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Tulsa cell phone repair All around forensic data recovery is that right challan Miller chella Miller I. It is. OK. So what is what does bone doctors do with forensic data recovery.

Well we’ve been recently starting to add additional services to our menu. And we’ve been identifying a big need in law enforcement communities and the criminal justice system as far as forensic data recovery goes. We’re finding there’s there’s a great need for it. There’s lots of challenges facing smaller agencies that may not be necessarily endowed with a large budget and. Definitely there is a large demand for this. But among the major things would be the budget.

As far as limitations and whatnot for.

Tulsa cell phone repair Yeah. There are small towns smaller jurisdictions so they don’t they don’t exactly have the larger budgets that these bigger government agencies have.

Tulsa cell phone repair So phone doctors has been in business now for over 13 years and we’ve always been a company that wants to really be a solution minded. And you know coming up with things that are innovative that are pushing the market doing things to supersede our customers expectations and the forensic data recovery is something that has been your passion for sure that you’re getting into. I mean that knit and gritty on all these mobile devices and getting into these chipsets and doing the work that hardly anyone is doing. And it’s and it’s really digging for doctors you know to that level that we desire to be. You’re talking a little bit about you know some of these big agencies or you know like Tulsa Police Department for instance that they have quite a staff and they have a lot at their disposal as far as what they can do to help you know get the type of data that that these agencies need to get out of criminals phones or whatnot. But you’re letting me know that there’s a lot of other agencies out there that don’t have the resources or the ammunition per say to get this taken care of. And this is a perfect sweet spot that our doctors can help some of these other agencies right.

Tulsa cell phone repair It is. We’ve got the ability to address all these issues that these small agencies face time expertise knowledge the expense of training the lab equipment everything like that. We’ve spent a lot of time in the research stage and also investing in the equipment and the time and personnel to do this.

A lot of these agencies by the very nature of. These date recoveries these smaller agencies may recover say a phone for instance that’s been tossed in a river or a lake where people are trying to destroy evidence. So first of all before they can even do the data recovery they have to fix the phone. That right there brings them up against the wall of knowledge or expertise and usually they have to go to a different person or agency and wait in line for their time. They have to get that phone working and then we can do the data recovery on it. But that’s what we’re finding is the smaller agencies they just can’t compete against that. So a lot of a lot of these cases out there. Justice isn’t being served or they just leave out that entire angle with the data recovery or presenting the evidence.

Tulsa cell phone repair So what are some things that doctors does a little bit differently than you know other companies out there that can you know come up with solutions for these these types of problems that we have. You know e-discovery that’s a term I’ve heard I’ve heard of data recovery information government solutions. You know there’s a few companies out there that can really help you out. But you know you might pay an arm of Lake. What sets us apart from some of the other options that are out there talent.

Well our company is smaller and more agile than these large multinational corporations. One of the largest ones recently back in December of 2016 crawl ontrack was just bought out by a company in McLean Virginia called discovery. A lot of these larger companies are merging together into larger corporations.

What that means for the smaller guys out there is that now you’re competing against these agencies against time for your court cases child custody cases things like that you’re basically waiting in line in large corporations waiting queue that can that can lead to price gouging or competition to get your case moved to the front of the line.

Tulsa cell phone repair We’ve seen cases out there where they’re charging upwards of a thousand dollars per case to do the recovery. And it basically comes down to corporations monopolizing forensic data recovery market and that’s not good for the small guys.

Yeah I notice that in this Crolla on track article back on December 9 2016. It even talks about that they’re serving 12000 clients worldwide 43 offices in 19 countries with 12 data centers 14 data recovery labs and approximately 3900 employees. That’s that’s pretty impressive.

It is. But you’re right though is as far as how agile how quick it may serve you know the need when you’re trying to push a case forward. Right.


And a lot of these cases are all about this time and expediency especially given in accused us right to a speedy trial.

So they definitely don’t want to take up time in the forensics or the discovery phase of the trial in order to wait in line and get the data. And it’s another major problem with some of these phones or devices that people have attempted to destroy the data they might have thrown them in the water or the liquid and with liquid damage inside a device. Just because you’ve taken it out of the water doesn’t mean that the corrosion stops. So the device would be slowly degrading or deteriorating and that cuts into the quality of your data recovery or even if it’s possible. So time is the ultimate factor.

You want to talk a little bit about how we deliver the data. You know where it’s it’s safe and.

Protected. We with our data recovery system we have a majority of the time the investigators for chain of custody purposes they will be there present during the recovery. That way they can keep keep eyes on the device. Monitor the entire process that we keep strict quality controls over that the data is stored on an encrypted USP drive and no data is stored on our servers. So from start to finish there is a complete chain of custody that is kept intact and verifiable by the legal system and the data is always there is only one copy of the data or two of the investigators request it. And that’s basically how we do it.

Tulsa cell phone repair What what are some of the most popular models of devices that you know we see as is there and is there any limitations to certain devices that that phone doctors does not work on for e-discovery slash data recovery.

But the prominent ones out there all the prominent ones would be the apple Iowas devices primarily iPhone. Secondarily we see a lot of Samsung devices. I would say probably the Galaxy S5 and above we do have the knowledge and the ability to work on pretty much any device. However one thing to keep in mind is sometimes the cheaper more budget government phones sometimes it’s hard to acquire parts to repair those and get them in a working condition so we can get a solid set of data off there that’s not corrupted but we definitely take a strong swing at every device that comes in and have a great success rate on that.

Absolutely. That’s back to being the the solution driven company. Exactly. It would it. What else would you like to touch on as far as you know data recovery. Can you sense anything else out there besides you know on for us that that would be this maybe this is all about forensic data recovery though what.

It is but it’s it’s not just encompassing law enforcement. There’s there’s multiple different degrees of the forensic data recovery that we’ve been assessing and reaching out to Among those not just law enforcement or the court systems. There’s an entire market with private investigators prison systems. Private investigators tend to see stuff like child custody cases. And as for example with the prison system they’re seeing a lot of cell phones getting snuck in and they call them burner phones but they need to do a full forensic analysis of that.

And with the privatization of the prison system here in America a lot of these private corporations don’t have access to criminal forensics lab run by police departments like they may have in the past when police departments typically ran their own prisons.

What other companies are you aware of that to do some of the. Data recovery. The what’s that company over you know is it Norway or.

Tulsa cell phone repair Well yeah I was. That was formally called a crawl on track that’s the one that we’re discussing.

The article from earlier it’s there are becoming fewer and far between.

So there their numbers are dropping quickly.

They’re just being gobbled up by these large corporations and an acquired its own doctors is definitely an option for you out there if you are looking for e-discovery if you’re looking for data recovery services. If you’re looking for personal service that you know you have a phone number you have a contact and you get right through the line where you are a priority. That’s that’s really important to us that our doctors and you know we’re going to be mindful of the time that it takes to provide these services.

We want to under-promise overdelivered and make sure that we help you get what you need to get done so you can accomplish your job and build a relationship with you where we have ongoing relations. And it’s all about working together and do the right thing. And so we want to be a source for you for e-discovery and for data recovery for iOS devices for Samsung devices really for mobile devices out there. We don’t work on computers. We don’t. That’s not our intention is not our forte. But give us a call fellin doctors for Franz forensic data recovery and.

Tulsa cell phone repair Actually trying to put a little bit of a different angle on what Alex was just mentioning.

We do have the abilities to work on computers and we’ve got a 15 year experience in the forensic data recovery as far as computers and hard drives go laptops desktops both Apple and Macintosh devices as well as PC. So that’s that’s also an area where we’re starting to expand and as well. There’s definitely a need there. Excellent.

Tulsa cell phone repair Great because we may it around. Thanks