Apple iPhone 5C Vs iPhone 5S Unboxing and Drop Test

Apple iPhone 5C Vs iPhone 5S Unboxing and Drop Test

This week, Phone Doctors brings you an exclusive look at the Apple iPhone 5C Vs iPhone 5S unboxing and drop test video. Which device will reign supreme? We take a look at 2 key areas of these new devices from Apple. Phone Doctors got access to both the iPhone 5S and 5C at zero hour on launch day. The first thing we did? Open then up of course! Enjoy a first look at both devices:

Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C Compared – Which Apple iPhone is Right for You?

Pretty cool run down, but we are a repair company. Next, we here at Phone Doctors wanted to know which device was more resistant to damage. Yes, that is correct. We took both devices, and put them through a drop test. Our test may be a little bit more extreme then the standard damage a phone might receive, but hey, Apple says the 5C is tough. Let’s put both the iPhone 5S and 5C to the test.

Consumers are more likely to drop an iPhone off of their lap or off the top of their car than they are to have it shot with a bullet, so we kept that in mind during our iPhone 5S versus iPhone 5C drop tests.  That’s why we performed 11 different real-world drop tests showing the most common types of falls that the typical iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C may take.

Drop Test – Apple iPhone 5C vs iPhone 5S!

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