Facebook Home for Android

Facebook Home for Android

Yesterday Facebook announced a new Android overlay called Facebook Home in conjunction with HTC’s launch of HTC First. The First being the first phone to come out with Facebook Home preloaded.

Instead of the typical Android home screens, your main screen is nothing but updates from your friends; its called Cover Feed and you can’t really control which friends show up. Facebook has an algorithm that chooses them for you, which can be irksome if you have some of “those” friends on Facebook.

The new style of messaging is called Chat Heads and it allows chatting with friends via Facebook or SMS, and you can do it all from whatever app you’re in. iOS users have had a similar experience with a jailbreak called BiteSMS which the texts pop-up over any app you’re in without closing it; only this doesn’t include Facebook messages.

This would not be my first choice for a feature name; it only makes me think of a kid’s game involving foam toys, or maybe some sour candy. – CNET

There are a lot of fun features in Facebook Home, but is it too much? Some people are saying it will be too much connectivity, not to mention a battery hog. What do you think? Is there such a thing as too much Facebook?

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