CES 2013 Adds Touch Sensitivity Through Sensus

CES 2013 Adds Touch Sensitivity Through Sensus

CES 2013, added touch sensitivity through Sensus; REALLY? iPhone accessories are all the rage at the Consumer Electronics Show, but there is one case that is really stealing the spotlight. The Sensus Touch Case, takes the iPhone 5 and revolutionizes it further. The case, which connects to the proprietary iPhone 5 port adds touch sensitivity to the sides, top and back of the iPhone.

Sounds Fishy

Sure, the concept seems like a novelty at first, but its functionality is rather impressive. This case, which adds a nice protective layer to your iPhone, makes it possible to scroll through websites and e-mails by simply sliding your hand down the side of the phone. The case sits slightly above screen level, adding extra layer of protection between the screen and a fall, similar to the high-end protective cases currently on the market. So, what we are seeing from Sensus is protective gear that adds additional functionality, to the already innovative iPhone platform.

The case offers further possibilities if and when apps are developed to utilize the innovative case. During the CES event that unveiled this accessory, show-goers were offered a chance to play a game that utilizes the touch-sensitive backing of the phone. The asteroid-style game, utilizes the touch-sensitivity on the back of the phone to control the space ship you use to shoot at asteroids.

The Sensus team plans to launch this accessory by the summer of 2013 for both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. It is planned to debut on the market for around $70, and developers who are interested in getting into apps for this technology are being offered a development pack now. The development pack’s availability now means by the time it hits the mainstream market their should be apps that utilize the technology.


Executives from Sensus played it coy when asked if Apple was involved in this technology, but experts are suggesting that they very likely are on board. With an innovative spin on a protective case, added technology, and the potential for some significant app development, this is one accessory that should take the iPhone world by storm.

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