DIY KIT for Apple iPhone SE Battery Replacement



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This is a DIY KIT for the Apple iPhone SE Battery. This kit includes all the parts and knowledge you need to do a successful battery replacement on your device.

Here’s what you get:

  • iPhone SE Replacement Battery
  • DIY iPhone SE ScrewMat®
  • Premium Pentalobe driver
  • Premium Phillips driver
  • Premium metal opening tool
  • Premium plastic pick
  • Premium metal tweezers

First of all, we’re sorry that your iPhone SE broke – these iPhones can be kind of fragile and it stinks when they break. Good news is, we’re here to help and show you how to change your iPhone SE screen yourself.  Sometimes when we repair our own stuff it boosts are confidence and teaches us we can do whatever we set our mind to.  Have no fear, we’re on your side and we’ll walk you through the repair and give you the highest quality part, tools, and simple step-by-step HD Video instructions available on the market (Even a tech to talk to if you need it). Do you have an iPhone 6? We have the DIY Phone Repair Kit for that too!

Phone not holding a charge like it use to? Then the DIY Apple iPhone SE Battery Replacement Kit is just what you need! All our DIY iPhone SE Repair Kits come equipped with all parts and tools necessary to perform the repair. Each premium part is quality tested before it ships out to you. Our step-by-step video tutorials will guide you through each step of the repair. Most repairs take less than 20 minutes to complete. You’ll be glad you purchased your DIY KIT Apple iPhone SE Battery Replacement from PHONEDOCTORS®.