Apple VS Samsung, Battle of the Best

Apple VS Samsung, Battle of the Best

Samsung and Apple haven’t cured their beef in the courts, and it doesn’t seem like they’ll become bosom buddies anytime soon out of court, either. The battling companies have been fighting for control over the cell phone market for several years now, and both companies are planning the release of their newest phones awfully close to one another.


The newest iPhone is being rumored to release in the third quarter of this year. Our bets are on September, and it promises to feature a better screen, more power and an improved camera. The iPhone 5S, as we believe it is being called, will follow its predecessor in general design and feel. The phone is being anticipated, but in recent years a shine has fallen off iPhones, and the bigwigs at Apple blame Samsung for their lost traction.


Those Apple bigwigs might be right. Samsung jumped on the scene with the Galaxy S and quickly picked up steam. Since then they have released the S2 and S3, as well as the Note and Note II. Each of these phones have been better than the previous incarnation, and now the company is vamping up to release the Galaxy S4.

What Will You Do?

While Samsung has only recently emerged as a cellular giant, their phones have amassed an impressive following. The phones are, for all intents and purposes, great devices with a lot to offer users. While Apple might not love having another big competitor on the market, it will likely mean wonderful things for consumers. At the end of the day, consumers benefit greatly from stiff competition in a specific market.

Apple and Samsung are pushing hard to take control of the cell market, and that means consumers are being offered bigger, better and more advanced phones. While it might not be a win-win for the companies in question, it sure is a win-win for consumers looking to upgrade their phones.

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