Apple iPod Touch 5th Generation Reviews Are In

Apple iPod Touch 5th Generation Reviews Are In

With the release of the Apple iPhone 5 and all of the buzz and fuss that surrounded the unveiling of the newest incarnation of their phone, the release of the iPod Touch’s newest model got lost in the frenzy. Well, we are here to tell you that the 5th generation iPod Touch is getting some pretty impressive upgrades. The reviews are in, Apple iPod Touch 5th Generation; will it beat the rest?

A New Back

Finally, Apple has given up the shiny backed iPod Touch design. The metal backs were known for their penchant for scratching into intricate swirl patterns that sent more than one customer running to repair technicians to change the housing. Apple has made an incredibly smart decision by replacing that scratch-magnet back cover for a matte finish metal that will be more resilient to scratches and scraps.

New Features

A lot of the features that have been added to the newest iPod Touch are taken directly from the most recent iPhone releases. The Touch will be getting an upgrade that packs Siri onto the device; an upgrade that only iPhone 4S users had the privilege of using until now. The device is also getting an upgraded camera. The 4th generation Touch offered a 5 megapixel camera; the newest generation is equipped with an 8 megapixel camera that supports panorama mode. Although, the lens hasn’t been upgraded or touched.

Faster than Ever!

The biggest upgrade on the iPod Touch is the processor. The 5th generation model will have a dual-core processor that is reportedly 7 times faster than the 4th generations processor. It doesn’t have the A6 chip that everyone has been raving about since the iPhone 5 was unveiled, but it is a speedy processor for an MP3 player, to say the least.

An Odd Little Strap Button

Everything that has been added to the iPod Touch’s most recent generation is great and makes a lot of sense, but there is on addition that had us scratching our heads. The new iPod Touch will come equipped with a wrist strap button. basically you’ll have the ability to add a wrist strap to the device via a hidden button. The concept is sound; many children are using iPod Touches now and the wrist strap will ensure it stays with the child in question. But, history suggests that kids generally don’t do well with tiny buttons that can easily break. Time will only tell, but there is a possibility many a repair technician will find themselves dealing with some broken wrist strap issues.

All-in-all, Apple has done a great job creating a device that simply enhances a previously beloved item.  The iPod Touch has truly become a part of our lives and we are happy to see another one added to the rotation.

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