Galaxy S7 vs. iPhone 7

Galaxy S7 vs. iPhone 7

Brooke Crothers has published an article on entitled, “Samsung Galaxy S7 vs. iPhone 7 Rumor Roundup.” Although the article bases its content on rumors, my research indicates that the fiction may be closer to the truth than realized. With that said, what are the fictitious comparisons? For one, Galaxy S7 is touted to be the next-generation flagship smartphone and is predicted to debut February 21, 2016, whereas the iPhone 7 is not set to appear until September of 2016. Secondly, Galaxy S7 is expected to have a robust battery in answer to the chief complaints among Galaxy S6 owners. A poor performing battery on either smartphone would not be good for respective markets. Regarding the iPhone 7, according to a UK-Based company called Intelligent Energy, a 7-day battery may find its way to the iPhone 7. The company claims that they are creating a fuel cell small enough to fit inside a smartphone and power it for a week.

As far as the design for both smartphones, the camera bump will probably disappear and both products will have improved exterior casings for better dust and water resistance. The Galaxy S7 may include a new Samsung Exynos octa-core or eight core processor with some versions of the product having a Qualcomm chip. The iPhone 7 may incorporate technology from LinX Imaging, which it bought out in 2015. The technology of a dual-lens can enhance image quality that is equal to standalone digital cameras. Also, the iPhone 7 may dump the 3.5mm headphone, which would open the door for possibilities such as the Apple Lightning connector or a wireless headphone based on Beats technology. But, no matter the changes on either smartphone, one thing is certain—technology drives the market and he who drives the technology will win the market share. But, then again, to you that may be a fictitious assertion. After all, we are talking about rumors.

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