DIY KIT Apple iPhone 4S Screen Replacement (Black)



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Product Description

Do you need a new Screen for your Apple iPhone 4s and enjoy doing the repair yourself? If so, you need this DIY KIT!

The iPhone 4S screen repair kit includes:

  • iPhone 4S LCD/Digitizer (Black Screen)
  • DIY iPhone 4S ScrewMat®
  • Premium Pentalobe driver
  • Premium Phillips driver
  • Premium Flathead driver
  • Strong metal opening tool
  • Premium plastic pick
  • Sim Card Opening Tool
  • Step-by-step HD video instructions
  • and a virtual hug when you get it fixed…

You’ve got what it takes to do this.  Our iPhone 4S screen repair video will walk you through this repair the same way we walk our technicians through it.  We make it as easy as possible for you by taking extra care in selling the highest quality screens, using the right tools, and providing you with the best instructions on the market.

PHONEDOCTORS will support you every step of the way through your screen repair for your (Black) broken iPhone 4S. Even if you want to talk to a tech regarding how to replace your iPhone 4s LCD screen, that’s included too! You’ll receive the highest quality LCD screen (because there are many different kinds and qualities out there), and you’ll get awesome tools that our tech’s use in our retail stores.  We grew up hearing that you gotta have the right tool for the job, so have no fear.  You’ll also receive an exclusive iPhone 4s SCREWMAT, and simple step-by-step HD Video instructions that have been formed from the experience over the past 11 years.

Take a look at what DIY customers of all ages and skills have to say about their DIY iPhone 4S replacement kits from PHONEDOCTORS.

It’s time for you to make your iPhone 4s screen come back to life and we want to help you!  Just click the add to cart button and let’s get started.