Wholesale Sign Up is Free!

No kidding either. At Phone Doctors, we want to see every device working again, and we can’t be everywhere at once. Yes, folks can mail their devices to us, but that takes a while. If you have your own repair shop, we would be happy to help you repair devices as well. We offer tools, parts, and accessories at some of the most competitive prices in the industry. All the prices you see listed right now are retail. Once you sign up as a wholesaler, and log-in to your account, the prices will automatically adjust to your new wholesale price.

Part Not Working? No Problem!

It gets even better! As a wholesaler, you get the same warranty policy we extend to all our customers: SIX MONTHS! Yes that’s right, we back all of our parts with a full six month warranty. To top it all off, we back our FUEL charging items with a LIFETIME WARRANTY! If you would like to know more before you sign up, simply take a look at Our Phone Doctors 6 Month Warranty.

All of our parts are OEM graded as well. The same standards that Apple, Samsung, and all the rest ask for on their parts, we ask for on ours as well. Most of our parts will not feature the original manufacturers logo (that would be illegal), but they are the same part through and through. In addition, our screens are pretested by Phone Doctors certified technicians before we send them out our door. You’re in good hands.

Need A Hand With That?

To all our customers and wholesalers alike, we offer a repair by mail program. If you ever need a technician, you can always mail your device to us for repair. As a wholesaler, we offer a discount for any repair you need to mail to us. We offer normal repair services, soldering repairs, liquid damage cleaning, and lens only repairs on many Samsung devices. Call for a quote, or just mail in your device. A technician will always contact you via email once your device arrives. Simply fill out the form right here: Mail in Your Device.

Spend A Little, Spend A Lot.

Oh, and one more awesome thing about the Phone Doctors wholesale program. If you ever find yourself not hitting the minimum monthly amount, no problem. You can simply fill out the short form, and sign up again as a wholesaler. All of our wholesale accounts that move back down keep their subscription to our monthly newsletter. You still get all the news and deals while you wait for your business to pick back up.

Details, Details, Details…

If you’re ready to join with us, simply fill out the short form at the bottom of this page. Need to know before you jump in? We understand. Below are a few of the details relating to the Phone Doctors Wholesale Program. If you have any additional questions, you are welcome to contact us right here online, or you can call us at: 1.855.234.9483.

Phone Doctors Wholesale Program Details:

  • No Sign Up Fee, No Monthly Fee, It’s FREE!
  • Minimum monthly average of $250.00 in online purchases or repairs by mail.
  • Access to the lowest possible pricing we can give you (sorry, no coupons allowed).
  • Discounts on any repair you would like to mail in for us to complete.
  • Free shipping on any order 100.00 and over (International Shipping not included).