Another secure-communications smartphone was released at the CES 2016 Consumer Technology Association in Las Vegas, USA, on January 6, 2016. The new Macate GATCA Elite Series operates on a modified version of the Android 5.1 OS and will compete with Blackberry’s PRIV, mostly with Silent Circle’s Blackphone series. The new Macate GATCA Elite series is said to focus almost exclusively on biometric security and strong encryption. For example, as a first-of-its-kind it features 256-bit or 512-bit encryption, various layers of biometric authentication, and geolocation-based protection that automatically locks down the phone when taken outside a designated geographical location.

Consider these specifics: The phone locks down if the SIM card is removed and replaced with a new one. Also, the phone’s facial recognition system uses a so-called “liveliness” detector. The detector can tell when an attacker is trying to deceive the camera by trying to authenticate the user with a picture. Furthermore, the device also comes with a series of pre-loaded applications, specifically built by Macate with security in mind. These include an encrypted email app, a secure messaging app, and support for encrypted IM, audio, video calls, and video conferences.

Isaac Daniel, CEO of Macate, said recently, “Users will no longer have to compromise productivity, performance, or aesthetics when choosing a highly secure yet luxury mobile experience.” But, we know that a super secure cyberphone is only as secure as the people and technology behind it allow it to be. It is purported by Silent Circle that it patched a security hole in its Blackphone 1 model, caused by an improperly configured Icera modem, a technology that NVIDIA bought but later abandoned. Nevertheless, there is a frenzied excitement about cyberphones at the moment, and technology is bound to find a way to meet the demand. #NEWLIFE  #tDash

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