Get Pinterest With Phone Doctors for iPhone

Get Pinterest With Phone Doctors for iPhone

Pinterest. You’ve heard about it on Twitter, on Facebook, in the news, on your favorite blogs, and in your mom’s weekly e-mails. It’s probably cross-stitched into one of your grandmother’s pillows by now. In fact, she probably got the stitch pattern from Pinterest. So, what is it? Well, it’s actually pretty Pinteresting—yeah, we just did that. Get Pinterest with Phone Doctors for iPhone.

Pinterest is a collection of user-created pin boards. Imagine your computer screen is a gigantic, limitless corkboard. You find pictures on the web and, instead of cutting them out of a magazine and tacking them on your mood board, you stick a virtual pin in them. You can browse your own pins, organize your pins into different categories, and view the pinned items of others.


What can you pin?

The answer is pretty much anything. Nothing graphic or psycho—Pinterest is stringent about pin etiquette—but people use Pinterest for everything from home décor trends to graphic design ideas. Pin a collection of your favorite seasonal recipes. Create a board dedicated to your upcoming nuptials. Pin images of books you want to read, movie stars you want to ogle, or quotes that are so cheesy they give Velveeta a run for its money.

You can comment on others’ pins, adding your two cents about décor tips, money-saving tricks, artistic photography, favorite songs, gluten free recipes, kid crafts, and more.

Motivational Moments

If you’re into self-motivation, then Pinterest is an addictive virtual dreamboard. Yes those cut outs of things that motivational speakers all tell you that you should “pin” to your wall in order to keep you visually motivated about creating inner balance and accomplishing your dreams. As bizarre as it sounds, it’s effective!

From the comfort of your toilet-bound iPhone, you can now pin that dream home, vehicle, photos of your dream vacation to Spain, that mission trip to Honduras and all of the other the people, places, quotes, and things that give you something to look forward to for all that hard work you do for yourself and others.

Pick Me! Pick Me!

Pinterest is invite-only, so if you want to start pinning you’ll have to be invited by a fellow “pinner” or by the Pinterest team. Talk about cliquey, right? Wrong. Pinterest is invite-only so users don’t have to sift through the dung of the Spam Dragon. Every pin you see has been pinned by a real-live person. No robots allowed. Sorry Wall-E.

With the Pinterest app, you can pin from your iPhone or iPad.  You can also download the Pinterest bookmarklet: a handly little tab on the top of your browser. Click it, and Pinterest automatically brings up all the “pinnable” images on the webpage. Just select the image you want, caption it, and share your own version of “the end-all-debate-forever best recipe for chocolate chip cookies.” Check out some more Pinterest tips from our friends at CNET and then Get pinning!

DISCLAIMER: Be forewarned, guys, Pinterest is a Venusian kingdom. Avoiding shirtless photos of male celebs is impossible. We’re just glad that Pinterest and voodoo haven’t gotten together. That many pins through Clooney’s face can’t be comfortable.

Get the Pinterest app for your iPhone here.

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