6 Steps to getting the most out of your iPhone 6 investment

6 Steps to getting the most out of your iPhone 6 investment

Ah, the time is upon us again.  MOM company has released another robot, and we’re all in line to pick it…wait.  Wrong universe!  The famous reference to Apple from Futurama is brought to mind again as we look at the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.  With new devices come waves of excitement, and the initial release has been very successful.  However, new owners would be well-advised to protect their device, and we have some tips to help out with that.

With that in mind, we have preventative advice for would-be robot, err iphone owners.

1) Keep your original packaging.

This is a general good rule for any electronics, including the instruction manuals.  You never know when there will be a need to return or trade up, or may decide to part with the device.  In that case, it helps greatly to have all of the original documentation and packaging – besides making it easier to transport, it shows that you express care for the device and its maintenance, which is very positive.  It also makes it easier for the reseller or the new owner when the device transfers ownership.

2) Always protect the device.

Cell phones are still sensitive devices despite the protections available to them. Investing in a case can protect the device and ensure its life if it is often prone to the ravages of sudden changes in elevation.  If you switch cases, make sure to wait to have it.  The moment you decide to go a couple days without it is likely to be the moment you regret.  One thing to keep in mind: cases are solid, but do not protect everything.  However, they can prevent a great deal of damage that would otherwise occur if it were not protected.  Avoid leaving your device unprotected from water when you head out to the lake, river or ocean.  When it comes to liquid damage, use some common sense.  You don’t really want bathroom germs on your device, and if the screen fogs up because of leaving it in the same room as your hot shower, well obviously it’s now subject to liquid damage oxidation.  So if you must, buy a Lifeproof case or something with similar protection.

3) Consider the best time to upgrade.

A key thing to note about the iPhone 6 is that an upgrade will be along the way within a year.  If you look at the recent trend, we had the 4, and then the 4s.  The 5 led to the 5C (originally “C” for color) and the 5S.  We do not know what will come after the 6 as far as a perk/upgrade, but in time it will come.  When you decide to upgrade, don’t delay on it – devices lose value every day as the innovation behind them gains age.

When new devices come out, the previous model will flood the market, and lower the resale value, so you do not want to be too late.

4) Breathing life into former devices.

If you have any devices laying about unused, or that you have held onto, they can still find new life.  One such program is in the military, where they will send older cellphones to soldiers in the field.  It may not be the equivalent of flappy bird or even a smartphone, but it’s a connection at a vital time.  You can also donate devices to religious and civic organizations that can then give them to those in need.  Unwanted devices can also find their way into your local Phone Doctors repair shop, where they can be reconditioned or simply recycled appropriately.  The small parts and even the raw materials are much better off in use rather than simply filling up a landfill.

5) Parting with former devices.

Hard to find a way to part with your previous device?  There are a multitude of ways – of course, there is always the online sites such as eBay, and a few commercial sites that run on television.  You could meet a perfect stranger that responded to your post on Craigslist, but is it worth the risk?  Phone Doctors is happy to take them off your hands, and will give market rate, based on condition.  The best part is that you get paid right away, instead of waiting for an auction to sell.

6) And last, but not least:

If you do part with a device, ensure that you do a factory reset and with an iPhone, that you clear it from your user account and iCloud.  By doing so, the new owner can make use of the phone or tablet to great effect and will be a happy customer (Especially true if you sold it to them via eBay!).

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