the display and re-seating the cables. (Unplug them and plug them back in, ensuring they are down and securely fastened.)

      If this does not resolve the issue, there is a chance the replacement display has a defective component which is responsible for the distortion. If this is the case then replacing the screen on this device should resolve the issue.

      If you replace the display and this issue is still occurring, there is a chance that the connector on the Logic Board of the device sustained some sort of damage and the only solution to Logic Board damage is an entire device replacement.

      I hope simply re-seating the display cables resolves your issues!
      Matthew Jones.

  80. Hi,

    I recently cracked the glass to my iPhone 5 and Immediately ordered a new LCD/digitizer assembly. I removed the screen and found I had ordered the screen for a 5s, so I ordered the correct iPhone 5 (not 5s or 5c) LCD/digitizer replacement. While waiting for it to come in the mail, I attempted to charge the phone (without the LCD/digitizer on) and got nothing. I plugged it into my computer and still nothing. I disconnected the battery, and still nothing. I received the replacement part and reassembled it, still nothing. Screen remains black and nothing happened when attempting a soft reset (holding power and home button down). The cord I am using to plug it in is functional as it still charges my iPad. The phone had previously accepted charge before the initial LCD removal, so I am doubtful that the charge port needs replaced. Please note that I do not recall powering the unit off before removing the screen, I don't know if this is related. I have tried disconnecting the battery, connecting the LCD/digitizer, then reconnecting the battery and that did not work either. Any clue what my problem is?

    1. Hello Donald, thanks for your question.

      From what you are describing, it sounds like the device may have suffered some internal damage during the initial display disassembly. Sometimes you are unable to power down the device before pulling off the display. This should not result in the device acting the way you are describing. If we ever have a phone act like this, usually fully reassembling the device and performing a soft reset (Holding Power and Home for 8-10 seconds, until the Apple Logo appears) will allow the phone to reboot and the new display to start displaying and recognizing touch input.

      I recommend that you pull the display up and off the phone. Inspect the inside of the phone and ensure that nothing appears out of place. (Screws in different locations, parts moved around, etc...) If nothing appears to be out of place, reinstall the screen making sure that all of the flex cables are securely fastened to their on board connectors. Perform a soft reset by holding the home and power buttons for 8-10 seconds and hope that you are greeted with the Apple Logo.

      If the device has sustained damaged to internal components the best solution I can offer is to seek a device replacement through Apple.

      Matthew Jones.

  81. I'm having problem with my iPhone 5s. All of a sudden, the battery is draining way too fast and the device is not accepting any original (apple) lightning cable than a third party lightning cable. The battery would drain even when the phone is idle and battery level drops from 90% to 10% overnight. What should I do?
    I know a friend with same problem. Even after changing the charging port and the battery , The device is in the same condition.
    So, Is it a motherboard problem.
    FYI-I have already tried resetting my device and unistalling all the apps.

    1. Hello Umesh, sorry to hear about the rapid battery drain. As you you have stated above this can relate to mother board issues. If you already have tried replacing both charge and battery. I would strongly recommend a DFU reset the device using iTunes and do not restore a back up of the device. If you issue is still persisting, please consider taking the device to apple for an out of warranty replacement.

      Best wishes
      Robin B.

  82. hello doctors. i have an iphone 5 which i used about an year without a problem. on morning i was surfing the internet on 4g mode where it really got hot, so i left it on the bed and went away. later i accidentally sat on it very momentarily but quickly took it up to see there were no cracks or any damage. however, later that day i found that it frequently goes "no service". i can make calls only when at city center with full strength signal, even then if i go behind a wall while on the call, it drops. at my apartment it shows signal in certain spots only and yet when i receive 2-3 bars, the other end cant hear me properly. when i move from low signal strength spot to high strength spot, sometimes i have to do a network reset to get it detected. i tried updating, restoring completely no luck.
    ps: some times my charging cable doesnt get detected by it works fine when i tried another cable

    1. Hello prasanna,

      We are sorry to hear about the iPhone 5 service issues. From the issue you are describing it sounds like your motherboard's cellular chip has failed. Normally ex-stream heat from an iPhone is a result of a failing component. This problem will manifest it's self to number of failing parts, such as the battery, charge port, front camera, and even the rear camera. If the device has been reset in iTunes and the issue is still resulting in bad connection quality that sounds to be pointing to the motherboard going out. if that is such the case I strongly recommend contacting Apple Customer support to see if the device can be covered under warranty.

      Thank you
      Robin B

  83. hey i cracked and replaced the screen on my iphone 5c and it has horizontal lines and the touch screen wont work ive swept the motherboard for dust and ive made sure that the connectors are pluged in correctly but there still is horizontal lines


    1. Hello Luna,

      Sorry to hear about that iPhone. From the issue you are describing it sounds like possibly the flex cables from the screen are damaged. When installing a new iPhone screen, it is recommend to place a thumb at the base of the cables and gently bend them around your thumb, to give the flex cables a "C" shaped curve before installing. If you have done this and the lines are still visible on the screen, I would strongly recommend getting another replacement screen to see if that resolves the issue.

      Thank you,
      Robin B.

  84. Hi, I've replaced my iphone 5 screen 3 times and now there are grey/white/or black vertical lines going down my screen (it changes and I can see through them sometimes). It did this on the previous screen as well. I've cleaned all of the flex cables connecting to the lcd as well as the digitizer. The touch screen works perfectly but the lines wont go away.

    I am doing a cleanup for liquid damage, I'm assuming the only other problem could be damage to the motherboard so it would be pointless doing any more repairs. Any suggestions?

    The only problem is the lines.

    1. Hello Joe,

      If you have tested the LCDs on a "Known Good Part", or KGP, in this case a working iPhone 5 without display lines, and you are able to confirm that the LCDs do not show this error when installed on a KGP, then I would rule the issue as either a Motherboard issue or possibly an issue with the FPC, or Front Panel Connector, for the LCD. This little "Zero Insertion Force", or ZIF, connector can sometimes experience damage with multiple screen replacements.

      I hope my suggestions have been helpful.

      Matthew Jones.

  85. Hi
    I have a problem with an iphone 5s. When I attempt to power on I get the apple logo and then nothing, it doesn't switch on. I've tried hard and soft reboots and chanding charging cables and blocks. Any ideas ?

    1. Hello, Maslen

      Sorry to hear about that iPhone 5s booting issue. From the issue you are describing it sounds like your device is having possible software related issue. To remedy this issue, I recommend resetting the iPhone in iTunes to see if this may help the device. If resetting the device does not fix the issue contacting apple to see if they can offer an out of warranty replacement.

      Hope it helps
      Robin B.

  86. Hello, we recently took my iPhone 5 to a store to have the screen fixed but a few days later it seems the glass is coming up just a little bit (it still works) but the phone it's self kind of seems "stretched" and no case will fit it

    1. Hello Tamra and thanks for the question.

      From the issue you are describing this appears to be an issue with the adhesives used to adhere the glass to the LCD. This is not uncommon with low quality replacement parts. I would recommend returning to the place you had the phone serviced and have them perform the replacement again. If your repair provider offers a warranty they should cover this repair as the glass separating is an adhesive issue.

      I hope my comments have been helpful.

      Thank you,
      Matthew Jones.

  87. Was typing an email and the screen when black and white vertical lines appeared and no response from the phone. I replace the complete digitiser unit (from iFixit) an still the same problem. They replaced the unit for me and now I still have vertical lines which are now grey and white and the screen is flickering at the top. The phone is still unresponsive. All connections on the phone appear to good and not damaged or bent. Your help and advice would be appreciated as I have spent hours connecting and reconnecting, booting and rebooting to no avail.
    Kind regards

    1. Hello David and thanks for the question.

      If you are having an issue with the display on the iPhone and multiple screen replacements have not resolved the issue then there might be something wrong with the Motherboard which is causing the issue. The only way to resolve this is to replace the motherboard. Unfortunately the board is the phone and if you're trying to get a good working board, you might as well buy a working phone.

      I know you posted under the iPhone 5 but the exact issue you are describing I've seen several times on bent a iPhone 6. Is your device an iPhone 6 and does applying pressure, bending/tweaking the phone, or squeezing it allow the screen to respond? If this is the case then there is most likely a significant bend in your device which is causing the problem and you may need to seek out a full housing replacement.

      I hope my comments have been helpful.

      Thank you,
      Matthew Jones.

  88. Hi, I have an issue with an iPhone 5s. It basically just switched off when using it. Since then I cannot power it on without a USB cable. Even then, the apple logo appear briefly and the screen goes black with the back light on. If I unplug it it goes off.

    I've tried restoring via iTunes but get a 4013 error. I've tried putting it into DFU mode and still get the same issue.

    Is this a battery problem? That would be my first port of call but as it doesn't boot when plugged in I fear that may not be the case.

    Alternatively, is it the Charge Flex Cable?

    Appreciate your help,

    1. Hello Stuart and thanks for your question.

      From what you are describing, I too would suspect the battery. We do not manufacture the iPhone and to be honest, even the employees at Apple may not know what a particular error code means. With that being said, generally speaking the phone won't come on at all, regardless of being plugged in, if the charge flex cable is bad. This would prevent the battery from receiving any charge and the motherboard from the same. I would recommend replacing the battery and attempting the restore again.

      I hope my comments have been helpful.

      Thank you,
      Matthew Jones.

  89. Hello. I had an iphone 5s 64GB and Apple says the motherboard is bad. If I want to sell this online to someone else for parts, is there a risk that my personal information is still accessible? Should I not sell the phone?

    1. Hello Donna and thanks for the question.

      Unfortunately if you can not confirm that the data has been erased off the board, there is a chance it is still on there in an accessible format. I am not going to tell you to not sell the phone but, do consider the types of things you had on the phone and if anything seems unacceptable to be obtained by someone else, then I would not sell the phone.

      I hope this answers your question.

      Thank you,
      Matthew Jones.

      1. My IPhone5 in problem is incoming and out going voice ear voice khar kharrrrrrr problem it is mother bord folt ??

        1. Hello 123321.jv, if that is your real name... and thank you for the question.

          From the issue described I'm able to determine you are having an issue with sounds coming from your iPhone 5 Ear Speaker. The ear speaker is responsible for playing the voice of the caller you are currently speaking with. If you can't hear your callers, then your ear speaker is bad. If they can not hear you, then your microphones are the culprit. Are you able to hear your callers when you put them on Speaker phone? If so then there should not be any issues with the audio circuitry in the phone and phone calls are working, at least when it comes to software. The issue would be the connection to the Ear Speaker.

          I hope my comments have proven to be helpful.

          Thank you,
          Matthew Jones.

  90. I have an Iphone 5s 64gb. I saw a few flickering horizontal blue/green lines on the screen in the morning. When I closed out the app I was in, they went away. In the afternoon, it happened happened again, but there were more lines than the first time and they were higher up on the screen. By night time, the entire screen became covered in vertical, flickering colorful lines. You can't see anything on the screen except for the lines. It's completely unusable. Any ideas what could be wrong? It wasn't dropped and didn't get wet.

    1. Hello Lisa,

      Sorry to hear about that iPhone 5s issue you are having. Form the above described problems, it sounds to be that your device is having motherboard issues. Depending on how long you have had the device it may still be covered under apple's warranty. If not I recommend getting the device replaced by apple in a out of warranty replacement. Given the device has not been dropped or subjected to liquid damage this is the route I recommend to get the device working no problem.

      Hope it helps
      Robin B.

  91. Hi I dropped and broke my 5s figured I was pretty good as long as I followed directions. Removed old screen kept camera and speaker home button as well. My screen is black no sound at all. No vibration either. When connected to my computer though it’s visible but it’s locked and appears it to have no sensation either. What should I look for. All looks fine.

  92. My iPhone 5c would not hold a charge so I replaced the battery. Now the screen is black and the sound and vibration no longer work. I can receive calls via wifi on my MacBook and use my phone as a hotspot, but cannot access anything including "Find my iPhone" which I need to turn off to do a restore through iTunes. Everything is backed up before I did the "repair" so not worried about losing anything.

  93. I got a kit to replace my battery, all the reviews were great. I watched a video on battery replacements and did everything correctly and I followed the instructions. It’s not charging and I even hooked it up to the charger and it’s just a black screen. Help!

  94. My iPhone 5 was, and still is, working great; except I am now unable to call in or out. I have not dropped it or done anything weird to it, and keep it in an Otter Box case. I tried shutting it all the way down and on. Gave it a couple of days to recover, which it did not, and then took it to the Verizon store. They tried another Simm card, but that did not help. I thought it was dying, and everything else would quit, but that was three days ago, and I continue to text, search the net, etc. just fine. ??????