Apple on Android?  Say what?!

Apple on Android? Say what?!

Android with an Apple Core

Testing the waters? That’s right. Seems Apple CEO, Tim Cook, has given his blessing for more Apple software being used on Android operating systems. Apple employees were addressed recently by Cook and told that Apple music was just “testing the waters” of Android to see if enough consumer interest could be generated to release additional apps on Android’s platform.

So, what apps might we see from the iPhone? Speculations range anywhere from calendars, email, to a host of other specialized iCloud services. Some say that iMessage would be a great addition to Android because a good number of their users spend their time divided in both arenas—Android phones and iPads.

Google and Microsoft have made strides in the recent past to make their software available on as many devices as possible, regardless of the operating system. Not so for Apple, which has remained somewhat exclusive. Now that Apple is trying to move across the span of operating systems, they’re finding themselves competing with much more entrenched software, and it’s uncertain how much demand remains for these apps within the Android family.